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The Whore Called Rena
by Tazz (

Part 1: The Birthday Boy

One day Rena Mero was in her lockeroom, she was taking off her top and
then she took off her panties and was about to get dressed when the heard the
door open and a little black kid in a wheelchair rolled into her room. Sable
quickly covered herself with a towel just in time for the little kid to not
see anything.

"Wow, I never thought I'd accually get to see you in person!" said the
little black boy.

Then Rena asked how old he was. The little black boy said he just turned
12 today. So Rena felt sorry for the little kid and decided to give him a
birthday present.

So after a few minutes of chating with the kid. He looked at the towel
and said,"Hey Rena, if you don't mind me asking, why are you covering
yourself with a towel? Are you naked under there?"

"Well, actually, yes I am. I was changing when you walked in." said Rena.

So after a few more minutes of chit chat the kid said he heard his dad
calling him so he had to go. Then he started to wheel himself toward the
door. Right when he grabbed the door handle.

Rena said, "Hey kid, don't you want your birthday present?" said Rena

"Really?" said the kid," You have a present for me?!?"

"I sure do!" said Rena.

Then right then she dropped the towels that were covering her and revealed
her naked body to the young boy revealing her perfect tits, and her finely
trimmed pubic hair. The kids eyes were wide as bowling balls and his jaw
almost hit the floor when he saw her body.

Rena walked up to the kid and said "Happy birthday, baby".

Then she turned around and showed him her soft asscheeks. The kid then
grabed her by her cheeks and squeezed on them a lot. Then she got both of her
hands and she spread both of her cheeks and then the kid took out his dick.
Rena grabbed it and placed it between her two soft ass cheeks and began to
bounce up and down on the youngsters erection.

Instead of a titty fuck, it was a cheek fuck. Rena was sqeezing her big
breasts while the boy rubbed his cock in her butt crack. Then the boy said he
wanted to titty fuck her real bad, so Rena obliged. She kneeld down and
grabbed his cock and started stroking it very hard and fast. Then she oiled
up her tits the same way she did her ass crack and grabbed his penis and put
it between her huge melon tits. She held on to both of them and slid them up
and down his hard-on. Then the boy started moaning and he got louder and
louder and Rena knew he was gonna cum real soon, so she went ahead and opened
her mouth to get ready for his load.

The one minute later the boy exploded all over her face. Rena licked her
lips and swallowed all the goo she could. Then Rena stood up over his meat
and grabbed her pussy and spread both of her pussy lips and started to lower
her cunt toward his cock.

Just when the kid was about to squeez his dick in her pussy, his father
walked in "Son, we got to go. Where are you?"

Then the dad saw what was going on. Rena jumped off the boy and backed
away from him.

"I'm so sorry sir, please, I can explain!" said a very scared Rena.

Then before Rena could finish her sentence, the kids father pushed her
onto a benchand unzipped his jeans and pulled out his big black 9 inch cock.

"Okay, white bitch, you wanna get fucked so bad!!!!" said the kid's dad.

"Ooh, yes, that's what I want old man. I want you to fuck my pussy. Treat
me like the white trash whore that i am. OOOH yeah,old man!!!" said Rena.

Then Rena willingly spread her legs and invited the old man into her cunt.
She grabbed her lips and spread them. She grabbed his cock and slowly guided
it into her pussy. She wanted to guided so she could fuck at her own pace,
because she had never had a black dick in her pussy before, so she wanted to
get used to the size of it before she let the old man take over. She pulled
his black dick back and forth in and out of her aching twat.

"OOOHHH MY GOD...YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!" screamed Rena as
she pulled him in and out of her.

Then as she got used to his size, she finally let go and let the man fuck
her cunt at his own pace. He was pounding her vagina very fast and hard. Then
she said she wanted him to fuck her from behind, so she took his big cock out
of her and turned around and bent over. The old man was shocked to see how
nice her ass was. Then he licked his two fingers and rubbed them on her pussy
lips with one hand and grabbed her left butt cheek with the other hand. She
held his cock in place and slowly inched it into her vaginal opening from
behind. He started pounding her slowly, then he got a little fast and then he
slapped her ass and it bounced and jiggled.

Then while he was fucking her doggy-style the little boy wanted to get
some head, so he asked Rena if it was okay.

She said "Yes, of course."

She opened her mouth and inhaled the kid's erection. The kid watched as
her pouting lips ran up and down his cock head. Then while rena was massaging
the old mans balls, she felt his balls tighten.

