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Divas: Layla El & Michelle McCool

The Wrath Of Lady McCool
by Number One (

The problems and friction within Team LayCool have been heavily documented in
recent weeks. At one point, Layla actually suggested to Michelle that they
attend "couples therapy." Their first session didn't go well -- the problems
between them escalated. But their second session was even worse. With Layla
on the verge of tears, Michelle reached out to her best friend by apologizing
and hugging her. Shortly after, the blonde beauty snapped and viciously
attacked Layla from behind, leaving her sobbing and hurt -- physically and

Layla believes that Michelle's anger has been boiling since WrestleMania 27,
but unbeknownst to her, it's way beyond that. Michelle has been a
psychological mess for about two years. In fact, it dates all the way back to
when she lost the Divas Championship in December of 2008 to Maryse. Since
then, Michelle has taken out her loss on nearly every Diva on the WWE roster.
Michelle has spent the last year putting on a bright smile as she and Layla
caused trouble on SmackDown as well as Raw. But underneath that smile is a
vicious and villainous sociopath, ready to snap at any moment.

Even now, as Michelle stares at a photo of her with Layla, her thoughts are
of what she did to the Diva she called her best friend. She does with no
remorse, even smiling as the mental image runs over and over. Michelle
actually takes a break from her demented reminiscing and picks up her cell
phone and dials Layla's number. After four rings, she got an answer.


"Hey, Lay," Michelle responds with facetious concern.

"What do you want, Michelle?" a cautious Layla asked.

"Look," said Michelle, "I know you're a little upset about our last

"You tossed me around like I was a rag doll," said Layla. Michelle was trying
her best to hide her anger at being interrupted. "I know," she said, "and I'm
really, really sorry. I don't know what came over me. I want to mend our
friendship as much as you do."

"Really?" asked Layla.

"Of course I do," answered Michelle. "In fact, I was hoping you'd come over

"Hope no more!" Layla happily exclaimed. "I'll be right over." The phone
conversation ended there, and as Michelle hung up, she stared at the picture
once again -- and tore it in half. An evil smile grew on her face as she
glared at the Layla half of the photo. "Oh, Lay," the sinister blonde said,
"you truly don't have a clue, do you? I have no plans on mending
anything...except my passion to finish you, once and for all."

Michelle actually was counting on Layla coming over to her house tonight, so
much so that she left her front door unlocked. While she waited, she was
admiring herself in the mirror, wearing leather boots and a long, black
leather vested trenchcoat, a piece of clothing that she has worn in pay-per-
views past. Michelle walked to the window and gave a fiendish snicker as she
saw Layla walking to her front door.

"Excellent," Michelle uttered in typical villainous fashion. Meanwhile, Layla
appeared at the front door and started knocking.

"It's open, Lay!" she heard Michelle yell from upstairs. The petite Diva
entered the house while Michelle slowly walked downstairs, staring ominously
at Layla. "Hello, Layla," the statuesque blonde said coldly as she walked
past Layla. She later closed the front door and locked it, catching the
attention of Layla. "'Chelle?" she asked, "why did you lock the door?"

"So nothing can get in," Michelle replied, "or out." The devious blonde
walked closer and closer to Layla, who also noticed that she was tightly
clutching onto a leather belt. Quickly realizing that Michelle's intentions
were quite sinister, Layla made an attempt to escape, but she was thwarted by
her captor, who grabbed her dark locks and tossed her down to the living room
floor. Michelle later wrapped her belt around Layla's neck and started
choking her.

"You know, I really am sorry, Lay," Michelle said as Layla attempted to
remove the belt from her throat. "I'm sorry that I didn't destroy you much,
much sooner. How long did you think I was going let you ride my coattails
for, huh? LayCool is all about me! You should have figured that out a long
time ago.".Michelle released her literal stranglehold on Layla, and later
whacked her on her back with her belt. Layla couldn't scream in pain because
she was too busy regaining her ability to breathe.

"Please," said Layla. "Please stop."

"You are so pathetic," Michelle said coldly. "Just look at yourself. You
actually thought that we were equals. You are my bitch, Layla. That's all you
were, and that's all you'll ever be."

"Michelle...," Layla said, right before she was cut off by Michelle whipping
her a second time. "Shut up!" the evil blonde snapped. "You will refer to me
only as Lady McCool. Got it?!"

"Yes," answered Layla.

"Yes what?!" Michelle screamed angrily.

"Yes, Lady McCool," Layla somberly replied. Michelle laughed wickedly as her
sense of superiority was vastly increasing. "That's much better," she said
arrogantly, "And Lady McCool orders you to take off those tacky, cheap
clothes of yours or I will tear them off!" Without protest but with deep
sorrow, Layla gave in to the demands of the evil Lady McCool and disrobed,
much to the delight of the tall blonde. Once she was fully nude, Michelle
removed her trenchcoat and simply stood over the fallen Layla, who turned
around and found herself in utter shock at what she was seeing.

"Like what you see, Lay?" Michelle snickered af her former friend. The blonde
vixen still had her leather boots on, but it wasn't the boots that Layla
focused on. She was staring directly at a leather strap-on -- with a seven-
inch dildo attached. As Layla tried to get back on her feet, Michelle
swiveled her hips and slapped her numerous times with her apparatus -- the
last strike knocking her back down.

