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The WWF's New Boss Part 4
by Foley Fan (

Matt was sitting in his office, enjoying a lap dance courtesy of Victoria.
Both of the Ho's had very sexy bodies, it was a shame that McMahon never
capitalized on it. As Victoria's body gyrated, Victoria kept giving Matt a
lustful look. She was clearly happy to flaunt her body. By the office mini
bar, Trish Stratus and Marissa were stripping each other, feeling each other
up as they went along. The sight was a big turn-on for Matt. Soon the two
women brought out a double-headed dildo and started going at it.

"Ohhh Trish, fuck me good." moaned Marissa.

Matt smiled as he thought of the office cameras taping all of this for
the next WWF video. He couldn't wait to see the sale results. As Victoria
continued her seductive dance, Matt's office doors opened. Mandy walked in
first followed by Matt's bodyguards carrying a passed out and naked Rena
Mero, a.k.a. Sable.

"I got her boss, just like you wanted." said a beaming Mandy.

Matt told Victoria to stop her dancing. The naked Ho pouted.

"Good job. What about my other appointments?" asked Matt.

"They'll be here in about half an hour."

"Great. Victoria, wake up our guest."

Victoria got a glass of water and threw it in Rena's face. The blonde
bombshell groggily woke up. She looked around, having no clue where she was.

"What the fuck? Where am I? Last thing I remember was competing in Wade's
fucked up contest."

She jaw dropped when she saw Trish and Marissa on the couch banging each
other. Then she saw Matt in his boxers with a naked Victoria by his side.

"Hello Rena, welcome back to the WWF. Don't worry, after you lost the
contest I took the liberty of sending one of my employees to bring you here.
I have an offer that you may be interested in." said Matt with a smile.

"Wait a minute! I know that you and Wade are in cahoots, there's no way
I'm going to work for either of you sick fucks!" she said defiantly.

Matt nodded at Victoria, who slapped Rena to the ground. Mandy came around
Rena and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

"Sorry Rena, but I'm not taking no as an answer here."

Victoria and Mandy held Rena in place. Matt approached the bound woman
and took off his boxers, his erect dong inches from Rena's face. It was one
of the biggest that she had ever seen.

"Go ahead Rena, it's part of the job around here."

Rena opened her mouth to protest, but Matt used the opportunity to slide
his large shaft into her mouth. At first Rena resisted, but she couldn't help
herself. Her husband Marc just wasn't cutting it anymore she needed more. She
started sucking on Matt's cock hungrily, using her tongue to lick his large

"Hey boss, I think the slut likes it." giggled Victoria.

Rena continued suck Matt's large dick for several minutes. Mandy and
Victoria helped themselves to feeling Rena's large tits and curvaceous ass.
Trish and Marissa had several orgasms, but Trish had to leave for a taping.
The spent Marissa went into the shower in Matt's office to clean off. Mandy
eyed Marissa's wiggling ass and got up to join her. Matt heard Marissa's
voice from the shower.

"Oh! Mandy what are you do-doooOOOHH!! Shit that feels good! Don't

The erotic sounds made Rena very horny, causing her to suck harder on
Matt's cock. Matt groaned in pleasure and petted Rena's blonde head.

"That's it Sable, keep on sucking me."

Rena stopped and slid Matt's dick out of her mouth. She looked up at him

"Listen, my name is RENA, not Sable!"

Matt's face darkened and he slapped her hard across the face. Victoria
smiled in delight, she loved it when Matt got rough with his women. With some
anger in his eyes, Matt's picked Rena up by the hair. He brought her up to
eye level with him; because he was taller, Rena's feet dangled by a few
inches off the ground.

"I don't give a fuck who you THINK you are! You're gonna be in my company,
and what I say goes. Sable is a slut and a tease, and that's what you are
now! Do you understand?" asked Matt as he pulled on her hair.

"Y-yes, I understand." whimpered Sable.


Matt let go of Sable, letting her drop hard on the ground. She'd check her
head but she was still handcuffed. Victoria was giggling like a little girl;
she loved watching the whole thing.

"Can I have some fun with her boss?" asked Victoria

"Sure baby, go right ahead."

Not wasting any time, Victoria dove right into Sable's pussy. The athletic
brunette lapped away at Sable's cunt moist cunt. Sable felt Victoria's tongue
enter her pussy. Although she was new to sex with women, Sable was starting
to think she could like this. Matt sat up on his desk, stroking his hard

"That's it Vickie, give the blonde bimbo what for." he encouraged.

Sable was squirming on the floor, moaning Victoria's name.

"Oh fuck yes, eat my cunt, eat it all! Oh yeesssssss!!!"

With the hot scene in front of him along with Mandy and Marissa in the
shower, Matt knew he'd have to blow his load sometime. His prayers were
answered when he heard a knock on his office door. Matt hopped off his desk
and opened the door to see none other than ECW star Dawn Marie and former
WCW "freak" Kim Kanner a.k.a. Shakira.

"MATT!" squealed Dawn as she jumped up and hugged him.

