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can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 17: Rising With The Phoenix!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"HOO-RAH!" The Miz yells into his trusty MizCam as he stands inside of a locker room.
"The Miz is here and is live straight from Ohio Valley Wrestling... where the busty
bruising Diva Beth Phoenix is wrapping things up before banging heads full time on
RAW! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says with a grin. He's dressed in jean shorts and a olive
green t-shirt as he waits for Beth Phoenix to arrive. The Miz leans against a metal locker
when Beth enters the locker room and the Miz aims the MizCam at her instantly, "Hey
Beth, what's going on?" The Miz asks with a cocky smirk as he zooms the MizCam in as
Beth slams the door of the locker room close.

The powerful Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, pauses and raises an eyebrow as she glances over
at The Miz and his MizCam "What do you want?!" Beth slightly snaps as the powerful,
beautiful Diva places her hands on her hips, slightly glaring at The Miz, while she's
dressed in a pair of tight black leather wrestling pants and a tight fitting black leather top.

"Whoa... take it easy..." The Miz says with a grin as he raises and lowers the MizCam to
capture footage of how Beth looks in her wrestling attire, "The Miz is here to introduce
you to all his MizFits HOO-RAH!" The Miz says with grin.

Beth raises an eyebrow as looks at The Miz and slightly rolls her eyes "MizFits? What
fuck is a MizFit?" Beth asks slightly gritting her teeth together.

The Miz looks at Beth as if she has been in a cave, "Where have you been? The MizFits
are all those that check out MizTV and that love the hot, sexy WWE Divas that come on
my show! HOO-RAH!" The Miz answers.

Beth slightly smirks as she folds her arms against her largely shaped chest "Hot, sexy
Divas huh?" Beth slyly raises an eyebrow "Am I a hot, sexy Diva?"

"Oh yeah! Totally!" The Miz nods his head, "And you're a BIG Diva too, there's not one
like ya in the entire history of the WWE as far I know," The Miz says as he aims the
MizCam slightly at Beth's large, shapely arm covered chest.

Beth presses her lips together as the intense, strong Glamazon locks her eyes with The
Miz and his trusty MizCam "What do I have to do to be on MizTV?"

The Miz smirks a bit, "Well... the Miz is a chick magnet.... and it never hurts to have a
hot, sexy Diva showing the MizFits that fact... if you get my meaning... HOO-RAH!" The
Miz answers.

Beth unfolds her strong arms from her largely shaped, hot covered tits and places her
hands back on her toned waist "You want me to fuck you!? Is that it!?" Beth Phoenix
asks with an intense, but seductive look on her face.

The Miz smirks, trying not to show he's a little bit intimidated by the powerful Glamazon,
"I think that's what I said... HOO-RAH!" The Miz replies as he aims the MizCam at
Beth's face to capture the intense, seductive expression she has as she stares him down.

Beth softly laughs and nods her head before she slyly licks her powerful, soft lips "Then
drop those pants..." Beth says in a firm, commanding tone as she takes a step forward
towards The Miz.

The Miz keeps the MizCam pointed at Beth as he holds it with his right hand, "Give me
two seconds..." Miz says as he quickly unbuttons and unzips his jean shorts in order to
shove them down from his waist, revealing his twelve inch Miz-Tastic cock that is
already hardening.

"Oh yeah...that's a big fucking dick!" Beth says with a sly smirk as she eagerly licks her
lips. The strong, beautiful Glamazon of the WWE, kneels down on the locker room floor
in front of The Miz before wrapping her soothing, strong hands around his shaft and
starts to quickly stroke his shaft before the Glamazon opens her powerful, wet and warm
mouth, eagerly taking The Miz's cock into her mouth, almost instantly.

"Mmmmm fuck..." The Miz moans as Beth Phoenix clamps her lips down around his
hard, thick foot long cock as she starts to bob her head on his cock. The Miz doesn't want
to miss a second of the incredible sight of Beth Phoenix sucking his cock so he keeps the
MizCam aimed at her as he says, "Damn I love my show!"

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Beth moans as she roughly moans against The Miz's twelve inch
shaft while she quickly bobs her head, sucking his cock at a brisk and firm pace. Beth
locks her powerful, desirable Glamazon eyes with the MizCam as her lips roughly rub
against his shaft while she bobs her head up and down on his thick shaft.

"Mmmmm shit... have you ever done this before? Cause your rockin' the Miz's world!
HOO-RAH!" The Miz groans with pleasure as he starts to move his hips back and forth a
bit as the powerhouse Glamazon sucks on his cock at quick, raw pace. The powerful
Glamazon continues to roughly bob her head on The Miz's rock hard cock as she
relentlessly lifts and lowers her head, while slapping to powerful wet tongue against the
side of his thick shaft. Beth's hot saliva splashes against The Miz's cock as she lowers her
head further down The Miz's cock, taking him deeper into her powerful, but soothing
mouth, as she impressively deep throats The Miz's cock.

