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There's No Other Chae Part 1
by Atilia (

Chae had been a Nitro Girl since the group's formation back in 1996. She'd
danced through the good times, when the concept of the now came to life and
brought WCW and its flagship programme Nitro to the top of the ratings. She'd
danced through the ratings war with the WWF, when the now angle began to wear
thin. She'd danced at the start of the downfall, when no one cared about the
now any more. Then there was the Vince Russo era. She enjoyed that. Although
she recognised how easily her and the other Nitro Girls were being exploited
during the group's "break-up" angle, she appreciated the camera time, and
certainly enjoyed playing more than just a pretty dancer.

Then came Kevin Sullivan. Chae didn't even want to think about that time.
But at least she had big Kev. She felt she owed a lot to WCW for that. Nash
and Chae had met years earlier when the Outsiders first joined, but they had
never been close. But the very Monday night after Big Sexy had beat Goldberg
for the world heavyweight title at Starcade 1998, Chae was stuck in the car
park, hours after the show had ended, with no place to go. She couldn't start
her car, and the entire roster was already on their way home. Chae had to
have a chat with Mr. Bischoff, so she was the only one left. She ran around
the park trying to find Easy E to give her a ride home, and just saw his car
screeching into the distance. She had no one to call. Her ex-boyfriend lived
near-by, but after the kind of break-up they had been through, the thought of
ringing him was one she wouldn't even consider if he were the last person on
earth and there were no more sheep. So she just kept searching.

Another half hour she searched, before returning to her car, where she
spent the next half hour trying to start it up again. But still she had no
luck. So she searched again. Only this time, she found somebody. A short,
teenage boy was sitting on the bonnet of his Chevrolet smoking a cigarette.
She had no other choice now.

"Hey." she called to him.

"Hey there," the boy replied with a wink and a smile "need a ride?"

"Hell yeah!" she quickly strolled towards the car, now with a relieved
smile on her face "You're an absolute life-saver kid. Thanks."

"Hey wait a sec."

Chae turned to face him, now frowning nervously.


"I want you to meet some of my friends." The boy stated with a crooked

"Um...ok." It wasn't like she had a choice anyway.

He turned his head the other way and cupped his hands to his mouth.


Suddenly, out of the shadows stepped three older looking teenagers. They
were much bigger than their friend, and didn't look like they were here for
a ride home. One of them stepped forward and grabbed Chae's wrist. She pulled
it away sharply.

"She's real pretty. But she's too stubborn. Maybe we oughta teach her a

She began to back away, but her back fell into another boy's chest.

"Sounds good to me." The other boy said.

"Get away from me!" Chae screamed. She was now reaching tears. But the car
park was deserted and no one could her shrieks.

"No, I don't think that's gonna happen. Just stay quiet, keep still. And
everything's gonna be just fine." Said the first boy.

"No...please no. Please no!"

"Shhh. Joe, hold her still."

Joe obliged. Chae struggled but it was all in vain. She was pushed chest
down onto the car bonnet, tears now streaming down her face. She heard a
belt be undone, and her pants were being pulled down her waist. Its all just
a dream, she tried to tell herself, its all just a dreams. She felt a hand
begin to pull down her panties. And then came a voice she wasn't expecting.

"Get away from her boys!"

She didn't dare turn around, but just lay there praying. She thought she
recognised the deep male voice, but it wasn't something she was going to
remember in her current situation.

"Go fuck yourself, you giant piece of shit!" one of the boys responded.

"You don't wanna fuck with me, kids!" the voice belted back.

"Oh yeah sure. I bet you could take us all on!"

"I'll kick your asses. You know who I am."

"Yeah, and we know you've probably never beaten someone up in real life.
You three, go kill that lanky prick, I'll hold the girl."