"PULL OUT NOW,HURRY!!!" Rena screamed, since she didn't want him cumming
inside her, because she didnt want to be pregnant.

He pulled his prick out of her slimy pussy and Rena reached around and
jacked him off all over her cheeks. Then while she was massaging the kids
balls with her other hand she also felt them tighten as well. Then she told
the kid to shoot it all over her face. The the kid shot his gooey load all
over her face. Then Sable strattled the boy and spread her lips again and
the kid pressed his dick into her soft moist cunt.

Then Rena waited until the old man came in from behind,"Now, I dont know
if i can fit both of you in my pussy. I can barley even fit you dad and I
don't want my pussy to be all loose, so I don't know what were gonna do."

" you take it up the ass?" said the old man.

"I sure do!" said Rena.

"Well, then the problem is solved." said the old man.

"Well, I didn't think you would fuck me up the ass, cus most of the black
men I know don't fuck up the ass." said Rena.

So then she slowly guided the man's large penis in to her very tight
asshole. Then Rena started bouning up and down. Rena moaned as the old man
thrusted his large member in and out of her tight butt-hole as the young boy
thrusted his dick in and out of her juicy snatch.

Then while the old man was fucking her asshole her big butt cheeks started
jiggling again. Then the old man balls and his son's balls both tightend, so
they both pulled out of her openings. Rena grabbed the kid's meat and jacked
him off all over her pubic hair. Then she grabbed the old man's cock and
jacked him off all over her face once again.

Then the old man laid Rena back down on a table and strattled her chest
and put his meat stick in between her big tits. Then Rena squeezed both of
her huge melons together and the old man proceded to fuck her giant tits.

"OOH GOD ..MMMMM..your dick is so fucking BIG!MMMMM!!!" moaned Rena in

Then the little boy moved in and thrusted his cock deep into her cunt,
Rena's moans became louder as the boy's prick moved inside of her vaginal
passage. Then the old man climaxed and shot a hot load all over her tits and

Rena rubbed the old man jizz all over her nipples and then Rena smiled as
she was fucked by a kid and his father. Then she wiped all the cum off her
face. Then the boy took out his erection and also shot his load on her chest.
Then rena kissed both the son and the father and left.

Part 2: Mideon's Sacrafice

Then Midion came in and saw Rena butt ass naked sucking the left over cum
off her fingers, since she was in such a slutty mood she grabbed Midion by
his tights and pulled out his cock and sucked on his throbbing cock head,
while she fingered her pussy. She moaned as she pleasured her pussy with her

Then she took him out of her mouth and started jacking him off really
fast! He tilted his head back and moaned as she wanked him off. Then she bent
over the table and midion parted her cheeks and penetrated her with his
erection. Midion slowly pulled in and out of her moist vagina. Rena reached
around and started massaging her asshole, while midion fucked her cunt. Rena
started to moan very loud.

Then she turned over and spread her thighs for him. Midion stared at her
perfectly trimmed pubic hair. He then pulled each of her plump pussy lips
aside and inched his cock into her cunt. Only seconds into the act he pulled
out of her dripping pussy and turned her over on her stomach. She was bent
over doggystyle again.

Rena was wondering what he was going to do. He then parted her plump
cheeks and started to lick her asshole. Rena let out a gasp of pleasure as
Midion licked circles around her asshole. Then he stuck his tongue by the
hole and pressed it in as far a her could go. He had his whole tongue in
Rena's asshole. Rena was maoning all right!

He then pulled it out of her asshole and just started licking the outside
of her anus. Then he took his tongue away from her butthole and rena grabbed
his cock and jacked him off all over her face. Then they both left.

Part 3: The Alley Fuck

Then rena decided to walk home, so she took a shortcut through the alley
where she encouter three black homeless men. They started hasseling her.

"Hey baby, are thoses tits real?" said one black man and other very
insulting questions.

Then one of them grabbed her ass as she walked past him, so Rena turned
around and slugged him. He grabbed rena and threw her on some cardboard
boxes and ripped off her top.

"OH MAN, these are beauties!" said the bum.

Then he started squeezing and masssaging them. Then rena started screaming
which was a poor idea because it attracted two more black bums. They just
watched as the other bum felt Rena up. Rena kept screaming and then when the
black bum pulled his cock out of his zipper Rena stopped shouting and started

"Oh, what a big cock you have there!" said Rena.

