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This Is MizTV Episode 4: Scandalous A-List!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"HOO-RAH!" The Miz yells into his trusty MizCam as he crouches down behind a
car that's parked outside of the Target Center in the arena's parking lot.
"This is the Miz and this is another episode of MizTV! And MizFits I had a
killer idea... I'm out here in the parking lot waiting to get some juicy,
scandalous footage for all of you." Miz says as a long, expensive looking
limousine pulls into the parking lot. Miz, who's dressed in black workout
pants and a gray t-shirt, aims the MizCam at the limo as it parks nearby,
"Whoa... what's this... someone big and important has arrived!" Miz says as
he stands up a bit from behind the car he's hiding behind. "Let's go and see
who it is MizFits..."

As the Miz walks from behind the car towards the limo, he then hears a
hellish scream from within the limo, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Whoa! We got scandal! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he quickly heads over to
the limo and he hears several moans. Miz tries to peek into the limo, but
the tinted windows prevent him from seeing what's going on inside. "I can't
believe this! Something's happening and..." Miz trails off as he stands on
his tiptoes to look at the roof of the limo. When he sees the sunroof, Miz
gets an idea and he proceeds to carefully climb up onto the trunk of the
limo. "MizFits... you can't imagine the lengths I'll go through to get some
hot, scandalous footage for MizTV... HOO-RAH!"

The Miz puts the MizCam down on the roof of the limo before he slides up onto
the roof and lays down on his stomach. He picks up the MizCam and smoothly
slides on the roof to the sun-roof where he then peeks down into it. "Holy
smokes MizFits... you gotta see this..." Miz says as he then aims the MizCam
down into the sunroof where a naked Johnny Nitro is kneeling on the floor of
the limo between Melina's gorgeous, smoothly shaved legs with his head
leaning down towards Melina's hot, shaved A-List pussy. The hot A-List
Superstar is lapping his tongue up and down against Melina's pussy lips as
Melina pulls on his hair to get him to lick the right spot.

The self-proclaimed most dominant Diva in WWE history, Melina, has her head
tilted back and her teeth gritted as she pulls on the hair of her A-List
boyfriend, Johnny Nitro, while he laps his tongue against her dominating,
warm and wet pussy "Ohhhh yeah...ohhhh AHHHHHH!" Melina releases a primal
scream as she drapes her smooth, stunning legs onto Nitro's shoulders and
begins to grind her pussy against his handsome face.

"Well MizFits... what can I say... that's pretty scandalous!" Miz says from
on top of the limo as he watches and films the hot A-List couple through the
sunroof. Johnny Nitro presses his face against Melina's hot, smooth pussy as
he rapidly moves his tongue against her soft pussy lips. Nitro raises his
right hand and then pushes two fingers into Melina's pussy and begins to pump
them in and out quickly.

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhh fuck Johnny! You fucking lick that cunt!" Melina sneers as
she closes her eyes and viciously grinds her pussy forward against Nitro's
handsome face, forcing him to dart his tongue not only deeper, but quicker
into her pussy. Melina presses her lips together and narrows eyes as she
glances down at Nitro "Mmm...Johnny, nobody is more A-List than us!"

"Mmmm... mmm..." Johnny Nitro nods his head a bit as he deeply pushes his
tongue and fingers into Melina's warm, tight cunt as she pulls his long black
hair. Nitro turns his head slightly and grinds the bridge of his nose against
Melina's pussy.

"Wow... look at Nitro eat that scandal loving chick Melina..." Miz says into
the MizCam as he licks his lips, "This has got to be the hottest thing to
appear on MizTV so far... HOO-RAH!"

Melina slyly smirks as she looks down at Nitro's moving head as he rubs the
bridge of his nose against her pussy, while he moves his tongue against her
soft pussy lips. "Ohhhh...ahhhh Johnny! Get your A-List ass up here!" Melina
dominatingly commands as she looks her narrowed, dreadful glaring eyes on her
studdly boyfriend.

Johnny Nitro lifts his head up away from Melina's hot delicious A-List pussy,
"All right..." Nitro says with a smirk as he gets up from the floor of their
luxury limo and sits on the leather seat next to Melina. Nitro's huge, fat
fourteen inch cock points upward between his legs and Melina almost instantly
grabs it.

