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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 19: EVE-ning Delights!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"HOO-RAH!" The Miz yells into his trusty MizCam, and he's dressed in black
jeans and a black ECW t-shirt, "Welcome back to the most extreme reality show
ever, MizTV! And The Miz is here at a police station here in New York City...
and no the Miz was not arrested! Instead, the Miz has learned of a smoking
hot photo shoot going on with the 2007 Diva Search Winner Eve Torres... and
I'm here to get my MizFits a sneak peak and maybe some exclusive action shots
because let's face it, chicks dig me and love to be on MizTV! HOO-RAH!" The
Miz says. The Miz turns the MizCam around and he walks through the halls of
the police station to the lock-up area where Eve's photo-shoot is taking
place. The Miz peeks around and corner and sees the WWE Photographer taking
pictures of Eve Torres.

"That's great Eve... now turn to the left a bit... and press your lips
together...." The photographer says as he takes photos of Eve. The seductive,
ultra hot 2007 WWE Diva Search Winner, Eve Torres, presses her soft, luscious
lips together in a desirable pout, while narrowing her eyes seductively. In
her left hand, Eve holds onto a black nightstick and in her right hand she
holds a silver pair of handcuffs; as the sultry Eve is dressed in a pair of
short black bottoms, a light blue top, and a police hat on her brown haired

"Damn that's hot..." Miz says quickly as he zooms in the MizCam to film Eve
as she poses.

The WWE Photographer snaps off several pictures, "Okay Eve... now bend
forward slightly... and put your right hand on your hip."

Eve raises an eyebrow and smiles "Ok..." Eve says as she lightly tosses her
brown hair back and bends forward to give the photographer a perfect shot at
her cleavage. Eve drops the handcuffs onto the floor of the set and places
her right hand on her rounded hip. The seductive newcomer turns her head
slyly and flicks her tongue against the end of her black nightstick, making
the photoshoot a bit of her own.

The WWE Photographer laughs a bit, "That may end up being a top downloaded
picture on WWE's site...." The Photographer takes several pictures at various
angles, "Ok... now turn completely around to face the cell's bars and look
back at move over your right shoulder...."

The Miz licks his lips as he turns the MizCam around to film himself, "Damn
MizFits... you voted for a real hottie to win the Diva Search... Hoo-Rah!"
The Miz says quietly as he turns the MizCam around to film Eve without
realizing that she can see him as she prepares for her next pose.

Eve turns around completely and glances over her shoulder, but suddenly
pauses and raises an eyebrow as she notices ECW's self-proclaimed Chick
Magnet. Eve smirks a bit before she turns to look back at the photographer
"Ummm...could we take a break for a moment?"

The WWE Photographer nods his head, "Sure thing Eve... we were going to break
in a few minutes for lunch... so we'll just take it now.... just be back here
in like an hour and a half." The Photographer says as he turns off his

Eve smiles as she slowly turns around to face the WWE Photographer and nods
her head "Sure thing..."

The WWE Photographer puts his camera down on a table where several other
cameras are sitting and then walks out of the lock-up area through a set of
double doors on the far side of the room. The Miz frowns as he turns the
MizCam around to film himself again, "Damn MizFits... I bet that guy had to
go to the bathroom or something..." The Miz starts to say as Eve starts to
walk towards him without his knowledge.

Eve presses her soft, luscious lips together as she seductively walks towards
the hidden area with the Extreme Chick Magnet is hiding. Eve holds onto her
black nightstick as she pauses in front of you few boxes "You have the right
to remain silent!" Eve firmly and seductively commands, startling The Miz.

The Miz jumps a bit and turns the MizCam around to point it at Eve, "Whoa...
what's going on?" Miz asks, totally caught off guard by the ultra hot 2007
WWE Diva Search winner.

Eve Torres seductively narrows her eyes as she glares at The Miz "Stand up!"
Eve commands as she points the black nightstick at The Miz, while he kneels
down on the floor of the photoshoot set.

The Miz keeps the MizCam pointed at Eve as he gets up to his feet, "What's
this all about?" The Miz asks as casually points the MizCam at Eve's chest
to get a shot of her cleavage.

"You have the right to remain sexy!" Eve Torres snaps before she suddenly
reaches for the MizCam and takes the trusty MizCam away from the ECW Chick
Magnet to set it down on the table with the cameras, filming the action.

"Now that's not a problem..." The Miz says, but he then gets an annoyed
look on his face, "But that's my MizCam... and it's need for this episode of
MizTV! HOO..." The Miz is then cut off by Eve.