She started getting wet, so she grabbed his cock and licked the his
throbbing cock head. Then she slid about 6 of the full 9 inches into her
mouth. Then she got on her knees while she sucked on his black penis, and
pulled her panties down and made eye contact at the other two bums. The two
black bums knew what she was trying to say.

Rena sat on top of one of the bums and she slowly guided his prick into
her moist cunt. Then the other guy got on his knees and mounted her
doggystyle and carefully inched his cock into her already filled pussy. Then
Rena started screaming extremely loud. She took the black man out of her
mouth and slid his meat in between her huge tits and he thrusted his tool up
and down her big melons. Her tits were very sweaty since the alley was very
hot and her asscrack was very very sweaty as well.

Both of the old black bums started moaning louder and louder. Then finally
the bum who was titty fucking Rena came in her mouth. She greedily swallowed
every bit of it. Rena had always loved the taste of cum, every time her and
Marc had sex, she would always make sure he came in her mouth so she could
swallow it all.

The bum who was under Rena tightend and shot his love cream all over her
stomach then the bum who was fucking her doggystyle climaxed all over her
plump cheeks. Then she gave the one who fucked her dogystyle and blowjob
while she gave the other two handjobs and they all three at the same time
tightened up and blew their butter all over her pretty face covering it in
hot salty cum.

Part 4: The Mexican Sensation

Then Rena finally left and went to the corner store. She bought a pack
of gum. The casheir was a 15 year mexican kid. THE KID WAS LOOKING AT HER
Rena could tell by the look in his eyes, she knew what was to come next.
Since she knew it was gonna happen anyway, she stopped beating around the
bush and crawled up on the counter and lied down and spread her legs showing
him her finely shaved vagina. The kid didn wait. He bent down and started
licking up and down her swollen pink pussy lips.

"AAAHhhh!!!" gasped rena, as the boy entered her with his tongue.

Rena squeezed and sucked on her big boobs, as her fuckhole was being
sucked on. The boy found her juicy clit and started sucking on it very hard.

"UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOOHHHH YES!" screamed Rena as the kid licked her click.

Then the noise brought in the owner. The kid was having so much fun
eating Rena's juicy snatch, that he didnt even care. Rena's head was hanging
up-side-down off the counter, she then saw the owner walk up to her and take
out his huge penis. Rena grabbed it and put it in her mouth. Rena swallowed
6 inches of his full 8 inch length. This was the first time that Rena had
ever sucked on a cock up-side-down.

The boy took his tongue out of Rena, and squeezed his rod into her extra
tight pussy. Rena wanted to scream out in pleasure, but she already had her
mouth full with the store owner's cock. The kid's motion got faster and
faster. Rena moaned even with a cock in her mouth.

Then they all swithed positions. Rena got off the counter and got on the
floor as the boy laid down. Rena squatted down and she spread her lips for
the boy, the kid grabbed his hardness and slowly slid it into her moist cunt.
Before rena started bouncing up and down, she gave the store owner time to
stick his cock in as well. The owner got behind her and took her from behind
in the pussy as well.

Rena screamed as he pressed his cock past the boy's and entered her vagina
as well, but Rena was no stranger to having 2 dicks in her pussy at the same
time. Then rena started bouncing on the kid's cock and the owner pushed in
and out of her wet snatch back and forth. The owner was reaching around and
squeezed on Rena's perfect breasts. The boy was squeezing Rena's ass while he
fucked her in the pussy.

Then the owners cock got harder. Rena knew he was gonna cum, so he pulled
out and rubbed his cock in between her fat butt-cheeks a few times and then
he came all over her cheeks. Then he left and went home to his wife.

Then the boy siad he was gonna cum, so Rena slid down and placed his cock
between her tits and tity fucked his erection. Then his balls tightened and
he blasted his goo all over her face. Rena scooped up some of the dripping
cum off her tits and put it in her mouth and swallowed it.

Part 5: Vince's Investment

Rena was at home, she got a call from Vince McMahon asking her to meet
him at his home to go over the details in Rena's possible return to the WWF.
Rena was sitting at Vince's dinner table wearing a short mini skirt and a
small very revealing top. Vince and Rena began discussing the topic of her
return, but Vince was so distracted by Rena's cleavage, that he couldn't
concentrate on talking.

Rena had noticed that he had been checking at her awesome tits, so Rena
just said "fuck it!" and she got up and cleared all the paper work off the
desk and crawled up to Vince and unzipped his fly and pulled out his already
hard cock and stuck it between her sweaty tits. She rubbed her tits up his
cock and right back down. Vince moaned loudly as the young little whore
called Rena stroked his penis with her surgically enhanced breasts. Vince
told her he was gonna cum, so rena stopped her onslaught of tit fucking on
him and started jacking him off.

