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This Is MizTV Episode 6: Sweet Breakthrough!
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

"HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he looks into the lens of his trusty MizCam. The
Miz is wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans, "Welcome to another unbelievable
episode of MizTV and do I got an exclusive for all my MizFits out there!" The
Miz says as he walks through the parking garage area of the arena, "The Miz
has heard from the grapevine that those untouchable WWE Tag Team Champs Deuce
and Domino got themselves a new hot ride... and the Miz is gonna get you all
a sneak peak HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as crouches down a bit to hide his
approach to his destination.

Miz points the MizCam in front of him so that he can watch where he is going,
"Now MizFits... Deuce and Domino have been totally secretive about what car
they got... So I have to stay low or risk getting my ass kick..." Miz laughs
as he sees his target, as well Deuce and Domino and the lovely blonde hair
roller skating Diva Cherry. Miz zooms in with the MizCam and he groans with
disappointment when he sees the car is covered with a tarp.

"Damn... They got it covered up... but don't worry MizFits I'm gonna get ya
that sneak peek...just got to wait a little" Miz says as he focuses the
MizCam on Deuce, Domino and Cherry.

Domino points Cherry and then at the covered car, "Hey yo Cherry, you gotta
watch the car all right... me and Deuce got to see that goof Teddy Long about
who we're facing next week..."

"Ok..." Cherry nods her head as she pops her gum that she's chewing.

"Don't let anyone see it... it's special..." Deuce says as looks the car.

"I won't... I promise..." Cherry says with a smile.

"Great... now give me some sugar..." Deuce says, and Cherry cutely kisses
his cheek. Deuce smacks Domino's arm, "Come on... let's get this over..."

"Right..." Domino nods his head as he and Deuce walk away from Cherry and the
covered up car.

Once the two 50s styled Tag Team Champions walk out of sight, the Miz comes
out of his hiding spot and starts to walk towards the covered car and Cherry,
"Hey there Cherry... smile you are on MizTV! HOO-RAH!" Miz says as he aims
the MizCam at the tarp that's covering the car and then at Cherry.

Cherry raises an eyebrow as she innocently looks over her shoulder at The Miz
and his trusty MizCam. Cherry smacks her chewing gum around in her mouth as
she turns around on her roller skates to face The Miz as he approaches
"MizTV!? Like what's that?" Cherry asks with a shrug as she places her hands
on her smoothly rounded hips as the adorable, sly roller skating Diva is
dressed in a short pink skirt and a matching pink top.

The Miz keeps the MizCam pointed at Cherry as he smirks, "MizTV is the
hottest show in the WWE... HOO-RAH! All my MizFits get to hear and see
something they normally wouldn't...." Miz says, "Such as seeing you up
close and personal... HOO-RAH!" Miz adds as he zooms in with the MizCam.

"Oh! Ok..." Cherry replies with a cute laugh as she presses her adorable lips
together while she blows a bubble with her chewing gum. " you
came to me for you little rad MizTV thingy..." Cherry asks as she looks
directly into the lens of the MizCam with her adorable, innocent eyes.

Miz smirks a bit, "Well yea... cause the Miz knows you got all the inside
details on things involving Deuce and Domino... such as... what kind of car
do they got covered up..." Miz says as he steps towards the covered up car.

"Oh this?" Cherry asks as she places her left hand onto the hood of the tarp
covered car, before slowly shakes her head "I'm sorry but my boyfriend Deuce
and my brother Domino said I can't show it anyone not from other side of the
tracks..." Cherry says to The Miz as she smacks her chewing gum.

The Miz frowns, "Oh why not? I'm not gonna tell anyone other than my millions
and millions of MizFits out there..." Miz says as he lowers the MizCam
slightly to capture footage of Cherry's clothed body.

Cherry scrunches her nose up a bit "Well...they told me not to show
anyone..." Cherry says as she bites down on her bottom lip as The Miz aims
his trusty MizCam at the large, rounded chest of the sly, adorable roller
skating Diva of SmackDown.

