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The Wrestling Adventures Of Chris Day Part 4: Ultimate Vacation Part 1
by Black Dragon (

It had been about a month since I had fucked a WWE diva. I was now a freshman
in college going to the University of Connecticut. I was currently taking a
spanish class and my teacher, sexy Mrs. Vasquez, said that we would be taking
a 1-week trip to Miami, FL and then San Juan, Puerto Rico to get more Spanish
Culture knowledge. It sounded like a great trip to me. But it became even
better when I found out that the new WWE Tag Team Champions MNM would be
signing autographs before a show the next day in Fort Lauderdale. Now my
teacher Mrs. Vasquez was super hot, but Melina, MNM's valet, was even hotter.

Now fast forward to a month and a half later. I'm in Miami, waiting in line
with my friend Danny and Mrs. Vasquez. I didn't know Mrs Vasquez was a
wrestling fan until she overheard me talking about it on the plane. She told
me how she was a huge wrestling fan. We finally get to the table where the
stars are and got there autographs. I got a picture with them as well but as
I was leaving I slipped Melina my hotel room key and a note that said come by
my hotel room later for a real treat.

So anyway we leave the the mall where the autographs were taking place and
head back to the hotel in our rental car. Danny and I were sharing a room and
Mrs. Vasquez happened to be in the room next to ours. We invited her over for
coffee and she excepted. The 3 of us watched some TV and talked for a while.

At about 7pm there was a knock on the door. I figured it would be one of my
friends. but I opened the door I saw the super hot Melina there. I was
speechless and Danny and Mrs. Vasquez were shocked. Danny was getting hard
just by looking at her. And Mrs. Vasquez, who was secretly bi-sexual, was
getting very wet and used all her energy not to rub her pussy.

"I'm here for my...treat," Melina said seductively.

"What treat?" Danny asked her.

Melina told him about the note. Melina said, "I think it would be awesome to
have a 4-some, because I'm just so fuckin' horny."

Danny and I agreed and Mrs. Vasquez was hesitant about the idea of fucking 2
of her students although she did think we were hot. And she did say yes.

"Perfect. Then let's get this party started," Melina said.

Melina moved in on Danny and Mrs. Vasquez took me. She slowly moved in, I
think still a little reluctant, but she was horny as well, and we shared a
slow passionate kiss. I couldn't believe I was kissing my teacher.

At this point my dick was as hard as a rock. As I continued to kiss my
teacher she slipped her tongue in my mouth. I used my tongue, too. Our
tongues swirled around and I took a glance at Melina and Danny kissing on
the other bed.

Mrs. Vasquez whispered in my ear, "I want your cock."

"You can have it," I told her.

She got up and removed my jeans and boxers and started sucking my 7 1/2 inch

Meanwhile, Danny was removing Melina's shirt and bra. He massaged her breasts
for a moment and then started to suck on her nipple. I was close to cumming
because of Mrs. Vasquez awesome blowjob. I warned her but she kept on sucking
and I shot a load of cum down her throat.

Back to Danny and Melina. Melina was removing Danny's boxers and his 8 inch
dick came out. Melina immediatly went to work taking the whole 8 inches in.
Danny was enjoying this, but was still unsure if he was dreaming and actually
I was, too.

I removed Mrs. Vasquez's tank top and skimpy white bra to expose he monster
double D titties. Since the moment I had first seen her I dreamed about
fucking those tits. I laid her on the bed and placed my dick in between those
huge mounds of my teacher. I continued to fuck my teacher as she moaned, "Oh
yea, Chris, fuck my huge mounds yeaaa!!"

Meanwhile, Danny was about to cum in Melina's mouth. Danny did, and Melina
took it all. At this point we would all take a breather. Melina asked Mrs.
Vasquez if she wanted to fuck her. My teacher was as surprised by this
question as Danny and I were. But she nodded and said she was a bi-sexual
and she would fuck anybody that was hot. And with that Melina took down Mrs.
Vasquez's skirt and wet white thong and began to lick her pussy. Danny and I
could not believe was was happening as we started to jerk off to the sight
in front of us.

I went up behind Melina and removed her skirt and lepoard print thong. Danny
and I felt her nice ass. Her ass was just so fuckin nice, I can't explain it.
I slowly put my cock in Melina's ass and got a good pace going.

"Ohh yea yea yeaaaa fuck my tight ass Chris ohhhh yea, your cock feels so
good in my ass. Fuck me hard."

Meanwhile Danny stuck his 8 inches in Mrs. Vasquez's wet pussy. We were
both penetrating our women. As Danny was doing Mrs. Vasquez, her tits were
bouncing all around. This obvoiusly aroused Danny because he started pumping
faster and faster.