"Oh yeah, Vince, I want all of your hot salty cum all over my face. Yes,
shoot it all over my face!!!" said Rena in a slutty voice. Rena kept on
jacking Vince off. Then finally vince filled Sable's mouth with his cream.

Then Rena got on all fours and shown Vince her gorgeous ass. Vince saw
how round and soft Renas ass was, so he just couldn't help himself and spread
both of Rena's soft cheeks and put his python into Rena's pussy. Rena moaned
as he enter her vagina. He started pumpimg Rena faster and faster. Her butt
bounced as he fucked her cunt.

Then McMahon started panting from exhaust. Vince slapped Rena's jiggly
ass. Then he pulled out and was about to stuff her tight asshole with his

Rena grabbed his cock and said "No, I don't take it up the butt. Just
fuck my wet pussy." said Rena, so Vince entered back into her wet cunt and
continued to fuck her moist snatch from behind.

Then he pulled out very suddenly. Then Rena turned over on her back and
spread her soft legs apart. Then Vince layed onw hand on her golden pubic
hair and with the other he guided his hardess into Rena's very experienced
pussy. Then Vince pumped her pussy with his mighty rod. Then Rena started
bucking her hips and then vince pulled out of her slimy vagina and looked at
her asshole, which looked to be very tight. So Vince just said "FUCK IT!"
and crammed his large cock into Rena's tight backdoor.

"OOHHHH YEAH, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!" squeeled Rena as Vince filled her anus
with his manhood.

"WHAT, I thought you said you didn't take it up the ass?"

"Of course I do Vince. I'm a whore. I just wanted to see if you were going
to listen, but I was hoping you wouldn't. I've been wanting you to fuck my
tight ass like the fucking whore that i am!!!" said Rena.

Rena pushed her big butt back and forth, so Vince's cock would go in and
out. Her asshole was so tight that Vince couldn't stand it for much longer.
Her ass was so big. He had to cum. So then he pulled out of Rena's tight
asshole and placed his cock between her well lubricated tits and rena sucked
his cock while it was between her huge tits.

Then he took his pecker out and grabbed her by her hair and Rena saw that
he was gonna cum so she quickley opened her mouth awaiting his jizz, so then
he shot his cream all over her face. Then as Rena was swallowing the cum that
Vince just shot in her mouth Shane came in the room.

"Come on, Shane, help me fuck this whore!" yelled vince.

So then Rena turned toward Shane and waved him to her. As Shane appoached
her, she unbuttoned his slacks and they fell to the floor. Then she pulled
out his limp cock and she began licking the tip of his cockhead to get him
hard. Then as Shane got hard, she jacked him off to get the full extention
of his length. Then shane was fully erect.

Then Vince took advantage and went up behind Rena and shoved his erection
into her tight pussy from behind. Then as Vince started to pump Rena's fat,
fleshy folds of skin Marc Mero busted out of the closet. It appeared that
Marc had been jacking off in the closet while watching Vince and Shane fuck
his wife the entire time!

Marc just couldn't take it anymore! So then Rena got up and Marc layed
down on the floor and Rena straddled her husband's huge penis. Rena reached
around and spread both of her juicy folds for Marc's cock. Then his cock slid
easily in to Rena's tight cunt.

Then Vince took his place back and fucked Rena's in the pussy from behind.
Rena had both Vince and Marc's cocks in her tight snatch and Rena began to
suck Shane's cock again. Marc and Vince fucked her cunt as fast as they
could. Rena was screaming out in sheer pleasure! Her pussy was being fucked
by two huge cocks.

Then she took Shane's cock out of her mouth, "Ok, Shane, now I want you
to fill my pussy, too. I want all of your big cocks in my ight pussy at the
same time!" said the fuck slut Rena.

Then Shane went around Rena and took a spot right next to Marc Mero and
eased his fat cock into her pussy as well. Rena screamed very loud as all
three men thrusted in and out of Rena's tight cunt. Rena's big butt bounced
as all three men bounced off her soft asscheeks. Rena screamed as her toned
ass cheeks repeatedly smashed against their groins. Rena moaned and squeezed
her tits and sucked on her nipples as three cock's fucked her orgasmic pussy.

Then all three men screamed out loud and pulled out of Rena's pussy and
Rena turned around and opened her mouth and closed her eyes and started
jacking off Marc and Vince while she sucked on Shane's cock awaiting for all
their orgasms. Then at the final moment they all at the same time shot their
cream and totally covered rena's face.

