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The WWF's New Boss Part 6
by Foley Fan

***WWF headquarters, Connecticut***

Debra walked down the hall of the WWF's headquarters anxiously. Over the
past three weeks, the WWF shopzone and put Debra up on a "No Holes Barred"
auction. Whoever put up the most money would win an entire weekend with
Debra. She'd of course provide "services" for her weekend boss. There were
many bidders and the CEO Matt Williams finally announced a winner. Debra
strode into Matt's office, finding the boss banging into Trish Stratus

"Oh Mr. Williams, drill me HARD!!!" moaned Trish.

Debra waited a while for Matt to finish pounding his physical therapist.
Finally after ten minutes, Matt shot his load with a growl. Trish went down
to her knees and began to give his cock a tongue bath. Matt finally noticed
the busty Debra.

"Oh, Debra! What's up?" asked Matt.

"Sorry to interrupt sugah, but I was told you had the auction results."

"Oh yeah. Here's the address." Matt handed Debra a card with the address
of a resort in Florida.

"Wait a minute, there's no name." said Debra.

Matt shrugged. "They wanted it to be a surprise. Sorry."

Debra just shrugged. She thanked Matt and went out the door.

"Have a nice time." called Matt with a knowing smirk.

Trish hit the ten-inch mark on Matt's cock, making Matt groan happily.

***Florida, the next day***

Debra walked down the hallway with her bag. She knew that she had to be
ready for anything and packed several goodies: a 18-inch vibrator, a silk
teddy, a white thong bikini, KY jelly, and a copy of Jenna Jameson's new book
"Your Friend the Porn Industry." Debra unlocked the door and walked in. The
room was dimly lit and there didn't seem to be anyone around.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

Debra walked on in and closed the door. She looked into the spacious
living room to see nobody. When she checked the bedroom, she found several
candles freshly lit. Debra removed her suitcoat, clad only in her blouse and
mini-skirt. Debra was startled to feel a pair of slim hands reach from behind
and cup her tits.

"So what do you think of the room?"

Debra turned around and was kissed passionately on the lips. A tongue
snaked into her mouth, causing Debra to moan. After another few moments, the
kiss was broken. Debra opened her eyes to see a woman in her mid-thirties,
slim, a pretty face, dark hair, tan skin, and B-cup breasts. She recognized
the woman as Colette Foley, the wife of Mick Foley; Colette was wearing a
Victoria Secret silk nightie.

"Colette? YOU bought me?" asked Debra.

"Actually, WE did."

Debra turned around to see the WWF commish himself, Mick Foley. Mick had
on his usual sweatpants and T-shirt with flannel overshirt.

"You see Debra, Colette and I have a very sharing relationship. When
Colette told me she'd like to try having a woman pleasure her sexually, she
wanted me to pick the woman. And when I heard about the No Holes Barred
auction, I had Matt pull a few strings for me."

"So you two picked me over every other woman?" asked Debra.

"That's right Deb." said Colette.

"Aww, that's so sweet. I'd love to."

Debra and Colette moved over to the king-sized bed. Mick sat in a comfy
chair in the corner. Colette and Debra began to kiss passionately. Their
mouths brushed up against each other's tenderly. Colette brought a hand to
one of Debra large breasts and squeezed it lightly, causing Debra to gasp
around Colette's mouth.

"Oh Colette, that feels good." whispered Debra.

Colette helped Debra remove her blouse, letting her large DD's free. Mrs.
Foley leaned forward and took one of Debra's large jugs in her mouth and
began to suckle on it. Debra let out a sigh as Colette pleasured her large

"That's...ohhhh that's veeerrry nice Colette. You're doing good." cooed

Debra removed her miniskirt, letting Mick have a wonderful view of her
shapely hips and bald pussy. Colette broke away from her tit sucking and
slipped her nightie over her head, showing off her slim body, apple sized
breasts, and tan skin.

"You're beautiful Colette." whispered Debra lustily.

Colette smiled and kissed Debra on the lips once more. This time, she
eased Debra down onto the bed. Colette lightly kissed her way down Debra's
breasts, stomach, down to her pussy. Debra began to get wet.

"I hope you enjoy this Deb."

With that, Colette began to eat out the big-tittied blonde. Colette's
tongue began to invade Debra's juicy folds, passing in and out. Debra's
breathing got harder. She loved it when she got her pussy eaten, whether it
was her hubby Steve Austin or a complete stranger. Debra brought her hands
to her breasts and began to knead her large jugs. She tweaked her silver
dollar sized nipples.

"Ohhhhh yes Colette, keep going! That's feels so GOOD!!!" gasped Debra.

Off in the corner, Mick had his 15-inch dick out and was jerking off to
the sight of his lovely wife eating out his sexy co-worker. He knew that
Colette would like this.

After ten minutes of her pussy being satisfied Debra came hard. With a
loud moan she had orgasmed very hard. Colette's face was covered in pussy
juice. While Debra took a minute to catch her breath, Colette crawled beside
her and kissed her again.

"Thanks, you were my first pussy." she said with a smile.