"Whoa! Nitro is a big boy... he looks like he said his prayers and took
his vitamins... HOO-RAH!" Miz says from on top of the limo as his aims the
MizCam at Nitro's cock as Melina begins to stroke it. Melina grits her teeth
together as the dominant A-List Diva firmly holds onto Nitro's cock with her
left hand and roughly strokes her hand up and down his hard, thick shaft
before the arrogant Women's Champion pushes herself off of the leather seat
of the limo and moves down onto her knees in front of Nitro. Melina slyly
smirks up at Nitro as she leans her head forward and slaps her dominant
tongue against the thick head of his fourteen inch cock.

"Oh yeah... I love when you do that shit..." Johnny Nitro smirks as he sits
back on the leather seat of the limo as he slightly wraps his right leg
around Melina's hot body. On the roof of the limo, the Miz zooms in with the
MizCam to get as good a close-up as possible as Melina slaps her dominant
tongue against the thick head of Nitro's incredibly large A-List cock. Melina
raises an eyebrow slyly as she slaps her hot, dominant tongue against the
piss-slit of Nitro's cock, splashing her hot saliva against the thick of his
cock. The A-List Diva then opens her mouth and lowers her head, taking
Nitro's fourteen inch cock into her bitchy, hot mouth. Melina presses her
lips firmly around his thick shaft and she begins to easily bob her head on
her A-List boyfriend's cock.

"Mmmm... ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck yea Melina..." Johnny Nitro moans and closes
his eyes as he leans his head back to enjoy the incredible feeling of the
bitchy, arrogant Diva known as Melina bobs her head up and down quickly on
his huge fourteen inch cock.

"Damn... Melina should show some of those wanna-bes A-Listers how to suck a
dick! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as his own cock hardens within his pants as he
watches and films the action from the roof of the limo.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Melina moans against Nitro's fourteen inch cock as she
quickly and smoothly bobs her head, taking his A-List cock deeply into her
hot and bitchy mouth. Melina suddenly twists her head on Nitro's cock,
grinding her dominant lips against the skin of his rock hard shaft before
she opens her mouth as wide as she can and impressively deep throats Nitro's
entire fourteen inch cock.

"Holy shit! That would choke some folks MizFits!" The Miz says as he watches
Melina as she deep throats Johnny Nitro's huge, fat fourteen inch cock with
incredible ease. The host of MizTV licks his lips and as he takes a moment to
try and adjust his hardening crotch, Miz ends up sliding off the roof of the
limo and crashes down on the concrete of the parking lot, "OW! DAMN!"

"What the hell..." Nitro moans as he opens his eyes to look towards the left
side window of the limo.

Melina suddenly jerks her head off of Nitro's fourteen inch rock hard cock as
it drips with her hot saliva. Melina grits her teeth and narrows eyes "What
the hell was that?!" Melina rudely snaps as she glances over to the left side
window of the limo as well.

"Ow damn MizFits... that was a hard landing... "Miz says as he checks the
MizCam to make sure it's not broken. As he stands up, Miz becomes visible for
Nitro and Melina.

"What the hell is that little shit doing out there?!" Nitro snaps as leans
over to open the left side door of the limo, but Melina is in his way.

Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks before she glances back at Johnny
Nitro "Wait! Johnny! Does he have a camera!?"

Johnny Nitro squints his eyes as he glares out the window at The Miz and he
sees the MizCam, "Yeah he does..." Nitro then sneers, "I bet that little fuck
was filming us!" Nitro says angrily, not realizing the possibilities that
Melina is thinking.

Melina raises her hands up "Wait...Johnny..." Melina smirks "Every good
A-Lister needs a scandal..." Melina glances over her shoulder to look back
out the window at The Miz as he stands outside of the limo, trying to compose
himself after the fall. Melina arrogantly tosses her A-List styled hair back
as she looks back at Johnny Nitro "And there's our scandal..."

Johnny Nitro thinks for a few moments and then smirks, "Yeah... you're
right... that's why you're the most dominant Diva ever... you get all the
great ideas..." Nitro says with a smirk. Nitro leans over to the left side
door and opens it, "Hey... you... get the fuck in here..." Nitro says as he
moves off the leather seat of the limo and to the floor.