Part 6: The Substitute

Rena had just found out that her friend had an emergency and she had to
go to the pre-school and be a substitute teacher for the little kids. So Rena
put on a pretty slutty looking outfit that showed lots of cleavage and some
short shorts, so her ass would hang out. She went to the school and went
into the class. all the kids were sitting on the floor awaiting for her
instructions. She dropped her pen and bent over to retrieve it.

Then one of the kids saw her cleavage and said "What are those big round
things on your chest?"

"Those are my tits!" said rena.

"Your tits are rounder than my mom's." said another little kid.

"Well, thats because i had sergury to make them bigger and rounder." said

So the day went on and all the kids passed the test they had to take. So
Rena said "Ok, class since you did so well on the test. I will do anything
you kids want." said rena.

Then one little boy said "I wanna see you naked!"

The other kids couldn't believe what he asked of her, but Rena didn't seem
to mind. She immediatly obeyed him and took off her top showing off her black
satin bra. Then she took off her shorts and showed them her black matching

"Your not naked. I said I wanna see...."

"Aaaaa.. hold on kid, I'm not finished yet" said rena.

Then she unsnapped her bra, and pulled it down slowly revealing her
nipples and her huge tits. The kids were in awe when they saw how big her
tits were. Then she went down to her panties, she slid them off slowly and
revealed to the class her fine pubic hair.

"I never knew women had hair down there." said a little girl.

Then she turned around and put both hands on the desk and showed them her
beutiful ass. Then one little girl got up and put her hand on Sable's ass and
squeezed her cheeks. "Oh, its so soft." said the girl.

Rena grinned as the girl rubbed her ass. Then the girl bent forward and
started to lick on Rena's pussy. "AAHhhhh YEAH..mmmmm. thats good..yeah!"
moaned Rena.

Rena held her cheeks apart as the little girls licked her pussy. The
little girl pulled her tongue out of Rena and then sat back down. The Rena
turned around and sat on the desk with her legs wide open. One of the boys
got up.

"Hey kid, why dont you take out that dick of yours and lets have some fun
with it." said the whore called Rena.

So the kid took out his prick, then Rena started masterbating the boy
until his cock was hard. Then it got hard. Then rena leaned back with her
legs open and pulled her pussy lips aside with her index and middle finger
and said to the boy. "Ok now baby, I want you to stick that cock in my pussy
and fuck me with it."

The little was was kind of new at it, so he just the tip of his dick by
her already spread lips. Then he totally had no idea what to do, so Rena
grabbed his dick and slid it into her pussy.

"Now pull it in and out of my pussy, baby." Rena explained.

So then the boy started to pump his cock inside of Rena's tight pussy.
Then she jestered to another one of the little boys, so he went up to her.

"Ok baby, now I want you too put your dick in my mouth and pull it in and
out as fast as you can." said the fucking slut called rena mero.

"Ewwww..thats gross!" said the little boy.

"Mo baby, its far from gross. Trust me, your going to LOVE it! Have you
ever heard of an orgasm?" asked rena.

"No, what is it?" asked the boy.

"Well, baby, just put your dick in my mouth and you will find out, you
will thank me later, trust me." said Rena.

Then Rena opened up her mouth and the boy put his dick in her mouth and
the boy did as she explained and thrusted in and out of her wet mouth.

"Oh, yes, this does feel good!" moaned the little boy.

Then the boy who was fucking her pussy said "Oh yes, my dick is tingling.
I don't know what's going to happen. Oh, God, yes!" screamed the boy.

Then that was Rena's sign to switch positions. She pulled the kid's cock
out of her cunt and pulled the other boy out of her mouth. Then turned around
and bent over the desk and she placed her hands on her ass and pulled her
cheeks aside.

"Ok, now put it right back in my pussy again baby." said Rena Mero.

Then the boy stuck it back into her warm pussy. The boy thrusted into
her and pounded her pussy. The boy licked his finger and rubbed it all over
Rena's tight asshole. Then licked it again and rubbed it on her asshole
again. Rena moaned as he repeated this proceedure.

"Ok, now kids I want you all to masterbate while you watch these two kids
fuck me. All you girls need to put two fingers in your pussies and shove them
in and out and all you boy shou.. OH YES.. OOOOOOOH YEAH... oh.. should get
some hand lotion off the desk and put it on your hand, and grab your dicks
and slide your hand back and forth really fast."

