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This Is MY House
A Paige And AJ Lee FanFiction
by PreciousJessica

AJ Lee and Paige was seen in the ring as they was training for an upcoming match they was having against one another as they was touching each other as Paige soon grabbed AJ by her dark black hair and kissed her as AJ shoved her away from..

"What the hell Paige."

"What this is my house remember my rules AJ."

AJ rolled her eyes as she slide out of the ring as she licked her hand as Paige continued to watch her as she smirked when she got out of the ring as she started to follow AJ as she caught up with her she smirked when she turned AJ to face her.

"Come on AJ not like you wasn't feeling it when we was touching each other in the ring and the pin attempts."

"Paige I am married knock it off."

"No man has anything on me I can make a woman cum so hard that men wished I was with them."

"Knock it off."

AJ went behind the curtains as Paige followed her as she got back to the dressing room she slammed the door in Paige's face as she went to get ready for a shower as Paige looked at the door she shook her head.

"Little bitch will get what she has coming."

Paige went to open the door as AJ's little tiny body was getting clean clothes so she could shower as Paige was looking at her ass she licked her lips as she moved closer to AJ as she let her hand slide up touching her ass as AJ turned around to face Paige.

"Get away from me."

"Mmm no.. You had me turned on in the ring AJ you need to help me."

Paige pulled her to her again as she kissed her lips as she kept AJ so close that AJ couldn't move as Paige just licked her lips she trailed her tongue down from her lips to her neck as she found her way to her breast moving to the left one first as she started to suck on her left breast after sucking on it for a few minutes as she was massaging the right one she switched off as she heard AJ moan out as she stopped as she looked at AJ.

"Told you AJ you will play by my rules."

AJ tried to move from her as she couldn't move as Paige had a strong grip on her as Paige trailed her tongue down to where Paige was on her knees as she been wanting to taste AJ for so long as she smirked when feeling AJ tremble from just her tongue as she was between her legs teasing her clit with her fingers as AJ tried to kick her away but Paige had her legs as she moved her pussy lips apart as she looked up at AJ who was shivering from the touching as she closed her eyes.

"Please stop Paige Phil wouldn't like this."

"He's not here AJ he wont have to know."

She soon moved her head in as she trailed her tongue into her pussy wiggling it in and out of AJ's sweet tight pink pussy as she hear AJ moan out as she forgot what she was married for a minute when feeling Paige's tongue flick in an out of her pussy hitting that spot as she whimpered "Oh fuck your better then he is.." She cried as she clinched her fingers into a ball as Paige was trusting her tongue in and out of her pussy that look in Paige's eye grew more lustful for AJ as she moved her tongue harder and faster with the flicking actions...

"Oh fuck Paige... I'm Cumming... Fuck I'm cumming..."

AJ couldn't hold it as she started to cum as Paige was drinking her pussy juices as she pulled away.

"Told you... Now Fucking return the favor."

AJ wasn't sure what to do as she undressed Paige seeing Paige's naked body she ran her fingers down as Paige shoved AJ to her knees as she smirked.

"Don't fucking tease me anymore AJ."

AJ nodded "Yes Paige.." She whispered out as she moved her fingers to Paige's pussy spreading her lips apart as she wiggled her fingers inside of Paige as she moaned out "Tongue AJ use your fucking Tongue."

AJ soon move her head between her legs as she brushed her tongue against her clit before entering it inside of her pussy as she started to slide and wiggle it in and out of her pussy as Paige moaned out as for AJ never doing this before she knew what her tongue was able to do as she flicked it harder into her pussy as Paige screamed.

"Fuck Yes...Rougher Im not going to break."

She smirked looking down as Paige couldn't help but grab AJ by her black hair moving her head rougher in between her legs as AJ moaned into her pussy as she couldnt believe she was liking what she was doing and how Paige was rough with her as she felt her tongue moving harder into her pussy as she felt a little drop of Paige's sweet wetness fall from her pussy.

"That's right make me cum you bitch."

Hearing that and knowing Paige was close AJ found her fingers back working her pussy as well as her tongue as she purred into it as Paige couldn't hold it back much longer as she screamed out "FUCK AJ IM CUMMING..." as she soon cummed letting AJ drink her sweet juices as AJ pull away licking her lips then her fingers clean as she got up and skipped to the shower leaving Paige there smirking and thinking of the next encounter.

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