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by Wonder Mike (

Welcome one and all, you have my undying gratitude for being here tonight.
I am Wonder Mike, I am joined by my best friend in the whole world Matt.
Matt, where the hell are you.

Matt: I'm sorry I'm late today Mike, I couldn't help it.

Mike: I know Matt, Kathy Derry was on fitness beach in a bikini doing bent
over rows, I managed to make it here.

Matt: I said I'm sorry.

Mike can be replaced you know.

Mike: Any way on with the show, the sag nominations came out, believe it or
not, our movie didn't get a nomination.

Matt: Wait for the Oscars, I am sure you will get a lead actor nomination.

Mike: I hope so, or at least a AVN award.

Mike we have gotten a couple of more rsvp's for the birthday special Nikki
Cox, Katherine Heigl, Winona Ryder, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts and Holly
Marie Combs have all requested to be on the show. It should be special.

Mike: Anyway, on to the show, we are short handed today, Amanda is still
recovering from are last show, but don't worry, Tammy is here am sure the
three of us can handle it.

Mike: I have another special announcement, two autograph sessions.

Matt: I told you I'm not doing any autograph signings.

Mike: That's o k Matt. I will be at the X P W show this Friday signing
autographs for the millions and millions of my fans, I will also be at the
Women of Wrestling PPV this Sunday, look for me, I will be my college

Matt: You didn't stay in college.

Mike: It's the university I wish I could go to, they will have the number
one football team this year if they come to camp in shape, play as a team
and don't have so many mysterious deaths this year.

Mike: I think it's time to bring out or very special guest today, since we
are short handed, I have brought three young women to the show, please
welcome three of the stars form the #1 syndicated show in the world today.
Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder and Laura Bertram, the stars of Gene Roddenberry's

Mike: Thank you ladies so much for coming today, it is an honor and a
pleasure to have you all here.

Lisa: We're not going to fall for that one.

Mike: You all look great today, I am glad you all wore your uniforms from
the show, I am especially glad you're not blue Laura.

Laura: Thank you Mike, I am glad to be here, I am so nervous, I am shaking.

Mike: There is nothing to worry about, we don't bite.

Matt: Nobody said no biting.

Mike: You have to read the memo's.

Mike: Andromeda is my favorite new show, you all look great on it, and you
do a wonderful job.

Lisa: Thank you so much.

Mike: All except you Lexa.

Lexa: What do you mean by that.

Mike: Calm down, you are the most beautiful girl on television today and you
have much more talent then Jessica Alba, but I just don't buy that you have
a crush on Kevin Sorbo.

Lexa: We get along on and off the set.

Mike: That is good to hear.

Mike: Is Kevin a cheap as we have heard?

Lisa: He is way more cheap then you can imagine, I think he takes food from
the set home.

Laura: I am really nervous, can we get on with it, I want to see if Matt is
for real.

Matt: I am all real, take a look.

Mike: Matt has whipped it out, a full eighteen inches of Matt missile, look
into Laura's eyes.

Lisa: I get first crack at it, I am your first officer.

Lexa: I am Andromeda, I get first shot at it.

Mike: It's just a television show. There is plenty of Matt to go around. I
think Laura should get the first crack at him.

Laura: Thank you s much, I have been looking forward to this all week long.

Mike: Laura is slipping out of her black body suit, man she has a smoking
body. Trance Gemini is my favorite new character, look at that ass, those
tits aren't bad either.

Matt is stroking her long blonde, hair, he is poking her in the face with
his Matt missile, Laura is opening her mouth, she is licking up and down his

She has a long tongue, she is licking Matt's balls, now she is licking
up the shaft of his cock, here comes Tammy, please give her a big hand.

Tammy is behind Laura now, she is rubbing her clit, Laura is purring
like a kitten now, Tammy just slipped two fingers in her cunt.

Laura is rocking back on Tammy's fingers, they are all they way in to
the knuckles, Laura is sucking Matt's cock now.

Laura has a foot a cock stuffed down her throat, Tammy is pumping her
fingers in and out, Tammy just slipped a third finger into her pussy, Laura
is rocking back and forth on Tammy's fingers.

Matt just grabbed a handful of Laura's hair, he is fucking her face now,
Laura is slamming her head up and down on his cock, she is getting better
and better.

Tammy just shoved a fourth finger into Laura's cunt, Laura's trying to
scream, but she has a mouthful of cock, this is a true Kodak moment. Matt is
spinning Laura around now.