So all the kids did as she said and they masterbated while they watched
her get fucked.

"Oh, Rena, my dick is tingling again!!!" said the kid who was fucking her
pussy from behind.

"Ok, baby, now take it out of me." said rena.

Then she grabbed his prick and then right when she pulled out of her cunt,
he shot his cream all over her pussy. Then she grabbed his cock and the other
kid who was fucking her mouth and jacked them off waiting for there very
first cum shot.

Then rena heard all the kids scream and moan at the same time. She looked
up and saw that they were all cumming at the same time and that put Rena and
the kids she was masterbating over the edge. Thee she heard all the kids run
up to Rena. They were all gonna cum on her.

BODY...YYYEEEEES!!!" screamed Rena.

Then all the kids creamed all over her flawless body.

Part 7: The Party

One night Rena Mero was in a night club when she was approached by a young
mexican guy. He gave her a flyer and told her to come to a birthday party for
his friend. She accepted.

So Rena went home, since rena knew that at the end of the night she would
probably end up getting fucked by the guy and all his mexican friends, so she
put on a very slutty outfit. She put on a see-through bra and the tiniest
thing she could find. Then she left.

She got to the house and walked in the door. Then she sat on a couch and
relaxed with the guys. She was talking with 5 mexican guys on the couch with

"So, baby, how many times have you been fucked? asked one mexican.

"Oh, baby, lets just say... I'm pretty experienced. I've had my share of
men." said rena.

Then Rena placed her hand on his already hard cock. She shoved her tongue
down his throat and unzipped his pants. She took out his massive tool.

"Holy shit, your cock is huge!" shouted rena.

Then the mexican picked her up and carried her to a bedroom and he laid
her on the bed, and left the room, and came back with ten other mexican guys.
Then the guy crawled on the bed and then Rena took off her seethough bra.
Then she slid off her panties.

Then she spread her thighs for him and he slowly entered her pussy with
his 10 inch schlong. He started off fast. Rena rubbed his balls while he
pounded her pussy.

The another guy went up and stood over her head and lowered his tool into
her mouth. Then two other guys made there way to her and she grabbed their
cocks and jerked them both off. Then another guy got under Rena and slid it
into her pussy, too. Then while Rena was busy handling 5 cocks at the same
time, the other 5 guys were jerking off. Then the guy who was fucking her
pussy pulled out of her vagina, then another guy took his place and filled
her pussy with his member. Then the guy who was fucking her face pulled out
and slid in between her huge tits.

Rena licked his balls while he fucked her tits. Then they all pulled out
of her and Rena turned over and bent over. Then the other five mexicans, who
were jerking off got their turn. One guys stuck his cock deep into her pussy
from behind while she rode another man's huge cock. She had two ten inchers
in her pussy at the same time and the other guy stuck his dick in her mouth
and fucked her face. Then Rena jacked off the other two guys.

Then she took the guy out of her mouth and reached under their large
penises and licked there balls while she jacked them off and put the guy back
in her mouth as Rena's ass bounced as she was getting fucked. Her ass was
just so big and soft then the guy pulled out and shot a load on her cheeks.
Then the other guy, who Rena was riding, pulled out of her cunt and also shot
a load on her fat cheeks, too. Then all the rest of them pulled out of her
and they all jacked off on her face. Her face was totally covered in hot cum.

Part 8: First Day Back

It was renas first day back in the WWF and already she was giving Viscera
a handjob in the back lockeroom. She would tongue his balls while she stoked
his long, hard, black penis. She slid her tongue from the bottom of his balls
to underneath his cock and all the way to the tip. Then she inhaled 8 inches
of his fat prick. Rena had already began to finger her wet cunt. Then along
came the Godfather and Mark Henry into the room.

"Oh yeah, looks like we got that white trash whore Rena Mero back here."
smearked Mark.

So then Mark claimed a spot behind Rena and pulled out his massive black
cock and put it into her moist snatch. Mark had both his palms resting on her
marvelously fat ass cheeks. Then he began to thrust into her vagina as fast
as he could from behind.

Then godfather got next to Viscera waiting his handjob/blowjob. So Rena
grabbed both of there huge black penises and stroked them both, switching
back and forth. First she would suck Viscera then Godfather.

Then she motioned to Mark to switch positions. So then Rena layed flat on
her back, and let all three huge men strattle her body. Godfather took his
place between her soft legs, Mark was behind her head lowering his prick into
her mouth and Vicera was kneeling down on her chest fucking her huge melons.