"I did not give you permission to get up!" screamed Michelle.

"I'm sorry," said Layla.

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be," snarled Michelle. "Now, bend over so I can
place my seven inches inside that fat, disgusting ass of yours!"

"Yes, Lady McCool," Layla responded as she followed her wicked tormentor's
demand. The British beauty placed her hands on the sofa and assumed the
desired position: her beautiful tight ass up in the air and all ready for
Lady McCool to destroy. The evil blonde licked her chops as she gently
fondled Layla's beautiful booty, first with her hand and then with her toy.
She later moved her fingers up Layla's back and reached her hair, which she
grabbed ahold of just before she forcefully shoved her apparatus inside of

"AAAAAGH!!!" Layla screamed in intense pain as she felt seven inches of
plastic break through her tight pussy and her hair being pulled. Michelle
began fucking her former friend right in her cute ass -- slow and hard --
causing as much pain as possible to the petite Diva. "Stop!" Layla shouted.
"Please stop!"

"Shut up, Layla!" Michelle shrieked angrily during their act. "You think
you're in pain? I've been suffering the agony of having to carry you for two
years! Now you are going to take this ass pounding like the little bitch you
are!" The sadistic blonde added to her partner's misery by regaining
possession of her belt and whipping her numerous times.

"OHHHH GOD!!!" Layla yelled as her sexual torment continued. It seemed to get
worse and worse for the once perky young Diva as every minute passed by. Yet
Michelle enjoyed it more and more. The agony was so terrible, that Layla
started bursting in tears. It was weeks' worth of crying that she was doing.
The implosion of LayCool and the woman she called her best friend suddenly
hurting her -- both physically and emotionally -- took a toll on her.

"No more," sobbed Layla. "Please...stop." Michelle cackled evilly at her
victim's tearful request. "Poor, poor Layla," she said in a mocking tone.
"What's the matter? Am I hurting you?" Too broken up to give a verbal
response, Layla simply nodded her head. But all that did was give Michelle
more of a reason to continue her sadistic act. Layla's sobbing was nothing
more but music to the ears of the sinister Lady McCool. She enjoyed it so
much that as she was giving Layla's ass a severe pounding, she actually
brought herself closer to her former friend's tender baby face, and licked
nearly every tear that rolled down.

"Your cries taste as good as they sound," Michelle said with evil glee. Layla
didn't know which hurt more: the sexual torment or the fact that her sorrow
was amusing to Michelle. In between screams and sobs, Layla finally managed
to get some words in edgewise. "Michelle," she said, "why are you doing this?
I just want a simple reason."

"Among many things, Layla," said Michelle, "I've given you a number of
reasons why I am doing this to you. But do you know the real reason why I am
hurting you like this? It's because I can!" Michelle wrapped her belt around
Layla's mouth as she continued her rant. "I am Lady McCool! I was the first
Diva to win the Divas and Women's Championship! I am royalty in the WWE,
while you, little Lay-Lay, are nothing more than my little court jester." The
villainous blonde laughed maniacally while she continued to torment Layla
sexually. She let out a number of muffled screams...


...that were nothing more than mere music to Michelle's ears. Michelle
finally freed Layla from more torture by pulling out of her and taking the
belt off of her mouth. She later noticed Layla looking up at her, while
wiping away her tears.

"Thank you, Lady McCool," said Layla.

"Don't bother," replied Michelle. "I didn't stop for your benefit. You have
another job to do." Michelle whacked Layla on her head with the toy and gave
her next order:

"Blow me, bitch."

"Yes, Lady McCool," Layla said as she got on her knees and crawled closer to
her mistress. She later placed her hands on Michelle's long legs and slowly
licked her own sexual fluids from the lengthy apparatus. much to the delight
of the fiendish blonde.

"Yes, that's it," said Michelle. "That's all you're good for, Layla --
catering to my every whim. But even that gets old for a while." Michelle
forced herself away from Layla and removed the strap-on from around her
waist. "I am so done with you, Layla," Michelle said coldly.

"You can't mean that," said Layla. Despite being tortured by Michelle, she
still harbored a smidgen of compassion for her. But Michelle wasn't having
it. "Oh, but I do," the cruel Diva said. "As far as you and I are concerned,
you no longer exist to me. Now get out!" Michelle grabbed Layla's arm and
dragged her towards the door. "Wait a minute!" screamed Layla. "Can I at
least have my clothes?"

"Those cheap things?!" said Michelle. "Consider it one last favor that I am
doing you by keeping them." Michelle opened her front door and tossed her
outside, naked as a jaybird. The British beauty continuously knocked on her
door, but it fell on deaf ears. Michelle walked back upstairs to her bedroom
to take one more look at a humiliated Layla from her window. As the evil
blonde villainess felt pride in what she had done, Layla's feelings suddenly
changed -- from heartbroken to angry. She now wanted to make her former
friend pay for the humiliation she suffered over the weeks at the hands of
Michelle McCool.

"You'll pay for this, Michelle," said Layla. "I promise you that."

The End

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