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The WWF's New Boss 5
by Foley Fan <

Matt was having the time of his life. He had a sweet job, lots of money,
and lots of hot women to fuck. After the Slutbrawl he rehired Sable, and he
won the contract of Mona in a poker game with his buddy Jessup Wade. Jess was
kicking himself for that one and rehired the babelicious Paisley back to WCW.
But the loss of the luscious Mona meant the gain of the sweet as sugar Molly
Holly. Matt reminded himself to make another "appointment" with her again,
since the last one was very enjoyable. After lots of hard work Mark Henry was
brought back to the WWF and started a feud with Kane, the Godfather returned
to pimping, Matt even brought back Shawn Michaels for several appearances.
Hey, it was about time he started earning his $15,000 a week salary! (sorry,
a little pet peeve of mine).

The only real problem was with the group Right To Censor. They crashed the
Slutbrawl tournament, which pissed off everybody in CSBN. And the man who got
stuck with the blame was Matt. The WWF CEO had banned the RTC from making any
public speaking and confined their participation to matches only. It was a
live edition of Raw is War and Matt was in his office fucking Marissa
Mazzola. Marissa dumped Shane after he and his family treated her like crap
before Matt and Jessup Wade showed up. Matt was sitting in his office chair,
watching Raw while Marissa was bouncing up and down on his cock. Both were
approaching their sixth orgasm of the night.

"That's it sir, fuck me! Fuck me HARD!!!" squealed Marissa.

On the screen, the Godfather was wrestling Chris Jericho. Suddenly the RTC
rushed out and attacked both wrestlers. The bell sounded a no contest and
Steven Richards grabbed a microphone.

"The depravity of this company ends now!! We will not be repressed any
longer! Starting now we will censor everyone and everything in the CSBN
network!!! And if Matthew Williams or his partners doesn't like that, that's
too bad because it's for all of your own good."

Matt stopped fucking and stared at the screen. Marissa could tell that he
was pissed off.

"Sir? Are you ok?"

"Marissa, I'm very far from ok." said Matt grimly.

"Should I let Mick handle this little... problem?"

"No," said Matt calmly, "It's time for me to solve this problem personally
before it gets too out of control. I want you to make some calls Ms. Mazzola.
Right after you're done here of course." finished Matt with a lecherous

Marissa smiled and started fucking Matt's brains out again. Matt slammed
his full ten inches into Marissa's tight pussy. The brunette secretary yelped
in pleasure.

"Oh Mr. Williams!!!"


The next Monday night had another live edition of Raw. The RTC alarms
sounded and the crowd instantly started booing. Val Venis and Ivory walked
down the ramp toward the ring. JR and King were immediately disgusted at the
sight of the group.

JR: What are they doing out here?

Lawler (sarcastically): Well I don't know JR, why don't you go ask them.

Ivory got a microphone from a stagehand. Val raised his hand in the air
for everyone to be quiet while Ivory talked. A "We want puppies" chant from
the crowd made Ivory scowl.

"You're all a bunch of perverts! Since this network has risen to the top
of television, all you've wanted to see are naked women in...compromising

Lawler (chuckling): Yeah, what's wrong with that?

"Well tonight the Right To Censor continues its quest to rid this company
of filth and immorality once and for all. Several weeks ago we lost one of
our dear comrades, Mr. Goodfather. We will not allow that to happen again.
Steven and Mr. Buchanan will be arriving shortly to aid us. Tonight we make
our presence felt! And it's for yo-"

Ivory's speech was interrupted as "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica hit
PA. Out from the back walked Matt Williams, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson.
The fans madly cheered, partly for the beloved CEO and partly for the skimpy
outfits Trish and Torrie were wearing. Trish wore her usual leather mini-
skirt and a black croptop. Torrie wore a tight red tubetop and matching
leather pants. Matt had on his usual leather jacket and faded jeans. His
goatee and blonde shoulder blade length hair screamed "metalhead". The three
made their way to the ring, Matt with a microphone in hand.