Then the Godfather guided his cock into her vagina. He began a slow thrust
into her leaking pussy. Then viscera began a heavy thrust into her big boobs.
Rena sucked on Mark's black cock, his balls tapped against her nose as he
thrusted in and out of her mouth, the hair from his big chocolate balls
tickled her nose.

Then Rena said it was time to switch again, so then Viscera laid down on
his back and Rena sat on him backwards with her ass facing him. Then Viscera
found her vagininal passage and felt it up with his prick. his big cock slid
in nice and slow. Then Rena began to bounce on his full 10 inch length.
Viscera's huge penis was stretching Rena's tight cunt to it's absolute limit.

Rena beat off Mark and Godfather. She licked Mark's balls as she beat
Godfather off for a while. Then Mark grabbed her by the hair and furiously
started to fuck Rena's face.

"Oh yeah, baby, I LIKE IT ROUGH TOO!!!" squealed Rena.

So then she got off of Vicera's cock, slapped Mark Henry in the face and
threw him down on his back. Then she got on top of him and jammed his cock
into her pussy. Then Rena began to violently and furiously bounce on his rock
hard shaft. Henry was having the greatest fuck of his life. Rena's huge tits
vigerously bounced as she rode his rod. Then Mark pulled out of her pussy and
Rena stuck his cock between her melons. Then rena licked the tip of his cock
until he splattered a huge fucking load on her tits and face.

Then Viscera grabbed Rena by her pulmp cheeks and sank his boner into her
snatch from behind. Then she grabbed godfathers balls and swallowed his whole
sack. She sucked on his hairy sack as she stroked him. Rena's tones ass
bounced as she was fucked.

Then Rena slipped a finger into her ultra tight asshole. When Viscera saw
her slip her finger into her ass that put him over the edge. He pulled out
and turned her around and she began to jack him off. She rubbed his nut sack
as she jerled his meat. Then he shot a hot load of seamen onto her large
breasts. Then the Godfather grabbed her by the hips and inserted his hard
cock into her pussy from behind too.

"Oh man, it seems like everyone wants to fuck me doggystyle tonight?!?!"
said Rena.

Godfather slowly pushed into her cunt with his 11 inch rod. Rena played
with her clit as her vaginal passage was occupied with hard cock.

"Yeah, white bitch, you like getting fuck by black guys, huh? You love that
black dick, don't you, bitch?" said Godfather.

"Oh yes, baby, I love big hard black cocks!" squealed Rena.

Then Rena began to finger her asshole again. She felt her cheeks jiggled
as he rammed her pussy. She felt godfathers groin tap against her plump ass
once more. Then he pulled out of her snatch. Then she got on her knees and
she crammed her mouth full of his hard cock and sucked his pud until he
pulled it out of her mouth and shot everything he had on her slutty face.

Then came in the Blue Meanie. He grabbed her legs and put them up on his
shoulders and penetrated her pussy. Then began to thrust into her vagina.
Rena felt her ass jiggle as Meanie fucked her between the legs. He grabbed
her gigantic sweat covered breasts. Then Meanie pulled out of her body and
turned her over and pressed his cock between her cheeks into her dripping
cunt. Then he stareted to fuck her hard. He pounded her cunt as fast and as
hard as he possibly could. His pound almost knocking her flat on her big
chest. His violent pounding was making her toned cheeks bounce out of


All of the screaming made Meanie lose his control to hold back his orgasm.
So he pulled out of her snatch and squeezed his juice onto her large breasts.

Part 9: Night Of Incest

One late night Rena Mero and Marc Mero were ready to have sex. Rena had
just finished sucking Marc's cock getting it nice and slippery. So then Rena
got on all fours and then mark rammed his stiff member deep into her cunt.
Then as he started to thrust hard enough to make her round cheeks jiggle,
their two kids walked in on them!

"Daddy, what are you doing to mommy!?!" shouted the frightened boy.

"Oh, um... me and mommy are just playing ar...."

"Whoa, whoa, hold on, Marc. Lets just stop lying and tell them the truth
for once." said Rena. "Me and daddy are fucking, well...having sex."
explained Rena.

"Well..can we do it to?" asked there little daughter.

Then Marc said,"I don't think..." then Rena interupted.

"Sure you can!" shouted an excited Rena.

"WHAT!" screamed Marc.

Rena didnt feel like arguing, so she just grabbed his erect cock and
shoved it in her mouth. Marc stopped his interference immediatly.

"Ok little man, stick your pecker in mommy's vagina." asked rena.

