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The Wrestling Adventures Of Chris Day Part 1
by Black Dragon

Lita and Stacy Kiebler were just getting finished with an autograph signing.
I was there and I was planning to follow them to there hotel. As they were
leaving I heard Stacy say "Amy your in room 343 right maybe I can stop by

"Yeah that would be great"

It couldn't of been any better. I knew what room Lita was in. All I needed
to do was follow her to her hotel. I got into my car as I watched Lita get
into a limo. I followed the limo to a 4 Star Sheraton. Lita went inside and
I followed. Lita got on the elevator as I waited for the next one. I got on
it and found that room 343 was on the 4th floor. I knocked on the door. Lita
answered it thinking it was going to be Stacy.

"Who are you?" she asked as she saw me.

"I'm Chris the man who can make all of your dreams come true tonight" I told

"Oh really well I'll give you a chance then." she said.

I moved in on her lips and started to kiss her. She stuck her tongue in my
mouth as we continued to kiss. We finally broke the kiss as she took off my
shirt. she was rubbing my chest as I grabbed her ass. She was a little
surprised but she knew she liked it. I took off her shirt to expose her big
tits held together by a little red bra. I removed the bra as well fully
revealing her tits. I immediatly started to lick her nipple on her left tit
as I grabbed the other one with my other hand. I squeezed one tit and licked
the other. Lita was getting really wet off this. I removed her pants and wet
panties. She grabbed my pants and pulled them down. Lita then removed my
boxers and began sucking on my 7 1/2 inch cock.

"Oh I love the taste of your cock" she said. Lita finished the awesome
blowjob and I started to finger her cleanly shaved pussy. "Oh yeah baby fuck
me yeah" Lita moaned as I fingered her.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Lita got up to answer it. She opened
the door and Stacy walked in. Lita pulled down her miniskirt and thong.
Before Stacy knew what was going on I had my dick in her pussy. Stacy didn't
know what to say. Me and Lita could tell she loved it though. I moved Stacy
to the bed keeping my cock in her pussy. I licked her small tits making her
nipples rock hard. I took my dick out of her pussy and she kneeled up and
started to suck on my cock. While she was sucking on my cock Lita and I
started passionately kissing. We both used the tongue in our kiss. Stacy let
my dick out of her mouth.

"I want you in me" Lita said.

"With lots of pleasure." I said.

I stuck my cock in her ass and began pumping in and out. I kissed Stacy
gently over and over as I was still ass-fucking the hot red headed Lita. I
was about to cum so I quickly pulled my dick out of Lita's ass and had the
2 chicks kneel down in front of me. Then I sprayed a big load of cum all
over each of them. To my surprise and happiness they licked the cum off each
other. Lita and Stacy both wanted my cock so they both licked a side of my
cock as i held their asscheeks with one of my hands. We were getting hot so
we all took a cold shower. We fucked in the shower for about an hour. We all
got out dried off. We went back into the bedroom still naked.

I layed Stacy on the bed bent down and licked her pussy. I only did that for
a few minutes cause I wanted to taste Lita's too. I licked Lita's a little
longer until she let her cum out and Stacy and I licked up her juices. I
fingered Stacy to make her cum as Lita and I then licked up her juices. We
were all exhausted and it didn't take long for us to fall asleep. We woke up
the next morning and Lita and Stacy gave me a backstage pass to Raw that
night. I told them I had to leave. The 2 sexy divas were sad but they both
kissed one last time passionately using the tongue. I told them that I would
fuck them again. I was exicited about being able to go to Raw that night.
But little did I know who I would bump into at Raw!

Stay Tuned for The Wrestling Adventures of Chris Day Part 2

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