Chae finally managed to get a glance of the man as three of the boys
stepped towards him confidently. He must have been at least 6 foot 9. But
her vision of his face was blocked, and her face was pushed back to the car
bonnet as she the huge man crack his knuckles in his hand. The first kid,
Joe, ran straight up to him with his fist back. The man raised his enormous
leg, and booted him in the face. The next two both ran at him together, and
got their heads cracked together, followed by several stiff forearms. His
first attacker was just getting back to his feet, and was swiftly hoisted
onto the shoulder of Chae's defender, who proceeded to run forward with the
kid still on his shoulder, before dropping him face first onto another car
with a crunch. The other two helped him up, and now they all ran towards the
man together. One got a mammoth clothesline to the face. The other several
knees to the gut followed by a huge elbow to the face, knocking him out. The
third ran into the man's enormous hand, throat thirst, and received a tight
choke hold for his troubles. As he was about to black-out, the man, hoisted
him up with the one hand still clutching his throat, and slammed him flat on
his back onto the car bonnet his friend was laying on. Kevin Nash started
towards Chae's original attacker, who let go off Chae, and pulled out a
knife. He dropped it, and ran off, but couldn't escape Nash, who grabbed him
by the back of his neck with one of his colossal arms, and kicked him in the
gut hard. Nash hoisted the boy up onto his shoulders, and followed him up
with the move that has helped make his career. The boy bounced up from the
concrete after the Jacknife Powerbomb, and Nash looked at Chae, who pulled
her pants up. Her face was soaked with tears, and she couldn't look Nash in
the face.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"I-I-I...Thank you!" she said, and burst into tears once more. She ran
towards him Big Sexy, and embraced her rescuer tightly.

"Hey its ok. You wanna ride home?"

"Please. I-I...I can't start my car. I'm sorry."

"Its no problem. I'll take you home. Where do you live?"


"Me too." He guided her towards his Jeep. "Step in."

She obliged. It was a three-hour car-ride back to Detroit, but there was
no way Chae would get a moments sleep. So she and Nash talked the whole way
home, and she cried continually, for him to comfort her tenderly. She told
Kevin about her last relationship, and her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her
consistently, and after she took him back every time, it was he who dumped
her nine months ago. Chae hadn't even gone on a date since then.

It turned out she lived just streets away from Big Sexy, and he pulled
into her drive at roughly two in the morning.

"You sure you'll be ok staying by yourself tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll be ok." She replied.

Nash waited in the drive to see Chae got in safely, and by the time she
got to her door, she was crying again. She knew she couldn't stay alone
tonight, but didn't feel she could ask Kevin to let her stay at his place.
Chae had no other real friends in Detroit, and didn't feel she could tell
anyone else about her experience except Nash. So she tried something else.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed, pretending to search her bag.

"What's up?" called Nash through the car window.

"I...I...I can't find my keys."

"You sure you haven't got them?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure."

"Get back in the car then."

"No, no, it's ok. I'll find a friends place to stay."

"No. I'm not letting you wander around the streets. Not tonight. You can
stay at mine. I'll sleep on the couch."

"I don't wanna put you to any trouble. You've already done enough for me

"No. Just get back in the car."

Chae went back to the Jeep with a weak smile, and Kev drove to his
apartment. It was small, thought Chae.

"I know it's not much, but it's all I could find right now. I'm looking
for a mansion somewhere in Detroit, but no luck so far."

Chae giggled sexily. Considering the night she had just had, she looked
stunning. Her long, brown hair was drooping over her beautiful auburn eyes,
and she brushed it away sweetly. She wore a pair of leather chaps that hugged
her hips and flawlessly highlighted her perfect body. Tassels ran down the
side of her legs in a style similar to Big Sexy's wrestling pants. A tight,
black, sleeveless crop top exposed her thin midriff, and her running mascara
from her tears did nothing to ruin her beauty.

"I'll show you your room." Said Big Sexy, who proceeded to lead her into
his enormous bedroom. The giant-sized bed could of swallowed Chae whole, and
she collapsed into it.

"You want something more comfortable to sleep in?" asked Nash.

"Yeah ok."

"Lemme get you a t-shirt or something."

He turned his back to her, and opened a large, completely filled closet.
Chae couldn't stop staring at him. She'd always like big men, and this was no
different. But her attraction to Nash wasn't just to his looks. She couldn't
help feel a desire to be with someone who had saved her from rape, taken her
home and given her a place to stay. She felt disgusted at herself for
thinking about men after the experience she'd just been through, but Chae
couldn't help it. He handed her a giant t-shirt, and she gave him a smile.

"You can get changed in the bathroom if you want. I'm gonna go set up the
couch. If you need anything, just give me a shout."


Kevin smiled, and turned to leave the room.


He looked back at her.

"Thank you. For everything."

He smiled and left the room. Chae walked into the bathroom and stripped
off. She turned to look at herself in the mirror, and saw a large bruise on
her hip. Suddenly, she started to softly cry again as she pulled then t-shirt
down over her chest. It went almost down to her knees. She wiped the tears
from her eyes, and looked back into the mirror. She still looked great, and
was about to climb into bed, when she felt completely alone again.