"Ohhhhh fuck yea.... mmm fuck..." The Miz moans as the head of his cock smacks
against the back of Beth's hot, wet mouth as she sucks on his entire cock. The Miz has to
hold the MizCam with both hand to prevent himself from dropping it, "Ohhh shit fuck
this Phoenix is hot!" The Miz says loudly so that it's recorded by the MizCam. Beth's
powerfully desirable Glamazon eyes lock with the MizCam as she roughly bobs her head,
giving The Miz a sloppy, hot and rough blowjob. Beth presses her lips tightly around his
cock, jerking her head quickly on his shaft while the head of his cock smacks against the
back of her hot mouth. Beth's hot, wet saliva drips down his shaft and out of her powerful
mouth, dripping onto The Miz's ball sack.

With the way Beth is going on his cock, the Miz knows that no man, not even himself can
withstand the Glamazon's relentless oral assault, "Mmmm fuck.... ohhh shit.... how
about... the MizFits.... get to see... them big tits! HOO-RAH!" The Miz suggests as Beth
keeps him from pulling his cock out of her saliva dripping mouth.

Beth slowly loosens her lips around The Miz's shaft and lifts her head off of his orally
assaulted, saliva dripping cock. Beth raises an eyebrow and smirks as she looks up at The
Miz "Too much for you?" Beth says before she lifts her tight fitting leather top off of her
upper body and exposes her large, impressively hot and tanned tits.

"Hell no!" The Miz says with a smirk as he takes off his t-shirt, revealing his toned,
tanned and muscular chest. The Miz zooms the MizCam in to film Beth's large tits, "But
the MizFits love seeing more than just the Miz getting some hot head! HOO-RAH!"

The Glamazon raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "Oh yeah? Like you fucking me!?"
Beth slightly snaps as she grits her teeth in a seductive, but intense manner. Beth scoots
back on her knees before she lays down on the cold locker room floor "Go ahead...FUCK

The Miz smirks "Hey you need to get those pants off first!" The Miz laughs as he lowers
himself to the ground. The Miz places the MizCam on the floor so that he can grab Beth's
leather wrestling pants with both hands in order to jerk, tug and flat out pull them from
her hips, down and off of her powerful legs.

Beth seductively smirks as she locks her intense, powerfully desirable eyes with The Miz
as he pulls down her leather wrestling pants revealing hot, smoothly shaven pussy. "You
better fuck me good!" The Glamazon says in a firm, commanding tone as she picks up
the MizCam sitting on the floor next to her and turns it to aim at the Extreme Reality

The Miz smirks as he positions himself between Beth's powerful legs, "The Miz has
never gotten a bad review..." The Miz says, boasting about his own sexual abilities. The
Extreme Reality Stud grabs Beth's smooth waist and slams his twelve inch cock balls
deep into Beth's pussy with his first thrust and then starts to quickly pump his shaft in and
out of her pussy at a raw, fast and rough pace.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Beth moans and grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth, tanned and
powerful legs around The Miz's toned waist as she starts to grind her Glamazon pussy
against his thrusting shaft. "Mmm like that pussy don't you!?" Beth moans as
she focuses the MizCam at The Miz as he thrusts his hips forward to push his cock into
her warm, tight and wet Glamazon pussy.

"Ohhh yea... it's Miz-Tastic!" The Miz grunts as he slides his hands all over Beth's flat,
toned stomach as he rams his cock repeatedly into her cunt. The Miz's large balls slap
loudly against Beth's smooth skin as he smirks into the MizCam, "This Phoenix... gets the
Miz's seal of approval.. HOO-RAH!"

Beth raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she lifts her smooth back and her tanned ass
off of the locker room floor in order to thrust herself forward against The Miz's cock as
her hot, powerful Glamazon body slams and against moves against the Chick Magnet of
ECW "Ohhhh yeah fuck that cunt! Fuck it!" Beth moans as she tilts her head back and
closes her eyes while she blindly works the MizCam.

"Uhhhh yea... mmmm yea..." The Miz moans as his cock pistons in and out of Beth's hot
Glamazon pussy like a machine. Miz reaches under her and puts his hands on Beth's ass
to give her extra support as she thrusts her body towards him in order to get his cock
sharply thrusted into her pussy.