The Miz raises an eyebrow as he looks into the limo and aims his MizCam at
it, "Whoa... what a turn of events!" Miz says as he moves close to the open
door of the limo and gets an awesome shot of a naked Melina as she kneels on
the floor of the limo with Nitro now positioned behind her.

Melina narrows her eyes into a deadly glares as she look at The Miz as he
enters the luxury limo with his trusty MizCam "Are you going to show that to
anything!?" Melina rudely asks as she arrogantly looks at The Miz.

The Miz nods his head, "Oh yeah... I'm gonna show all my MizFits all this
footage... HOO-RAH!" The Miz says with a smirk as he aims his MizCam right at
Melina's naked body.

Melina smirks and nods her head "Good....cause I want all the publicity!"
Melina says arrogantly as she rolls her eyes "Everyone knows I deserve the
spotlight! Not Candice Michelle...not Mickie James...not Ashley! Me! Me!"
Melina pauses and takes a deep breath to calm herself down before she looks
up at The Miz "Hey know what my favorite thing is?" Melina says as
she glances over her shoulder slyly to look back at her A-List boyfriend who
is positioned directly behind her.

"No what?" The Miz asks as he adjust the stiff crotch of his jeans as he
keeps the MizCam on Melina. Johnny Nitro smirks as he and Melina locks eyes
before he grabs Melina's hips to lift up her ass. Nitro scoots close to
Melina and teasing pushing the head of his huge fourteen inch cock against
the soft lips of Melina's pussy.

Melina smirks "I love having sex with two guys..." Melina says pressing her
dominant lips together as she seductively rocks back on her knees, rubbing
the entrance of her dominant pussy against the thick head of Nitro's cock.
Melina wickedly laughs "There's a scandal for you Miz!"

"Yeah... it sure is... HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he holds the MizCam with his
right hand as he starts to push down his workout pants from his waist to let
out his fully hard twelve inch cock.

Johnny Nitro grits his teeth as he then sharply slams his entire fourteen
inch cock deep into Melina's hot dominant pussy, "Ahhh.. mmm..." Nitro groans
as he starts to quickly thrust his cock in and out of Melina's pussy as her
body jolts forward toward the Miz.

Melina grits her teeth as her hot, toned A-List body roughly rocks forward
"Ohhhh yeah Johnny! Mmmm fuck!" Melina horridly screams as she starts to
immediately push herself back against the fourteen inch A-List cock of her
boyfriend, Johnny Nitro. Melina narrows her eyes as she looks up at The Miz
and the MizCam before she opens her hot, bitchy mouth and takes Miz's cock
easily into her mouth before she starts to smoothly bob her head, sucking
on The Miz's cock.

"Ohhhh... mmmm yeah... damn... this is a total scandal! HOO-RAH!" The Miz
moans as Melina bobs her head easily on his foot long cock. Miz aims the
MizCam in an angle towards Melina's face to film how smoothly her head goes
up and down on his shaft as she blows him.

"Mmmm... ohhh yeah... mmm... fuck yea..." Johnny Nitro groans as he grits
his teeth as he pulls Melina roughly back towards him as he drives his huge
A-Lister cock in and out of his dominant girlfriend's warm, tight cunt as her
ass smacks back against his perfectly toned and tanned waist.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmm!" Melina roughly moans against The Miz's cock as she quickly
rocks back on her knees against Johnny Nitro's firm, solid thrusts into her
tight, warm A-List pussy as her perfect ass slams back against his toned and
tanned waist, forcing his cock deeper. Melina presses her lips tighter around
The Miz's shaft as she lowers her head further down, taking over half of his
shaft into her hot, dominant mouth as she continues to smoothly bob her head,
giving The Miz a perfect A-List blowjob.

"Ahhh... damn... ohhh yea..." The Miz moans as he's almost speechless as
the reigning WWE Women's Champion gives him a perfect blowjob while getting
fucked doggy style by Johnny Nitro while getting filmed by the MizCam.