Matt's little soldier was instantly "at attention" when he felt Dawn's
pelvis was right on his crotch. Dawn wore a white mini-dress whose skirt
barely went past her asscheecks while Shakira wore denim cut-offs and a
white tanktop shirt that hugged her large jugs very nicely.

"It's so good to, ah, see you." said Dawn, who just now realized Matt was

"Well Dawn, it's ALWAYS nice to see you." he said with a grin.

"You two know each other?" asked Shakira, who was starting to check out
Matt's large dong as well.

"Oh yeah." said Dawn in her little girl voice, "Paul Heyman and Jessup
Wade put on a little party at a stripclub in Vegas to celebrate the takeover
of WWF. We only met for a while, but it was time well spent, right Matt?" she
said with a wink.

Matt smiled at the memory of Dawn giving him a blowjob in the men's room
the night of the party. He knew he'd have to fuck Dawn again.

"Well what do we have here?" asked Shakira, who saw Victoria and Sable on
the floor.

"Just negotiating with an old employee. Actually Kim, that's why I wanted
to talk to you. I understand you're a free agent. You interested in joining
the WWF?" asked Matt.

"That depends. What sort of perks do I get?"

Shikira was eyeing Matt's cock as she said it. Matt grabbed her by the
waist, pulled her up to him and gave her a long french kiss. Shikira groaned
as Matt's tongue penetrated her mouth, savagely ravaging her own tongue. She
pressed herself into Matt fully, enjoying the feel of his erection. Dawn came
up behind Shakira and started massaging her firm buttocks.

"Ohhhh, these are nice cheeks you have honey." giggled Dawn.

Shakira groaned from the attention her ass was getting from Dawn's busy
hands. Matt grabbed Shikira's tanktop and pulled it over her head, letting
her large naked D-cups spill free. Unable to resist, Matt immediately started
sucking on the half-dollar sized nipples that adorned them.

"Mmmmm, I think I might like it here." cooed Shakira.

As Matt was sucking Shakira's tits, Dawn peeled off the D-cupped beauty's
shorts. With her fine asscheecks exposed, Dawn took two of her fingers and
slowly inserted them into Shikira's asscrack.

"She's pretty tight on this end Matty, maybe you should start here." said
Dawn with a smile.

Matt and Dawn continued pleasing Shikira's tits and ass for a while
longer. While they were doing that, Victoria made Sable cum three times from
eating her out. By now Sable was whimpering like a dog in heat to be released
from her handcuffs. Knowing Sable was officially hooked on the sex, Victoria
unlocked the handcuffs. In about one second Sable wrapped her arms around
Victoria and gave her a passionate kiss. Both women made out for several
minutes, mouth to mouth and breast to breast.

"Oh Victoria, I want to fuck you so bad." panted Sable, "Got any dildos

"Second drawer on the left." instructed Victoria.

Sable skipped over to the drawer, her large breasts bouncing happily.
She dug through the drawer and retrieved a 12-inch two way strap-on. As she
shoved one end into her moist cuntlips, she let out a groan. She then
approached Victoria.

"Lie down. I want to learn this first-hand."

Victoria laid on the floor, her legs spread wide open. Sable smiled like
a little girl who was about to receive a treat from her parents. She then
shoved in four inches of the dildo, causing a grunt from Victoria. Then a
steady rocking began to develop between the two women, the dildo see-sawing
back and forth between their two pussies. Sable was began to softly coo and
Victoria was full out moaning.

"Shit yeah baby...admit it, you like being fucked like some lesbo dyke...
Admit it!!!"

"Y-yeah, I like it! I LOVE it!" squealed Sable.

As the two women began to fuck each other's brains out, Shakira was down
on her knees deepthroating Matt's 10-inch cock. She slurped on his prick like
a pornstar, cupping his golf ball sized balls as she did. Dawn came up to
Matt and gave him a kiss on the lips. She then got a mischievous smile on her
face and pulled her dress over her head, revealing her naked sexy body. Matt
smiled when he saw that Dawn had shaved her cunt since he last saw her.

"Something new?" he asked.

"What can I say, the star of the show has to give the people what they

Matt fondled Dawn's sizeable tits, enjoying how firm they felt. After a
while, he blew his load into Shikira's mouth. Shakira swallowed it all then
gave Matt's cock a tongue bath. Matt reached down and patted her on the head.

"Damn, I think you'll great around here." said Matt.

Shakira smiled up at him. After months of waiting, she would finally get
back into wrestling. Matt then told her to get down on all fours. Being the
good girl she was she got down on her hands and knees, waiting for Matt's
large tool.

"Come on big boy, time to get freaky." she said.

Matt got down behind her and shoved his cock into her. Shakira yelped at
the hard penetration. Wanting to hear her cries of joy, Matt continued to
pump his thick shlong into her cunny doggystyle. Although Shakira could pick
up almost any man or woman she wanted with her fine body, she hadn't been
laid in weeks. That was all about to change.

