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This Is MizTV Episode 2: Rated R Coverage!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"All right MizFits! Welcome to another all exclusive episode of MizTV!" The
Miz says as he aims the MizCam at himself as he stands in a hotel's hallway.
Miz is dressed in a blue t-shirt and a pair of gray jeans, "The Miz is here
in this hallway... totally prepared to give ya'll the true story on the new
World Heavyweight Champion... The Rated R Superstar Edge! HOO-RAH!" Miz says
as he walks down the hallway to the last hotel room and knocks on the door.

After a few moments, the door is opened by Edge who's just wearing a pair of
loose-fitting shorts. "What?" Edge snaps and then he sees Miz and the MizCam,
"Oh it's you... it's about fucking time you got here..." Edge says as he lets
Miz in.

"Whoa... chill the hostility... the Miz is right on time... and this is
MizTV! HOO-RAH!" Miz says as he enters Edge's luxury hotel room.

"Whatever... let's get this over with... I got some Rated R activities lined
up..." Edge says as he closes the hotel room door and then folds his arms.

Miz points the MizCam at Edge, "Boy.. aren't we in a hurry... anyway... the
MizFits got to know... how did you come up with such a perfect plan to win
the World Heavyweight Title... and put out The Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy?"
Miz asks.

Edge smirks, "Simple... the idiots on the internet said Kennedy had an
injury... I took advantage of it... and took his Money in the Bank
contract.... And then waited until after the Deadman's match with that
lazy neutered animal Batista was over to cash in." Edge explains.

"Whew... that sure is one hell of a smart way to go straight to the top..."
Miz says as he keeps the MizCam aimed at Edge as Edge walks to the hotel room
bed, where he sits down.

"Of course it does! I did it before!" Edge snaps just as the door to the
bathroom is opened.

"Monsieur... are we not going to have... intense action?" Maryse, the sexy
French-Canadian Hostess of SmackDown, says as she steps out of the bathroom
wearing an expensive, smooth gold colored bathrobe.

"WHOA!" The Miz says as he aims the MizCam at Maryse as Edge chuckles.

"Yeah we are... Cause business needs to pick up around here... and I'm
getting bored..." Edge says with a smirk.

The sultry, seductive SmackDown Hostess presses her soft, luscious lips
together as she glances over at The Miz and his trusty MizCam "Oh monsieur...
there are two?" Maryse seductively asks in her French-Canadian accent as she
starts to slowly untie her smooth gold bathrobe, while taking a few casual
steps over towards the sex craving Rated R Superstar, Edge.

"Yeah there's two... so what?" Edge says with a smirk as he licks his teeth,
"You want intense action so you're gonna get a double dose of it..." Edge
adds as he pushes his loose fitting shorts down from his waist to expose his
hardening thirteen inch Rated R cock.

"Damn! This is perfect for MizTV! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says with a grin as he
keeps his MizCam aimed at Maryse as he films her untying her smooth gold

Maryse raises an eyebrow "Mmm...oui, know I love the...
ummm intense action..." Maryse says as she opens her golden bathrobe as she
exposing her stunning, gorgeous tanned body. Maryse drops the golden bathrobe
to the floor of Edge's hotel room and the stunning SmackDown Hostess kneels
in front of the bed where Edge is sitting with his hard, thick Rated R cock.

Edge smirks, "That's right... all the hot sluts love intense action with the
Rated R Superstar..." Edge says cockily as Maryse wraps her right hand around
the base of his hard, fat cock.

The Miz gets closer to them as he films Maryse with the MizCam as she
starts to stroke Edge's shaft, "HOO-RAH! The Miz is totally diggin' what I'm
seeing!" Miz says as he casually starts to unbutton his jeans. Maryse lightly
tosses her sultry blond hair back as she leans her head forward and presses
her soft, wet tongue against the large, thick head of Edge's Rated R cock.
The stunning, seductive Maryse starts to guide her wet tongue down Edge's
thick shaft, spreading her saliva against his hardened cock.

"Mmmm... ohhh yeah... mmm..." Edge licks his teeth as he watches Maryse move
her soft, wet tongue up and down the length of his thirteen inch Rated R
cock, completely covering it with her saliva. The Miz zooms in with the
MizCam as he starts to push down his jeans to let out his twelve inch cock
which is already hardening. Maryse gently taps her tongue against the
underbelly of Edge's thick shaft as she slowly drags her saliva dripping
tongue back up his shaft. Maryse glances out of the corner of her eye and
notices The Miz standing next to her with his hard twelve inch cock within
reach. The SmackDown Hostess slyly reaches over and places her left hand
around his shaft and starts to gently stroke his cock while she bathes
Edge's cock with her hot tongue.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm damn.... damn I love doing MizTV!" Miz laughs a bit and
moans a little as Maryse gently strokes his hard twelve inch cock with her
gentle left hand. The Miz steps closer and aims the MizCam down at his cock
to film how Maryse's hand moves along its length. Maryse guides her tongue
back to the head of Edge's Rated R cock before she opens her mouth and takes
his cock into her soothing, seductive mouth. Maryse presses her soft lips
around his shaft and starts to steadily bob her head, sucking on the cock of
the Rated R Superstar. While sucking on Edge's cock, Maryse lifts her
seductive eyes and glances up at the MizCam as she continues to stroke her
left hand smoothly against The Miz's thick shaft.