"Ohh yea... mmm fuck yea Melina.. I fucking love your hot cunt!" Nitro groans
as his balls crashes against Melina's smooth, gorgeously tanned skin with
each of his thrusts.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh!" Melina groans against The Miz's cock as she impressively
and easily deep throats his cock, while her dominant lips roughly rub and
grind against the skin of his rock hard shaft. Melina tosses her A-List
styled hair back and out of her beautiful, treacherous face as she roughly
and wildly pushes her hot, toned A-List body back against Johnny Nitro's
cock as he deeply slams into her pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh yeah... mmm fuck yea..." Johnny Nitro moans as he
continues to pull Melina back against him as he sharply drills her cunt with
his huge, thick fourteen inch cock.

"Mmmm... damn... fuck... this is gonna be the biggest episode of MizTV
ever... HOO-OHHHH-RAH!" Miz yells and moans as he keeps the MizCam perfectly
locked on Melina as Nitro pulls his cock out of Melina's pussy and slaps it
against Melina's hot, A-Lister ass.

Melina grits her teeth and raises an eyebrow as she glances back, over her
shoulder, at her A-List boyfriend Johnny Nitro "Mmm...ohhh Johnny, baby...
you're the best and your so damn hot..."

"Fuck yeah I am... I got the best body in the WWE... hell I got the best body
in the fucking world!" Nitro says as he slides his hands over his rock solid
abs. The studdly RAW Superstar then proceeds to wrap his arms around Melina's
waist and lifts her up to push her up onto the Miz's lap, who captures it all
on the MizCam.

Melina grits her teeth as her studdly A-List boyfriend lowers her onto the
cock of The Miz "Mmm...ohhhh know I love it!" Melina says as she
narrows her eyes and looks at The Miz as she starts to rock back and forth on
The Miz's cock, grinding her pussy against his shaft. "Give Johnny the
camera!" Melina rudely commands "...And Johnny you're going to fuck my ass!"
Melina adds in a commanding tone as she starts bounce on The Miz's cock at a
quick, intense rate while she rocks back and then forward.

"Ahhh... uhhh fuck take it..." Miz moans as he drops the MizCam on the
leather seat of the limo so that he can grab Melina's gorgeous tits with both
of his hands as Melina bounces up and down on his twelve inch cock.

Johnny Nitro picks up the MizCam and smirks, "What a cheap piece of junk..."
Nitro says with a snotty tone before he grips his fourteen-inch cock and
slams it roughly into Melina's tight asshole.

"Ohhhh...AHHHHHHH fuck Johnny!" Melina moans as she releases one of her
hideous primal screams as Johnny Nitro thrusts his fourteen inch A-List cock
into the tight, bitchy asshole of his girlfriend, causing her to roughly rock
forward on the Miz's cock. Melina grits her teeth and tilts her head back as
Nitro starts to thrust his cock in and out of Melina's ass as he now holds
and commands the MizCam. Melina places her dominant hands onto the toned
chest of The Miz as she slams down on his cock, taking him deep into her
dominant pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhhh yeah... mmmm fucking HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans as his eyes
roll back a bit from pleasure as Melina rides him hard and fast while she
get fucks from behind by Johnny Nitro. Nitro licks his lips as he holds
onto Melina's hips with his right hand as pumps his large cock in and out
of Melina's asshole.

"Uhhh... ohhh yea... fuck yea.... take that fucking cock up your ass
Melina..." Nitro grunts as he aims the MizCam down at Melina's ass as his
cock moves in and out of his hot, A-Lister girlfriend's asshole.

Melina closes her eyes and gently digs her fingernails into The Miz's toned
chest as she roughly rocks back on Johnny Nitro's cock while slamming down on
the cock of The Miz as she bounces swiftly. "Mmmmm...ohhhh...AHHHHHH!" Melina
moans, releasing a hideous primal scream, as sweat drips down her perfect
A-List body.

"Ohhh... baby... you are loud! HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans as he starts to
thrusts his cock upward into Melina's tight pussy as she slams her hot body
down on his cock with dominant sexual aggression. Johnny Nitro keeps the
MizCam aimed down towards Melina's ass as he quickly slams his cock in and
out of his girlfriend's asshole. Nitro's balls slap loudly against Melina's
ass as Melina pushes herself back against him.

