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By Wonder Mike

Welcome, and thank you all for coming, I really do appreciate you all
being here each and every week, I know some of you have trouble finding us,
I blame cable, sometimes I wish I was paying for my cable, just so I can
call and cancel it, but what can you do.

We have a really big show for you today, so lets get right to it, I
would like to introduce my staff, first I would like you to give a big
hand to Amanda Bynes, my favorite helper, she has some really big news for

I would also like you to give a big hand to my cohost, star of the
Sci-fi hit Sliders, Kari Wuhrer. My favorite star.

Lastly give a big hand to my best friend in the whole world, Matt, the
man who brings the stars running, and cumming.

Thank you everyone, our special guest star today is World wrestling
Federation superstar Debra, please give it up for her, Matt has a special
surprise for us also, it should be special.

Lets get started, I guess we should begin with my man Matt, Matt, get
out her and give us your big surprise.

Thanks Mike, I am not going to sugar coat it this week, I have a huge
star who wants to be our band leader, Ladies and gentleman, please welcome,
Fiona Apple.

Fiona, welcome to my show, "Hey" I'm sorry Mike's show. It is an honor
and a pleasure to be here Matt.

It is an honor and a pleasure to have you, I can't believe how small you
are, you are about the same size as Amanda. Amanda, come stand next to Fiona,
now give her a kiss, I meant on the cheek Amanda, get you tongue out of

I bet neither of you weigh over 97 pounds, do you? Well, do you Amanda?
I am 94 pounds Matt, and your not the boss of me.

What about you Fiona?

I am 101, you lose.

I would have never guessed it. You really want to be apart of the show
Fiona? Yes, I do, Matt. That's why I'm here.

We have a guest for today, so I can't really help you, I have to save

I guess I'll be leaving then, unless, wait a minute, I understand Kari's
on shaky ground, maybe I could take her place, she really doesn't do
anything, that I can see.

Bitch, I'll break you in half.

Hold on Kari, nobody's going to replace you, I don't think she could
even replace Amanda, and she's only thirteen.

I bet the two of you would look good together, don't you Amanda?

Amanda, I told you to get your tongue out of there, Mike I think I lost

I am sure you did Matt, and don't think I don't know what your up two,
you had a shot at Amanda already, and your not getting another one, your
sick and you need help, and I mean real help not Fraiser.

Amanda has pulled Fiona's skirt off, They are hugging each other, Amanda,
is slipping off her jeans, I really should put a stop to this, but the
ratings seem to go up when Amanda is naked.

Amanda has put her hands between Fiona's legs, she is rubbing up and
down, Fiona is sucking on Amanda's tiny little tits, I guess we should call
them nipples, because that's all that is there.

Kari is coming up behind Fiona, she is pulling her backwards, Fiona is
flat on her back now, Kari is pinning hr knees up to her chest, Amanda is
sitting on Fiona's face now, I must admit, that's hot.

Fiona has slipped her tongue into Amanda's box, Amanda is pulling her by
the hair, she is grinding her cunt against Fiona's mouth, Kari has shoved
three fingers into Fiona's cunt.

Listen to Fiona moan, she has a nice voice, Fiona has reached up and
slipped two fingers into Amanda's tight little cunt, man Amanda has a pretty
little pussy, shut up all of you, there is nothing wrong about noticing that.

Amanda is standing up now, Fiona has shoved three fingers into her cunt
now, Amanda is bouncing up and down on Fiona's hand, Kari now has shoved
four fingers into Fiona's box, I should warn our guest not to mess with her.

Kari is twisting and turning her hand inside of Fiona, Fiona has forgotten
all about Amanda now, Amanda is off of her face now.

Kari has rammed her entire hand into Fiona now, Fiona has gone limp, I
think she is coming all over Kari's hand and wrist.

Kari is turning her wrist all the way around inside of Fiona, she is now
turning it the other way, Fiona is screaming at the top of her lungs, I
think she is crying tears of joy now, I think we should pay people to be on
the show.

