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In no way, this really happened after the TNA PPV, Final Resolution. Events
like these have never happened to the TNA superstars or will never ever
happen to them. If you are under 18, do not read beyond this as I'm not
responsible for any actions if you're caught. Once again, it's not real at
all period as its just pure fiction, folks! Now saying that, enjoy for those
over 18.

(In case if anyone asks me)

For the record: I don't care much for TNA nor watch it that much and the
reason for me writing stories on the TNA Knockouts is fairly simple, because
I can. Now saying that, enjoy.

The Welcoming Angle
by DarklordZ

Kurt stood there wondering if he should go back inside and see his wife,
Karen getting fucked by another man. "I should go in and break them up," Kurt
said in his mind. "Fuck me, AJ!" Karen yelled out as Kurt heard it over the
door as his hand was on the knob but then he saw someone across then room. It
was Shelly Martinez who made her "official" debut at the PPV as she was
walking down the hall to the elevator.

"Huh, if Karen could have some fun, why can't I?" Kurt said as he ran off to
Shelly's direction to find her. He heard the elevator doors closing as the
elevator was now going down.

"Shit," Kurt said as he looked around and saw some stairs to his left side as
he ran towards the stairs.

Kurt ran down the stairs as his TNA World Title almost fell off his shoulder.
"Whoa, better be careful with this," he said as he raised it back up to his

* * *

Meanwhile, Shelly got out of the elevator as she was still dressed in her
black short shorts and the LAX t-shirt that was cut up above her huge
cleavage. She walked to the pool area as she placed her towel on the chair
and got in the pool with her clothes still on.

"Ahhh," she said as she placed her arms on the hard floor of the pool.

She looked around and saw that no one was around. Shelly then decided to pull
her short shorts off. She took them out from under the water as they were
dripping rather quickly. Shelly placed them on the floor as she lowered her
head down and relaxed.

* * *

Kurt made it to the main level as he looked around for Martinez as he saw
different TNA stars either walking around, sitting down talking to each
other, or doing nothing. He saw "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt
both talking to SoCal Val, and Angelina Love and Velvet Sky talking to each

"Hey, Angelina and Velvet, have you seen Shelly?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah, she went around the pool area for a night swim," Angelina said to him.

"Thanks," Kurt said to her as he walked away from them as the two started to
giggle for some reason. Kurt made it to the pool as he saw Shelly relaxing on
the pool grounds. He walked on over and saw that she wasn't wearing anything
at all as he saw her clothes on the floor.

"Hey, Shelly," Kurt said.

Shelly opened her eyes and saw that Kurt was looking at her nude body as she
quickly got up from the pool and grabbed her clothes and covered her tits and

"What the fuck. What are you doing here?" Shelly said to him.

"What, can't I talk to another former superstar I worked with before?" Kurt
asked as he walked around Shelly looking at her with lustful eyes. He turned
around and got a good view of her ass.

"So, what are you doing now?" Kurt asked her.

Shelly then put her short blue shorts on as she then put her LAX black short
shirt on and got out of the pool. While she was getting out of the pool, she
took a look at Angle as Kurt was looking right back at her.

"You want some of this?" Shelly said to Kurt as she did a small dance.

"Shelly, I can have anything I fucking want. I'm the TNA world champion and
if I want pussy from another woman, then I shall" Kurt said to her.

"Well then, tell me why I should let you fuck all this," Shelly said as she
danced again for Kurt.

"Did you not hear what I said?" Kurt yelled out.

"I'm the fucking world heavyweight champion of TNA" Kurt yelled out again.

"Well, follow me if you want some of this" Shelly said as she shook her ass
and walked past Kurt back into the hotel room.

5 minutes later.

Kurt followed Shelly deep into the hotel as Shelly stopped at the hotel gym
as she looked around and saw no one was inside. Kurt was right behind her as
he entered the gym after her. Shelly began taking her short shorts off again
as she then took her LAX shirt off as she was now nude in the gym, alone with

Unknown to either of them, Tomko was watching from the shadows of the
hallways and saw Kurt locking the door.

