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The Wrestling Adventures Of Chris Day Part 2
by Black Dragon

I still couldn't believe what had happened. The night before I had fucked
Stacy Kiebler and Lita. Now I had a backstage pass to Raw coutesy of Lita
and Stacy. It was about 7:30 when I arrived at The Mohegan Sun Arena in
Uncasville, CT where Raw was being held. I got there and found Stacy and
Lita. I kissed them both and told them I was going to meet some of the other
superstars. "Ok no problem" said Stacy and Lita at the same time.

I walked around backstage and met and got autographs from The Hurricane,
Chris Beniot, HBK, Matt Hardy and the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.
As I was walking back to Lita and Stacy's dressing room I walked right into
WWE Diva Victoria.

"Oh I'm really sorry are you ok" I apoligized.

"Yeah I'm fine it's ok" she said. "Hey aren't you Chris the man that Lita and
Stacy had sex with last night."

"Ummm yeah they told you didn't they?"

"Yeah now every diva in the company wants to fuck you" Victoria told me.

"Hey Chris do you think you can help me warm up for my championship match
tonight against Trish?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah no problem."

"Thanks, follow me to my locker room."

As I followed Victoria to her locker room I knew then that we were going to
Fuck!! When we got to her room she asked if she could cool off in the shower
first. I told her to go right ahead. About 5 minutes later I heard Victoria
say "Chris could you come in here I dropped the soap outside the shower."

I went into the shower area and picked up the soap and gave it to her. "It's
a little hot in here do you mind if I join you."

"Not at all" Victoria answered.

I quickly stripped naked and got into the shower with the sexy diva.

"Wow nice cock" she said as I stepped in.

She got on her knees and went to work on my rock hard cock. As she blowed
me I ran my hands through her long wet hair. She stood up and I turned her
around. I stuck my hard cock into her ass. I went slow and started to speed
up as I got a good pace going.

"Oh yeah that feels so good Chris yeah c'mon fuck my tight ass yeah c'mon
don't stop Fuck me yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!"

I fucked her ass for a good 15 minutes than we both got out of the shower.
We dried off but stayed naked. We both grabbed some water and drank it fast.
The 2 of us went over and started to make out like 2 teenagers on a date. I
kneeled up and spread Victoria's legs apart. I slowly lowered my still rock
hard cock into her pussy. I kissed her and gave her a tit massage all while
slowly pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Chris I'm about to blow!"

I pulled my cock out as Victoria came. I licked up all her juices and kissed
her so she could taste them. Victoria once again started to blow my dick and
it didn't take long before I shot a load of cum down her throat.

"Oh your cum taste so goooood!" said Victoria.

I got on top of Victoria and lowered my dick into her mouth and started
massaging her tits again.

"Chris go ahead and suck my hard nipples."

I did as she asked and took a nipple her left nipple in mymouthand began to
suck on it. I sucked on it while i continued to massgae the right tit.

"Oh Chris that feels great o yeah keep going oh I'm gonna blow" she said.

I stopped and licked up all of of Victoria's juices. We started to kiss
with both of us using are tongues and just making out as hard as we could.
Victoria realized the Sunday Night Heat tapings had just ended as we heard
Maven's Music go off as he had won his match against some local guy.
Victoria apoligized telling me her match against Trish was first on Raw.
She sucked my cock for a moment. She told she had about 5 minutes because
an Evolution promo was the first thing to happen on Raw.

She spread her legs apart for me and let me lick her sweet tasting moist
pussy. I stuck my tongue as far as I could up her pussy. I finished licking
her and we both got dressed. We passionatly frenched one last time as I
wished her good luck in her match though I knew it was it was pre-determined
winner. I headed back to Lita and Stacy's locker room where they had Raw on
a TV set. I watched the match and saw Victoria become the new Women's
champion. I was very happy that she had won the match. After Lita had
interfered with a Kane match, she came back to our locker room. We all made
ut not having sex but just kissing and having a great time. I knew that I
would fuck Victoria again but I decided to head to the Smackdown tapings in
New York City. I was hoping I be able to watch Smackdown with some of the
sexy divas there.

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