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There's Only One M...V...P
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown television taping, Montel Vontavious Porter is
returning from the ring area where he defeated Funaki in a quick match in
front of a red-hot crowd. The SmackDown Superstar nicknamed MVP is wearing
his gray and purple wrestling attire, and he's unzipping the front of it as
he walks, "Now that's what I'm talking about... A kick ass match to show
those ingrates exactly why I'm the MVP of SmackDown..." MVP says as he pulls
his arms out of the sleeves of his wrestling outfit and rolls it down so that
it's bunched up around his waist as if it's a pair of shorts. "Those idiots
think I'm all talk, but they are finding out... there's only one MVP around
here and that's me..." MVP says as heads to the SmackDown interview area
where SmackDown's backstage correspondent Kristal Marshall is waiting
impatiently to do an interview for later in the show, "Hey, you've seen me
in action? I showed them all I'm the true MVP of this show...' MVP says with
a cocky tone.

Kristal Marshall raises an eyebrow before releasing an arrogant sigh as she
lightly tosses her smooth, silky dark brown hair back as the bitchy, arrogant
backstage correspondent folds her arms "I know how you feel..." Kristal
replies as she presses her lips together while dressed in a tight-fitting
black top and a short black skirt "Everyone knows that I have the most talent
here on SmackDown...yet Ashley is the top Diva here!? What's the deal with
that!?" Kristal says as she slightly snaps.

MVP shrugs his shoulder, "Yeah I know what you mean... it's all Teddy Long's
fault... he holds all the good talent down and he pushes the second rate ones
to the top... like that worthless Batista... I'd make a much better World
Champion than him!" MVP says.

Kristal nods her head as she turns slightly to MVP and gently places her
right hand on his shoulder "You're so right..." Kristal says as she raises
her left hand up and points in MVP's direction "You know what...I'm like the
MVP for SmackDown Divas...I have it all..." Kristal says proudly "SmackDown
should take notice of the you and me.." Kristal says with a
smirk as she locks her seductive, sly eyes with Montel Vontavious Porter.

MVP gets a smirk on his face as he nods his head, "You know, I like how
you think... there's no good reason why we shouldn't be at the top of the
mountain... we got it all... we got the looks... we got the talent... we
got it all..." MVP says with a cocky tone.

Kristal presses her lips together as she slyly glances down at the crotch of
MVP's wrestling attire "Mmmhmm, we do got it all..." Kristal says with a sly
smirk as she lowers her left hand and brushing her hand against MVP's crotch.

MVP looks down towards his crotch as Kristal brushes her left hand against
his crotch again, "Shit... you know... everyone under-rates the real MVPs...
cause we're the best..." MVP says as his crotch starts to swell up a bit.

Kristal slowly nods her head as she presses her left hand firmer against
MVP's crotch "Oh yeah...we're so under-rated..." Kristal agrees as she
presses her lips together and removes her hand from his crotch as she takes
a step back before the sly, bitchy backstage correspondent places her hands
on the straps of her black tight-fitting top and begins to lift the top off
of her gorgeous, petite black body.

MVP raises his right eyebrow a bit as he watches Kristal lift her top off of
her body, exposing her beautiful round and firm tits, "Whew...damn... people
sure as hell are under-rating you for damn sure!" MVP says as he puts his
hands on his waist and slightly pushes down his wrestling attire, "But take
a look here... this is why I'm the MVP of SmackDown..." MVP says as he slides
his wrestling attire downward and within a few moments he frees his thick
hardening eleven inch dick to the bitchy backstage correspondent.

Kristal raises an eyebrow and she slowly licks her lips "Mmm...that's
perfect..." Kristal says with a soft laugh before she places her hands
against her skirt and she starts push the skirt off of her smoothly
rounded, petite waist and down her smooth, stunning legs to expose her
hot shaven pussy "You know...Montel...we should do what only the true
MVP's do best.." Kristal says with a sly smirk as she completely steps
out of her skirt and stands completely nude in front of MVP.

MVP completely pushes down his wrestling attire and steps out of it so that
he stands completely naked in front of Kristal, "Now that's a most valuable
plan right there cause us MVP's are the best at every damn thing..."

Kristal nods her head and smirks "Oh yes...I am...I mean yes we are..."
Kristal says before she takes a step forwards to MVP and she kneels down in
front of the arrogant SmackDown Superstar before she wraps her smooth hands
around his thick, hard cock and she begins to stroke her sly, manipulative
hands against his cock.

MVP licks his lips, "Ahhh yea... I can tell you're an MVP with what you can
do already..." MVP says with a cocky smirk on his face as Kristal moves her
hands back and forth along the fully hard cock of Montel Vontavious Porter.

Kristal lifts her head and glances up at MVP as she continues to smoothly
stroke her small and sly hands against his thick, hard shaft "Oh...this is
nothing..." Kristal replies arrogantly before she lowers her head a bit and
places her wet tongue against the thick head of MVP's cock. Kristal begins
to gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock as she lightly coats
it with her warm, wet saliva.

MVP nods his head up and down as Kristal slowly moves her soft wet bitchy
tongue around the large head of his stiff fat cock, "Mmmmmm yeah... show
this MVP what you got... show me that play of the day..." MVP moans a bit
as Kristal's warm wet saliva drips down the length of MVP's hard cock.