"Oh, just wait till Karen finds out." Tomko said to himself as he stood
there, watching through the glass on the door as he saw Kurt undoing his
pants as Shelly then got down onto her knees.

Shelly grabbed Kurt's semi-erected cock and slowly began stroking him as Kurt
was taking his shirt off as he then placed the TNA championship around his
shoulders for some reason.

"Mmm yeah, stroke my dick," Kurt said to her.

Shelly began stroking faster as Kurt raised the TNA title above his head. She
then slapped his cock around her big tits as he continued raising the title
above his head as Tomko continued to watch the two from the hallway.

"Hmm, I wonder how Karen would react to this," Tomko said as he walked away
from the gym and back into the hotel lobby.

Shelly then took a bit of Kurt's cock into her mouth as she slowly began
bobbing back and forth on his dick. Kurt watched as he then placed the TNA
title back onto his shoulders.

"Yeah, suck my world champion cock!" Kurt yelled out.

Kurt then moved one hand onto the back of Martinez's head and pushed her
forward to his cock as she began to gag a bit on his dick as Shelly's eyes
opened wide as Kurt held her head down.

"Ahhh yeah. That's it. Take my entire cock," Kurt moaned.

Shelly gagged more and more on his cock as she was able to move Angle's hand
away from the back of her head as she pulled away from his cock. Shelly
gasped for air as she patted above her chest for relief.

"What was my cock too much for you?" Kurt said to her with a smirk look on
his face.

"Oh no, not by a long shot" Shelly said as she got up and placed her hands
and bent over on one of the gym equipment. Kurt walked up as he then
positioned his cock into Shelly's cunt as he grabbed her hips and with one
thrust, he got his dick into the newest member of LAX.

"Ahhh. ohhhh yeah" Shelly moaned.

Kurt slowly began pumping in and out of her as the TNA world title fell from
his shoulders and onto the floor. Kurt then moved one hand away from her hips
and picked it back up as he locked it and wrapped it around his neck.

"Uhhhh yeah. your lucky your are fucking the TNA champion this soon" Kurt

"Fuck you!" Shelly yelled out to him as she moved one hand and gave Angle the
middle finger.

"Who's fucking who right now" Kurt said as he began thrusting harder into

"Ahhh yeah. uhhhh shit" Shelly moaned as she felt Kurt thrusting his rod deep
into her pussy.

Meanwhile, over at Karen's hotel room.

"Nah, he couldn't be with her.... Could he?" Karen said as she quickly
grabbed his phone and looked for a number.

The phone rang as Tomko picked it up. "Hello, oh Karen," Tomko said as he
walked into his hotel room.

"Hey Tomko, have you seen Kurt around?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, he was at the gym," Tomko said.

"Oh good," Karen said with a sigh of relief.

"With Shelly in there with him too," Tomko said before hanging up his phone
as Karen was in disbelief.

"Goddamn you, Kurt," Karen said as she quickly got dressed to find the two.

Tomko hung up his cell phone as he drank the bottle of beer again as he
continued to watch the sports on the TV as he saw Angelina and Velvet
laughing around with Kaz, drinking some beer, and talking to each other.

"Hmm, whatever," Tomko whispered to himself as he grabbed the bottle of beer
and left the bar, back to his hotel room.

Meanwhile, back over with Kurt and Shelly.

Kurt had Shelly on all fours on the gym floor as he thrusted deeper into her
cunt as she moaned louder as the TNA title moved back and forth in front of
his face as he thrusted into Martinez.

"Yeah.. ahhh fuck yeah, so tight," Kurt moaned.

"Uhhh yeah, fuck..ohhhh!" Shelly moaned as she seemed to enjoy Angle fucking

Kurt then moved both hands of his and grabbed Shelly's big tits as he used
them to thrusted harder into her cunt as sweat was coming down his forehead.

