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If you are practice wrestling moves on each other instead, Vince needs the
law suits! Better yet do something stupid and blame video games, no one's
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Author's Note: Another add to WOWEFA, after all D+K need to get a new
keyboard after the stories they sent in. This is the second part of the
series, should I get decent enough feedback for parts 1 + 2 I'll carry on.
Oh and this story is set just before Jay Lethal became 'The Black Machismo'.
I'm not too sure on the time line again I missed a whole lot of TNA so don't
cry plot holes on me. ;)

Knockout: Christy Hemme

Codes: MF, Cons, Inter, Anal, Oral

Then You Get The Power...How To Make A Star In TNA
by Doctor Rock (

"And Jay Lethal picks up another win over Petey Williams on this TNA Today
exclusive match. Now tell me Kevin, what we saw last time with Jay Lethal
and Miss Brooks was that your handy work?" JB quizzes Kevin Nash from the
commentary table as Mike and Don grab some water ready for the next impact

"No way man, I had no idea he was going to do that, but it's obviously
working isn't it? I mean he already beat one of the X-Division's top stars
he'll be on top in no time!" Kevin replies with a slight chuckle as Jay
motions to Kevin with a big thumbs up. Kevin nods his head as TNA Today
comes to an end, the logo of TNA Wrestling fades onto screen and we cut

Backstage, Jay Lethal and Kevin Nash are walking, talking about various
ways to improve his matches. "Man last week that was fucking insane! You
actually did Miss Brooks on live web cast! Man if we had you back in the
old days...Listen tonight you've got a match against Havok from Serotonin,
you need to remember what we talked about. I heard Christy Hemme was
sniffing around these guys as a potential tag team for her little feud with
VKM. Her being there may be useful, if you catch my drift..." Kevin says with
a slight wink patting Jay on the back, Jay nods and carries on walking.

"After all Kev, first you get the money. Check! Then you get the power, I'm
going to get myself some Hemme power!" Jay says with a note of uncertainty,
unsure if Kevin approves.

Running a large left hand through his grey hair Kevin nods and looks at his
protégé. "Sounds like a plan, brother. You go get some of that Hemme power
before the match and we'll see how we get on later. Just...Don't wear
yourself out. Got it?" Kev laughed out loud as he slapped Jay on the back
again and made his separate way to Jay. Looking down at his feet he nodded
and walked towards the sultry knockout Christy Hemme was sitting with her
laptop buzzing away.

Christy's fire red hair is loosely hanging on her slender shoulders, her
breasts neatly tucked away under a red halter top, her long legs have been
kept warm by a black skirt hanging loosely above her knees. Walking forward
slowly Jay coughed letting his presence be known to Christy, she looked up
at Jay and smiled slightly. "Hey there Jay, how's it going?" Christy said
sweetly not really caring about the answer, Jay shrugged and looked down at
his feet.

"Alright I guess, little worried about my match tonight. I've got to face
Havok and with Raven and his minions being out there I really don't know what
to expect."

Christy scrunched up her nose sweetly and looked up at him. "It's only Havok,
I saw you beat the hell out of Petey, I'm sure you'll do fine."

Jay nodded in a 'agree to disagree' style, looking at her, he could tell
something wasn't quite right. "Are you OK though?" Jay asked, Christy
sighed and flipped her lap top shut.

"No, I'm fucking exhausted trying to find some one to beat VKM for me! I'm
so stressed out right now!" Christy tilted her head back and sighed, as she
tilted her head back to sigh Jay a perfect view of her cleavage.

Smiling Jay knelt down so he was eye to eye with her, still looking at her
breasts Jay spoke up again. "You know what I do when I'm stressed out?"

Looking back at him Christy sees that his rod is hardening in his shorts,
getting a sly grin Christy nods. Jay smiles a toothy grin and nods in sync
with Christy, they both look around before walking behind a pile of big
boxes containing heavy equipment and not needed stuff.

Leaning in Jay moves his left hand round the back of Christy's head and
gently kisses her on the lips, moving his tongue deep into her mouth.
Christy responds affectionately with a moan and using her tongue as a
battering ram plays with Jay's tongue. Moving his hand from the back of her
head Jay snakes them round to the front and feels her breasts through the
top. Moaning again, Christy breaks the kiss and pulls down her top
revealing her bare breasts to Jay's delight. Moving his head down to her
left breasts Jay gently flicks his tongue over her sensitive nipple.
Christy moves her right hand down to the back of Jay's head and gently
pushes him towards her spongy tit letting him get a better attack at it.

As Jay attacks her tit, Christy reaches behind her and unclasps her skirt
letting it fall to the floor. Christy now clad in her lacy black thong and
halter top pulled down over her breasts steps back and looks at Jay.

"I think one of us is over dressed here Mister Lethal." She smiles motioning
to the fact that Jay is still wearing his wrestling shorts and boots from
his match earlier. Looking Jay nods his head and goes to pull down his
shorts when Christy stops him.

