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The Work Of A Geisha
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In September of 2004, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki defeated Billy Kidman and
Paul London to win the WWE Tag Team Championships. The new champions, with
Kenzo's geisha Hiroko in their corner, then got on a white-hot winning
streak, defeating all of the tag teams that have tried to capture their Tag
Titles with relative ease. After defeating the team of Rob Van Dam and Rey
Mysterio at No Mercy, the tag team champions make their way back to their
locker room.

Rene looks at his two comrades and speaks to Hiroko who is walking between
the two men, "Kenzo and I make quite an excellent team... that was our most
satisfying win so far."

Hiroko nods her head in a slight bow as she dressed in a red and white
Japanese kimono gown with her white face make-up and her dark black hair
done up into a bun. Hiroko smiles slightly as she speaks in mild broke
English "Yes...Yes...Kenzo...and you...are best tag team...ever..."
Hiroko says as she nods her head.

Kenzo, dressed in gold wrestling pants with a black belt wrapped around his
waist, nods his head, and says something in Japanese to Rene. Rene, wearing
purple wrestling tights, scratches the back of his head in confusion over
what his partner has said. He looks at Hiroko, "What did Kenzo just say?"
He asks in his very thick French accent.

Hiroko turns to Rene as she continues to walk down the hallway with Kenzo
and Rene "Kenzo say...he love being your...part...ner..." Hiroko nods her
head with a bow.

"Ah I see, it is very gratifying to myself to have a great partner such as
yourself," Rene says with a smile to Kenzo. Kenzo nods his head to Rene as
they approach their shared locker room. Kenzo then turns looks at Hiroko
and says something to her while pointing at Rene. "What did he say now?
Rene asks as he again gets a confused look on his face as he pushes the
locker room door open and holds it open so Kenzo can enter before Hiroko

Hiroko opens her mouth in shock as places her left hand over her chest
"Kenzo!" Hiroko shakes her head "Kenzo! No!"

Rene looks at both of them as Kenzo yells at Hiroko while pointing at Rene.
Rene can tell Kenzo is ordering her to do something, but because of the
language barrier he has no clue of what he is saying. Rene closes the door
and lays his tag title belt on the couch, "Hiroko... what is Kenzo saying?"

Hiroko glares a bit at Kenzo before she folds arms "Fine! But
go!" Hiroko yells as she points to the door.

Kenzo yells at Hiroko and says with thick Japanese accent, "You... Do...
Good... Job!" Kenzo then walks to the door and smirks at Rene. He pats his
partner's chest before he opens the door and leaves the locker room, making
sure to close the door behind him.

Rene has a completely dumbfounded look on his handsome face as he looks at
Hiroko, "What is going on here? Why did he leave?"

Hiroko takes a deep breath as before she locks the door and then turns around
facing Rene Dupree "Kenzo say...I...need Dupree"

Rene's eyes almost pop out of their sockets, he holds his hands up and takes
a step backward, "Hiroko... surely this must be a joke of some kind...."

Hiroko shakes her white make-up covered face "No...Kenzo

Rene raises an eyebrow, "Your job? I don't quite understand what you mean...
your job is to give pleasure to me?"

Hiroko nods her head " Kenzo...say.." Hiroko replies in her
broken English.

"And he wants you... to pleasure me..." Rene again raises an eyebrow as he
puts all the facts together, "He wants you to have sex with me? Are you

Hiroko nods her head as she starts to get a bit frustrated "Yes...Yes...that
what Kenzo say..."

Rene laughs, "I'm sorry Hiroko... but... this is quite funny... I know that
you appear to be a Geisha... but he can't be serious about this."

Hiroko folds her arms over the chest of her kimono "Kenzo say so...I do
so..." Hiroko points at Dupree's wrestling tights "!"

Rene sees the look on her face and shrugs, "All right Hiroko..." Rene starts
to lower his wrestling tights and steps out of them once they are at his
feet. Rene's ten-inch cock hangs between his legs and he places his hands on
his hips, "Ok Hiroko... they are off."

Hiroko nods her head as she slowly approaches Rene, Hiroko begins to untie
her Japanese kimono gown while she approaches him. Rene licks his lips
slightly as he manages to see glimpses of Hiroko's skin as her kimono
becomes loose around her body when it's untied.

Hiroko moves down onto her knees once in front of Rene. Hiroko slides her
kimono off of her shoulders as Rene removes it completely from her smooth
skinned body. Hiroko looks up at Rene in her black bra and panties as she
grips his cock at the base. Hiroko licks her lips as she begins to stroke
his cock " cock.."

"It is... rather large... I hope it's not to big..." Rene says with a moan
as he cock becomes harder in Hiroko's hand. Rene looks at her body and licks
his lip, "You are quite lovely Hiroko..." he says as he raises his hand and
slides his fingers against her neck. Hiroko leans her head into Rene's cock
and presses her warm tongue against the head of his cock. Hiroko begins to
trace her delicate tongue around in a circle on the tip of Rene's large cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Rene moans as he slides a hand over Hiroko's hair and he plays
with the bun of her hair with his right hand. "Hiroko... do you mind... if
I loosen your hair to let it down..." Rene asks as he moans lightly. Hiroko
shakes her head as she flicks her tongue against the head of Rene cock,
before she gingerly pats her tongue down Rene's long shaft. "I guess not..."
Rene smiles and he goes to work on removing the hair pins that are holding
Hiroko's hair into a bun. Once the last hairpin is removed, Hiroko's silky
black hair falls down instantly covering the sides of her face. Rene closes
his eyes as he feels the strands of Hiroko's hair brush against the edges
of his cock. Hiroko slowly works her well-skilled tongue up Rene's shaft and
then opens her mouth taking his cock into her warm mouth. Hiroko wraps her
soft lips tightly around his cock and begins to slowly lifts her head up and
down on Rene's long and stiff shaft.