"Ahhh fuck yeah. ohhhh yeah," Shelly moaned.

"Uhhh yeah, your tighter than Karen," Angle said as he thrusted harder into
her pussy.

"Uhhhh fuck.. yeah, right there. ahhh yeah. fuck me" Shelly moaned. Kurt then
pulled out as lay on the gym floor as Shelly mounted on top of him as she
guided his cock into her pussy.

Kurt placed both of his hands onto her ass cheeks and resumed fucking her as
he picked his pace up. Angle then tilt his head up and started to suck on her

"Ohhhh yeah. ahhh suck those tits," Shelly moaned.

Kurt then stopped sucking her tits as he slammed even harder, making him very
close to climax.

"Yeah... ahhh fuck... uhhhh shit!" Kurt moaned as Shelly stood straight up
and bounced up and down on Kurt's cock as her tits were also moving up and
down like crazy.

"Uhhhh yeah.. ahhh fuck.. I'm coming!" Shelly moaned as she gushed out as
some poured from her sides and landed onto Kurt's pubic region as they flowed
down onto the cold hard gym floor.

"Ahhh yeah, at least I didn't come first" Kurt said with a smirk look on his

"Again, fuck you" Shelly said as she got up from Angle, leaving him on the
floor as she grabbed her clothes and quickly got dressed as Kurt got right
back up, wondering what was going on.

"Oh come on, what the fuck" Kurt yelled.

"Fuck your big ego, and fuck you" Shelly said as she left the gym but before
she did, she gave him two middle fingers before she left.

"Crap, I'm still hard and no Knockout is around" Kurt said to himself.

Karen made her way downstairs as she then saw Shelly walking towards the
pool. Karen ran towards her until she took a look inside the gym and saw Kurt
standing there, hard and nude.

"Hmm, he may have pissed her off" Karen said as she then walked towards the

Kurt was grabbing his clothes as he was looked around for his TNA world title
and saw it above one of the gym equipments. He grabbed it as he turned around
and saw Karen staring at him.

"So, fucking the new Knockout there huh?" Karen said with her arms crossed.

"Umm, yeah. well, you should have thought about that before agreeing to have
sex with AJ" Kurt said to her.

"True but still, so I see you weren't able to finish," Karen said to him.

"Yeah, she got mad at what I said and she left" Kurt said to Karen.

"Well, you going to jerk yourself or do you want someone else, maybe Velvet
and Love or Gail Kim, or Traci Brooks, or maybe even ODB?" Karen said.

"Yes, to all, except for ODB," Kurt said.

"Or maybe someone else," Karen said seductively.

Kurt knew who she was talking about as he lowered his pants down to free his
hard-on erected cock as Karen got on her knees and started to suck him off.

"Ohhh yeah Karen, suck that cock... Ahhh fuck!" Kurt moaned as Karen bobbed
back and forth as she was sucking her husband off in the gym of a hotel.

Kurt pulled her white t-shirt up as her nipples were hard as rocks. Kurt
moved one hand down and started to pinch them.

"Uhhhh yeah, ahhh fuck!" Kurt moaned.

Karen sucked faster as she then moved one hand and started to grope his balls
as Kurt moaned louder.

"Ahhh Karen, want to do some damage to your cunt" Kurt said as he pulled his
cock out of her mouth. Karen stood right back up as she lowered her
sweatpants down as Kurt with one thrust, inserted his cock into his wife.

"Ahhh Kurt, ohhhh fuck yeah!" Karen moaned.

"Ohhh yeah Karen, AJ couldn't keep up with you?" Kurt said to her.

"He tried his best but in the end, I stood alone afterwards," Karen told him.

"Uhhh yeah, only the TNA champion can keep up with someone like you," Kurt

"Yeah, fuck me... ahhh yeah, fuck me harder!" Karen moaned.

