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The WWF's New Boss Part 7
by Foley Fan

Matt Williams liked his job. Free cable TV, alcohol on tap 24/7, and hot
women to clean his pipes every day. Case in point: Sunday Night Heat
interview girl Rebecca Budig straddling his lap, milking his large piece
with her cunt.

While the petite brunette rode him, Matt sucked lovingly on her smallish
tits. Unlike most women in the CSBN rosters, Rebecca was all-natural. Don't
take Matt the wrong way, he likes to screw a voluptuous woman just as much
as the next guy, but there was something about a woman's natural beauty
that drove Matt wild. And he was taking that out on the lovely Rebecca.

"This feels sooo goood." cooed the petite brunette as she took 8 inches
of Matt inside her.

"Yr dmn strigt." mumbled Matt while licking away on her breasts.

Rebecca smiled at her good fortune. She grabbed the back of Matt's head
and stuffed more of her right breast into his mouth.

"Suck it big boy, come on!"

Rebecca began to ride the CEO harder. Matt's balls slapped her firm
buttocks as she bounced. The smallish girl grunted as the thick tool felt
like it was splitting her insides open. It was a bit painful, but she loved
it. Unlike most of the men in the WWF, Matt made sure that she wouldn't get
hurt when he fucked her. Rebecca liked that and she made sure that Matt knew
that she liked it.

"Oh Matt, that's great! Oh yeah! Keep it up!"

After ten minutes of riding her boss, Rebecca came with a loud groan. Matt
followed suit and popped his wad inside of her.

"Oh fucking A!!" exclaimed Rebecca.

The two took a moment to recover from the rush. Rebecca slid off of Matt
and down her knees before him. She wrapped her small hand around the thick
base of his shaft and began to stroke him.

"Wow Becky, that feels great." said Matt happily.

"Well, I'm here to help, sir."

"Please, it's 'Matt' to my girls." corrected the boss.

"Ok. By the way Matt, I've been meaning to talk to you."

"About what?" said Matt in a bliss haze.

"Well, being an interview girl is great and all, but I'd like to expand my
horizons, like Lilian did."

Matt remembered the day he promoted Lilian from ring announcer to
commentator on Smackdown. She was surprisingly very good, a hell of a lot
better than that whining Backstreet Boy reject Michael Cold.


"So, would it be fine if I have Marissa's place on Livewire?" Rebecca
asked with another lick to Matt's pole.

Like any other man, Matt was thinking with the wrong head. "Yeah, sure."

Rebecca smiled. Finally, she would get the shot she deserved so much. The
slamming of Matt's office doors interrupted her happiness. Matt and Rebecca
turned around to see a very pissed off Marissa looking at them.

"EX-CUSE me?! I heard you through the office intercom. If you think for
one damn minute that you're going to take MY spot, you have another thing

The nude Rebecca stood up, toe to toe with Marissa. "Think again bitch!
I've worked hard for this company, and it's time for me to get paid! Besides,
Matt already approved it."

"I did?"

Rebecca turned around. "Yeah, while I was giving you head. Remember?"

"No." lied Matt.

The two women looked like they were going to tear each other apart. Matt
sensed opportunity. He held the two women back.

"Listen, why don't you two settle this in the ring? Monday Night Raw, how
about it?"

"I want it to be a stipulation match." said Marissa.

"Ok. Wait for Smackdown, then I'll announce it. Whoever wins, gets the
spot on Livewire, agreed?"



***WWF Smackdown on CSBN***

The First Union Center in Philadelphia was jam-packed. The crowd was
enjoying a special live edition of WWF Smackdown. Now, it was time for the
main event. The theme for New Corporate was cued up. As "Don't Tread On Me"
by Metallica played out of the house speakers, WWF CEO Matt Williams made
his way down the ramp. The fans cheered as Matt made his way to the ring.
Over his leather jacket clad shoulder he held a title belt, similar to the
WWF Women's title. Matt looked over and saw a Jell-O filled pool to the
right of the ring. Ring announcer Tony Chimmel handed Matt a mic.

Matt: Ah Philly, Pennsylvania, the home of extreme.

The crowd cheered Matt.

Matt: Ok, enough with the cheap pop. Don't want Mick to come down here all
pissed. As you know, two of the ladies in the office are having a little
tiff, so we thought we'd let them go at it in the classic Jell-O match. But
this won't be any ordinary Jell-O match. This belt I have here is the IBT
title. The Itty Bitty Titty title. The winner will receive this title, and
all the privileges there to. So, let's hit the music!

As Matt made his way to the announcers table with Jerry "The King" Lawler
and Lilian Garcia, Rebecca made her way to the pool. The Smackdown theme
"Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson played as she sashayed her way down
wearing a red bikini. Matt sat beside Lilian.

Lilian: Mr. Williams, a pleasure to have you here.

Matt: Lilian, we've experienced enough together, call me Matt.

Lawler: Hey Matt, great main event you got here!

Matt: Thanks King. I thought you only liked full-grown puppies.

Lawler: Oh, I like ALL puppies!!

Matt: Spoken like a man.