"Mmm..." Kristal softly as she starts to quicken the movements of her tongue,
slapping her wet saliva against the head of his cock before she opens her
mouth and lowers her head on his cock. Kristal presses her lips around his
shaft and she starts to bob her head on his cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yea... mmm yeah... that's how an MVP's gotta be treated..."
MVP moans as Kristal bobs her head at a sly seductive pace, dragging her lips
against the thick shaft's skin. MVP places his right hand on Kristal's head
and he puts his left hand on his own waist as looks down and watches Kristal
bob her head on his cock as she suck him off. Kristal lifts her soft, sly
eyes up and locks them with MVP as she gently twists her head against MVP's
cock, grinding her soft lips, while she bobs her head on his cock. Kristal
moans softly against MVP's cock as she works her wet tongue around his cock
while taking him deeper into her wet mouth as she starts to suck his cock at
a quicker pace.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah mmmm yea..." MVP moans and licks his lips as Kristal sucks
harder on his thick hard cock. MVP looks down into Kristal's sly, soft eyes
as she moves her head back and forth on his dick, "Damn... you got some
really valuable talents... Teddy Long has to be a peanut head idiot not to
make you the Most Valuable Diva on SmackDown..."

Kristal slightly smirks around MVP's cock as she taps her soft, wet tongue
against the underbelly of MVP's cock before she starts to slowly lifts her
head off of his cock, dragging her soft lips against the skin of his shaft.
"Let's see if you're worth the hype..." Kristal says with sly smirk as she
stands up.

MVP gets a slightly offended look on his face, "Hey I'm worth all the hype
and every penny I get paid... I smell like smoke cause I've gone through
fire..." MVP says as he preaches his own hype to Kristal, "And I ain't all
talk cause I can get it done..." MVP says as he puts his hands on Kristal's
sexy slender hips and turns her around so that she faces an equipment trunk.
MVP bends her forward and he then slams his entire cock into Kristal's hot
tight smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmm...fuck..." Kristal says as she presses her lips together and looks over
her shoulder at MVP after firmly slamming his hard, thick cock into her tight
pussy. Kristal licks her lips before she pushes herself back against MVP's
cock as he starts to thrust himself in and out of Kristal's soothing, tight

MVP firmly holds onto Kristal's hips and he pulls her back towards him every
time he drives his cock forward deeply into her tight pussy, "Mmmmm yeah...
now this is what I'm talking about... cause only an MVP can bang an MVP..."
MVP groans as he thrusts his shaft in and out of Kristal's pussy. Kristal
grits her teeth together as she starts to rock back and forth against the
equipment trunk as MVP firmly and quickly slams his cock in and out of
Kristal's tight, warm pussy. Kristal continues to push herself back against
MVP as her hot, round ass smacks back against his smooth, toned waist.

MVP starts using long hard thrusts as he moves his cock in and out of
Kristal's pussy and his balls smack against Kristal's smooth skin as he
fucks her from behind. "Mmmmm yeah... oooo yea... take it like an MVP..."
MVP grunts as he smacks Kristal's ass with his right hand as he sharply
drives his cock all the way into Kristal's soothing pussy.

Kristal bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh yeah...mmm fuck that pussy MVP...
we're the most talent on...SmackDown..." Kristal groans as she starts to
gently grind her warm, wet pussy against MVP's hard, thick thrusting cock as
it slams in and out of her pussy at a rough, quick rate.

MVP licks his lips and nods his head as he begins to sweat, "Mmmmm yeah...
ohhh yea... we are the fucking stars of SmackDown... we're the MV fucking P's
of this damn show..." MVP grunts as he thrusts his large thick cock in and
out of Kristal's pussy.

Kristal nods her head as sweat starts to drip off of her hot, petite body
while MVP firmly slams his thick, hard cock in and out of Kristal's tight
pussy, while she rocks back against his cock and pushes back at a firm,
rough rate "Ohhh yeah we're MVP's alright!"

MVP grits his teeth as sweat falls off of his smooth muscular body, "Mmmmm
yeah... ohhh yea mmm fuck..." MVP grunts as he starts to cum inside of
Kristal's warm, tight pussy as he keeps thrusting his dick in and out at a
quick rate.

Kristal tilts her head back "Ohhhh shit..." Kristal groans as she feels MVP's
warm, sticky cum spray into her tight pussy as he continues to thrust his
cock in and out of her pussy. Kristal bites down on her bottom lip as she
firmly pushes herself back against MVP's cock one final time before he pulls
his cock out of her pussy.

MVP smirks as he slides his cum-spent cock against Kristal's pussy, "Mmmm
yeah... there's only one MVP around here..." MVP says as he smacks Kristal's
ass again before he steps away from the bitch correspondent.

Kristal raises an eyebrow and presses her lips together as she glances over
her shoulder at MVP "Yeah...and that's me!" Kristal says arrogantly as she
tosses her hair back.

MVP raises an eyebrow and looks at Kristal, "Say what?!"

Kristal rolls her eyes and sighs "Oh please..." Kristal says with an arrogant
laugh "Everyone knows that I have the most talent around here...and I'm going
to prove it to you...and Teddy Long...and anyone who matters..." Kristal says
with a sly smirk.


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