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The XPW Dynasty: Now This Is Xtreme - Part 1
by Mr. Ciah (

Plain and simple Jessup Wade ruined Rob Black. First Wade blackballed
Black out of wrestling business, by buying out and rebuilding WCW, then he
financially rescued ECW from bankruptcy and finally he gives the WWF to his
high school pervo buddy Matthew Williams. Then just when Black thought that
it did not get any worse, Wade signed Kristi Myst and Jessica Darlin away,
which cut XPW's fan base in half.

Secondly he wiped Black out of the porn industry with his Women of
Wrestling adult films which were destroying Blacks production company. Matter
of fact Wade a novice at the porn industry was outselling Black a director
with many more years worth of experience 500 to 1.

Black even tried to hold a PPV featuring some of wrestlings most popular
and over Hardcore wrestlers from all around the world to participate in a
King Of Deathmatch tournament. Despite the excellent wrestling and suicidal
efforts and a main event featuring Sabu vs Mick Foley vs Terry Funk vs The
Messiah in a Xtreme Deathmatch final the PPV received critical hardcore
acclaim, but was a commercial and financial failure.

Upon seeing his company in debt at least $7 million dollars, Black knew
that he was going to have to throw in the towel and declare bankruptcy, just
as he was about to alert the workers and staff, his personal secretary Anita
Carlotta Morehead buzzed in saying, "Sir there is a Simon Gray waiting
outside your office."

Upon hearing Gray's name Rob damn near pissed himself. Simon Gray was CEO
of New Day Associated, a company that had its hands dipped into many projects
such as a record label, a production company, a sports, entertainment and
modeling agency, a piece of Bizzilionaire Teds AOL stock and a fledgling up
and coming new channel the Illuminati Network. Matter of fact New Day Asso.
helped sponsor the failed PPV, so Black was afraid that Gray was looking to
get some of his money back or to collect either the downside guarantee or a
important body part from Black as Gray and his entourage consisting of an
accountant, two lawyers, a personal assistant and 4 large burly Men In Black
type body guards entered the room and sat down. Black seated at his desk and
prayed that Gray did not hear his knees knocking. For a few moments Black
and Gray starred each other down. However Gray ended that silence by lighting
a cigar and saying, "Robert, I know that XPW is gonna shut down, You know XPW
is gonna shut down so how about a compromise. Let me save you from bankruptcy
and destitution. Lets make a deal."
_ _ _

Two days later at major media press conference in Las Vegas, NV
(ironically right across the street from WCW HQ Ironic heheheh sorry back
to the story,) XPW held a press conference at their brand new corporate HQ.
There the wrestling world was turned inside out with 5 very special
announcements. One XPW is now owned by the Gray Family and New Day
Assosicated. Robert Black recieved an undisclosed (shitload) amount of money
and a high ranking director position in New Days production company. Two XPW
has signed Jenna Jameson, former Nitro Girl and Mr. Shawn Michael's wife
Whisper, former Godfather Ho Bobcat, WOWs Lana Starr and Lotus and porno star
Houston. Three Kristi Myst, Jessica Darlin and Lizzy Borden all have signed
long term xclusive deals with XPW, but Nicole Bass has been released (thank
God) to room in the budget. Four the XPW training center the Asylum Dojo has
just graduated several top notch wrestlers who should be making an impact in
XPW. Five and most importantly Simon Gray is giving full creative control to
his oldest son Aries Gray.

Aries was a 27 year old former North Carolina hoops star. He was about
6-0, 229lbs with faded black hair and chocolate brown skin, After major
success with the record label and helping launch the sports and entertainmen
agencies, Simon figured as a reward of sorts, Aries could leave his other
resposiblities and turn XPW in a wrestling superpower.
_ _ _

The very next day Aries Gray walked into the 21st floor of XPW
headquarters and immediately he noticed something he did not like. While he
was dressed in baggy Fubu jeans, navy blue leather Rockawear leather coat, a
black Yankee jersey, the latest Jordans, and a platnium and diamond necklace
watch set from Jacobs Jewelers (cheap plug), the entire office was dressed in
power suits. Aries thought to himself Note to self: Loosen up company dress

As he walked to his office he left several notes to self on the way there,
however all that went out the window immediately because the minute he opened
his office door he stopped thinking with the big head. Why? Well because
dressed in a Xtremely short skirt, a skintight leather tank top and high
heeled black boots the XPW diva that turned down WCW and unrefutable proof
that there is a God, Lizzy Borden waiting in his office for him.

