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** I know I promised a sequel to Part to "Ultimate Vacation" but I wanted to
get something new out so this was put together. Enjoy. **

The Wrestling Adventures of Chris Day Part 5
by (

I was back from my trip to Florida and back at school. However, Smackdown was
coming to Providence, RI and was not missing the opportunity to go.

On January 9th I traveled across the state line into Rhode Island and on into
Providence. Now having been with 5 divas, I always had a backstage pass to
the shows in my area. I arrived at the arena in Providence and entered
through the back of the building showing a security guard my pass.

As I was walking around I saw future playboy cover girl Ashley. I decided to
talk to her and see if I could 'get lucky'. She spotted me as I was walking
over and knew who I was. I thought to myself how the divas talked about me to
other divas.

"Hi, Chris right?" Ashley said in a friendly tone. "Yea, I'm Chris" I
responded back. "I bet you can already guess how I know you" she said. "Yea,
I have a pretty good guess" I said knowingly. Anyway we talked for a little
while and she asked me if I wanted to 'hang out' after the show. Of course I

I watched Smackdown on a TV backstage as I watched Tag Champs London and
Kendrick(w/ Ashley) def. William Regal and Dave Taylor. Later on, Undertaker
destroyed The Miz but didn't "Beat the Clock" due to interference from Mr.

After the show I was waiting in Ashley's locker room waiting for her to
return. She finally did and the said it was time for the fun to begin. We
didn't waste long getting to the action. She locked the door and walked over
to me. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her, kissing me.

Her lips were nice and warm. We stood there making out for a long while
before finally moving to the couch in the room. We sat on the couch and
continued to kiss some more. As we continued to kiss, Ashley slipped her
tongue in my mouth. I responded with mine and then slowly started to lift
up her shirt. We finally broke the kiss as I pulled her shirt off over her

Ashley had a black bra on that contained her nice tits. I undid her bra and
let those tits fall free. I moved my head down to one of her nipples and
started licking it. Ashley let out a soft moan and then reached over to my
pants and starting rubbing my hard cock.

I continued to suck Ashley's tits as she undid my zipper. She reached her
hand in my pants and pulled out my hard 7 inch dick. The former Playboy
cover girl started to stroke my cock as I stopped licking her nipple. I
pulled down her skirt with one motion.

She continued to jerk off my dick as I removed her panties. Once they were
off I was free to finger Ashley's already wet clit. I stuck a finger into
her shaven pussy and went to work. Ashley was about to moan when I stuck my
tongue in her mouth. We started to make out again as she jerked me off and
I fingered her.

Ashley moaned through our kisses. She started breathing faster and then had
an orgasm. I was about to have one myself when Ashley stopped jerking me off.
She layed down on the couch and then spread her legs for me.

I was in heaven as I moved towards her.

I lead my cock to Ashley's dripping wet pussy. I entered her and she let out
a moan. I started pumping my dick into her. She was moaning like crazy. That
motivated me and I started go faster. I was slamming my dick into Ashley's
pussy like there was no tomorrow. Ashley's was going crazy moaning and had an
orgasm on my dick. I told her I was about to cum and pulled out of her.

She slid off the couch and grabbed hold of my cock. She started to stroke it
slowly and then put it in her mouth. It felt so good. Ashley was bobbing her
head up and down on my dick. I could feel her tongue licking the head of my
dick. I told her I was going to cum and she went faster. After about 10
seconds I shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed most of it but some of it
trickled out of her mouth and down onto her titties.

We got cleaned up and put our clothes back on. She told me anytime I wanted
to stop by she'd be more than happy to do it again. I told her I would take
her up on that someday. For now though I had more divas that I had to get

Coming Soon: Mickie James and Candice Michelle stories.

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