The Miz smirks a bit as he raises his MizCam back up towards Cherry's cute
face, "Now I'm sure they wouldn't mind me seeing it... but hey... what if I
show you something first that'll make you forget about Deuce and Domino's
car?" Miz suggests with a sly grin.

Cherry cutely sighs and shrugs her shoulders "Oh ok..." Cherry says with a
soft laugh as she removes her left hand from the hood of the covered car and
places both of her hands back on her smoothly rounded hips.

The Miz licks his teeth slightly, "All right Cherry... now get ready... cause
you're gonna see something that makes all the girls go... HOO-RAH!" The Miz
says with a smirk as he uses just his right hand to unbutton and unzip his
jeans. Miz makes sure to keep the MizCam pointed right at Cherry's face as he
pushes his jeans and white boxer shorts from his waist to free his thick,
semi-hard twelve inch cock to the sweet, innocent sister of Domino and
girlfriend of Deuce.

Cherry sly, but adorable eyes widen and her mouth cutely hangs open at the
sight of The Miz's twelve inch cock "Oh gee! That's huge!" Cherry exclaims
with a soft laugh as she cutely licks her lips.

The Miz laughs a bit, "Yeah I know... that's what the chicks said on the Real
World... HOO-RAH!" The Miz laughs a bit, "Why don't you come get a closer
look at it?" Miz suggests as he steps out of his jeans and boxer shorts.

Cherry smiles cutely and nods her head as she cutely bounces on her roller
skates with excitement "Oh I will!" Cherry as she skates closer to The Miz
and stops in front of the former Reality TV Star. Cherry looks into the
MizCam and smiles "Don't tell my boyfriend..." Cherry says softly before
she lowers herself down onto her knees, in front of The Miz, taking him by
surprise as she wraps her soft hands around his shaft and begins to stroke
his cock.

The Miz licks his lips and lets out a moan, "Oh the Miz is not gonna tell
your boyfriend... and neither are the MizFits... HOO-RAH!" Miz says as he
aims his trusty MizCam downward towards his cock as Cherry strokes his hard,
thick twelve inch cock with both of her soft, sweet hands.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip as she glances up at The Miz and the
MizCam before the sweet, sly SmackDown Diva lowers her head and flicks her
soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock. "Mmm...ohhhh that tastes so
good!" Cherry cutely exclaims before she brushes her wet tongue across the
head of his cock once again.

"Mmmm... ohhh baby..." Miz moans as Cherry playfully brushes her wet tongue
against the head of his cock, "Mmmm you look sweet Cherry... but the Miz
sees you're more on the wild side... HOO-RAH!"

Cherry lifts her head up and smiles up at The Miz, while gently squeezing
her right hand against the head of his cock "Mmm...well I do like them bad I have to be a wild girl..." Cherry says before lowering her head
once again and she opens her sweet, innocent mouth as she takes his cock
gently into her warm mouth. Cherry presses her lips softly around his shaft
and starts to bob her head, sucking The Miz's cock.

"Awww... ohhh yea... mmm.... well Wild Cherry... boys don't get any badder
than the Miz... HOO-RAH!" The Miz responds and moans at the same time as the
adorable roller-skating Diva bobs her head smoothly on his thick, rock hard
cock. The Miz holds the MizCam with just his left hand as he puts his right
hand on top of Cherry's head to tilt her head slightly so that she's looking
upward into the MizCam as she sucks his dick.

"Mmmmm...mmm..." Cherry cutely moans around The Miz's cock as her chewing gum
starts to lightly stick against his rock hard, thick shaft while looking up
into the MizCam with her adorable eyes. Cherry's head smoothly bobs on his
cock as she gently and soothingly sucks on his cock while her hot saliva
drips down his shaft, her chewing gum occasionally smacking and sticking
against his cock.

"Ohhhh damn... shit... I got to take the MizCam to the other side of the
tracks... to really see what goes on over there..." Miz moans as Cherry
starts to quicken her pace a bit. The Miz takes his right hand off of
Cherry's head, which allows Cherry to completely focus on the big cock
that's in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Cherry gently moans as she quickly bobs her head on The Miz's
cock as she takes his twelve inch cock deeper into her mouth. The adorable,
sly SmackDown Diva starts to deep throat The Miz's cock as she flicks her
tongue against his hard shaft.