Beads of sweat was now pouring down from Kurt's head as he wiped it off as he
then moved both hands onto her hips and thrusted harder into Karen as she
moaned louder.

"Ahhh fuck.. uhhhh.. Ohhhhh shit!" Karen moaned loudly.

Kurt then pulled out as he sat up the chair and sat it up in the middle of
the gym room as he sat down and told Karen to get on. Karen took her
sweatpants completely off. She mounted on top of his cock as she slowly
started to bounce up and down on him.

"Uhhhh yeah. ahhh fuck yeah... ohhhh!" Kurt moaned.

"Shit, I'm coming!" Karen moaned as she came all over Kurt's cock as he
continued to pump into his wife.

"Ahhh yeah... uhhhh shit!" Kurt moaned. He then placed both hands onto her
ass cheeks and squeezed them as Karen continued to ride her husband's cock.

"Ohhhh fuck me... ahhh yeah!" Karen said as she waved her head around,
messing her hair up in the process.

Kurt thrusted as hard as he could but knew that he wouldn't last very long
since he was fucking Shelly Martinez before. He thrusted deeper into his
wife's pussy as he wanted to move into another position but didn't feel like

"Uhhhh fuck, ahhh shit.. Ohhhh Karen!" Kurt moaned.

"Ohhh, going to cum for me?" Karen asked.

"Ahhh yeah, in a bit," Kurt moaned.

"Them cum inside me then" Karen said to him and with that, he thrusted harder
then before, knowing that in a bit that he will cum.

"Ohhhh fuck... uhhhh!" Kurt moaned as he stopped completely to relax for a

Karen looked at Kurt and saw tons of sweat coming down from his forehead as
she licked around his head for no reason at all.

With that little boost, Kurt resumed thrusting hard and fast as Karen moaned
louder with each thrust Kurt took.

"Ahhh fuck me. uhhhh yeah, ohhhh Kurt" Karen moaned.

"Ohhh fuck.. Ahhh shit!" Kurt moaned as he felt his cum gushing out of his
cock as he came inside Karen.

"Ahhh yeah, let me feel that cum inside me," Karen moaned.

Kurt shot out a heavy load as he gritted his teeth as he came. Karen moaned
as she felt every load inside her as she rested her head on Kurt's chest as
he finally stopped moaning.

"Ahhh yeah, ohhh Karen," Kurt said as he took his cock out of his wife's

"So, how was she?" Karen asked.

"Eh, so and so but nothing compared to you," Kurt said to her.

"What about AJ?" Kurt asked her.

"Same, but was really great at times," Karen said.

The two talked until Karen got up and grabbed her clothes as did Kurt and got
dressed as the two left the gym as they saw Shelly sitting near the pool
while walking back to their room.

"Hey, I have an idea," Kurt said as Karen listened and went outside and
talked to Shelly.

"So, Shelly, you fucked my husband," Karen said with a bit of anger.

"Hey, he hit on me first, so it wasn't my fault that he wanted me," Shelly
said to her.

"Well, since you're new here, I will cut you some slack for now" Karen said
to her as Kurt was creeping in the bushes. He quickly spotted Shelly as he
was waiting for Karen to do something.

"Yeah, ok then," Shelly said with some confusion on her face as Kurt quickly
charged toward her and grabbed her by the arms and gave Shelly an Olympic
Slam onto the pool but doing so made him fall in too but Karen was able to
pull him out quickly as the two ran in as quickly as possible. The two
laughed at Shelly as she swam towards the steps of the pool.

"Goddamn it, goddamn it, you two," Shelly yelled out in anger as she could
still hear the two laughing at her.

"Oh, what a great welcoming angle for her," Kurt said.

The End
_ _ _

Author's note: Weak ending again, yes but still. Hope you enjoyed it and for
feedbacks, leave it at the forums or my e-mail via the forums. Alright,
nothing else needed to say. So yeah. leave it on the forums and what not.
Later then, readers.

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