Nash was just wearing a pair of boxers now, and had set up the couch. Chae
walked into the room, looking like she was about to burst into tears yet

"You ok?" he asked.

"Could you just■I■can you stay with me?" she asked awkwardly. But she
couldn't be alone tonight.

"Yeah sure, nor problem."

Chae lay down in bed under the covers, and Kevin lay next to her on top of
the covers. She was starting to cry again.

"Hey you wanna watch a video or something?" Nash asked.

"Yeah...what have you got?"

"Time Cop's in the video right now" he said.

"Um...well..." she couldn't think of anything worse.

"Nah just kidding. How about■Grease?"

"You like Grease?" Chae giggled.

"No, I LOVE Grease." Replied Nash.

"Are you even allowed to watch films like that?!?" They both laughed.

"Ok, ok, if you don't like it we can watch something else■"

"No, I LOVE Grease!"

"Ok then! Grease it is."

He put the tape in, and they both watched, with Chae actually feeling
happy now. She actually started crying again after Sandy sang "Look at me..."
She rolled her head onto Nash's head, who tried to ignore it. And when Sandy
completed her transformation from virgin to vamp amidst the sounds of "You're
the one the I want", Chae couldn't resist planting a soft kiss on Kevin's

"Hey! Take it easy!" he jumped up.

"I...I...I'm sorry." Chae felt pathetic. A tear dropped from her eye.

"'s ok. You didn't know what you were doing. Don't worry about it."

Chae was now crying heavily again. She looked away from Nash in

"I knew what I was doing. I'm sorry. I'm sooo sorry."

"It's ok. Look, do you want me to leave?"

"No! Please stay! I'm really sorry!"

"You're feeling lonely. I understand. It's really fine, don't worry about

"It's not that. It's not being lonely. Kevin, I want to be with you!"

For once, Kevin didn't know what to say. He had always had a soft spot for
the gorgeous Korean since she joined the Nitro Girls, but never had the guts
to do anything. In reality, Nash was nothing like the Big Sexy character he
played on TV. Although confident and popular, when he felt truly strongly
towards something or someone, he could never do anything about it. And now
there it was, a stunning girl he had lusted after for over two years, saying
she wanted him. But he couldn't do anything. He couldn't take advantage of
this beautiful girl. She spoke again, now weeping heavily.

"I...I'm sorry I did it. I couldn't resist. I understand you have no
feelings for me. Maybe I should just leave."

"No! It's no that! I want you to stay!"

She turned her back to him, crying into her hands, he gently pulled her to
face him by her shoulder, and she fell into him in a passionate kiss. Their
tongues danced together; with both running their hands through the others
long hair. It seemed to go on for hours, as if neither was ever willing to
break the kiss. Eventually, Chae fell forward on top of Nash, who landed on
his back on the bed. Their lips slowly unstuck, and they stared into each
other's eyes, panting heavily. Nash sat Chae up on his lap, and both begin
to undress each other, with Nash swiftly lifting the t-shirt he had lent
Chae over her head, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Chae then
leaned forward, pushing Nash back onto his back, and gripped the top of his
boxers between her smiling teeth, slowly bringing them down to his knees and
then pulling them of his leg. They both just sat there for a moment, looking
up and down each other's beautiful bodies. Nash was fully erect, and his
shaft stood up at what Chae imagined couldn't have been less than 12 inches.
It was perfectly straight, and as large in girth as it was in length. He
stared at her stunning 32D breasts, both broad and deep, with wonderful
large nipples that poked out just slightly. Her waist was slim and tight,
and her long her legs tanned and smooth. And her pussy was beautiful,
trimmed sweetly leaving a tiny bit of her at the top. Other than that, it
was almost bare, and as tight and sweet as Nash could ever of dreamed it to
be. Chae was the first to awake from this hypnotic state of admiration, and
rolled Nash onto his back, kissing him on the lips deeply and passionately,
her tongue playing intricate games in his mouth. She let her tongue gently
slip out of her mouth, and dragged it slinky along his chin, painting tiny
lines with her saliva, into his chest as she pulled her head down his chest
in a slow circular motion, momentarily pausing at random points to gently
kiss and suck at his body. Nash moaned softly, as Chae let her tongue roll
over his cock and quickly onto his balls.

