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The Way I Feel
by Heel Princess

After IMPACT - 11:45 P.M.

"Angelina... are you alright... you seem..." So Cal Val paused, trying to
find the right word to describe Angelina's current deviance. They were out,
the whole gang of Knockouts, as they usually did a week before a pay-per-
view... but Angelina just didn't seem herself... "distracted" She finally
settled on a word to describe her good friend.

"I'm fine..." Angelina lied, risking a glance at her bare thigh upon which a
tanned hand had taken residence underneath the table. She risked a quick
glance at the owner of the hand who was currently engaged in light
conversation with Christy Hemme although the conversation had obviously not
distracted her enough to delay the constant movement of fingertips across a
trembling thigh.

She and Velvet Sky had been together for a while now and had somehow managed
to keep their relationship under lock and key although Angelina was sure if
Velvet kept up this little teasing game she were playing, it'd be under lock
and key no longer.

"Are you sure Love?" Val asked, concern coloring her words.

"Yeah... I'm..." and she trailed off, fingertips finally reaching the apex of
her thighs. "I'm just gonna use the restroom..." she said, quickly getting up
and heading toward the restroom.

"Maybe I should..." So Cal Val began.

"I'll check on her..." Velvet interjected, knowing where Val was going with
that statement.

Following the direction which the ring announcer had scampered off into, she
entered the restroom to find her girlfriend regrouping, fixing her hair in
the bathroom mirror.

"What was that out there?" Angelina asked, glaring at her girlfriend as she
entered the restroom.

"Sorry... I was..." And she trailed off... She was, captivated, enthralled,
stunned, astounded, amazed, mesmerized, awestruck by the short, tight blue,
form-fitting dress that her girlfriend had decided to wear... and most of all
she was... "distracted..." She finally settled on the ideal word to describe
her current state of mind.

"But can you blame me?" Velvet asked, coming up behind her girlfriend, arms
encircling a small waist.

Honestly, she was positive no one with a working brain could blame her... it
was near impossible not to have her conscious attention diverted when
Angelina was sitting next to her wearing that.

"You're very distracting... you know that?" Velvet asked, warm breath
lingering against the flesh of the neck poised temptingly closed to her lips.

"I could say the same about you..." Angelina replied, turning in her
girlfriend's embrace, soft lips brushing softly against hers as soon as she
did so, until eventually, lips were against lips, tongues meshing together
smoothly in a heated embrace.

Angelina Love could feel Velvet Sky's hands working their way beneath her
dress yet again and she quickly and breathlessly broke away from the kiss.

"We can't do this..." She said quickly as now unoccupied lips found
themselves occupied once again on the side of her neck. "What are we gonna
tell them?" She asked, a moan escaping her lips as soft lips swept across her

Velvet let out a ragged breath, the sensation sending a shiver down
Angelina's spine. She had honestly not been thinking about their friends out
there who'd after some time obviously wonder where they were and what they
were doing... but as her hands traveled further up Angelina's thighs, the
blue dress bunching at her hips as she did so, she quickly realized, at that
moment, she was powerless to stop...

"Ermm...." She hesitated; her lips only ceasing their movement momentarily
before continuing her kisses and nips across her girlfriend's neck. "We'll
just tell them we were... ... ... ... ..." And she paused for a moment, her
fingertips running across the slickened material of her girlfriend's
underwear, a moan escaping Angelina's lips as she tipped her head back in

"Distracted..." They both decided on, the word leaving both of their lips
simultaneously... and from that moment on... they were definitely...

* * *

Later At The Hotel Room

Angelina Love sighed staring at the other woman in silence again for the
second time in their brief one on one conversation. She allowed Velvet to
pull her over to the nearest couch and sit them both down. Velvet's lips
crashed against hers instantly in a rather passionate kiss, that Angelina
found impossible not to reciprocate no matter how much her mind told her that
she should. Within seconds Velvet was straddling her hips, their lips and
tongues mimicking their previous actions.

Angelina ran her hands up Velvet Sky's sides, exploring the other woman's
body, while Velvet quickly took hold of them and put them underneath either
side of the soft, leather cushion and behind her back slightly, apparently
not wanting them to be a factor. She resumed their kiss, her tongue hot and
questing, exploring the unfamiliar depths of the strangers mouth while
Angelina squirmed slightly beneath her, obviously used to being the one in
control of these kinds of encounters.