"Oh god that feels so fucking good!! Keep it up, keep fucking me!!!" she

Not wanting to disappoint, Matt went right on his merry way. As he fucked
Shakira, Dawn had kneeled in front of her and licked the other woman's lips.
Then she gave her a peck on the lips, then a long kiss. The two women made
out a bit; their tongues were like erotic dancers. Finally Dawn broke the
lip-lock and positioned her shaven pussy right in front of Shakira's mouth.

"Eat me baby, eat me goooood." said Dawn seductively.

Shakira wasted little time and dove right into Dawn's warm pussy. She used
her six-inch tongue to orally pleasure the extreme beauty in front of her.
When she worked with Midajah, Shikira always got to her fellow freaks pussy.
Sometimes they'd spend hours in their dressing room fucking the night away.
After several minutes Shakira had Dawn moaning in her high-pitched voice.

"Ohhhhhh yeeesssss!!! Oh god Kimmy eat me!! It feels so damn GOOD!!!"

Seeing Shakira pleasure Dawn just made Matt fuck even harder. He slammed
his large tool into Shakira like she was nothing more than some whore he
picked up on the street. Within minutes all three were in the throes of
orgasm. Dawn was first, screaming from three simultaneous orgasms at once.
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came. Matt was dirty talking
to Shikira as he shot off his load.

"Damn it you're one fine piece of ass!! I'm gonna love fucking you like
the hot bitch that you are! You'll be begging me to fuck you, just like every
other bitch in this company!!!"

Matt came hard into Shakira's pussy, their juices mixing with each others
as they did. After they were done Shakira nearly blacked out from cumming so
hard. As she rested on a chair, Matt turned his attention back to Sable and
Victoria. He still wanted to fuck the lovely blonde bombshell. Both of the
ladies had several orgasms and were cuddling on the floor. Matt picked Sable
up by the hair and forced her onto her feet.

"Did you have fun, whore?" he asked.

"Yes sir, I did." whimpered Sable.

"Good. Now it's time to help the boss get his nut off."

Matt threw Sable onto the couch in his office. He got Sable in the
missionary position and started massaging her smooth thighs.

"You ready to get fucked you big-tittied whore?" he asked with a grin.

Sable nodded meekly. Matt wasted no time and slammed into her. A yelp of
pain and pleasure escaped Sable's lips. Matt bent forward and planted a
forceful kiss on her lips. Slowly, Sable enjoyed the roughness and returned
the kiss. As they were in a liplock, Matt brought his hands to Sable's D-cup
breasts. He pawed the large orbs, tweaking Sable's nipples.

"Oh that feels good." she cooed.

"Not as good as this'll feel."

With that, Matt began to slam fuck Sable as hard as he could. He got his
full 10 inches into her cunt and began to pump in and out of Sable like there
was no tomorrow. Within minutes Sable was screaming.


Her cries just made Matt fuck her harder. For years Sable was a tease to
the fans. She walked around in those revealing outfits of hers. Hell, she
even posed in Playboy. Matt fantasized about fucking her and now he was
getting that chance.

"That's it you tease, scream!!! Scream like the whore that you are!!!" he
shouted at her.

She should have been ashamed. Or have felt degraded. But she loved it.
She loved having this big-dicked stud fucking her like some schoolgirl. Her
husband Marc just wasn't able to give it to her anymore. It had been months
since she had a decent orgasm. Just yesterday she was fucked in front of
billions around the world. And now she was getting the fuck of her life.

"Oh yes, you son of a b-Oh god yes!-son of a bitch!!! Fuck me, I need
it!!! I need it soooo bad!!! I'm your whore!!! I'll do whatever you want,
whoever you want!!! Just make me cuuuummmmm!!!"

Matt finally broke her. He rode her for nearly ten minutes non-stop. Sable
moaned nearly the whole time. Both had seven orgasms before Sable passed out
from the exertion. Matt slid out of her, out of breath himself.

"Damn, she's better than I thought she would be." he muttered.

Matt flopped down in his desk chair, pulling out a flask of scotch from
his desk. He took a swig and regained some of his strength. Dawn walked over
to him and sat on his lap.

"Having fun, baby?" she asked with a playful giggle.

"Oh hell yeah." he said as he kissed her neck softly.

Marissa and Mandy finally walked out of the shower, both looking very
spent as well. The two ladies looked around and saw Sable on the couch,
Shakira and Victoria going at it in a 69, and a naked Dawn Marie sitting on
Matt's lap.

"Did we miss something sir?" asked Marissa.

"Nope, nothin' at all."

Dawn got on top of Matt and started to ride him. Her tight cunt was
stretched around his thick shaft. Matt altered sucking her tits and kissing
her. Dawn squealed as she rode him.

"Oh yeah baby! I'm the star!!" she giggled.

Matt fucked her senseless as she rode him like a good little cowgirl. The
two fucked like rabbits. Matt made a mental note that he'd have to be sure to
send a thank-you card to Paul Heyman later on. Two new superstars hired and a
night of wild sex with Dawn Marie after work. Yeah, things were going pretty

Need I say it? Not the End.

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