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by Wonder Mike

Mike: Hi everybody, thanks for joining me for my little show, I am so glad to
be here on Mtv, all Mike television, as always, I am joined by my best friend
in the whole world Matt, and please welcome me co host, wrestling valet Tammy
Lynn Sytch, Tammy take a bow.

Tammy: Thank's Mike. For you people with computers, you will be able to see
all of me, with Missy Hyatt next week on

Mike: That is great Tammy. We have so much to get to, I am sorry I didn't get
to announce my last autograph session, but it was still nice to meet some of
the fans, of course, most of you need to get lives, also at the signing, at
the XPW show, it looked like Vic Grimes wanted a piece of me, as always,
anytime anywhere, how dare he threaten me.

The US is finally begging to execute people, it is about time, Tom Green
deserved to die for that pile of crap Freddie Got Fingered, I know every
movie can't be a miracle film, but if we start executing some of these film
makers, those abominations will stop being made.

Tammy: Mike, that wasn't the same.

Mike: Please don't interrupt me when I'm on a role, when people go to see
those movies, it takes a year off their lives, they must be stopped.

I am sorry, lets get on with the show, I have a big announcement, we will be
having the Mtv awards, yes we will be honoring all the great performances on
Mike television. I hope I win for best host.

I don't think so.

Mike: Kari, I know that was you, where are you? Never mind, lets get on with
it and bring out our special guest.

We are honored to have the star of the number one movie in the world, and the
star of the top grossing female movie, please welcome Angelina Jolie.

Angelina: Thank's for that great welcome.

Mike: It is an honor and a pleasure to have you here, can I have a kiss?

Angelina: Don't start that.

Mike: I guess I have to be related to get a shot at you.

Angelina: I told you not to start that.

Mike: Calm down, Tomb Raider is doing monster business at the box office
despite critics telling the humanoids to stay home.

Angelina: Critics don't know anything, I guess I was just lucky you didn't
have another movie coming out.

Mike: Damn straight.

Anyway, you looked great, especially the white outfit, and you look great
today, I love the all leather look.

Angelina: Thank you again.

Mike: No, thank you for the scene of you running from the last explosion, it
was a classic piece of cinema. I understand there will be two sequels.

Angelina: That is right.

Mike: Too bad, as I was watching Tomb Raider, I was thinking you are the only
one to play Wonder Woman.

Angelina: That would be a good role too.

Mike: Of course you are the best actress going today, you would be good in
any role.

I think you would be especially good as a dominate female, you would have
been a good Xena.

Angelina: Not really, I had to put on a lot of weight to play Lara.

Mike: You where really great, there should have been a female side kick

Angelina: You're one hundred percent right Mike, I love having a female side
kick, I wish I could work with Anne Heche. I think she's hot.

Mike: I rewatched Girl Interrupted after I saw Tomb Raider, I thought you
breast couldn't be real in Tomb, but then I watched some clips from Gia, and
your breast really are that big, and of course I have the clip from the
shower, it erased all doubt, but we have been gabbing too long.

Angelina: You have another guest? I thought I was the only one scheduled for

Mike: Great, nobody told you why your here did they?

Angelina: I am here to talk about Tomb Raider.

Mike: I thought so, Matt, show her why she's here.

Angelina: Oh, my God, look at the size of that thing, it is amazing, is it

Mike: Go touch it and find out.

Angelina: Billy Bob wouldn't like it if I touched another mans cock.

Mike: But look at it, when are you ever going to get another shot at one that

Angelina: Your right Mike, but it would be wrong.

Tammy: I can settle this.

Mike: Tammy wait a minute, too late, Tammy just tackled Angelina, she is
pulling off her shirt.

Angelina is trying to push her off, Tammy is too strong for her.

Tammy is pulling off her pants.

Angelina: What kind of show is this, I'll kill you all, stop these you

Tammy: Your holding the show down, the audience is getting bored, it time to
pretend like your at an audition.

Mike: Angelina is naked now, look at those tits, man they are one of the
nicest sets around.

Nicer than mine?

Mike: I know you are out there Kari. Tammy is rubbing Angelina's clit now,
Angelina is still trying to fight, Tammy is rubbing it faster and faster.

It looks like Angelina is spreading her legs, Tammy has magic fingers, she
just pumped two of them inside of her.

Tammy is jamming her fingers into Angelina, Angelina is laying back now,
Tammy just stuffed a third finger into her box.

Angelina is opening Tammy's shirt now, she is squeezing Tammy's nipples, man
Tammy has the best nipples around.

Better than mine?

Mike: Damn it Kari, where are you?

Angelina has slipped her hands down Tammy's spandex tights, she is rubbing
her clit through the pants, Tammy just rammed a fourth finger inside of

Tammy just pulled down her pants, Angelina just pumped two fingers inside of
Tammy's cunt, she is twisting her fingers from side to side.

Tammy is bouncing up and down on Angelina's fingers, Angelina just stuffed
two more fingers into her cunt, damn, look at Tammy ride those fingers.

Tammy's tits are bouncing up and down, get the camera there for a close up
what great television, it is only a matter of time before I win an emmy.

Matt is making his move, he is standing in front of Tammy, he has a handful
of her hair, he is working his cock down her throat, look at Tammy go.

