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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

The Wicked Witch Slays The Viper
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

'... One... Two... Alexa's Cumming For You...'

The scene fades in, revealing a darken hotel room, with the only light being moon light seeping in through the window. On the bed a figure turns under the covers.

'... Three... Four... You'll beg for more...'

The person on the bed, revealed to be Randy Orton when the 'moon light' shines on his face, rolls onto his back while tossing his head from side to side, clearly having a dream that is bothering him deeply.

'...Five... Six... She loves big dicks....'

"Ahh..." Randy groans in his sleep, clenching his teeth unknowingly while tightly squeezing his eyes shut as his breathing quickens.

'...Seven... Eight... So Stay up late...'

"Aww fuck..." Randy's eyes fly open as he suddenly sits up, throwing the covers off the bed. He brings his palms to his face, rubs his eyes before he leans to turn on the lamp that is on the night stand next to the bed.

'...Nine... Ten... Cause She'll Cum Again....'

Randy turns the lamps switch and the hotel room is illuminated, "Son of a bitch..." The former World Champion says as he moves on the bed, dressed in a pair of boxer briefs. He staggers to the bathroom and flicks the light switch upon entering and steps towards the sink. Turning on the cold water, Randy leans down and splashes some on his face, "What a fucked up dream..." Randy mutters as he grabs a towel and dries his face. As he straightens up he looks in the mirror, "Of all things... to dream of her... nuts..." Randy says as he doesn't notice the lights in the hotel room's main area flickering. He turns off the cold water and turns to exit the bathroom, hitting the light switch on the way out However as he takes two steps away from the bathroom door, it suddenly slams shut behind him. "The fuck?!" Randy snaps as he jumps and turns to see the door closed behind him. The Viper stares at the door for a long moment before slowly turning away from it, and then stops.. starring wide eyed at the sight of Alexa Bliss, sitting on the dresser, hands clasp and in her lap as she casually swings her legs back and forth. "How did..." Randy begins to say as he slowly raises a hand to point at the SmackDown Women's Champion.

"Well howdy...." Alexa Bliss says as she lifts herself off of the dresser and sets herself down in the standing position, dressed in a pair of dark colored jeans and a white top, while sporting a black leather jacket and her hands suited with Full Hand Skeleton Bracelets with what appears to be metals fingernails or claws. Alexa raises an eyebrow as she looks up at the taller Randy Orton, her hair styled in two blonde pigtails, with the tips colored one in red and the opposite side tip in blue "Umm... you ok there?" Alexa asks casually.

"Where... the hell... did you come from?" Randy asks as he stares at Alexa, knowing that she wasn't in his room just a few moments ago.

Alexa smirks a bit "Oh please... you hang out with Bray act like this is the first time you've seen something like this..." Alexa says pressing her lips together.

Randy narrows his eyes, "You were not here..." The Viper says as he points at the petite SmackDown starlet.

Alexa places her hands onto her petite hips and takes a step closer to Randy Orton. "Ummm... yeah... duh. I think we've established that already..." Alexa replies

"So where the hell...." Randy closes his eyes and takes a breath, "How did you...." He starts to asks as its clear he's trying to wrap his head around the unusual circumstances he's been experiencing.

Alexa licks her top lip slightly and cocks her head to the left as she looks at Orton. "How'd I get here?" Alexa responds, asking Randy's question for him.

Randy opens his eyes and glares at her, "Yeah..."

"Dark magic my dear..." Alexa says with an angelic laugh, as she locks her deceptive eyes on Randy. "And I believe... you wanted to know why I'm here?" Alexa asks.

"Yeah I do..." Randy then pauses, a look of confusion forms on his face, "Wait... dark magic?"

Alexa Bliss rolls her eyes and sighs "Yeah... same thing Bray Wyatt has..." Alexa says before she crosses her arms underneath chest. "You know... for someone you claims to be a predator and so dangerous... you're quite dumb..." Alexa says as she looks at Orton.