"Your hands are going to stay where they're at Love, or I'll warn you right
now, I will walk away. That's part of the game, don't wager with me." Velvet
explained, knowing that would cause Angelina to comply.

After Angelina gave her the nod of approval she was looking for she got off
the blonde's lap and teasingly removed her own shirt. Angelina felt her mouth
go dry as she watched Velvet remove her bra only seconds later, leaving her
to stare in awe at the magnificent body in front of her.

Angelina Love silently wondered how the hell she was going to get through
this little encounter without touching that gorgeous body, maybe that was the
point of the game. It seemed like Velvet was reading her thoughts as she gave
her an ear to ear grin. Since the task of looking at her topless seemed to be
torturing Angelina as it was, she decided against removing her pants and
joined her back on the sofa.

Velvet quickly began an oral assault first on the flesh of her neck, and then
onto her throbbing pulse point, reddening the skin as it responded, and
making Angelina gasp. She felt Velvet's hands running themselves along her
abdomen and then upward, bringing her shirt with it. The chill in the room
was nothing compared to the heat of her palms, making her flesh feel like it
was burning.

Angelina's hands clutched into fists underneath the couch as Velvet pulled
the remainder of her cleavage out of her bra, quickly disposing of the item.
She felt a warm, moist mouth wrap around one of her nipples, the hot tongue
teasing her flesh, puckering it into erection before switching off and
performing the exact same task with the other one. She got off the blondes
lap momentarily and continued her task.

Angelina closed her eyes and bit her own tongue as she withheld the
overpowering urge to use her hands while she was being teased. It wasn't
seeming possible as Velvet angled her hips properly, removing her pants and
the small cloth of her underwear.

Velvet Sky began softly stroking the delicate and needy flesh of Angelina's
womanhood. She applied very little pressure, but just enough to keep her
teetering on the edge of an orgasm. She continued to taunt the Canada native,
making her wonder when she'd get the hell out of limbo and finally make it to

Angelina let out a deep breath, her hips rocking against Velvet's hand
attempting to speed along the process of pleasure. She was becoming extremely
impatient and her body language spoke that for her in volumes. She arched
some more when suddenly Velvet stopped teasing her and got off the couch.
Worry and frustration filled Angelina mind momentarily, she thought that
maybe her neediness was angering Velvet and that she wasn't playing the game
her way.

That was until Velvet dropped down to her knees in between the blonde's legs,
an extra sexy smirk taking over her facial features before spreading them
apart. Velvet's arousal increased tenfold at the suggestive display on the
floor, now wanting her hands free more then ever but keeping them locked in
place for the sake of her own sanity.

She felt Velvet's tongue tickle her thighs and she whimpered out loud, trying
with all of her internal power not to beg for this. The tongue got closer and
closer but never quite seemed to reach the destination Angelina wanted.

"Would you please fuck me?" Angelina Love let out frustrated, and it seemed
to be exactly the que Velvet was waiting for. Angelina felt the all too
familiar clench in her stomach, letting her know that her release was
approaching quickly.

Velvet Sky chuckled at her request, rewarding her by thrusting a finger
inside of her, causing a moan to loudly rip from Angelina's mouth.

Angelina Love could feel her own fingernails digging into the flesh of her
palms so instead she gripped the material of the couch for dear life. She was
sure that her knuckles were becoming more white by the second, but she
couldn't stop herself, she was already going crazy with desire from the small
amount of contact she had received. Her head shot back as Velvet added a
finger and began thrusting in and out rapidly, getting lost in the sensations
shooting through her body.

After what seemed like ages Velvet lowered her tongue down onto the
glistening flesh in front her, circling her clit and not interfering with her
fingers that hadn't slowed their pace.

"There!" Angelina cried out as Velvet's tongue ran over a particularly
sensitive area repeatedly. She could feel the orgasm coming strong now, she
gripped the edge of the couch harder and raised her hips, the constant
contact of both her fingers and mouth driving her completely over the edge as
an earth shattering moan left her lips, entering orgasmic bliss finally.

Velvet smiled at her job well done as Angelina's body continued to convulse,
the orgasm ripping through her. Her tongue lapped up all that her body had to
offer, sucking her fingers into her mouth and finding and enjoying the sticky
sweet taste of hard work all over the Canadian's quivering thighs. She then
made sure the sofa was still in good shape before pressing her lips against
Angelina's allowing her to taste herself on the other woman's lips.


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