"Turn around!" Eve snaps at The Miz as she bends down and picks up the pair
of handcuffs "Hands where I can see them!" Eve orders before she tosses her
police hat off of her head and tosses her sultry brown hair back.

The Miz licks his lips, "All right... I see where this is going... and I like
it..." The Miz says as he turns around to face the wall. The extreme reality
stud raises his arms up and puts his hands on the hard brick wall.

Eve steps up behind The Miz and grabs his left hand and brings it around
behind his back, before taking his right hand away. Eve smirks as she slaps
the handcuffs around The Miz's wrists. "Turn around!" Eve sexily commands as
she rips open her light blue top, exposing her black laced bra.

The Miz turns around with his hands handcuffed behind his back and he smirks
as he sees Eve's black laced bra that is covering her firm, hot tits.
"Damn... now that's hot..." Miz says as he licks his lips. Eve presses her
lips together and raises an eyebrow before she gently nudges the crotch of
The Miz's black jeans with the end of her nightstick. The Miz smirks, "I'm
not hiding a weapon... but what I got down there can be called a rifle under
the right circumstances.... HOO-RAH!"

Eve smirks a bit before she drops down to her knees in front of The Miz and
sets her nightstick down on the floor next to her, so that she can smoothly
push down The Miz's black jeans from his toned waist, before also lowering
the boxers of ECW's Extreme Chick Magnet.

The Miz smirks as Eve brings down his boxers so that the Miz's Miz-tastic
twelve inch cock becomes freed. "Whoa... looks like I'm getting parole..."
Miz says jokingly as he looks down at the sultry Eve Torres.

Eve licks her luscious, sultry lips as she seductively looks up at The Miz
and gently places her soft, desirable hands around his shaft to gently stroke
her hands against his hardening cock "You have to right to remain horny!" Eve
seductively commands as she gently jerks The Miz's cock with her hands.

The Miz moans a bit as Eve tugs on his now fully hard cock, "Mmmm.... that is
no problem... I'm more than happy to remain that way...." The Miz replies,
Eve locks her desirable eyes with The Miz as she gently forward on her knees
and seductively flicks her soft, wet tongue against the head of The Miz's
cock, before taking the head of his shaft into her hot, wet mouth.

"Ohhhh... ohh yeah..." The Miz moans as the sultry Eve Torres begins to bob
her head on his rock hard, thick, twelve inch cock. The Miz keeps his eyes
locked on Eve who has herself perfectly lined up with the MizCam that's on
the table.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Eve softly moans as she soft lips gently rub against The
Miz's shaft as she smoothly bobs her head, eagerly and seductively sucking
The Miz's Miztastic cock.

"Mmmmm... fuck yeah... mmmm..." The Miz moans as Eve turns her head a bit as
she bobs her head quickly on his foot-long shaft. "Fuck... yeah that's great!
HOO-RAH!" Eve's wet saliva easily drips against his rock hard cock as she
starts to quick maneuver her head on The Miz's twelve inch shaft. Eve locks
her desirable eyes with the Extreme Chick Magnet, while she gives him a
sultry blowjob.

"Mmmm fuck... uhhh yea..." The Miz closes his eyes and tilts his head back as
he begins to move his hips back and forth to thrust his cock into Eve's hot,
wet mouth as she sucks his dick. Eve gently smacks her soft, luscious lips
around The Miz's shaft before she slowly lifts her head off of his Miztastic
cock, and watches her saliva smoothly drip down his hard cock. The Miz opens
his eyes and licks his lips, "Fuck that was one the hottest blowjobs I've
ever gotten... HOO-RAH!"

The sultry, beautiful Eve Torres scoots back on her knees and unclips her
black laced bra, seductively removing it from her large and nicely rounded
tits. Eve presses her lips together as she stands up and pushes her short
black bottoms down her seductive waist, and down her smooth, gorgeously
tanned legs to reveal her hot pussy. The Miz licks his lips as he looks at
Eve's hot, large tits and then at her smoothly shaved, hot looking pussy,
"Damn... now you know... if my hands were free I could really show you how
to use my baton..." The Miz says with a grin.

Eve slyly smirks as she raises an eyebrow "Will you behave?" Eve asks as she
steps around to The Miz's back and places her hands on The Miz's handcuffed
wrists. "Oh yeah... I know how to behave..." The Miz says with a laugh as Eve
teases him with uncuffing his wrists. Eve laughs and bends down to pick up
her black nightstick, before standing back up to uncuff The Miz's hands from
behind his back. Eve smirks and smacks the black nightstick against The Miz's
ass before he has a chance to respond from being uncuffed.