Tammy has ten inches of cock down her throat, her head is bobbing up and
down, what a pro, Matt is pumping his cock in and out, he is squeezing her

Angelina just got up, she just hit Tammy in the back of the head, Tammy is
down, Angelina is shoving Matt's cock down her throat.

Man look at those lips, they where made for cocksucking, you can see her
squeezing Matt's cock with her lips, look at those tits, too bad she doesn't
have an ass.

Matt is running his fingers through her hair, he is fucking her face, I think
she has twelve inches of cock down her throat. Go Angelina, remember, it's
not to late to be nominated for an Mtv award.

That's a good girl, I think she got two more inches of cock down her throat,
with lips like those, she will be the biggest star in Hollywood.

Matt is turning Angelina around, she is on her hands and knees, her comes

He just slammed all eighteen inches into her cunt, Angelina is rocking back,
she is sliding her ass back and forth, look at her go, Matt is pumping his
cock deep into her.'

Tammy is behind Matt now, she is pushing on his ass, she is forcing him to
fuck her harder. Angelina has reached between her legs, she has grabbed Matt
by the balls, she is caressing them, what a pro.

Tammy just pulled the cock out of Angelina, Tammy has wrapped her lips around
Matt's cock, she is sucking it down, Tammy has a pair of lips as nice as

Tammy just stuffed the cock back into Angelina, she is licking Matt's balls
as he fucks Angelina.

Tammy has a mouth full of Matt's balls, her tongue is wrapped around them,
Matt is slamming his cock into Angelina, her eyes have rolled up into her
eyes, she is rocking back onto Matt.

Angelina: Bitch, get over here and spread your legs, I need to eat some

Mike: This is so cool, Tammy is laying in front of Angelina now, she has her
legs spread wide and has a hand full of Angelina's hair, Tammy is driving her
cunt into Angelina's face.

Angelina has her tongue stuck out as far is it will go, Tammy is fucking
herself with it, she is grinding her pussy up and down, what a great show,
Angelina may be the biggest star we have ever had on the show.

Kari: Bigger than me?

Mike: Where are you Kari?

Tammy: Eat my cunt bitch, what Tammy wants, Tammy gets. Eat me good ho. Matt,
fuck her harder.

Angelina: Yes please, fuck me harder.

Tammy: I know what this bitch needs, fuck her in the ass with your monster

Angelina: NO. it's too big, my ass can't take it. AAAAGH.

Mike: Matt just shoved the tip of his cock into her ass, Angelina is trying
to crawl away, Tammy is holding her still.

Angelina: GOD, it hurts, please don't stop, it feels so good, please don't

Mike: Matt is shoving his cock inch by inch into her ass, look at that ass
open up.

Matt: Today, I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth, maybe we
can get Julia Roberts here, I'd love to shove my cock into her tight ass.

Mike: Maybe now that she's dropped the t v actor, we have a shot, I know what
she wants, she wants a man to treat her like dirt and make her suck him try,
then throw her out, it's a dirty job, but I'm willing to take the assignment,
for a small fee of course.

Mike: Matt has his entire cock in Angelina's ass, Tammy is grinding her cunt
on her tongue, hold on, Angelina just managed to stick a finger into Tammy's

Tammy: Fuck me with your fingers bitch, why are you just using one finger?
Fuck me like you mean it.

Mike: Angelina just stuffed three fingers into Tammy's cunt, Tammy has
grabbed her by the wrist, she is fucking herself with Angelina's fingers.

Tammy has raised her ass off the ground, she is slamming herself on
Angelina's fingers, Tammy just slid three of her own fingers into her pussy,
look at the pussy stretch.

Matt is slamming his cock into Angelina's ass now, I think she is crying
cheers of joy, Matt is slapping her ass, Angelina is rocking from side to

Tammy just stuffed another finger into her pussy, she is slamming her hand
faster and faster into her cunt, Angelina just slipped another finger into
Tammy's cunt.

I think Tammy is cumming, Angelina is using both hands to fuck Tammy now,
the cum is squirting out of Tammy's pussy, look at is squirt, Angelina is
catching it on her tongue, what a CUM sucker.

Tammy is rolling Angelina now, she is licking Matt's balls as he fucks that
ass, Tammy just pulled the cock out, she is licking it clean, she just
stuffed it back into Angelina's ass.

I think Matt is going to cum, Tammy just grabbed his cock, Angelina is
spinning around, the two girls are side by side, they both have their mouths
wide open, they are each stroking his cock, here it cums.

Matt is spraying Angelina's tongue with his seed, her mouth is filling up
quickly, I think Angelina has a finger in Tammy's ass.

Angelina is kissing Tammy now, she just shoved her tongue all the way down
Tammy's throat, I wonder if they are related?

Tammy has a mouth full of cum now, man, That's all the time we have for
today, what a great show.

I would like to thank Angelina Jolie for joining us today, you can catch her
in theaters everywhere in the number one movie Tomb Raider.

And, coming soon the Mtv awards whee we reward the great performances on Mike

Tammy: Don't forget.

Mike: Yes Tammy, please go to to see Tammy when she's
not on this show.

Tammy: We will have other hot girls too.

Mike: That's great Tammy, thanks for coming everyone and always remember
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

Tammy: Raiders rule Chargers suck goodnight now.


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