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The Wonder Mike Show 22
by Wonder Mike

Mike: Welcome and thanks for coming to the show, I had a very special guest
lined up for today, but she couldn't make it, but that's OK, we can just sit
and talk, I have an important announce regarding MTV.

Matt: You know you can't call our station that.

Mike: I can do anything I want, let me introduce my helpers, we have my best
friend in the whole world Matt, plus B movie superstar, Kari Wuhrer, and the
star of The Amanda Show Amanda Bynes. Matt, I hope you came through for me

Matt: Of course I did Mike, that's why you think about paying me.

Mike: That's right Matt, I think about it at least once a month, who do you
have for us today?

Matt: I have your favorite superstar in all the world.

Mike: You brought Alyssa Milano. Thank you.

Matt: No it's not Alyssa.

Mike: You bought Melissa Joan Hart. You are the king.

Matt: No, it's not Melissa.

Mike: OK. Oh my God, it Holly Marie Combs, I love you man.

Matt: No, it's not Holly, I'm sorry.

Mike: I've got it, my favorite Alyson Hannigan, you are my God.

Matt: It's not Alyson, did you ever think you have a thing for witches?

Mike: I don't know what your taking about.

Matt: I have brought to you today, and for the rest of the season, a new
co-host, Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Mike: You are the king Matt. It is an honor to have you here, Tammy, I have
been a long time fan, and if your watching dear sweet Alyssa, those other
girls mean nothing to me, and you still havn't e-mailed me telling me whether
or not Holly is going to accept my proposal.

Mike: Tammy, what have you been up to? I must say you look great, you must
have lost twenty pounds since we saw you last on television.

Tammy: Me and Chris Candido have been working the Indies. I have been working
out and getting back into shap. Matt offered me a chance to get back on
television. Wrestling has gone to crap now, maybe this is where my talents

Mike: What do you mean Matt? Another co-host?

Matt: That's right, Mike, we are going to need another co-host in the near
future. Our show has been challenged.

Mike: Wait a minute Kari, calm down, she not going to replace, look out. Kari
just tackled Tammy, Tammy has rolled her over, Tammy just ripped off Kari's
shirt, Tammy is beating Kari's head against the floor, somebody needs to stop
this, Matt, go break it up.

Matt: In a minute.

Mike: Kari has been beaten down, Amanda is coming to help, Tammy has grabbed
Amanda by the hair, she is stuffing Amanda's head underneath Kari skirt, she
is forcing Amanda to eat her. Kari is spreading her legs, Tammy is rubbing
Amanda's head up and down Kari's legs, Kari is wrapping her legs around
Amanda's head, she is squeezing. Amanda has her tongue buried deep inside
Kari's cunt, now Amanda is reaching up through Tammy's mini skirt, Tammy
isn't wearing any panties, Amanda has jammed three fingers into Tammy's cunt.

Tammy is now riding Amanda's tiny fingers, Amanda is pumping them up into
her, Tammy is slamming down on them, Amanda has just stuffed four fingers
into Tammy's pussy. Look at Tammy go, she is slamming up and down on Amanda.
I love it.

Kari has rolled over, she is on top of Tammy now, Amanda is sitting on her
face. Kari is grinding her hips all over Tammy's face, she has now stuffed
two of her own fingers into Tammy's cunt.

Amanda is twisting and turning her fingers into Tammy's cunt, Kari just
rammed two more fingers into her cunt, Tammy is shaking now, Kari and Amanda
are giving her the Wonder Mike welcome. Amanda and Kari has both worked their
tongues into Tammy's pussy, I don't know where a 14 year old learned to
tongue like that, of course when I was 14, I was a master too.

They are lapping away at Tammy like dogs, Tammy is reaching down, she has two
handfuls of hair, she is forcing Kari and Amanda to eat her, they are pumping
their fingers into the blonde bombshell.

Amanda and Kari are both shaking their heads with their tongues and fingers
rammed deep inside of Tammy, Amanda has managed to stuff her whole hand
inside of Tammy. Tammy is cumming all over Their hands.

Amanda is working her arm past the wrist into Tammy, the cum is dripping out
of Tammy's cunt, Amanda has rammed her arm even further into Tammy's pussy.

Kari is licking the cum out of Tammy's cunt, Tammy is stroking her hair,
welcome to The Wonder Mike show and MTV, it is an honor to have you, now let
her up before she passes out.

Mike: I am pleased to inform you that I lied to you earlier, we do have a
special guest star to, she wanted to wear out Kari before we announced her,
our special guest today is the star of the upcoming film Proof of life, Meg
Ryan. Opening next week.

Before we bring out Meg, I have the special announcement regarding MTV, there
will be a new show debuting on the network, we have set up a house with
camera's in every room, we are putting in three superstars, former Nitro Girl
Spice, and actress's Lacey Chabert and Amy Jo Johnson.

What they don't know is that we have taken three convicts from the Lompoc
federal penitentiary and are putting them in the house, I am sure wackiness
will insue.

Tell your cable or satellite provider, "I want my MTV." So you can watch
"Big Brotha's.

I have tried to get on a network, but for some reason they won't put me on,
the funny thing is they put the steaming pile of monkey crap the Michael
Richards Show and Normal Ohio on.

There is one good thing about Normal Ohio though, you can turn the sound down
and watch Jolie Fisher's boobs bounce around, I highly recommend it.