So then her son spread apart her bouncing butt-cheeks and tried to stick
his cock into her, but he had some trouble finding the hole, so Rena reached
around and guided him into her vaginal opening and into her tight vaginal
passage. Then her son started to pump her juicy cunt.

as he son rammed her vagina from behind.

Then while Rena was sucking marks fat prick, her daughter started licking
her daddy's hairy balls. Dhe licked his sack as Rena sucked his pecker. Then
the girls stopped pleasuring Marc's cock for a second and started tongue
kissing. They would swirl there tongues in a circle around each others. The
sight of his daughter and wife both pleasuring his cock and french kissing
made him want to cum. Then they went back to licking and sucking Marc again.

Rena's son spread apart Rena's tight asshole as he pounded her swollen
folds "Oh mom, your butt is bouncing so much!" shouted her son.

"Oh yeah baby, I know, the more my cheeks jiggle, the better of a job you
are doing!" screamed his mother.

Then her son pulled out and switched positions. Then Rena's daughter
placed her head between her mothers toned legs and began to lick her dripping
folds. The little girl licked circles around her mom's clit.

Then Rena and her daughter got in the 69 position and then then boy got
behind his mother and slowly filled her snatch with his penis. The little
girl kept licking her mother's clit as her brother continued to pull his full
extention in and out of her mother's vagina.

Marc stood back and masterbated as his children fucked his wife. Rena's
ass began to bounce again. Then the boy pulled out of his mom and then he
started to fuck his sister in the pussy. Then Marc took the time to get
behind Rena and fill her snatch with his hard member. Marc's balls would tap
against his daughter's nose with every thrust into his wife's vagina.

Then Rena's son pulled out of his sister's tight snatch and filled her
mouth. Rena sucked her daughter's pussy juice of her son's cock. Then Marc
finally pulled out of renas cunt and shot a hot milky load onto her jiggling
butt. Then her son pulled out of her mouth and creamed his mothers face.

Part 10: The Final Fuck

It was the night after Rena had sex with her children and husband at the
same time. Rena decided it was about time to put aside her sexual escapades
and start focusing on her acting career, but there was no way that Rena Mero
was not gonna go out with a BANG! So she decided to have one last night of
super sex, and that night was tonight.

Rena wanted to please some men, who had not been pleased for a while, and
those men, were the men in the old folks home accross the street from her
home. She snuck out of her house and went there late one night, she went
through the window and stepped in. She didn't feel like wasting ANY time!

So she flicked the light on and said "OK, boys, get on up, cuz im horny
as hell and this is the very last time I am going to let a group of strangers
gangbang me, so if I were you, I would take full advantage, and, oh yeah, you
better get out that viagra, cuz your sure as hell gonna need it."

So then the 5 old men went to the medicine cabinet and grabbed the viagra,
two minutes later their cocks were harder than steel. Rena had already
stripped down bare assed. Then one of the old men pulled out his big black
cock and rena instantly began to work his huge shaft. She began to stroke him
very slow, while she looked behind her at the other 4 old men.

She waved them over with her finger. Then she turned back around and got
busy with the old man's cock. She spread apart her plump ass cheeks for the
two other old men. One man got uner her so Rena could ride him and another
black old man got her from behind. They actually both penetrated her cunt
without any trouble. It's well known that many professional whores do not
have tight pussies.

The black man began to hammer her vagina from behind, taking louds erotic
moans from the whore called rena, while the other old man stood still and
didn't bother to piston into her soft cunt. He just kept a very tight grip on
her soft butt cheeks, while the black guy pounder her pussy from behind. The
old man under Rena flickered his tongue at Rena's nipples as they swung past
his mouth.

The old man, who Rena was beating off and blowing, grabbed her head and
began to ram very fast into Rena's mouth. Then they all pulled out and Rena
got on her back and one of the black men placed one hand on one of her huge
melons, and plunged deep into her vagina. Then he began to buck his hips,
and began to fuck her pussy harder and harder while two of the other men
rubbed there penises across Rena's lucious lips.

Rena began to squeal as black man's balls began to smack against her
asshole. Rena began to squeeze and fondle her big breasts, as her cunt was
being rammed hard. Then he pulled out as he began to near orgasm and also
because the other guys wanted to fuck her, so then Rena bent over and parted
her plump rump. The old man easily thrusted into her loose cunt. Rena sucked
on another guy's cock as the other old man thrusted in and out from behind.
The other three guys were jerking off. Then they all pulled out and covered

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