Beth grits her teeth tightly together as she rocks her body forward against The Miz's cock
before she able to powerfully lift herself off of the locker room floor and forces The
Miz's to sit on the locker room floor as she roughly and wildly rocks back and forth on
The Miz's cock while the hot, powerful Glamazon of the WWE forcefully fucks The Miz.

"Ohhh shit... fuck..." The Miz grunts as he manages to takes the MizCam away from Beth
in an attempt to film all of the action. The Miz is sitting on his knees as the powerful,
beautiful Glamazon grinds her hot, wet cunt on his cock as she begins to bounce up and
down on twelve inch shaft. Beth tosses her blond hair back and looks forward at The Miz
as she grits her teeth together seductively and fiercely before she places her strong hands
onto his toned chest and forcefully pushes The Miz onto his back so that the powerful
Glamazon is now mounted on top of his cock.

"Ohhhhh... man..." The Miz moans as he aims the MizCam up at the Glamazon as she
bounces and rocks dominantly on his twelve inch cock. He straightens his legs out and
starts thrusting his shaft upward into Beth's hot pussy as practically pins him to the locker
room floor.

"Yeah! You like that!? Ohhhh fuck, I do!" Beth moans and grits her teeth as she roughly
slams down on his cock while rocking back and forth at a quick, intense rate as she
wildly tosses her blond hair back and forth.

"I got... no complaints! HOO-RAH!" The Miz replies as he reaches up with his right hand
to feel Beth's large hot tits as sweat drips off of their bodies. The Extreme Reality Stud
quickly pops his hips upward to continue fucking the Glamazon as gets a dose of Miz's

"Ohhhh...ohhh fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy!" The powerful, intense Glamazon moans as
The Miz thrusts his cock up into her tight pussy while she roughly and quickly slams her
entire body down on his cock. "Ohhh awww fuck! Too much for you!?"

The Miz shakes his head, "Nope... fuck... I'm loving this..." The Miz says as he breathes
deeply. He aims the MizCam towards his crotch to film Beth's hot pussy slamming down
on his cock.

Beth bites down on her bottom lip as she looks down and locks her intense eyes with The
Miz as she lightly drags her fingernails against his toned, tanned chest, scratching his
chest as she roughly jerks her body back on his shaft "Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Beth
shouts before she grinds her pussy down against his shaft.

The Miz licks his lips as he feels his cock tensing up within the Glamazon's hot pussy.
"Mmmm fuck... mmm shit hey Beth... how... about blowing the top off of The Miz for all
the MizFits..." Miz moans as he aims the MizCam up at Beth's intense, lust filled face.

Beth raises an eyebrow and smirks as she slows down on The Miz's cock "No! I want fucking cum on my tits!" Beth says gritting her teeth as she licks her lips hungrily
"I want you to jerk that cock!"

The Miz licks his lips and smirks, "That I can do! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as the
Glamazon comes to a complete stop on top of his twelve inch cock before lifting herself
off of him.

Beth tosses her sweat dampened blond hair back and licks her lips before she sits on her
knees and grits her teeth, locking her eyes on The Miz as he stands up in front of the
Glamazon " want to come on my tits, don't you?!"

"Fuck yea I do!" The Miz says as he aims the MizCam down at Beth's large hot tits as she
leans herself back to raise her shapely chest up towards him. The Miz wraps his right
hand around his cock and starts to stroke it rapidly as he looks down at Beth's tits, "Ohh
fuck yea..." Miz moans.

Beth closes her eyes places her hands underneath her large, rounded tits as she pushes
them up and pushes them together " like jerking that dick? Don't you?!" Beth
asks as she tosses her blond hair from side to side.

"Jerking off can be fun... when you have a target... HOO-RAH!" The Miz replies as his
right hand flies back and forth on his cock as he jerks off. Holding the MizCam steady
with his left hand, The Miz bends his knees a bit to aim the MizCam and his cock at the
Glamazon's gorgeous tits as he starts spraying a huge, thick stream of cum all over her

Beth opens her eyes and slyly smirks as The Miz's warm, thick cum splashes onto her
Glamazon tits "Yeah! You love that, don't you!? Mmm fuck!"

"Ohhh hell yea! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as more cum shoots from his cock onto
Beth's large, hot tits. When the Miz's cock is finally spent, The Miz aims the MizCam
closely at Beth's tits to film, "Fuck.... that was a huge drop!" The Miz laughs a bit

Beth raises an eyebrow and smirks "Of course...whenever you battle The
will always be spent!"

The Miz smirks, "Well I hope to battle you again real soon!" The Miz says as he turns the
MizCam around to look into it, 'All right MizFits.... that wraps this up... and it shows...
I'm a chick magnet... they dig me... and their men... fear me..." The Miz smirks, "See ya
next time... HOO-RAH!"s


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