Matt is behind Laura now, he just rammed his cock into her tight pussy,
Laura just shoved herself back, she took the entire cock easily, Matt is
pumping it into her now.

Tammy is pushing back on Laura's shoulders, Laura is taking the entire
cock with each stroke, Tammy is rubbing her clit as she pushes her back, get
a microphone closer so we can hear her screaming.

Matt is slamming his cock into her, he doesn't want to be replaced, Laura
is slamming back trying to match is thrust, I can see the cum dripping out
of her pussy already, it is running down her leg.

Tammy is licking Laura's cum off of her legs, Tammy's lips are so shiny
now, Laura is rubbing her own clit now.

Tammy just worked two fingers into Laura's pussy, man she is being
stuffed. Laura is screaming at the top of her lungs now, Tammy is working
a third finger into her pussy.

Matt: Don't scratch my cock.

Tammy: Shut up, this is not about you.

Laura has reached between her legs, she has grabbed Tammy by the wrist,
she is fucking herself with Tammy's fingers as Matt rams her, The cum is
squirting out of Laura's cunt now.

Laura: I can't take anymore.

Matt just pulled out, he is standing in front of Laura now, he just
shoved his cock into her mouth, Tammy is stroking his cock.

I think Matt is cumming, yes I can tell by the way he's shaking, I can't
see it his cock is so far down his throat. Is he still cumming, damn, Matt
must have saved up.

Tammy is kissing Laura now, she just jammed her throat down Laura's
throat, Tammy is walking towards the camera now, they are getting a close
up of Tammy's mouth, yes, it is full of cum, get the close up of her

Lisa: Do I get a turn now.

Mike: Calm down Lisa, take of the leather pants and vest and get ready, I
have another announcement.

Mike: The next addition of the Wonder Mike show will be on location from
the women of wrestling, I hope to have Riot, Ice Cold, Beckie, Roxy Powers
and more on.

Tammy: I don't want anything to do with those bitches.

Mike: That is fine Tammy, I'm sure it will be fun for all.

Matt: Since we are going on tour, why don't we go to Panama?

Mike: Very funny Matt, you know that the statute of limitations doesn't run
out for another year. I don't know when the statute runs out on engagements.

Matt: Come on, you can go, besides, it is a nice time for a white wedding,
and if the police where still looking for you, I'm sure they would have
found you by now.

Mike: There are no shot guns in my future, in any way.

Tammy: At least we can go so you can break the engagement, how long has it
been since you left?

Mike: I said I was going out for bread seven years ago, you don't think
she's still waiting do you?

Lisa: I'm waiting.

Mike: Lets get on with why we're all here. Man you have a smoking body too
Lisa, I like the way you slipped out of the leather.

Matt is laying on his back, Lisa is straddling his cock, she is stroking
it with both hands, it is growing again, I'm so proud of Matt. Lisa is
licking up and down the shaft of his cock.

Matt just wrapped his hands throughout her hair, he is forcing her to
suck his cock.

Lisa: Pull my hair, pull it I said. Harder, yank on it, pull it out by
my dark roots.

Mike: Calm down Lisa, this is a family show, now suck his cock, and do
it good.

That's it, eight inches of cock just disappeared down her throat, now
ten, man she is a pro, eleven inches gone, twelve, now thirteen, I see a big
future in Hollywood for her.

I think she just bottomed out, she took thirteen inches down her throat,
I really like this girl. She is standing over Matt's cock now, bombs away.

Lisa just lowered herself onto his cock, she has taken it all, look at
her go, she is bouncing up and down on Matt's cock, she's taking it all
with each stroke Matt just put his hands behind his head, the lazy bastard.

Lisa: I'm cumming already, fuck me with that cock, yeah, that's it. Do
it. I said do it.

Matt is thrusting his cock up into her now, look at him go, faster and
faster. Lisa is slamming down on his cock. They make a good pair.

Lisa just reached down and grabbed a handful of Matt's hair, I thought
it was too short for that, she is using it as a reign. She is fucking him

They are bucking like wild animals, Tammy is coming over, Tammy just
grabbed Lisa by the waist, she is lifting her up and down, Tammy is a lot
friskier since she lost her weight.

Matt is slamming up into her, he is lifting her into the air with every
thrust, gravity is slamming her back down on Matt's pole.

Lisa just jumped off the cock, she Just wrapped her lips around his cock,
I think Matt is cumming again.