"Uhhhh yeah... mmm fucking suck that Rated R cock you French slut..." Edge
moans and licks his teeth as he grabs a handful of Maryse's beautiful blond
hair as Maryse bobs her head on his huge cock.

"Whoa... easy champ..." Miz says with a smirk as Maryse gazes seductively
into the lens of the MizCam, "Maryse knows what she's doing...." Miz moans as
Maryse continues to stroke his cock.

"Mmmmm...mmm..." Maryse seductively moans against Edge's thick Rated R cock
as she gently slides her tongue around his shaft while smoothly bobbing her
head, sucking his cock at a quicker rate. While the Rated R Superstar is
enjoy Maryse's oral skills, she lowers her left hand down to The Miz's large
ballsack and begins to rub her hand against his balls.

"Ahhh... whew damn... Maryse is one hot MizFit!" The Miz says as Maryse
gently plays with his large balls with her left hand.

Edge raises an eyebrow and looks at Miz, "You wanna really see something?"
Edge asks and before Miz can answer, Edge pulls Maryse's head off of his huge
Rated R cock, "Show some hot intense action slut... suck us both off..." Edge
says with a sex crazed look in his eyes.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and presses her luscious lips together as she looks
up at the perverted, sex craving Rated R Superstar "Oui, monsieur?" Maryse
seductively asks as she lightly pulls The Miz's cock closer to the cock of

"Holy shit? She's gonna blow us both?! That's incredible! HOO-RAH!" The Miz
says with an excited tone as he zooms out with the MizCam so that he can get
a good shot at Maryse lining up his and Edge's cock.

"God that 'hoo-rah' shit is..." Edge rolls his eyes and looks down at Maryse,
"Come on... get to it!"

Maryse nods her head "Oh of course..." Maryse replies before the sexy
SmackDown Hostess lowers her head and opens her mouth as wide as she can and
impressively takes both Edge and The Miz's cock into her hot, wet mouth.
Maryse gently wraps her lips around both shaft and starts to slowly bob her
head, gently and smoothly sucking on both hard shafts.

"Whoa... ohhh... ohhh... HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans and licks his lips as he
feels his foot long cock grinding against Edge's cock as Maryse easily and
gently bobs her head on both of their cocks.

"Mmmm yeah... suck them fucking cocks... yeah that's it..." Edge moans
approvingly as he watches Maryse work over both his and Miz's dick with her
warm, wet French-Canadian mouth.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh..." Maryse soothingly moans against The Miz and Edge's thick,
rock hard cocks as she lifts and lowers her head at an increasing pace,
sucking and slurping both shafts as her hot saliva showers down on their
cocks. Maryse closes her eyes as she gently slaps her wet tongue against
Edge's shaft, before doing the same to The Miz as both shafts grind against
each other.

"Ahhh... mmmm ohhh fuck... shit she's good... HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans as he
films Maryse as she sucks and slurps on both of his and Edge's rock hard and
thick cocks.

Edge licks his teeth and tosses his blond hair back before he suddenly jerks
his cock out of Maryse's mouth, "Stick it you jerk off..." Edge says with an
arrogant smirk as he pulls Maryse away from Miz's cock and pulls her up to
her feet. "Get on the bed..." Edge orders as he pushes the seductive
French-Canadian SmackDown Diva over to the luxury sized hotel room bed.

Maryse presses her seductive lips together as she scoots back on the luxury
sized hotel room bed. Maryse locks her alluring eyes with Edge's sex craving
eyes as he sexual stalks his prey, Maryse. "Oh are very
intense..." Maryse says as Edge crawls on the bed, licking his teeth as he
closes in on Maryse.

Edge licks his teeth as he moves close to Maryse, "What was your fucking
clue?" Edge asks arrogantly as he puts Maryse on her right side. Edge lays
behind her, lifts up her left leg and then sharply spears her pussy with his
thirteen inch Rated R cock.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh monsieur!" Maryse loudly moans as Edge impales her tight, warm
pussy. Maryse presses her lips together as she places her hands on the satin
sheets of the bed as she starts to move against Edge's tanned, toned and
muscular body as he roughly thrusts his cock into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh yeah... mmm fuck yea..." Edge grits his teeth as he begins to
quickly thrust his cock in and out of Maryse's hot tight pussy as he arches
Maryse's left leg over his waist as Maryse pushes herself against him.