We have some special guest in the audience today, the leader in the world of
sports entertainment, Mr. Vince McMahon, also, there is former football owner
Eddie D in his usual front row seat, once again I see Elvira and Kathy

I also see Anne Heche. What's that Anne? You want to be on Big Brotha's.
We'll see if everybody shows up. I also see Ricky Martin and Kevin Spacey
who would have guessed.

It is time to welcome our special guest star Meg Ryan, please give her a big

She is wearing a yellow sundress. I don't believe she is wearing any panties.
Thanks for lifting up you dress. No, she is not wearing any panties.

It is an honor to finally get to talk to you. I hope your remember that we
bumped into each other once before. It was in Hollywood at a film conference,
not a movie conference, an actual film conference. I have no idea what you
where doing there. You where with another blonde girl, you walked into me. I
looked up and almost threw up on you when I saw who it was. You where the
second most beautiful girl I had ever seen, next to my ex-fiance's sister,
(which is why I didn't get married by the way), and no, I didn't dump my
fiance for her sister. That is a story for another time.

Meg: That was interesting. I think I do remember a guy almost throwing up on

Mike: Lets talk about Proof Of life. The movie has a big buzz, but not about
what happened on screen.

Meg: I'm not here to talk about my personal life. I am here for Matt.

Mike: I know Meg. We will get to that.

Meg: I want it now and I want Kari off the set right now! Do you hear me?

Mike: I hear you, Meg. This is not the set of one of your movies. You can't
get people fired, so you can get fucked. Kari wouldn't stand in your way

Meg: You damn right she wouldn't! I am willing to dump Russell for Matt,
right now.

Mike: Meg, you are still married to Quaid. I personally think they should
settle it in the octagon, but that's just me.

Meg: All right, I'll dump Dennis, Russell, and Matt for You.

Mike: I'm sorry, Meg, I am saving myself for Alyssa, I mean Holly, I'm sorry.

Meg: Then lets get to fucking.

Mike: Meg, watch your language, can't you see the kid?

Amanda: Fuck all of you!

Mike: Matt, I think we better get it on.

Matt is already naked, his eighteen inch missile is locked and loaded, he is
ready to go.

Meg has just ripped off her dress, man she has a great pair of tits. Russell
Crowe or Dennis Quaid is a very lucky man. She has dropped to her knees. She
is raring to go.

Matt is slapping her across the face with his massive member. Meg is loving
it. What a little slut. She is licking at his cock while he is slapping her.

Matt has stuffed his cock down her throat. Look at it disappear! She took ten
inches easy. Another two inches is gone, now another. She must come from a
family of sword swallowers.

Matt is fucking her face now. He is grabbing her by the hair. That's not like
Matt. He is pumping away at her face. Meg is taking it deep. I would have
never guessed. I guess that's why Hollywood is fighting over her.

Matt is bending her over now. He is mounting her from behind. He still has a
handful of hair. He has rammed his cock into her. She is squealing like a
pig. Listen to her.

Matt has worked his entire cock into her. She took it like a champ. Matt is
pumping away. Meg is beginning to rock back. Matt is pulling her back by the
hair. He is slamming her now.

Tammy is coming over to get a closer look. She has something behind her back.
It's a paddle! She just whacked Meg on the ass.

Tammy has a handful of Meg's tits now. She is whacking her ass with the
paddle harder and harder with each whack. Matt is slam fucking her from

Meg is screaming now. Her ass is bright red. It's about time she got some
color. Tammy is dropping the paddle now. she is laying down in front of her.

Tammy is forcing Meg's face into her cunt! Tammy can't get enough. Meg has
stuck out her tongue. She is eating her out! Tammy is yanking on her hair.

Meg is a quick study. She has her tongue buried deep inside of Tammy's pussy.
Tammy is cumming already! Matt is lifting Meg into the air. I didn't think he
could do it.

Matt is sliding her back and forth on his cock. He is slamming his cock deep
into her. Meg is begging for it. Matt can't hold out much longer.

Tammy has yanked Matt's cock out of Meg. She is working it down her throat!
She has twelve inches of cock down her throat! Matt is beginning to shake.

Tammy has just pulled his cock out of her mouth. It is limp! Tammy has just
swallowed, it is over, Matt is slinking away, I guess that's all the show we
have for you today.

Eddie: You call that a show? I have home movies better than that and Matt
isn't even very good.

Kathy: I second that! There was more sex at the Billboard Awards, which I
just got back from. I have somebody right here who could have fucked Tammy,
Meg, Amanda and that slut Kari into unconsciousness.

Mike: I'll believe that when I see it! Matt's the best in the world.

Kari: I'll kill you.

Mike: Calm down, Kari.

Eddie: I have someone who will put everyone to shame, no contest.

Mike: Bring them all on! Matt will take on all comers.

Matt: Wait a minute, I think...

Mike: Shut up, Matt!

Vince: I think this sounds like a pay-per-view spectacular.

Mike: I think we should do it right here on MTV! On the next episode of The
Wonder Mike show, BYOB. That's bring your own broads.

Kathy: I'll be here.

Eddie: so will I.

MIKE: So it's settled then. On the next very special episode of the Wonder
Mike Show.

That's all the time we have for today, I would like to thank our very special
guest Meg Ryan. You can see her next week in Proof Of Life. You can also see
Amanda every other weekend on The Amanda Show and of course you can see Kari
at the B movie section of Blockbuster.

Remember Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.


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