Randy narrows his eyes, "You're the one in my..." The Viper replies as he's clearly baffled by the situation and by Alexa's responses, "Forget it... what do you want?"

"Ohhhh! The million dollar question!" Alexa replies with a slightly wicked laugh. "What do I want..." Alexa says, taking a step closer to Randy Orton, placing her hands with the Full Hand Skeleton Bracelet and metal claws onto his bare muscular and tanned chest. "I want... to know Bray's secret..." Alexa says as she locks her perky, yet dark eyes with Randy.

"Then go ask him..." Randy says as he stares down into Alexa's eyes, "Because I... don't.... know..." He says slowly before blinking his eyes and breaking eye contact with her.

"You... are... lying!" Alexa slightly snaps as she points the claws of her left index finger into the chest of his muscular chest. Alexa then smirks "This is going to be much, much easier if you cooperate..."
"Are you threatening me?" Randy asks, his body stiffening noticeably as if he's waiting for a reason to strike.

Alexa removes her hands from his chest and narrows her eyes as she glares up boldly at the taller Randy Orton in front of her. "Consider it what you want, but don't play games with me..." Alexa sternly warns.

"Games?!" Randy snaps, the situation in his mind boiling over, "You're the one who claimed she used Dark Magic to get in my room and you want me to tell you Bray's secrets as if I know?! A little bitch like you should be on her knees..."

Alexa raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "Is that what will get you to talk?"

"I don't know anything..." Randy begins to say before he ends up locking eyes with Alexa again and trails off.

Alexa smirks "You can't lie to me..." Alexa says as she steps closer to Orton once again, "Do you know why?" Alexa asks, before she leans, standing on her tiptoes and whispering, "Because I'm wicked..." Alexa says before she plants her feet back on the ground and takes her hands to the waistline of his boxer briefs. The Apex Predator stares down at Alexa as she playfully tugs at the waistline of his boxer briefs, pulling the waistline forward a bit and then releasing it to let it snap back into place. "Something wrong?" Alexa asks as she slyly glances up at Orton, tracing the metal claw of her right index finger against his toned stomach

"Huh... what..." Randy asks as he shakes his head a bit, blinking his eyes as he feels the metal of Alexa's claw against his stomach. As he focuses, Randy glares at the petite SmackDown Starlet, "Weren't you about to..."

Alexa removes her hands from Randy and slyly looks up at the dangerous Viper "Lay down..." Alexa says as she motions her head toward the bed. The former World Champion hesitates at first but he does move to lay on the large bed of the hotel room, positioning himself right in the center with his head on the pillows. Alexa seductively and wickedly laughs before she moves to climb onto the bed, positioning herself between Orton's strong legs. Alexa locks her eyes with him as she leans up to lower the waist of his boxer briefs. As Alexa takes hold of his boxer briefs, she slowly pulls them, sliding them down along his thighs, freeing Randy's long, thick cock. Alexa licks her lips as she looks down at the exposed semi-hard cock of Randy Orton as it lays between his legs. Alexa lifts her eyes and looks at him with her wickedly angelic eyes. "You give me what I want... and you'll get what you want..." Alexa says as she places her left hand around his cock and begins to smoothly guide her hand along his shaft.

"Ahhh..." Randy moans as Alexa moves her left hand up and down along the length of his manhood, stroking it slowly as she causes it to harden within her grasp. Alexa lightly tosses her pigtailed hair back as she crouches down and starts to wickedly trace her tongue around the head of his cock, while she moves her left hand along his cock. Randy lets out a hiss of delight as Alexa guides her tongue around the crown of his cock as her saliva drips lightly from her tongue to his shaft as continues to stroke the shaft's length. Alexa spreads her saliva around the head of his cock with her tongue as she removes her left hand from his shaft in order to remove the black leather jacket she had been wearing. Alexa teasingly flicks her tongue against the piss-slit of Randy's cock, before she drags her tongue from the head down to the length of his shaft.

"Ahhh... he... ahh... just... talks..." Randy moans as Alexa drags her tongue down the length of his shaft, leaving a trail of her spit along the way.