Melina raises an eyebrow and glances over her shoulder back at Johnny Nitro
as she rocks back against her studdly A-List boyfriend's cock with dominating
sexual aggressive, her toned and hot A-List ass roughly slamming back against
Nitro's perfectly toned and tanned waist while his cock rams into her ass,
causing her to quickly rock forward on The Miz's cock as sweat drips off of
her hot A-List body. "Ahhh.... ohhhh shit... ohh fuck me... HOO-RAH!" The
Miz moans as Melina rocks back and forth while bouncing up and down on his
throbbing twelve inch cock. The Miz holds on to Melina's large, hot perfectly
shaped tits as he tilts his head back as his cock begins to explode with cum
inside of her dominating cunt.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Melina screams as she slams down on The Miz's throbbing cock
as his cock unloads into her warm, tight pussy. Melina grits her teeth as
she arrogantly tosses her sweat dampened A-List styled hair back before she
glances back at Nitro and slyly smirks "Johnny...give him the camera!" Melina
snaps "I'm going to blow you again...only like a true A-Lister, like I, can
do!" Melina rudely commands to her boyfriend.

"Oh yeah Melina... I love it when you suck my fucking cock..." Nitro moans
and smirks as he pulls his incredible fourteen inch cock out of Melina's
tight asshole. Johnny Nitro then pulls Melina off of The Miz's cum spent
cock and shoves the MizCam into Miz's hands, "Don't miss a fucking thing..."
Nitro says with a snobby tone.

"Boy... aren't we conceited.." Miz says as he turns the MizCam around to aim
it at Melina as Nitro opens the sunroof of the limo so that he can stand up
without being hunched over. Melina smirks as she scoots over to be directly
in front of Johnny Nitro as she is on her knees, in front of her A-List
boyfriend. Melina leans forward and opens her mouth as she takes his thick,
rock hard fourteen inch cock into her hot and dominant mouth. The hot, bitchy
and arrogant A-List Diva wraps her lips around his thick shaft and starts to
bob her head, splashing her hot saliva against his cock with her tongue as
she sucks Johnny Nitro's A-Lister cock.

Johnny Nitro puts both of his hands on Melina's sweat dampened hair as
she bobs her head quickly on his cock while slapping it with her tongue.
"Ohhhh... yeah... mmmm fuck yea... mmm shit..." Nitro moans as he starts
thrusting his cock in and out of Melina's dominant A-List mouth. The Miz
pulls up his workout pants before he moves on the leather seat of the
limo to get a better shot to film the hot blowjob Melina is giving to her
hot, sweaty boyfriend.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm!" Melina roughly moans around Johnny Nitro's rock hard
A-List cock as she deeply sucks on his shaft, smoothly bobbing her head along
the length of his cock. As Melina deep throats her boyfriend's cock, his ball
sack lightly smacks against her chin while her hot saliva drips down his
cock. Melina closes her eyes as the hot A-List Diva roughly twists her head,
grinding her lips against the skin of his thick cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yeah... mmm... shit... ohh god yea Melina..." Johnny Nitro
moans as he looks down at Melina as she deep throats his entire fourteen
inch cock with her warm, moist mouth. The hot, muscular, tanned and sweaty
A-List Superstar tilts his head back as he starts to shoot his hot, thick
cum into Melina's mouth. Melina slowly lifts her head off of Johnny Nitro's
throbbing, cum and saliva dripping fourteen inch cock and she holds the warm
cum of her A-List boyfriend as she turns on her knees to face The Miz and
the MizCam. Melina narrows her eyes before she leans forward and suddenly
spits the cum of her A-List boyfriend onto the lens of the MizCam.

"Whoa... hey!" The Miz says with an annoyed and slightly upset tone after
Melina spat Nitro's cum onto the lens of his trusty MizCam, "What the hell
was that?!" Miz says as he looks for something to clean the lens with.

Melina smirks and arrogantly glances down at the well-manicured fingernails
of her left hand and sighs "The paparazzi can be so annoying at times..."
Melina pauses and narrows her eyes as she deadly glares at The Miz "Get the
fuck out here!" Melina snaps.

The Miz shakes his head as he opens the limo's door and gets out. Miz looks
into the cum covered lens of the MizCam, "MizFits... The Miz is not happy...
cause I gotta go clean up the MizCam.... but don't worry, next time on MizTV
I promise more hot action! HOO-RAH!"


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