"Oh yeah that's great action! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he films the hot
action with the MizCam as he wraps his right hand around his cock and begins
to stroke it slowly.

Maryse lifts her head up and licks her luscious lips as she locks her
seducing eyes on The Miz "Oh monsieur...I think we could have do
you say...intense oral fun?" Maryse says as she gently rocks back against the
hard thrusting cock of Edge.

"Fuck yea!" Miz says with a smile as he jumps onto the large hotel room
bed and kneels right in front of Maryse's head. Miz aims his MizCam down at
Maryse's face as the tip of his cock brushes against her soft lips. Edge
licks his teeth as he continues to sharply pump his cock in and out of
Maryse's tight French-Canadian cunt.

Maryse closes her eyes as she opens her wet, seductive mouth and takes The
Miz's cock easily into her hot mouth. Maryse starts to smoothly bob her head
along The Miz's thick shaft while she rocks against Edge's spearing cock as
he roughly slams into her tight pussy. "Ohhhhh..." Maryse innocently moans
around The Miz's cock.

Miz licks his lips, "Ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck yea... HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans as
he keeps his MizCam locked on Maryse's face as she bobs her head easily on
his thick cock.

"Ohhh uhhh yeah... fucking slut take that Rated R cock!" Edge grunts as he
starts to lightly sweat as he pounds Maryse's cunt with his hard, fat shaft.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhh monsieur!" Maryse moans around The Miz's cock as she
rocks back and forth on her side, in between The Miz and Edge as the Rated R
Superstar deeply spears her pussy with his thirteen inch cock. Maryse starts
to gently deep throat The Miz's shaft while her hot saliva splashes against
his cock as she bobs her head quickly, her lips rubbing against his shaft.

Edge licks his teeth as he pumps his cock quickly and roughly in and out
of Maryse's tight warm pussy and his balls slap against Maryse's skin as a
result. "Hey get your dick into her cunt!" Edge yells to Miz as he pulls his
cock out of Maryse's pussy and then sharply impales it deep into Maryse's
tight French-Canadian asshole.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck monsieur!" Maryse loudly moans around The Miz's cock
before she quickly her head off of The Miz's cock after lightly gagging on
his twelve inch cock. Maryse gently grits her teeth as she leans her head
back against Edge's slightly sweaty, tanned and muscularly toned, chest as
he deeply fucks her tight asshole.

"Uhhhh... ahhh fuck yea... fucking slut..." Edge moans as he pumps his cock
in and out of Maryse's tight asshole.

The Miz licks his lips as he lays on his side in front of Maryse while
holding his MizCam with his right hand. "This is really the hottest action
ever on MizTV! HOO-RAH!" Miz says as he guides his twelve inch cock into
Maryse's tight cunt and instantly begins to fuck the sexy SmackDown Hostess
as she's sandwiched between himself and the Rated R Superstar.

Maryse licks her luscious lips as she rocks and grinds her seductive,
gorgeously tanned body in between The Miz and Edge. Maryse rocks back against
Edge's cock as he deeply fucks her tight asshole, before she rocks forward
against The Miz's cock in her warm, wet pussy. "Ohhhh really
know intense action..." Maryse moans as sweat begins to drip down her
seductive body.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm yeah...." The Miz moans as he aims the MizCam as best he can
while he thrusts his cock in and out of Maryse's hot tight pussy.

"Mmmm fuck yeah... ohhh yea... you fucking take them cocks you French
slut..." Edge groans as he drives his cock sharply and deeply into Maryse's
tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh monsieur...ohhhh oui! Oui!" Maryse seductively moans as her
ass roughly smacks back against Edge's waist and crotch as he deeply spears
her tight asshole with intensity. Maryse presses her lips together as she
grinds her pussy forward sharply against The Miz's cock as he drills her warm

Edge licks his teeth as sweat drips off of his toned, tanned body as he
continues to bang Maryse's tight asshole, "You want more? Huh? You want
more?!" Edge grunts as he suddenly rips his cock out of Maryse's asshole
and forces it into Maryse's already cock-stuffed cunt.

"Ahh shit..." Miz groans as he feels Edge's cock grinding against his own as
Edge starts to fuck Maryse's cunt with him.

"Ohhhhh fuck monsieur!" Maryse loudly moans and groans, gritting her teeth
together as she feels Edge's Rated R cock impale her cock filled pussy as he
and The Miz both starts to quickly and firmly slam their cocks into her warm,
wet pussy as she rocks in between the two SmackDown Superstars.