Kari is pulling her arm out of Fiona, I can't believe how deep that tiny
little girls cunt is, Kari is going over to Amanda now, what is going on her
now? What are you doing Kari?

Mike, I am going to show Amanda, just who the boss is.

I thought I was the boss.

You just keep thinking that Mike, who has a hit television show plus an
album that's shooting up the charts.

I wouldn't say "shooting" up the charts Kari, more like laying there
trying not to get run over.

Kari has laid Amanda down on her back now, Amanda has one leg on Kari's
shoulder, Kari is eating her out, it looks like the battle that has been
brewing for a long time is finally going to happen.

Kari just rammed four fingers into Amanda's tight little pussy, Amanda
is rocking back and forth on Kari's hand, look at little Amanda go, I would
like to know where she learned that, when I was thirteen, I, well, I guess
I was that good too, but it's different for guys I was the instructor.

Amanda has Kari by the wrist, she is working Kari's hand in and out, Kari
is starting to twist and turn her hand, all the way around, then back again.

Amanda is trying to stuff her hand deeper, Kari just rammed her entire
hand inside of Amanda, Amanda is off the ground, she is ramming her cunt up
and down on Kari's hand, it is going in deeper and deeper with each stroke,
I hope Kari doesn't lose a watch, I guess we would have to get a volunteer
to go look for it.

Kari is rubbing Amanda's clit with her free hand, Amanda just slipped a
finger into her ass hole, what a cute little ass Amanda has, I wonder if I
should go and, never mind, I'm going to hell anyway so I might as well, but
there is jail, Kari would enjoy jail, but I am way to cute to go, never mind.

Kari has just slipped another two fingers into Amanda's cunt, it would be
long now, Amanda is starting to breath heavily, she is now panting, she has
one of Kari's arm buried to the wrist inside of her, Amanda is slamming her
cunt up and down on it.

It looks like Amanda is cumming, look it the little white specks roll
down Kari's arm, Amanda is cumming all over Kari's arm, every once in a
while, it is nice to know why I keep Kari around, she is very good at what
she does.

Thanks, Mike.

I didn't mean acting Kari.

Anyway, I announced my run for presidency last week, of course I had the
wrong speech, this week I got it myself, her it is, but that remote down, I
will be your new leader.

I am running on the erase crime platform, the people in the United States
have bars going across their doors and windows, they live like prisoners
while the criminals run free, when I am elected I will but a stop to this,
it won't be hard.

First of all, I will do away with the jury of your peers garbage, why
would an innocent person what 12 people who were to stupid to get out of
jury duty to decide their fate, they wouldn't, that system was designed so
a guilty person could trick one idiot into freeing them, I served on a
couple of juries, that strategy worked twice. In my world a judge will make
the final decision.

Second of all, I will implement a three strikes program, it will be if
you are convicted of a third crime, you will be executed. I know all the
liberals are saying, what about the person who steals a bicycle and is
convicted of a third strike. If a person has two strikes and steals a bike
or loaf a bread when he knows he will be executed, he is too stupid to live.

There will of course be a one week grace period for appeals on all
conviction, if new evidence is found in that time, they will be immediately

Everybody on death row will be executed within a week of my inauguration,
that will free up space for all the knew prisoners. 70 percent of all crimes
are committed by people with previous criminal records, as they are
eliminated the crime rate will drop. There will be a mandatory two year
sentence for all convictions. Join me next week for more updates.

Kari has an announcement to make, take it away Kari.

I would like to say, look for my album, Shiny at better record stores
everywhere, it's selling at fast so go now. I mean now, what are you still
doing here, go now, "Shiny".

Also I gave a blowjob to Rob Lowe at Planet Hollywood while everybody
cheered me on, that's how I got the role on Slider's, the producers were
there and saw my talents.

We know what your talents are Kari, I understand Amanda has an
announcement to make too, Amanda, get dressed and take it away.

Thanks, Mike, I have a new show on Nick, it's the Amanda show, you can
catch it every Saturday night, be there or be square, that's "Amanda" every
Saturday night, on Nick.