Debra began to lick her juices off of Colette's pretty face. While the
two women were cleaning Colette, Mick got up and walked over to Debra's face.
When she saw the python in front of her, her mouth began to water.

"Go ahead Deb, not like it's gonna hurt you." said Mick.

Debra lick Mick's massive shaft with her tongue. She then took one of
Mick's golfball sized nuts and sucked on it. The hairy orb felt very good in
her mouth. Mick held Debra's head as she orally pleasured him. Colette used
this chance to position herself underneath Debra. She began to use her tongue
to once again lick busty blonde's bald pussy. Debra moaned at the feeling of
Colette's tongue.

'God, her tongue must be at least six inches long.' she thought.

By now, Debra was ready to really suck Mick's cock. First she took it in
her hand and spit on it to get it nice and wet. She then began to hoover his
rod, giving him a very wet blowjob.

"Yeah Deb, that's the stuff." groaned Mick.

For five minutes Debra was pleasured at both ends. Then she noticed that
Colette had stopped licking her cunt. Out of the corner of her eye though,
she saw Colette put on the large strap-on and getting the KY jelly that was
in the bag she brought. Colette walked over to Debra. Mick smiled at his

"Go ahead honey, fuck her good." he said while giving her a thumbs-up

Colette smiled as she applied the jelly to Debra's snatch, making sure it
was nice and lubricated for her. Then she began to pump her newfound phallus
into Debra's lubed up cunny. It took Debra a minute, but the two soon had a
nice rhythm going. Debra was rocking back onto Colette, Colette was sliding
more and more of the strap-on into her. For ten minutes the Foley couple had
their way with their new slut, making her moan and writhe in pleasure. Mick
was the first to cum.

"Ohhh yeah Debra, this is great!!! Here it comeeessss!!!"

With a loud grunt, Mick white washed Debra's tonsils with his cum. Debra's
mouth was filled as he came. A few minutes later, Colette was nearing climax
as well. Her nifty little body shook in orgasm, a soft moan escaping her
lips. Debra was upset she hadn't cum yet. Mick grabbed her around the waist,
lifted her up, and impaled her on his massive tool. Debra loved it.

"Oh Mick, you big stud!!! Fuck me, fuck my pretty little cunny!!! I want
you soooo baaaadd!!!"

Mick was ramming his shaft into Debra hard, not caring about being gentle
this time. He slammed up into her with no mercy for a while, then popped his
wad into her cunt. Debra screamed in pleasure.


When they were done, Debra rested her head on Mick shoulder, cooing
happily. After several minutes, they got their breath back.

"That was great you guys." said Debra with an 'I just got fucked' look on
her face.

"And we still have the whole weekend." said Colette with a smile, "Anyone
else up for a dip in the pool?" Mick and Debra smiled at Colette.

"I love my wife." said Foley with a big smile.

***WWF Headquarters***

Matt watched on a screen in his office as Debra put on her thong with
Colette. He had agreed with Mick that although this special tape wouldn't be
distributed like the others, both the Foley, Wade, and Williams families
would receive copies.

"Damn, superstars do have great fucks for wives. Isn't that right, Sara?"

On her knees before Matt was the Undertaker's wife Sara Calloway. Like
Debra, she had an amazing set of tits, and a nice ass. Although she wasn't a
full-time part of the WWF roster, she did take part in a story once in a
while. Since she did have a contract with CSBN, which meant she was game for
Matt. Sara took Matt's shlong out of her mouth.

"You know it Matt honey." she said with a smile.

Matt smiled at her. Sara was clad in simple white cotton panties, a
classic look for any woman (especially for blondes).

"Sara I really need some loving. Get up here and ride me like a good

With a wicked grin, Sara got up. Matt's shaft was so hard it was sticking
straight up in the air. She slid onto Matt's rod, getting three inches in.
She then began to ride up and down on his meat, taking more in as she went.
As she rode him, Sara's large breasts were heaving up and down. Matt used
this opportunity to suckle on them. He used his hands to palm her firm
globes, kneading them. Sara cooed, she loved it when people played with her

"Keep it up boss." she said.

"Please, Sara, call me Matt."

Matt took one of her half dollar sized nipples in his mouth and began to
suck on them like a newborn. This drove Sara crazy, she began to really ride
Matt now. Up and down she went, taking Matt's whole ten inches now. Her
vaginal muscles worked wonders, milking Matt's cock like a professional porn
star. After a while, Matt was ready to blow.

"Take it Sara, take it like the good girl that you are." he whispered in

Matt let his load loose, freeing his warm jism into her. Sara was in

"Oh Matt, you are great. Too bad Mark can't get it up as often as you."
she said. Matt nibbled on her lovely neck, "Yeah, but then again, who can?"

Sara smiled. She crawled down on the floor in front of Matt. She looked
behind at him, waving her firm ass at him.

"Come here big boy."

With a smile, Matt drove his rod into her ass. Sara squealed at the

'Yeah,' Matt thought to himself, 'Wrestler's wives DO make great fucks.'

Rumors of The End have been greatly exaggerated.

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