The Miz licks his lips as he zooms in with the MizCam as he feels the head of
his cock tapping the back of Cherry's throat as she takes him deep into her
mouth. "Ohhh shit... mmmm they should call you Wild Cherry... HOO-RAH!" Miz

Cherry slowly lifts her head up from The Miz's saliva dripping cock and
cutely smiles up at him " taste really good Miz!" Cherry says as
she flips her blond pony-tail tied hair back.

The Miz smirks, "That's what they all say... HOO-RAH!" The Miz laughs as
keeps the MizCam perfectly aimed at Cherry, "But let's see how good you
look..." Miz says as he licks his lips when Cherry starts to slowly stand

"Ok..." Cherry says as she blushes and lowers her head shyly as she reaches
over her shoulders to untie her pink top before removing it from her large,
rounded and adorably hot tits. Cherry laughs cutely as she looks at The Miz,
who's mouth is hanging open at the sight of Cherry's wonderful tits.

"HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he points the MizCam right at Cherry's large,
round hot tits as she drops her pink top on the hood of the tarp covered car.
"Damn Cherry.... you must love milk cause your body looks good..." Miz says
with a cheesy smile on his face when Cherry starts to lower down her short
pink skirt. Cherry scrunches her nose up as she lowers her skirt down on
smooth, gorgeous tanned legs as her smoothly shaven, adorably hot pussy
becomes exposed to the MizCam. Cherry steps out of the pink skirt, leaving
her roller skates on while she blushes and smiles as the Miz aims the MizCam
at Cherry's beautiful, hot tanned body.

The Miz licks his lips as he looks at Cherry's hot, shaved pussy as he raises
and lowers the MizCam to get as much footage as he can of Cherry's perfectly
tanned body. "Turn around Cherry... let the MizFits see that cute ass..." Miz
says with a smirk before he starts to take off his sweatshirt. Cherry presses
her adorable lips together as she turns around on her roller skates, so that
her tanned, rounded and gorgeous ass faces The Miz and his MizCam. Cherry
glances over her shoulders as she seductively shakes her tanned ass from side
to side.

"Oh it for the MizCam... HOO-RAH!" The Miz licks his teeth as he
zooms in with the MizCam to get a close up of Cherry's cute, round ass. The
Miz steps closer to Cherry and while he holds the MizCam with his right hand
he puts his left hand on Cherry's lower back and starts to push her forward
slightly to get her to bend over the hood of the tarp covered car. Cherry
raises an eyebrow as she leans forward, bend over the hood of the tarp
covered car so that her adorable, tanned ass sticks out for the Miz.

The Miz licks his lips, "Mmm... the MizFits are gonna love this wild episode
of MizTV... HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he bends down a little in order to push
his hard, thick twelve inch shaft into Cherry's tight, warm sweet pussy.
"Ahh.." Miz moans a bit as he puts his right left hand on Cherry's waist as
he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Cherry's pussy while she's bent
over the hood of the tarp covered car.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh..." Cherry sweetly moans as she closes her eyes while she
starts to gently rock back against The Miz's cock, gently pressing her
adorable ass against his toned waist while he firmly thrusts into her tight
pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah...mmm I like bad boys!"

"Uhhh yea... mmmm yea baby..." The Miz moans as he points the MizCam down
at Cherry's ass as it hits against his waist whenever he thrusts his cock
deep into Cherry's pussy, "HOO-RAH Baby... this is the Miz's reality..."
Miz groans as he starts to speed up his thrusts as he fucks the sweet and
wild 50s styled Diva.

Cherry gently grits her teeth together as the adorable, sly SmackDown
retro-styled Diva rocks back and forth between the hood of the tarp covered
car and the studdly Miz, feeling his cock sharply thrusting into her tight,
warm and sweet pussy "Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah! Mmmm...what is it you say?
Hoo-rah!?" Cherry cutely moans.

