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The Wrestling Adventures Of Chris Day Part 3: Smackdown Style
by Black Dragon (

I still couldn't believe it. Within the last 2 days I had fucked 3 of the
WWE's hottest divas. Lita, Stacy Kiebler, and the new Women's Champ Victoria.
Raw had been held at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut so I decided to go
to the Smackdown tapings in New York City. I had actually grown up in
Allentown, PA, so I called my friend Billy Kidman and he got me in through
the back of the building. Smackdown was awesome as usual with Rey Mysterio
defeating JBL in a non-title match. Kidman and most of the guys left. I got
set to leave and as I walked down a hallway Torrie Wilson Playboy cover girl
bumped right into me.

"Oh, I'm sorry Ms. Wilson," I said being polite since she is one of the
hottest women alive.

"No, it's my fault I'm sorry," she replied.

I wasn't too surprised when she told me she knew who I was. I guess the word
travels fast between the divas. It didn't even take 10 minutes before Torrie
invited me for room service in her hotel room. I gladly accepted the offer.
We walked outside and got into her very long limo. On the way there we talked
a little and she was telling me how her career was going. Then she mentioned
how I had fucked Stacy and Lita and also Victoria. Before I said anything we
were kissing. We kissed the whole way to the hotel.

The limo came to a stop and the driver opened the door. We got out and Torrie
led the way to her hotel suite. We got into the room and we slowly fell onto
the bed in a passionate long kiss. Torrie then removed my shirt. I took off
her top to reveal her wonderful tits held in a black lace bra. I also took
off her mini-skirt. She took off my pants and boxers in a quick motion and
started to suck me off. I was once again in heaven. She continued to suck my
hard cock while I began to rub her nice tight ass.

I had her stop sucking my dick and I laid her on her stomach. I removed her
panties. I slowly put my cock in her tight ass as she moaned in pain as well
as pleasure. I pumped in and out of her ass. I removed her bra and started
to massage her beautiful tits. I pulled out of her ass.

"I want to take a shower, I feel a little dirty," she said in a seductive

She went to turn the water on. While she did that I got my cell phone out of
my pants pocket and called my friend Anthony who lived in NYC. Torrie had the
water ready so we both got in. While we were in the shower Torrie grabbed my
cock and then started blowing me again. After she did that I fingered her.
She was moaning loudly. I fingered her with one hand and massaged one of her
tits with my left hand. Before I knew it her juices flowed out of her pussy
I tasted the juice that was on my fingers cause the rest went down the drain.
Let me say she tasted pretty damn good. We got out of the shower and dried

Then there was a knock on the door. Torrie was surprised but I wasn't knowing
it was my friend Anthony. I answered the door. Anthony walked in and I said,
"Torrie meet my friends Anthony."

Torrie pulled down Anthony's pants and boxers. She saw his cock and said,
"Now I have 2 great cocks to suck" and with that she started sucking Anthony.

While she blew Anthony I knelt down behind her and started to penetrate her
ass again. I felt like I was about to cum and I warned Torrie. Torrie just
kept sucking Anthony's cock. Soon I could feel my load going into her ass. I
could her Torrie moan through Anthony's cock. Without warning Anthony then
came down Torrie's throat.

I let Anthony have Torriw for a few minutes. He stuck his dick deep in
Torrie's pussy. Anthony just pounded in and out of Torrie's sweet pussy. I
got back into the action. Torrie sucked my cock again as Anthony laid on the
floor and started to lick Torrie's pussy. Within minutes she came all over
his face. Anthony just kept on licking Torrie's "pie". Again she orgasmed
all over his face. Her blowjob was so great I couldn't hold it anymore and I
shot a long load of cum down her throat and Torrie swollowed every last drop
of cum. Anthony and I then switched places.

Soon I was tasting Torrie's delicious pussy and Anthony was getting sucked
off again by Torrie. Again Torrie let her juices out only this time onto my
face. Soon Anthony came down Torrie's throat. I got off Torrie again to let
Anthony assfuck the Playboy cover girl. About 10 minutes later Anthony again
came only this time in Torrie's ass.Anthony got off Torrie. I then tit fucked

After this I laid on the floor and Torrie straddled my dick. Anthony massaged
her enormous breasts. We were all exhausted. We got onto one of the beds and
went to sleep. Anthony on one side, me on the other and Torrie in between us.

The next morning we fucked for a couple of hours with all of us cummimg
twice. I knew I had to go and so did Anthony. Anthony kissed Torrie over and
over passionately before leaving. I told her I would see her again and then
I kissed her and left. I knew my adventures weren't over yet, in fact they
were just beginning!!!

Stay Tuned:

The Wrestling Adventures of Chris Day: Part 4

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