Chae then began tonguing Big Sexy's large round balls. She licked every
hair on them, soaking his testicles, before kissing each one softly all over.
Then she let one slip all the way into her hot mouth, and gently sucked on
it, before doing the same technique on the next. After a minute or so of
this, she slowly pulled the other ball towards her apparently full mouth,
and pushed that one in two. The sensation Nash was feeling was incredible,
and she sucked both balls for several minutes as he groaned.

"Ohhhhhh Chae! Please don't stop!" he moaned as he stroked her head.

With that she let his balls slip out, and licked the stem of his cock,
stopping before she reached the head. She went up and down it, over and over
again, with Nash writhing under her movements.

"Ughhhhh, oh that's good!" Nash wailed, before grabbing her hair and
gently pulling Chae's head up to enable her to take his massive shaft between
her lips.

She allowed her mouth to get as wet as possible before wrapping her lips
around his cock and kissing the top of it with her mouth closed around it
constantly. She then began to lower her mouth on his shaft, making sure the
slurping noises she made were as loud as possible. Eventually, with some
help from Nash, she managed to deep-throat his large member, and let his
pubes tickle her nose for several seconds before bringing her mouth back up
his shaft. She giggled softly with Nash's dick still in her mouth as he
groaned louder, and let her teeth gently grip onto Nash's penis as she began
to move up and down, with her tempo quickly increasing. She then let her
tongue out again, making sure Nash felt it rubbing against his cock as her
teeth and lips went up and down it quickly. Eventually she loosened the grip
with her teeth, closed her eyes and sucked hard, up and down, up and down,
until she felt his balls heat up against her chin, as he prepared to empty
his load. He pulled her head up to look at her, and attempted to speak
through his intense pleasure.

"I -mmph- I'm gonna come!" he warned, expecting Chae to release him from
her mouth and let him ejaculate in the air. She muttered an expletive under
her breath, and went back to his cock, her tempo increasing and increasing
and increasing and...

"Ughhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssssssssss! Oh God!"

Nash released his sperm in four huge streams, and Chae continued to suck,
drying his cock completely from any semen, and then swallowing it all. She
rolled off him, and let her head lay on him, happy to have satisfied Nash,
but still feeling too horny to end the night like this. Suddenly, Nash
sprang back to life, and threw Chae onto her back, leaning forward on top of
her. She let out a cheeky giggle, and Nash kissed her tenderly, letting his
tongue lick at her lips softly.

"My turn." He said with a smile.

Nash began at her breasts. He licked all around her beautiful globes, and
kept circling them several times, always carefully avoiding the actual
breasts and just sticking to the edges around them. Chae was already finding
it hard to resist.

"Ahhhhhh! Plea■Please■Please suck me!"

He let his tongue slip onto her breasts, rubbing them all over and coating
them in his dribble. She let her hands rub the saliva in, moaning louder and
louder every time Big Sexy moved. He let his stubble graze and tickle her
breasts, driving her wild, before moving on to her beautiful light nipples.
He'd lick the edges in circles several times, and then let his tongue droop
over the nipple for a few seconds, and then he'd let the whole nipple
between his lips, biting it softly, and sucking hard. He kept going back and
forth between each breast, never taking a break.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh God!"

After a few minutes, Chae was at the peak of her passion, and Kevin
realised he had to move on. So, as Chae had done to him, he rolled his tongue
slowly and sensually down he flat stomach, pausing occasionally to nibble and
suck on her chest. He then reached her pussy, and began to spread her legs.
He then leant forward once again to kiss Chae, and his chest hairs rubbed
into her pussy, leading her to moan even louder. Nash proceeded to let his
tongue roll across the top of Chae's near-bald pussy, licking and tickling
her all over, until she had opened up completely for him to continue. He let
his entire tongue fall all the way in, and began to gently play inside of
Chae, before letting his tongue lift up slightly, touching her clit.

"Urgh, Urghhh, Urghhhhhhhhhh yeah!"

He continued to suck gently on her clit, before moving down to gently
tongue her vagina, before shoving his tongue as far into her in one quick
thrust as it could go.


Nash then went back to her clit, gently nibbling and sucking on it as Chae
begin to roll around on the bed insanely, before moving back to pushing his
tongue all the way into her. He continued to this for a few minutes, until
Chae could last no longer.


Kevin sucked out all her juices as she continued to moan and thrust her
hips madly. Eventually, he rolled off, and Chae continued moaning for several
minutes on her back, before turning back to face him.

"That was incredible Kevin! Thank you so much. I haven't ever felt
anything so good."