"Mmmm yeah Cherry... that's right... HOO-RAH!" Miz moans and nods his head
as his balls smack against Cherry's smooth tanned skin. Miz switches the
MizCam over to his left hand so that he can put his right hand on Cherry's
hips as she pushes herself back against him.

"Ohhh...Ohhhh Miz!" Cherry cutely moans and presses her lips together as she
smacks her chewing gum around in her adorable mouth. Cherry's rounded ass
smacks against Miz's toned waist as his cock drives forward into her pussy
with continual fast and firm thrusts. Cherry glances back over her shoulder
and looks into the MizCam as her body is thrusted forward against the hood
of the car.

"Mmmm... ohhh yea... mmm..." The Miz licks his lips as he aims he MizCam at
Cherry's face when she looks back at him. "Mmm the Miz has a totally killer
reality check in mind..." Miz grunts as he pulls his cock out of Cherry's
warm tight pussy. Miz puts the MizCam on the hood of the tarp covered card
so that he can use both hands to slide Cherry up onto it. The former star of
the MTV's Real World flips Cherry onto her back and spreads her legs apart
so that he can step between them. "Mmm get ready for a trip from the Mizard
of Oz... HOO-RAH!" Miz says as he picks up the MizCam.

"Ohhhh...mmm...Miz!" Cherry cutely moans as The Miz thrusts his hard cock
back into her tight, warm pussy. Cherry bites down on her bottom lip as she
lays on top of the hood of the car, while gently wrapping her smooth, tanned
legs around The Miz's waist while he fucks and films the sweet roller skating

The Miz points the MizCam right at Cherry's, large, hot wonderful tits as he
pumps his cock in and out of the sweet Diva's hot pussy. "Ahhhh... mmm yea...
ohhh yea..." The Miz moans as he deeply slams his cock into Cherry's pussy
and his balls slap against Cherry with each of his thrusts.

Cherry smacks her chewing gum around in her mouth as she locks her adorable,
sly eyes on the MizCam while she smoothly moves against the tarp covered hood
of the car while his cock slams deeply into her tight pussy "Ohhhh ohhh...
mmmm, what was it again? Hoo-rah?!" Cherry moans and laughs.

"Ahhh... mmmm awww yea... baby... say it loud... it's HOO-RAH!" The Miz
grunts as he pounds Cherry's hot pussy with his twelve inch cock. Miz begins
to sweat slightly as he quickly pumps his cock in and out of the sweet and
wild Diva's tight pussy as she keeps her legs wrapped around his toned and
tanned waist.

Cherry laughs as she rocks back and forth against the hood of the car while
The Miz deeply thrusts into her pussy. Cherry sweats as she moves forward
quickly against his shaft, gently grinding her pussy against his cock "Like
this...HOO-RAH!?" Cherry cutely shouts as she slams forward against his body.

The Miz licks his lips and laughs, "Ohhh yea... if you're good or bad...
you wanna be like the Miz... HOO-RAH!" The Miz grunts as he keeps fucking
Cherry's pussy until his pulls his throbbing twelve inch cock out of Cherry's
tight pussy and begins to cum on Cherry's flat, toned and lightly sweat
covered stomach.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip as she glances down at her smooth,
tanned stomach as The Miz's cum lands on her slightly sweaty midsection
"Ohhh yeah..." Cherry moans as she places her left hand against her stomach
and gently rubs the cum against her stomach.

The Miz aims the MizCam down at Cherry's cum covered stomach and captures
footage of Cherry rubbing his warm cum over her skin like lotion, "Mmm
yea... now that's something the MizFits would love to see..." Miz says when
Cherry unwraps her smoothly shaved legs from his waist.

Cherry smiles cutely as she sits up onto the hood of the car and looks at
The Miz, while cum drips down her smooth, tanned stomach " could
like...I guess see the car if you want."

The Miz smirks as he raises the MizCam up at Cherry's cute, sweat dripping
face, "Don't worry about it... thanks to you, the Wild Cherry... The Miz got
something that was a lot better than looking at a car... HOO-RAH!"


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