"Now Ivory, let me get down to business. You can have your own opinions
but when you interfere in company business, you've crossed the line. And as
head of New Corporate, it's my job to make sure you don't cross that line.
Tonight, New Corporate strikes back. And in case you think you've back-up on
the way, think again."

The titantron above went backstage to show the Dudley Boys 3-D Steven
through an all too real wooden table. Bull was in the background, clearly
knocked out cold. Ivory's eyes went wide. Val was about to attack Matt when
Torrie walked over to him. She ran her hands over Val's chest, licking her

"You know Val I don't we've been properly introduced. It's such a shame,
I've always wanted to meet the Big Valbowski." she said with a wink.

Val was about to throw Torrie's hand off of him when he noticed her tits
were snugly fit into her tubetop. Something about it mesmerized Val. Deep
down he could feel a strong desire to suck on those magnificent tits.

"It's ok Val. I want you to feel very...comfortable with me." purred
Torrie sexily.

Torrie got on her toes and licked Val's ear. Val couldn't resist it
anymore. He threw his arms around Torrie and gave her a deep kiss. Ivory's
jaw dropped as Val ground his hips into Torrie. Torrie moaned at the hard-on
that she could feel through Val's pants. When the kiss was broke, Val had a
big smile on his face.

"Heh, heh, heh. Helloooo Torrie." said Val in his throaty voice.

The crowd cheered, the Big Valbowski was back! Torrie dropped to her knees
and unzipped his fly. Val's 18-inch cock sprang free. Torrie's mouth began
to water at the sight of the great meat missile before her. She grabbed the
shaft in her right hand.

"My, my, is this all for me, Val?"

"You know it honey."

Torrie licked the head of Val's cock, then ran her tongue along the
underside of his thick shaft. Val groaned happily. Torrie then took six
inches into her mouth and began to suck on Val's prick. With each suck, she
got another inch into her warm mouth. Val patted her soft blonde hair.

"That's it baby, you're treating the Big Valbowski juuuuust right."

Ivory's jaw had dropped. She didn't know what to do. Matt walked over to
her and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. Ivory tried to pull away, but Matt
held her in place. He reached towards her firm right breast and gave it a

"Wh-what are you doing?!" she exclaimed.

"Relax Ivory. You know, I used to love watching you walk around in those
hot purple outfits you wore. I mean don't get me wrong, I love seeing your
tits strain against this tight blouse, but it's just not the same."

Matt continued to play with Ivory's tits. Ivory wanted to smack Matt
across his face, but for some reason she as enjoying his hands. Trish walked
up behind Ivory and tore off her blouse. The crowd roared at the sight of
Ivory bra-encased c-cups. At first Ivory tried to cover herself up but Matt
held her arms down.

"Come on Ivory, you have such nice hooters. It's not fair to keep them
from the rest of us."

Ivory looked down and saw the hard-on Matt had. Trish walked beside Ivory
with a smile.

"It's a lot more fun when you examine it up close." she whispered in
Ivory's ear.

Ivory watched as Trish got down on her knees and de-pantsed Matt. Trish
rubbed Matt's throbbing prick with her delicate hands. Matt groaned at the
sensation. Then Trish took Matt's prick in her mouth and began to suck him
off. She used her tongue to slurp away at Matt's balls, her nose being
tickled by his pubic hairs. Matt took off his jacket and shirt.

"Fuckin' A baby, suck the boss like a good little whore. Thaaaaat's

Ivory watched the scene like she was in a trance. She could feel the
growing wetness between her legs. Part of her wanted to feel ashamed,
disgusted at the sight before her. But there was something else, something
that was growing stronger with each second...

As Matt's blowjob began, Val's was climaxing. Torrie was deepthroating a
full 13 inches of Val's fuckstick in her moist mouth. Val was pumping away
in her mouth, literally fucking her pretty face. Torrie had her entire hand
shoved in her cunt, reaching her second orgasm. Finally Val blew his load
into her mouth.

"Oh yeah baby, the Big Valbowski is gonna love you all night long!"

Torrie's mouth was filled with Val's cum. She almost gagged, but she
swallowed it all down. Val walked over to a turnbuckle and sat down, his
erect dong almost straight up in the air.