Thanks Amanda, I saw the first episode, there have been worse shows on,
I can't think of one right now, but I guess there is a place for it.

It is time for extra special guest star, from the World Wrestling
Federation Debra, formally Debra McMichaels, please give her a big hand.

Thanks for coming her tonight Debra, I know you have a hectic schedule,
yes, I know Kari, not as hectic as yours, or yours Amanda, Matt, you don't
have a life.

Well, Debra, I understand you are dating Stone Cold Steve Austin, the
great actor, quiet down you people, there is no reason to cheer when you
hear that name.

Anyway, Debra, I don't suppose you have noticed how much you look like
Austin's ex wife, Lady Blossom, you don't think he is still stuck on her
and is using you as a clone until he can get the real thing back, or at
least someone under forty do you? Austin can have his choice of thousands
of women, do you think he'd dump you for Lillian Garcia?

No, I don't Mike, and I don't like what you are insinuating.

Insinuating, I thought I came right out and said it.

Mike you are a very rude person, don't you know how to treat guest on
your show?

Yes, I do, Matt.

Matt has removed Debra's jacket, she was just wearing a bra underneath
it, he is unsnapping it, puppies. They are huge, even bigger than I thought.

I think I have to go pet them, here puppies, come to poppa, I think I
am glad you are here after all Debra. I have to say though, I knew Lady
Blossom, and you Debra are no Lady Blossom. You sure look like her though.

Matt is squeezing her tits, Debra is reaching into his pants, she has
just pulled out his cock, look at her eyes light up, happy now Debra?

Yes, I am Mike, I new it was big, but this is amazing, I guess I forgive
you for everything that you said.

They always do.

Debra is on her knees, she looks good there, she is licking up and down
Matt's cock, she is trying to get the head into her mouth, his cock has now
reached it's full twenty inches, I think it may be too thick for Debra now.

No, Debra has gotten her mouth around the head, she is bobbing up and
down on his cock, I think she has about six inches of it down her throat.

She is using an old hookers trick, she is using her tongue to lick
up and down the shaft, as she sucks him, I think even Kari is impressed,
I was wrong, sorry Kari.

Matt has signaled her to bend over, he is behind her, she has a nice ass
for somebody that age, is she the oldest guest we have ever had? I have been
trying to get Annie Potts, but no such luck, I will have to keep trying.

Matt has entered her from behind, his monster cock has slid all the way
into her easily, she is slowly rocking back onto him, Matt is just standing
there with his hands on his hips, Debra is starting to rock back a little
faster now.

Debra is slamming back onto his cock now, Matt has grabbed her around the
waist, he is starting to pump it to her now, faster and faster with each
stroke, he is really ramming it to her now.

She is staring to moan loudly now, she has gotten off one knee now, she
has planted her foot for leverage, she is slamming back onto Matt as hard as
she can, Matt may have met his match.

Matt has lifted her up now, he is laying back, Debra is on top of him,
she has set her feet, she is now jumping up and down on his cock now.

Debra is riding all the way up until his cock is almost out, she is then
dropping back all the way down, she is now wiggling her cunt on his chest,
now she is going up again, she is a real pro, almost as good as I'm sorry,
not as good as you Kari.

Debra is now jumping up and down on his cock now, Matt is groaning now,
I think Matt is going to be cumming soon. Debra is slamming her cunt down on
him harder and harder, Debra is starting to scream now.

I can see the juices flowing down Matt's cock now, Debra has cum all over
his cock, she is climbing off now, she is on her knees, Matt has laid his
cock on her tongue, Matt is cumming, it is flowing down her throat, Debra is
drinking it all, she is a real pro, almost as good as.

That is all the show we have for you today folks, join us next week when
our guest will be Lacey Chabert, Lacey Chabert, how old is she? Are you
trying to get me thrown off the air?

Thanks to our special guest today, Fiona Apple, and Debra, look for
Amanda on her show, Amanda, every Saturday on Nick, look for the album Shiny
at allfiner record stores, I am sure you won't have any trouble finding a

Always remember Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.


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