"Ohhh yeah... mmm fuck yeah... god damn..." The Miz moans as he jiggles
the MizCam a bit as he and Edge double team the warm, wet cunt of the
French-Canadian SmackDown Hostess. Both SmackDown Superstars deeply drive
their huge cock into Maryse's pussy as their sweaty bodies press against

Maryse arches her back slightly against the sweaty, muscular body of the
Rated R Superstar as her rounded, sexy ass collides with his waist, smacking
skin against skin before Edge's powerful, spearing thrust sends Maryse
forward against The Miz "Ohhhh are...very intense..." Maryse
moans as sweat drips down her tanned body.

"You got that fucking right... I'm the Rated R Fucking Superstar!" Edge
grunts as he rams his cock balls deep into Maryse's pussy with the Miz. "You
know what... fuck this..." Edge pulls his thirteen inch Rated R cock out of
Maryse's hot, wet pussy and sits up on his knees on the bed. "Give me that
fucking camera!" Edge says as he grabs the MizCam away from Miz.

"Hey! That ain't right! This is MizTV not the Cutting Edge!" Miz moans as he
continues to fuck Maryse's pussy until Edge pulls Maryse away from Miz.

"Cute..." Edge smirks as he aims the MizCam down at Maryse, "Suck my fucking
cock you hot slut..."

Maryse bites down on her bottom lip seductively as she locks her alluring
eyes with the Rated R Superstar "Oui monsieur...of course..." Maryse sweetly
replies as she moves forward to the new World Heavyweight Champion and
positions herself on her hands and knees, while facing him, as she takes his
thick Rated R cock into her soothing, wet mouth and begins to bob her head
along his prick while Edge films her with the MizCam.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm yeah... fuck yeah..." Edge moans as he aims the MizCam
down at Maryse's face as she sucks his large thirteen inch cock.

The Miz shakes his head, "Whatever..." Miz laughs as he kneels behind Maryse
and proceeds to slam his cock deep into Maryse's warm, wet pussy. "Ohhhh
HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans as he puts his sweaty hands on Maryse's hips to pull
her back against him as he thrusts his foot-long shaft in and out of her

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm" Maryse soothing moans against Edge's thick, rock hard Rated
R cock as she gently rocks back on her knees, pressing her sweat covered hot
ass against The Miz's toned waist as he deeply thrusts his cock into her
pussy. Maryse gently twirls her tongue around Edge's cock as she takes his
deeper into her hot, wet saliva dripping mouth while she looks up into the

"Ahhh.... ohhh yea... mmmm fuck... ahhh yea..." The Miz moans as he drives
his cock in and out of Maryse's tight pussy. The Miz's large balls slaps
against Maryse's sweat dripping skin as he bangs her from behind, "Ahhh ohhh
yeah... HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans as he begins to unload his warm thick cum
deep inside of Maryse's pussy.

"Uhhh yeah... fucking hot slut..." Edge moans as he closes his eyes while
keeping the MizCam aimed at Maryse's face as she bobs her quickly on his
large throbbing thirteen inch prick, "Ahhhh fuck... shit!" Edge moans as he
start to cum inside of Maryse's moist French-Canadian mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhh..." Maryse moans and slaps her tongue against Edge's throbbing
Rated R cock as his warm cum sprays into her mouth. Maryse slowly bobs her
head on Edge's shaft as she soothingly milks his cock with her soft lips of
all of his Rated R warm cum. Maryse slowly lifts her head off of Edge's cock
and swallows his cum as she feels the warm cum of The Miz drip out of her
tight pussy.

"Ahhh... mmm... yeah..." The Miz moans as he pulls his cum-spent cock out of
Maryse's pussy, "Ohh damn.... whew..." Miz says.

Edge drops the MizCam down on the bed and gets off, "Thanks for the fun
chump-stain... take the slut when you leave..." Edge says as he gets off the
bed and heads to the bathroom.

Miz raises an eyebrow as he picks up the MizCam and aims it at Maryse, "Hey
Maryse... I bet my MizFits want to know... what were you doing here when I
dropped in on Edge?" Miz asks.

Maryse raises an eyebrow "Me, monsieur?" Maryse cutely asks as she lightly
tosses her sweat dampened blond hair back while looking into the MizCam.

"Yeah you..." Miz replies as he moves the MizCam a bit to film sweat dripping
down off of Maryse's sexy, tanned body.

"Well...monsieur...I do enjoy the...intense Rated R action...on SmackDown..."
Maryse says as she presses her lips together.

The Miz smirks, "That's what I thought!" Miz says as he then turns the MizCam
around to point it at himself, "And that MizFits is the end of another action
filled episode of MizTV! HOO-RAH!"


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