Danny looked at Mrs. Vasquez and she said "Go ahead cum in my pussy." Which
is exactly what Danny did. After Danny did this our teacher said "C'mon Danny
let's go take a shower."

Danny quickly agreed and they went off into the bathroom to take a shower.
You don't have to be a genius to know this left Melina and I alone. She
got off my cock. I had been doing her ass for a good 10 minutes and been
unbelievably close to cumming. She turned to me and said, "I been wanting
to do this since I saw it."

And with that she started to suck my cock. I was so excited about this that
my cock got to a full 8 inches. As she sucked me off I was thinking about
what Melina would look like in the shower. But before I could tell Melina
I wanted to go in the shower I was cumming down her throat. However she took
it all down. I asked if she wanted to go into the shower and she thought it
was a great idea. So we went into the bathroom and into the shower which was
quite spacious. Melina took Mrs. Vasquez by surprised by giving her a slap
on the ass and giving her a french kiss. Danny was massaging her breasts.

Melina came back to me rubbed her wet pussy and stuck her fingers in my
mouth. Her juices tasted so good. Melina went back down to my cock as I ran
my finger through her long wet hair. Mrs Vasquez was moaning softly and I
could see Danny was ass fucking her. I looked over at them and saw that they
shared a long passionate kiss. This gave me an idea.

I stood Melina up and frenched kissed right there. Melina was a taken aback
but soon she was swirling her tongue with mine. A minute later Danny and
Melina decided to get out of the shower. They went into the other room. I
went to Mrs. Vasquez and pulled her close to me and gently kissed her soft
lips. It was definitly the most passionate and longest kiss I had ever had.
There was definitly something special we shared with that kiss. Then to my
surprise she dropped to her knees and started to suck me off again.

Back in the other room, Danny is fucking Melina's nice tight ass. Melina
begins to moan as Danny fucks her ass, pounding it hard. Mrs Vasquez and I
got out of the shower. We dry off and walk into the other room, where Danny
is fucking Melina. As he was fucking her I couldn't help but notice that
Melina's titties were jiggling all over the place.

Mrs. Vasquez went and kneeled over Melina's head. Melina went right to work
on my teacher's pussy. The I went and stood in front of Mrs. Vasquez and she
started to suck me again. My teachers lips felt so nice wrapped around my

After a few minutes Danny and I switched places. He got his dick sucked off
by Mrs. Vasquez and I put my 8 inches into Melina's warm pussy. But after a
minute I stopped and bent down to lick Melina's warm cunt. She moaned in
pleasure. I kept on licking her warm pussy until she came all over my face.
I licked up all of her juices. We quickly took another breather deciding
what to do next. I wasn't sure which women I wanted since they were both so
fuckin' attractive. So I chose Mrs Vasquez.

I laid her on the bed and bent down and licked her sweet cunt. Melina bent
over and kissed my teacher as Danny set his cock into Melina's tight ass. I
could hear Melina moaning thorugh her kiss with Mrs. Vasquez. At this point
Melina and Mrs. Vasquez are using tongues. Suddenly without warning my
teacher came all over my face and I licked her juices. Danny pulled out of
Melina and took his turn at Mrs Vasquez's pussy.

Melina came to me and I grabbed her tits and said "I got to fuck your huge

"Oh please do!" Melina layed on one of the beds and said "Titty fuck me right
now sexy!"

I went over to her and lowered me rock hard dick into her huge breasts. Her
breasts were soft but firm at the same time. I got a good pace going and
Melina moaned "Ohhh yeaaa that's it fuck my mounds. Yeaaa do my tits baby

All the while Mrs. Vasquez is moaning "Ohh Danny lick my fuckin' cunt
yeaaaaa! Ohh my god I'm gonna cum all over your face Danny yeeeaaaaaaa!"

Mrs. Vasquez screamed as she came on Danny's face. We were all exausted from
the fucking. Danny frenched Mrs. Vasquez then Melina. Then I kissed Melina
and Mrs. Vasquez. And after this Mrs. Vasquez and Melina frenched each other.

We pushed the beds together and all slept together. I slept in between Mrs.
Vasquez and Melina. We all slept naked because we just didn't feel like
putting out clothes on. Plus every one of us was extremely sexy.

Mrs. Vasquez fell a sleep with her tits leaning on my chest which made me
hard as I fell asleep. And Melina fell asleep with Danny's hand on one of her
huge titties. So on my 2nd day in Miami I fucked my sexy sexy sexy huge titty
Spanish teacher. And the sexy sexy sexy just as fucking hot Melina. But it
would get even better on my 4th day in Florida.

Stay Tuned: The Wrestling Adventures of Chris Day Part 5: Ultimate Vacation
Part 2

Buried Lust: Melina and My Teacher

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