Alexa lifts her head from Randy Orton's cock and looks at him "Talks about what?" Alexa asks as she places her left hand back around his cock, working her hand against the saliva coating him.

"Ahhhh... finds truth..., gets inside... your head..." Randy replies as Alexa resume stroking his cock, drawing moans from him rather easily.

"What else..." Alexa responds, as if interrogating Randy, before she lowers her blond pigtailed head down to his cock, parting her lips and taking him into her wickedly sweet mouth.

"Mmmmm... ohhh..." Randy closes his eyes as Alexa wraps her lips around his big stiff cock, followed by feeling her starting to bob her head slowly up and down, her pace setting the tone for how slowly he's breathing as he inhales each time Alexa lowers her head.

"Mmmm..." Alexa softly moans around Randy's cock, as she smoothly and steadily moves her head, her lips traveling down his shaft and then back up with each bob she delivers. Seemingly without knowing it, Randy raises his left hand and places it on Alexa's head as she her skull travels up and down at a steady pace on his dick. His moans are light, but consistent as they pass through his lips. "Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Alexa moans as she savors the taste of Randy's cock, pressing her lips more firmly around his shaft as her saliva trickles down.

"He.... convinces you.... better... to be on his side..." Randy groans answering Alexa's last question when he feels her tongue flicking against the underside of his cock. Alexa begins to gradually bob her head at quicker pace on Randy's cock, keeping her steadily and smooth pace consistent, while she perfectly manipulates his cock with her mouth and tongue. As Alexa increases the pace at which she is bobbing her head, Randy's breathing also quickens to match as he lets his left hand slip from her head. Alexa turns her head to grind her lips on his shaft before she lowers her head an impressively takes his entire cock into her mouth. "Ohhhh... ahh..." Randy groans as his eyes open, he lifts his head to watch as Alexa Bliss lowering her head all the way down on his cock with ease.

"Mmmmmm...." Alexa moans as she holds her head down entirely on Randy's cock before she starts to resume bobbing her head smoothly, working her head up and down. Licking his teeth, Randy reaches with both hands to take hold of Alexa's pigtails as she continues to suck and slurp on his cock, her saliva pouring down the length of his manhood to his balls and the sheets of the bed. "Mmmmmm... mmmm..." Alexa moans and lifts her wicked eyes as she looks at Orton, while sucking on his cock, keeping her lips rubbing against his shaft.

"Ahhh... aww... he exploits.... ahhh... the sins.... the desires..." Randy groans, seemingly struggling with how to explain the secrets of Bray Wyatt as Alexa persuades him with her blissful oral techniques.

Alexa slowly eases her head off of Randy's cock and smirks once his cock leaves her mouth. "I knew you would cooperate eventually..." Alexa replies.

"It's all I know..." Randy says as he lets go of Alexa's pigtails.

Alexa sits up on her knees. "I'll find out..."

"You'll have to ask someone else..." Randy says as he stares at Alexa watching as she stares at him.

Alexa smirks "Well... this has been fun..." Alexa says as she moves to climb off of the bed. With Alexa moving towards the edge of the bed, Randy sits up and grabs her by the wrist. Alexa turns her head and looks back at Randy Orton as she feels the strength of his hand gripping her wrist and keeping her from leaving the bed.

"I want more..." Randy says as he pulls Alexa towards the center of the bed as he moves aside and pushes her to lay down. Alexa narrows her eyes as she lays back on the bed, Randy briefly pinning her down to the bed with his hands on her shoulders. Randy licks his teeth as he looks down at Alexa's clothed body with desired in his eyes as the world around him warps slightly. He closes his eyes as if to stop the world from spinning, and when he opens them, he gasps seeing Alexa's clothes has disappeared.

Alexa raises an eyebrow and smirks "Something wrong?" Alexa asks with a wicked giggle.

"No..." Randy says as he pushes Alexa's legs apart and positions himself between them. Placing his left hand on her waist, the Apex Predator grips his cock with his right hand, strokes it slightly before guiding it forward and into the SmackDown starlet's tight wet snatch, instantly groaning upon feeling her pussy clench around his invading manhood.