"Let me do it..." She says sexily as she drops to her knees and grabs hold
of Jay's trunks, sliding them down she revealed his thirteen inch stiff pole.
Christy raised an eyebrow as she looked over Jay's impressive pole, nodding
she leaned forward ready to suck him off but quickly changed her mind.
Raising herself on her knees slightly she took hold of her tits and gently
parted them, giving her time to wrap them around Jay's dick.

Trapping his black dick in her massive breasts she slowly started to pump
his cock, delivering a few quick pumps Christy gently pulled back letting
her tits fall loosely away. Leaning forward Christy took hold of Jay's big
black dick in her right hand and gently moved it into her open mouth.
Putting her right hand on his thighs Christy used her left hand to snake up
his thighs and gently cup his balls in her petite hand. Gently tugging on
them Christy started to slide her lips up and down on Jay's meaty fuck
stick. Moaning slightly, Jay rand a hand through Christy's fire red hair
and watched her go to work on his dick, Christy started to bat her tongue
against his cock, stroking the underbelly of it with her tongue. Pulling
back slightly Christy looked up and made eye contact with Jay, smiling
slightly she went straight back down on his pole completely devouring it.

"Oh...Yeah!" Jay let out as Christy started to deep throat his pole, making
a few bobs Christy stopped. Pulling her head completely off of his dick,
Christy had completely coated his dick in her wet drool. Christy stood up,
and wrapped her arms around Jay's neck, bringing him in she planted a big
wet kiss on his lips. Their tongues moved in and started to bat against
each other, Jay moved his hands down her smooth back and reached her firm
ass. Gently squeezing it he lifted her up, letting him wrap her legs around
him, Christy broke the kiss and moaned gently. Jay grabbed hold of his dick
and easily slid it into her tight pink folds, already lubricated with
Christy's wetness and her saliva. Grunting while spinning them both round
Jay placed her up against the nearest pillar and thrust deep into her.

Putting one hand up against the wall Jay started to thrust his dick deep
into her folds making her moan with each pump. Christy wrapped both her
arms around his neck as Jay wrapped an arm around her wait, unable to get
many deep thrusts. Jay turned around and let them both slide down the
pillar, Christy unwrapped her legs and put them either side of the pillar.
Jay had both his hands on the floor as Christy shoved her breasts into his
face. Christy planted both her feet on the floor letting her start to ride
Jay at a rapid pace. Bouncing up and down, Christy tilted her head back and
let out a loud moan, cumming over Jay's dick she started to slow down
slightly. As she did Jay moved one hand round to her ass and gently
squeezed it before pulling the cheeks apart, using his free hand he slid a
finger into her ass. Gently finger fucking her ass, Christy looked up lust
in her eyes.

Smirking, Christy winks at Jay "Enough of the finger fucking. Fuck my ass!"
Christy says as she climbs up from Jay's crotch and turns around with her
back facing Jay. Christy looks over her shoulder with a playful laugh,
before she bends over on the box, her breasts being slightly squashed,
smiling she flips her fiery red hair back. Jay nodded and stood up, slowly
walking towards her. Jay gripped his dick in his right hand and lightly
slapped Christy's right ass cheek with her free hand. Sending a shock down
Christy's body she yelped and jumped up, looking back at him she smiled and
bent over. Moaning quietly she gently parted her ass cheeks and turned back
to him. "Come on big guy, do it!"

Gripping his dick Jay moved in and slid his black cock deep into her, moving
both his hands around Jay started to grope her breasts as her started to pump
his dick into her. "Uggh...Fuck...Your ass is tight, not get much guys go in
through the back door?" Jay grunted out as Christy started to grope her left
breast while finger fucking herself.

"Oh god...Oh Jay...Oh yeah...That's so good!"

With sweat dripping down both their bodies Jay started to power thrust into
Christy's tight ass making her finger herself even harder. Licking the sweat
away from her luscious lips Christy moved her head back Christy shoved her
tongue down into Jay's throat. The two shared a quick kiss as Christy started
to cum over her fingers, moaning into Jay's mouth Christy started to buck her
hips. Using all of his 225 pound frame Jay started to slam his dick deep into
her ass making her moan even more. Wiping the sweat away from his brow Jay
felt his nuts tighten and he shot his load deep into Christy's ass. Letting
out a primal scream Christy let herself go as Jay came deep into her bowels,
the only other thing audible was Jay tilting his head back to let out an
equally mighty. "Oh...Yeah!"

Jay pulled out of her ass hole, cum trickling out of it, and fell to the
floor, agreeing with him Christy fell back onto his chest. Looking up at
him Christy slipped her tongue into his mouth and the two shared another
long kiss. The two broke the kiss and Christy sighed gently, moving over to
her clothes she started to get dressed as Jay thought to himself. 'I don't
know how much more I've got in me...Can there be much more of this training
to do?'

Authors Note 2: I'm not sure about that 'Oh yeah!' whenever he cums, made
me chuckle when I thought of it but I could see it getting annoying
quickly. If you'd like to include that in the feedback I'd appreciate it!

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