"I should be thanking you! You're amazing!"

"Thanks. I doubt I could ever top a feeling like that again." She said
with a slight smile.

"Well there's no harm in trying, is there?"

"I'm praying you're NOT joking!"

"Hell no!"

"W-W-What's your plan?!?" she asked with a huge grin now crossing her

"Close your eyes and let me take care of it." He kissed her, and she
immediately obeyed.

Nash gently rolled Chae onto her back, and immediately began to kiss her
all over. With her eyes still closed, he soothingly and affectionately kissed
each eyelid, as Chae spread her legs open for Big Sexy, her magnificent pussy
still soaking wet from his previous work. He went back to sucking and biting
on her clit, leaving as much saliva at her pussy as he could to provide yet
more lube for his beast. Soon after, Nash knelt between her legs, towering
over the relatively petite Korean. Chae, with her eyes still closed, reached
down and grabbed Kevin's cock. She began to slowly stroke it, but Kev would
have none of that. He was in charge here, and grabbed each of her slim wrists
in his hands, and pushed them over head, holding her down to the mattress
with a force that would keep her arms still but not hurt her. Chae giggled
sexily, and allowed Nash to do what he wanted. Nash began to gently poke his
cock at Chae's entrance, spreading it slightly but not entering.

"Ugh! Come on Kev! Put it in there!"

He ran his cock up and down her whole pussy very slowly.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Kevin! I need you inside me!"

Big Sexy ignored her plea's, and spread her pussy lips open slightly, so
he could poke the very tip of his prick inside her, before quickly taking it
out again.

"Please! I'm begging you Kevin! I need you! Fuck me please!"

He finally let her have it, spreading her legs open to the fullest, and
thrust his cock straight into her pussy.


Her pussy was perfect. Incredibly tight, warm, and wet, and Nash couldn't
get enough of it. He let her arms go to lift himself up slightly for
leverage, and began thrusting with all his might into the stunning Asian.
After several minutes of this, Nash had managed to push his entire giant cock
into Chae, who was now screaming in ecstasy, as he pumped in and out of her
hard. With her hands free, the former fitness-model put each of her palms
onto Nash's buttocks, and helped pull him into her faster and deeper.

"Oh God you're good!" she wailed.

"''re...amazing!" Nash moaned.

Nash kept up the pace, with Chae's hips thrusting back at him and meeting
every stroke with equally passionate force.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed.

Nash was tiring now, but didn't want to stop; while Chae had an energy
she felt could last forever. So as Big Sexy's thrusts began to slow, Chae
decided it was her turn to take charge. She rolled over fast, with Kevin
still inside her, and forced him onto his back again, before sitting up on
top of him. She began to ride him, increasing her speed with every drive,
and soon Kevin was holding her waist, helping her up and down on his cock.

"Huhhhhhhhh! Guhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed.

"Give it to me baby!" muttered Nash.

She was now bouncing up on his cock with incredible force, with his help
making their combined momentum colossal. His entire dick would leave her
tight pussy, and then slide right back in until it hit her cervix, her clit
being pounded hard and fast, just how she liked it, as they both groaned in

"Fuck me Kev! Never stop - ughhhhhh - Never stop fucking me!"

Their hips continued to bang against each other as they both dripped in
sweat, their movements timed to perfection together.

"Ugh... uhhhhhhh... ohhhh... yes! Uh.... oooh... urghhhhhh!" she wailed in

She gripped Kevin's shoulders tight, her nails digging into him
pleasurably as both of their facial expressions contorted in pleasure.

"I'm gonna...ARGHHHHHH! I'm gonna fucking - OHHHHHH YEAH! - Come...again!"
Chae howled.

"Me - mmmmmm - me too!" responded Nash.


They continued to fuck hard, and their fastest speed yet, and both opened
their eyes wide, staring deep into the others eyes as they neared orgasm.
Chae could feel Nash's balls heat up as they slapped against her ass, driving
her to an even more furious passion.

"Hear it comes!" groaned Nash, as Chae responded:

"Ughhhhh! I'm gonna fucking come! I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM!"



Kevin came passionately into Chae's beautiful pussy, and seconds later,
she exploded onto his cock, their combined juiced soaking each other and the
entire bed. They continued to pump in and out of each other, up and down,
with their temp gradually decreasing, until neither had any more to give,
and Chae collapsed lovingly on top of her partner, with the two sharing a
deep, passionate kiss, before they both passed out, exhausted.

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