Lisa: Cum in my mouth big boy, just the way I like it, Come on, you can
do it.

Lisa's taking his cock deeper and deeper down her throat, Matt is starting
to shake. He's shaking harder, I hope he's not having a seizure, hold on,
he's stopped.

His cock is limp, Lisa, open up your mouth and lets see the present Matt
left for you.

Lisa: Sorry Mike, I already swallowed.

Mike: That's o k, Lisa, I know you couldn't help it.

Lexa: I hope, he has something left for me.

Mike: I have full confidence in Matt.

Tammy: I can take care of her.

Lexa: I have never been with a girl before.

Tammy: You will like it, take off that body suit, what Tammy wants, Tammy

Mike: Lexa is naked now, she has a small body, it's not quite as nice as
Lisa's or Laura's. But nobody has a face like Lexa.

Lexa is on her back, Tammy is kneeling between her legs, look at her
tongue go.

Tammy is lapping away at her clit, listen to Lexa moan, it is the best
thing I've ever heard.

Lexa just wrapped her legs around Tammy's head, Tammy is lifting her
legs into the air, Lexa is pumping her legs up, she is grinding her cunt
against Tammy's tongue.

Tammy just laid her flat again, she is taking slow, hard licks, Tammy
just stuffed two fingers into Lexa's cunt. Lexa is grinding on Tammy's
fingers now.

Tammy is stuffing her fingers as deep as she can into Lexa, Lexa is
holding her by the wrist, she is fucking herself with Tammy's fingers.

Lexa: I need more fingers.

Tammy: Do you want three?

Lexa: Yes, please.

Tammy just jammed a third finger into Lexa's cunt, Lexa is using both
hands to fuck herself now.

Tammy: Do you want four fingers?

Lexa: Yes

Tammy: Yes what?

Lexa: Yes Mistress.

Tammy: That's more like it.

Tammy just jammed her whole hand into Lexa's pussy, I would have never
believed that it would fit. Tammy is pushing it in past the wrist, then
pulling it back out. She just slammed it back in.

Lexa: I need more.

Matt: I guess that's my cue.

Matt is lifting Lexa's head, he is sliding his cock into her mouth, Lexa,
just wrapped her lips around it.

Matt has both hands wrapped around her head, he is fucking her face, he
is stuffing his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Matt you better back
off, I think she starting to turn blue.

Matt: Come on Mike, she hasn't taken it as far as Lisa yet, I know she can
do it, take it deeper, that's it, your doing it.

Lexa: I need to be fucked.

Matt is laying on top of her now, he just pierced her with his Matt
missile, Lexa has wrapped her arms and legs all the way around him.

Matt is pumping into her, I think he's trying to drive her through
the floor. Lexa is screaming now.

Tammy is pushing down on Matt, she is forcing his cock deeper and
deeper into her pussy. Lexa is pushing up onto Matt.

Lexa: I want to ride you.

Matt is rolling over, Lexa is on top of him now, Lexa is slamming down
on him now, I think she is using all her weight. Matt has wrapped his arms
around her.

Lexa is slapping her cunt up and down on his cock, Matt is moaning now,
I think he is just about worn out.

I think Tammy has something in her hand, yes, she has a strap on dildo,
it's about ten inches.

Tammy is climbing on top of Lexa, Tammy just shoved her cock into Lexa's
ass. She just stuffed all ten inches up her ass.

Matt is thrusting up into now, Lexa is screaming louder than I've ever
heard. Tammy is holding on for the ride. Matt is lifting both of them into
the air.

Matt has reached all the way around Tammy now, he just slipped two
fingers into Tammy's ass, he is pulling Tammy down deeper into Lexa.

Matt is pumping his fingers in and out of Tammy's ass as he fucks Lexa,
what a classic scene.

I think Matt is going to cum, he just slid out from underneath the girls,
he is lifting Lexa's head up he is aiming his cock, Tammy is stroking it for

Matt is shooting a stream into Lexa's mouth, she is sticking her tongue
out, she is lapping it out of the air. Matt has sprayed her face with his
seed. Somebody get a picture of that.

Mike: I'm sorry to say that's all the time we have for today, I would like
to thank our very special guest, Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder and Laura Bertram,
you can see them every weekend on the #1 syndicated show in the world

Don't forget to catch the next episode of Big Brotha's right here on Mtv,
and catch the next Wonder Mike show from the offices of WOW, and of course
the big autograph signings.

As Always Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.


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