New Corportate's theme hit the PA again as Marissa made her way down
dressed in a black thong bikini. As soon as she saw Rebecca by the pool, she
broke out into the run. With a powerful spear, Rebecca was taken down. The
match had begun. Marissa was wailing away on Rebecca with vicious crossface

Lilian: Marissa starts off with a savage spear and crossface chops.

Lawler: Come on, let's see some puppies!

Matt: Patience King, good things come to those who wait.

Rebecca smashed an elbow into Marissa's face, taking the raven haired
beauty down. She charged Marissa, but was met with a stiff kick to the
stomach. Rebecca folded up like an accordion on the Jell-O floor of the
pool. With a feral growl, Marissa straddled Rebecca and began bitch
slapping her.

Lilian: Mazzola's taking the clear advantage in this fight. Rebecca is curled
into a fetal position, she better get her mental game on if she wants to get
the duke here.

Lawler: Poor Becky. Maybe I should go over there and comfort her.

Matt: Sit down, Jerry! Where's Kitty, I thought she was the announcers bitch
for Smackdown.

Lawler: She fucking the front row fans. Over there, see?

Matt looked to his left and sure enough, in the front row was the nude
Kat sucking off a pimply faced 16 year-old fan while a tall chicano man was
ramming his shaft into her doggy style. Matt and the King got hard just

Matt: Damn that looks good. Lilian, I need some lovin'.

Lilian: You got it boss.

Lilian tore off her mini-skirt and sat down on her boss's thick piece. The
slim blonde beauty rode Matt, using her vagina to lovingly milk the man's
pole. Matt tore off her halter top, exposing her smallish breasts. With one
hand he caressed her left tit and wrapped the other around her firm tummy.
Lilian moaned in pleasure.

Lawler: Hey, Lilian, what about me?

Lilian's right hand reached into Lawler's trunks and began to stroke his
hardening cock. Soon, it was at it's full 18 inches. Matt and the King gave
each other a high-five.

Back in the ring, Marissa finished off Rebecca with a jackknife powerbomb.
Rebecca was slammed into the pool and Marissa got the three count. After the
pin, Marissa tore off Rebecca's bikini top and bottoms, leaving her naked.

Lawler: Finally! PUPPIES!!!

The crowd roared in approval at the stripping of one of the women. From
ringside, Lawler began to start up a "puppies" chant loud enough to shake the
First Union Center. Marissa smiled at the chant, throwing Rebecca's strips of
clothing into the audience. A small riot broke out to retrieve them. Marissa
turned toward the weakened Rebecca.

"Time to have some fun, bitch." said Marissa.

Marissa began to finger Rebecca's snatch with two of her fingers. Rebecca
bit her lip, enjoying the pleasure he opponent was suddenly giving her.
Marissa used her other hand to undo her top, then guiding Rebecca's head to
her left breast. Rebecca began to nibble on Marissa's breasts, they were a
perfect mouthful.

"That's it honey, you're doing good." encouraged Marissa.

Lawler: Well this is weird. Now the puppies are getting along... oh yeah
Lilian that feels great...

Just as Rebecca was getting into the lesbo action, Marissa removed her
fingers from Becky's cunt. She balled up her fist and violently rammed it
into her opponents wet twat.

"Arrghh!!" groaned Rebecca at the intrusion.

Marissa had a wicked grin on her face. She scooped up a handful of Jell-O
and shoved it into Rebecca's face.

"Stupid cunt! First rule in wrestling, never let your opponent give you a
hand job!"

Kat (now by the announce table, taking Lawler's pole into her mouth):
Actually, that's rule #7.

Matt: Hey Kitty, fancy meeting you here.

Matt now had Lilian buck naked and spread eagle on the announce table.
He was pumping his thick organ into her tight pussy while giving her an
occasional smack on her firm butt. The latin hottie was loving every second
of it. Lilian was moaning like a girl on prom night.

Lilian: Oh yeah... fuck me just like that... ohhhh god yeeessss!!

In the Jell-O ring, Marissa was fisting her new bitch. Rebecca was in an
immense amount of pain. Her pussy hadn't hurt this much since she fucked that
bull on the last Wrestlemania pay-per-view. She just wanted it to end.

"I-I'm sorry Marissa, god I'm so sorry!! Please, just stop!! PLEASE!!!"

"Sorry bitch, you're not getting off that easily."

Marissa then grabbed hold of one of Rebecca's nipples and twisted with all
her strength. Rebecca let out a high-pitched scream.


After another fifteen minutes of pain, Rebecca finally blacked out. Her
body limply slid into the pool of Jell-O. Marissa had a big smile on her
face. She orgasmed twice while giving out the punishment. The ref handed her
the Itty Bitty Titty title and she raised it high above her head.

Down at the announcers table, the Kat had her ass speared on Lawler's rod,
the two of them in the middle of multi-orgasms. Matt had a well-fucked Lilian
between his legs, licking and sucking his cock. The boss patted his employee
on the head for a job well done.

Matt: There she is folks, the newest champion in the World Wrestling
Federation! This is Matt Williams for Jerry "The King" Lawler and my bitch
Lilian Garcia. That's it for Smackdown, stayed tuned for the classic movie
of the week here on CSBN, "Debbie Does Dallas". Catch you later!

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