"Ohhhh that's... magnificent..." Rene moans as he moves his hips back and
forth to push his cock lightly into her mouth. "Your... quite... skilled...
at this..." Rene says in praise of Hiroko's seductive oral techniques.
Hiroko begins to gently lap her soft tongue around Rene's cock as she starts
to bob her head slightly quicker on his stiff cock. Hiroko begins to softly
moan against Rene's cock which causes her moans to vibrate against his cock.
"Ahhhh.... fuck...." Rene gasps while he tilts his back, "Ohhh damn...
you're... very... good..." Rene slides his fingers through Hiroko's long
hair to push it up so he can see her white painted face.

Hiroko slowly lifts her head up front Rene's cock as his cock drips over
Hiroko's warm saliva. Hiroko licks her lips "Was that blow...job...good...
for you?'

Rene nods his head, "It was excellent..." he smiles at her and shows his
gentleman side by wiping a bit of saliva from Hiroko's chin with the back
of his hand., "I enjoyed it very much..."

Hiroko smiles as she stands up "You...want...more pleasure?"

Rene nods his head and licks his lips, "I do..." Rene slides his fingers
against her right cheek before he turns Hiroko around to release the clasp
of her bra. He then places his hands on her shoulders and slides the straps
of her bra down her slender arms. Hiroko smiles up at Rene as he peels her
black bra off of her petite, but nicely shaped tits.

Rene drops her bra down onto the floor before he places hand on her hips to
make Hiroko walk backwards towards to couch. He takes a moment to lift her
up and he sits Hiroko on the middle of the leather couch. "I hope... you are
ready." Rene smiles as he slowly starts to pull on her black panties to slide
them along her lovely legs. Rene removes her panties from her legs. He grabs
her ankles and spreads her legs so that he's able to guide his stiff ten-inch
cock into her tight pussy.

Hiroko locks her eyes with Rene as he begins to thrust his thick shaft into
her warm and tight cunt "Ohhh...Rene...that what...I like!" Hiroko moans as
she begins to gently thrust her body back against Rene's powerful body when
she wraps her smooth, silky legs around his strong waist.

Rene fucks Hiroko's pussy with hard but slow thrusts that makes her move
back and forth on the couch. "Mmmmmm.... shit... you.... have such... a
tight pussy..." Rene licks his lips as he places a hand on Hiroko's chest
and squeezes her right breast as he gives her a sharp thrust.

Hiroko grits her teeth as she starts to grind and rotate her warm pussy
sharply against Rene's penetrating cock "Ohhhhh ahhhh....ohhhh.." Hiroko

Rene grinds his teeth together as he slides his left hand against Hiroko's
face, wiping off some of her makeup in the process. "Ahhhhhh yeah... you...
give great pleasure Hiroko..." Rene grunts as he starts to drill her pussy
with faster thrusts, resulting in his ball sack slapping against her.

Hiroko arches her back slightly as Rene's thrusts become quicker and harder
"Awwww...ahhhhhhh yes...oh I like!" Hiroko moans as she closes her eyes.
Rene wraps an arm around her waist when her back is arched up high enough.
He pulls her up towards him and turns around so he's sitting on the couch
with Hiroko on top of him. Placing his strong hands on her slender hips,
Rene starts bouncing the beautiful Japanese woman up and down on his cock.

Hiroko tilts her head back as she begins to rapidly bounce up and down
quickly on Rene's cock "Ohhhhhh ahhhhh I like...I like!" Hiroko moans loudly
as she slams down on Rene's cock with hard force.

So... am I.... ahhhhh you... are.... giving... awesome pleasure to me..."
Rene moans loudly before he leans his head down against Hiroko's chest to
swirl his tongue around one of her stiff nipples. Rene thrusts up into
Hiroko's cunt once in a while, which causes her to jump up slightly each

Hiroko opens her eyes wide as she slams down on his cock and begins to cum
onto Rene's stiff cock "Ohhhh...ahhhh...."

Rene grits his teeth together as he feels Hiroko's pussy tighten around his
huge shaft The sudden tightness make it difficult for the Frenchman to hold
himself back from cumming, but he tries his best to, "Hiroko... I've...
got.... to release...." He says as he breathes rapidly.

Hiroko raises her eyebrow as she's a bit confused "You got to...release?"

"Yes..." Rene nods his head and pushes the beautiful geisha off of his cock
and onto the floor. He spreads his legs and wraps one hand around his cock.

Hiroko looks up at Rene as she sits on her knees, she smiles widely and nods
her head " cum..." Hiroko says before she sticks her tongue out of
her mouth.

Rene nods his head as he licks his lips, "That's... right..." He scoots to
the edge of the couch and places a hand on Hiroko's head to tilt her head
back slightly so her tongue is right underneath the tip of his cock. Rene
pumps his throbbing dick for a few seconds more until he starts to cum right
onto Hiroko's lovely tongue. Hiroko brings her soft tongue back into her
mouth as she swallows the drips of cum. As Hiroko swallows Rene's warm cum,
the last remaining drops splatter on Hiroko's white make-uped face.

Rene leans back on the couch and smiles at her, "Ahhhh ahhh Hiroko...
that.... was spectacular..."

Hiroko smiles as his warm cum drips off of her beautiful Japanese face
"You...really like?"

"I... loved it..." Rene says as he leans forward to take Hiroko's arm to pull
her up onto his lap.

Hiroko nods her head with a smile " very...happy to

Rene slides a hand through Hiroko's hair, "I am... so glad I am Kenzo's


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