"Come on over here my little cherry pie." said Val with a grin.

Torrie squealed excitedly and hopped over to Val. She got on his hard cock
and began to pump up and down, getting six inches inside her on the first
thrust. She started pumping slowly, then increased in speed. A satisfied moan
escaped her lips when she hit nine inches.

"Oh Val baby, your cock feels so gooood." cooed the fitness model.

Val smirked and continued to fuck the buxom blonde. Torrie was beginning
to moan wildly, she hadn't taken many cocks that were this big before. A few
feet away, Matt was ready to blow his load down Trish's throat.

"Get ready baby, here it comes!" grunted Matt.

Trish giggled, ready to take her boss's cum. Suddenly, someone grabbed her
hair and whipped her head off Matt's lap. Trish and Matt looked up to see
Ivory with a savage look on her face.

"Get the hell away from him you bitch!!! He's mine!!!" snarled Ivory.

Ivory picked Trish up and piledrove her onto the mat, knocking her out
cold. Although Matt was a little scared, it was also turning him on a bit.
Ivory turned her gaze towards Matt's rock-hard cock. She got a large smile
on her face and licked her lips.

"Damn honey, that looks tasty." she said.

"Well come over here and get some babe." said Matt.

Ivory tore off her long skirt and bra. The audience cheered at the sight
of Ivory's lovely c-cups. She let her brown hair down below her shoulders.
Matt loved the view as she walked over to him on her knees. In one movement
she slid six inches of cock into her mouth and started sucking. As she
sucked, Matt's pubic hair's tickled her pert nose. Matt was holding onto her
silky hair as she sucked him like a hoover.

"God damn baby it's good to have you back." he muttered.

Ivory smiled up at her boss and used her left hand to tickle his nuts.
After about ten minutes of Ivory's great mouth Matt blew his load, filling
Ivory's mouth full of cum.

"You suck like a pro Ivory."

Ivory wickedly grinned at the comment. Over in the ring corner, Torrie
was approaching her fifth orgasm as Val's cock ravaged her pussy. Torrie was
wildly bouncing up and down on Val's lap with her hair flying all over.

"Oh baby yesss...fuck me-oh god-fuck me haaaaarrrddddd!!!!"

Torrie screamed at the top of her lungs as she stuffed all of Val
eighteen inches into her fit body. With one powerful thrust, Torrie came. She
nearly passed out from all the exertion. Val humped into her for another few
minutes then slid her off his large dick.

"Another satisfied customer." said Val happily.

As the two began to recover for another go, Matt knocked Ivory down on
all fours and was sawing into her doggy style. Having tossed her panties
aside, Matt got a chance to admire her shaven snatch.

"Oh baby, fuck yeah!! Give it to me, give it to me HARD!!!" groaned Ivory.

Matt heard that before her "censoring" Ivory was quite a nymphomaniac. Now
he got the chance to find out first-hand. He slammed his full ten inches into
her dripping pussy. Ivory used her vaginal muscles to squeeze Matt's cock for
all it was worth.

"Oh baby I'm gonna blow! I'm gonna cum in your oh-so tight pussy!" grunted

"Give it to me sir, give it to me NOW!!!"

Within eight minutes of hardcore fucking, Matt and Ivory blew their loads.
Both were moaning and twitching in ecstasy when the whole ordeal was over.
They both lay on the mat panting. Ivory snuggled up to Matt and absently
stroked his shaft.

"I'd like to thank you for rescuing sir. You wouldn't happen to be busy
tonight would you?" she asked.

"Just busy fucking that hot body of yours honey."

Ivory squealed with excitement. Matt and Val slid their pants on while
the girls took a few moments to pose nude for the cameras. Val slung the
unconscious Trish over his shoulder.

"It's gotta be election time, because Trish is about feel the Big
Valbowski's pleasure and pain all night long." said Val in his throaty voice.

The five exited the ring for some more fucking in the back. Matt gave the
audience a wink as he left. Today was a pretty good day.

Do I REALLY have to say it? Not the end.

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