Before he could ask her what she was doing here, she walks up to and
looks up in his face and whispers, "Sir I know you brought in a new cast of
talents, but I think it is time I showed you why I am the Queen of Xtreme and
everyone are just runners up." And with that she wrapped her arms around him
and tip toed up to lip lock with the new XPW CEO.

Aries had to think fast. On the one hand he had to maintain control, but
on the other hand... well look at her dammit. Suddenly he had an idea. He
broke the kiss much the suprise of Borden. He turned on a video camera on one
side of the room then he took her hand and led her to a leather chair he
moved to the center of the room. Once he sat down he said "A while back I
remember you made Kristi Myst give you a lap dance. Well I want the same deal
and if it is not the steamiest lap dance I ever recieved then you are FIRED."

She quickly walked over to the stereo in the office. Once the music was on
she seductively walked back over to where Gray was seated turned around and
began to grind her hips in his lap. Then she began to do a seductive dance
while unzipping and removing her skirt to reveal her black satin thong. As
she grinded her hips into his waist, she felt that he was beginning to get...
a Southern uprising and I don't mean WCW.

She began to tease taking off her shirt. When she turned around she
wrapped her legs around his waist and began to grind her thong clad pussy on
Gray's lap as she began to slide her tank top over her head. Once her massive
globes were free almost out of instinct Gray began to lip and suck on her
tits. However Lizzy feeling Aries erection climbed off his lap and unziped
his jeans and fished out his half hard cock. Once she saw that he was 7
inches half hard is drove her wild she began to suck his dick with a passion.

With Lizzy Borden working his dick over he began to groan. Grown all the
way to his full 10 inches she began to deepthroat and show how extreme she
can be. Her tongue swirled all over his large black cock driving Aries into
further Gray into further extasy. After a few minutes getting worked over by
her talented blowjob he exploded in her mouth. As she swallowed his salty
seed, she stared into his eyes with her brown eyes while he spurted another
load into her mouth.

As she walked over to the office's private bathroom to wash her face off.
However she failed to look in the mirror because if she did she would a fully
erect Aries Gray sneaking into the bathroom behind her and whispered in her
ear, "If you think a blow job makes you extreme we got a lot of work to do."

And with that he ripped her thong off tossed it to the other side of the
room as she turned around and they began to passionately kiss. While they
made out Aries began finger fucking Lizzie’s clit. He lifted her onto the
sink as spread her legs wide as Gray drives his stiff cock into her wet
completely hairless pussy. As he drives his cock in and out of her, he thinks
to himself "Thank God I put in the two way mirrors with the video cameras
behind them. Now even the slightest reflection can be used as black mail
material." He unmercifully pounded her pussy while she screamed, "Yes yes I
am yours!"

He yelled back "Show me how extreme you are. You wanna be the Queen show
me the Xtreme," as he pounded into her pink pussy.

After slowing down his momentum he lifted her smooth long legs and put
them on his shoulder so he could drive his dick in deeper. The minute that he
started pumping again she yelled out "Oh my God! I am your fuck slut!! You
own me!" Then she began the first of 3 orgasms.

After 30 minutes a spent Aries Gray pulled his dick out of her pussy and
blows two loads in Lizzy's mouth and on her tits. Right after she swallows
the load in her mouth she raises her enormous mammaries to her mouth and
licks the cum off of them.

While Gray relaxed back inside his office on the sofa. Lizzy walks out of
the bathroom and licks him clean then leans over his ear and whispers, "Now
that is what makes me the Queen."

Regaining his composure Gray looks her in the eyes and said, "It was Ok
for a start. But next time it is going to even more Xtreme."

With that affrimation she climbs back on the sofa and proceeds to give him
another 5 star blowjob. However in midsuck, Aries got an idea. Remembering
Jess Wade and his takeover of WCW he makes a note to call his lawyer and
arrange for certain contracts to be drawn up.

Yup things around here were going to really really interesting and
furthermore they are going to really really Xtreme.

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