"Mmmmmm...." Alexa moans and bites down on her bottom lip as her petite body arches slightly as Randy's large cock enters her. Randy grith his teeth as he lays both of his hands on Alexa's thighs as he begins to move his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of her snug wet cunt at a slow pace at first. He licks his teeth as he stares at Alexa's perky round tits, watching as they jiggle a bit when she moves against the bed in response to his thrusts. Alexa wraps her smooth and tanned legs around Randy's waist as she moves on the bed underneath him, feeling his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, gradually thrusting with more force.

"Ahhh.... ahhh..." Randy moans as he delivers faster and harder thrusts with each passing moment. He leans forward and moves his hands, placing his hand on on Alexa's left breast which he begins to grope while reaching with his right hand to place it on the bed's headboard.

"Mmmmm...ohhh...ohhhh yeah..." Alexa moans as she grinds and pushes her petite body against Orton's powerful frame. Alexa places her hands on his muscular chest and scratches the metal claws of her Full Hand Metal Skeleton Bracelets against his chest. Randy alternates between hisses of slight pain when Alexa scratches his chest and groans of pleasure as he propels the full length of his cock into Alexa's tight love hole. He narrows his eyes as he looks down at the petite SmackDown starlet as she squeezes her legs around his waist as if to pull him deeper into herself each time he shoves his dick forward. "Mmmmmm...ohhhh...mmmm... you like that?" Alexa asks slyly as she grinds her pussy against his thrusting cock.

"Ahhh.... mmmm yeah.... awww..." Randy groans as he fondles Alexa's left tit with his left hand while keeping a tight hold on the bed's headboard with his right hand as he repeatedly rams his cock balls deep into her pussy. Sweat drips down Randy's face and muscular body as he puts forth an impressive effort of hammering Alexa's pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh...mmm... this is so...mmmm wicked... isn't it?" Alexa asks and moans as her petite body easily moves underneath Orton on the bed as he hammers his thrusts into her. Randy nods his head as he continues to relentlessly drill Alexa's pussy as she shifts her legs higher around his midsection, allowing him for free movement with his hips. The sound of his ball sack crashing against her skin mixes pefectly with their respective moans and cries of lustful delight. "Mmmmm.... ohhhh...ahhhh..." Alexa moans as her petite body arches with Randy intensify and deepening, sharp thrusts.

"Awww.... ahhh.... fuck.... ahhh..." Randy moans as he continues to slam his dick into Alexa's cunt as the world around him begins to warp, throwing off his pace. He closes his eyes as he stops fucking Alexa and when he opens them again, he sees that things have shifted. Alexa is now positioned on her knees facing away from him with her hands on the headboard as she turns her head to look back at him over her left shoulder.

Alexa slyly smirks at Randy Orton "Waiting for something?" Randy shakes his head as he repositions himself behind the petite SmackDown starlet, placing his left hand on her left shoulder while using his right hand to guide his cock back into her tight, wet pussy. "Mmmmmm...ohhhhh fuck..." Alexa Bliss moans as she feels his large cock entering her from behind, before he starts to thrust forward into her pussy. Randy places his right hand on Alexa's hip as he works his cock in and out of her snatch from behind while rocking on his own knees to help build up his momentum. Keeping his left hand on left shoulder, Randy gives it a squeeze as if testing to see if she is real considering what he's been experiencing. "Mmmmm.... ohhhh..." Alexa moans and wickedly laughs as she tilts her blond pigtailed head back as she moves on her knees to push her petite body back against his thrusting cock.

"Ahhh... awww.... ahhh... " Randy grunts as he pushes his shaft fully into Alexa's blissfully wicked pussy with each thrust he performs. As he increases the force his thrusts, he moves his hands from her shoulder and hips and reaches around her to lay his palms on top of her hands that are on the bed's headboard.

"Mmmmm...ohhh...." Alexa moans as her nicely rounded ass connects to Orton's waist every time he thrusts forward into her snatch. Randy leans forward, pressing his back against Alexa's while tilting his head to where he can slide his face against her sweat dampened hair while at the same time he lightly squeezes the top side of Alexa's hands each time he pushes his cock into the depths of her tight wet hole. "Mmmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh..." Alexa moans as her petite body jolts forward from Randy onslaught of thrusts.

"Ahhh... mmm fuck... awww..." Randy Orton groans as he keeps his cock pistoning in and out of Alexa's cunt as he lifts his hands from her hands and places them on her perky round tits. The Viper grunts as he plays with the SmackDown starlet's breasts while he keeps fucking her deeply from behind.

"Ohhhh...mmmmm...ohhhh..." Alexa moans as she throws her petite body back against Orton in hellfire intensity, impressively matching his force and pace. Despite the circumstances, The Apex Predator has fulyl thrown himself into fucking Alexa, aggressively pounding her pussy as he gropes her tits with both hands. While there is uncertainty on if he gave her what she wanted, it's more than clear that he is getting what he wants. "Ohhhhh...ohhhhhhh!" Alexa moans as Randy slams his cock into her.

"Mmmmm shit... ahhh... awww..." Randy Orton moans as his cock begins to throb slightly but as it does, the room begins to warp argain. The Apex Predator clenches his eyes shut to let the moment pass and once it does and opens his eyes again, he finds himself once again laying on the bed with Alexa sitting on his thighs and her right hand around the head of his throbbing cock. Alexa slyly smirks at Randy Orton before she leans down and parts her lips to take his cock into her stunning, wicked mouth once again. With her lips loosely around his cock, she begins to bob her head.

"Ahhh.... awww..." Randy moans as Alexa focuses her oral attention on the head of his cock, sucking fiercely on it as his shaft pulsates in her grasp and between her lips.

"Mmmmmm...mmmm..." Alexa moans as she freely bobs her head, her lips traveling against his throbbing cock, her saliva perfectly soothes it. Randy lifts his head to watch Alexa as she turns her head, rubbing her lips around his cock as she lifts her eyes to stare at him as she does so. "Mmmmmmm..." Alexa wickedly groans as she turns her head and works her lips over his shaft, before lowering her head further down.

"Ahhhh aww.... " Randy groans with pleasure as his cock throbs and twitches heavily within Alexa's blissful mouth. Alexa slyly laughs around his cock as she slaps her tongue against the bottom side of his shaft, feeling it tense and throb heavily. "Ohhhh aww... ahhh fuck..." Randy moans and lifts his hips to push his cock up into Alexa's mouth just as he starts to cum.

"Mmmmm..." Alexa moans and presses her lips down onto his cock as the warm cum unloads into her mouth. Alexa bobs her head lightly on Randy's cock as the cum sprays into her mouth. Randy lowers his head back onto the pillow as Alexa sucks and slurps on his cock as it continues to erupt with impressive amounts of spunk for several long moments. Alexa eases her head off of his cock and licks her lips as she swallows the cum that remains inside of her mouth.

"Ahh... fuck..." Randy groans as he breaths deeply and closes his eyes for a moment, so that he doesn't see the SmackDown starlet moving to straddle his torso.

Alexa places her hands onto his chest and leans down to whisper in his ear "Sweet dreams..."

Randy nods his head as he starts to drift off to sleep, totally unaware as Alexa raises her left hand up, flexing her claw fingers with the moon light shining against the metal of her Full Hand Metal Skeleton Bracelet With a laugh Alexa brings her hand down...

"AHHH!" Randy suddenly sits up on the bed screaming in pain and terror. He fantically kicks off the covers of the bed, moves off the bed and rushes to the bathroom, flicking the light switch upon entering as he moves to sink. He stares at himself in the mirror's reflection, and he leans forward to see if anything is there. "Fuck..." Randy says in between deep breaths as he sees nothing. Shaking his head, Randy turns away from the mirror, and doesn't notice the eyes of Alexa Bliss starring out from the glass nor does he hear her laugh as the scene fades to black.


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