"Hey!" The Miz jumps forward slightly after getting hit on the ass by Eve's
nightstick, then the hot host of MizTV reaches to his right to grab the
MizCam which he points at Eve, "Okay officer... how about you let me show
you how I love the law..." Miz says.

Eve raises an eyebrow and places her hands against her smoothly rounded hips,
while she holds onto the black nightstick with her left hand " do
have the right to remain horny!" Eve seductively snaps at The Miz.

The Miz smirks, "I know..." Miz says as he steps towards Eve and then turns
her around. The extreme reality stud then bends Eve forward a bit and uses
his left hand to guide his thick Miztastic cock towards and into Eve Torres'
hot tight pussy.

"Mmmmm!" Eve moans as she is bent forward, taking The Miz's cock from behind
into her warm, tight pussy. Eve glances over her shoulder "Oh
better obey the law!" Eve moans as she pushes herself back against The Miz's
cock while she remains holding onto the black nightstick.

The Miz aims the MizCam down at Eve's ass as he pumps his cock in and out of
Eve's hot pussy, "Mmmm.... ohhh yeah... I love the law..." The Miz moans as
he smoothly fucks Eve from behind. Eve grits her teeth as she glances over
her shoulder and leans up a bit, reaching back with her left hand and firmly
holds the black nightstick against The Miz's t-shirt covered chest while she
smoothly grinds her ultra hot body back against his cock.

"Ahhh uhhh yeah... mmmm..." The Miz moans as he keeps the MizCam aimed at
Eve's hot round ass as he fucks her with quickening thrusts. "Ooooo you like
that? Do ya?" Miz asks as he films Eve's ass cheeks jiggling when they smack
against his muscular waist.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah...ohhh I love it!" Eve moans as her juicy, rounded ass
smacks back firmly against The Miz's toned waist, forcing his cock deeper
into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh fuck..." Eve moans as The Miz suddenly and
boldly takes the black nightstick from Eve.

The Miz holds the MizCam with his left hand and holds the nightstick with his
right hand, "Mmm fuck.... you know i bet this thing has a lot of uses..." Miz
grunts as he pulls his cock out of Eve's warm, tight pussy.

Eve raises an eyebrow as she turns around "Freeze! You have the right to
remain silent!" Eve says as she smirks at The Miz, while he holds onto her

"Oh really? What makes you think I'll stay silent?" Miz asks as he aims the
MizCam at Eve's face.

Eve Torres places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she looks at The
Miz "Am I your prisoner now?" Eve asks with a seductive smirk.

"Well... yeah..." The Miz smirks, "But I'm pretty fair... so you can get
bail... if you play along..." The Miz says as he steps over to the boxes and
sits down on one. "Now let's see how a hot cop rides cock.... HOO-RAH!" The
Miz says as he keeps holding the nightstick.

Eve raises an eyebrow and licks her lips slightly as she steps over to where
The Miz is sitting and gently takes the MizCam from the Extreme Chick Magnet
and sits it down next to them before she seductively moans herself on The
Miz's rock hard shaft "Mmmm..." Eve moans as she lowers herself on his hard

"Mmmm yeah..." The Miz moans as the sultry Eve Torres rocks on his dick.
The extreme reality stud reaches behind Eve and taps her ass with her own
nightstick as she moves on his thick, twelve inch cock.

"Ohhh yeah...ohhh Miz!" The sultry Eve moans as she rocks back and forth at
a quicker pace, encouraged by The Miz as he smacks her juicy ass with the
black nightstick. "Ohhhhh!" Eve Torres moans as she starts to swiftly bounce
on his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmm fuck yeah..." The Miz moans as Eve bounces quickly on his cock
while sharply grinding her hot pussy on it as well. The Miz again smacks
Eve's ass with the black nightstick and smirks, "Yeah... show me the full
length of the law..." The Miz moans.

Eve bites down on her bottom lip as she places her hands on The Miz's strong
arms while she continues to seductively move her hot body on his rock hard,
thick shaft as she takes him deeper into her pussy each time she lowers her
body "Ohhhh Miz!"

"Mmmmm fuck yeah... ohhh yeah..." The Miz moans as he smacks Eve's juicy ass
with the nightstick again. The Miz leans back on the box he's sitting on as
the 2007 Diva Search Winner rides him with everything she's got.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!" Eve moans as she cums on The Miz's shaft while he
smacks the nightstick against her juicy, rounded ass.

"Uhhhh fuck yeah... mmmm..." The Miz moans as he feels Eve's warm pussy
juices and cum flowing on his cock as she continue to bounce on it. The Miz
slides the nightstick against Eve's as she squeezes his throbbing cock with
her pussy. "Mmmm fuck... ahh..." Miz moans as he begins to cum inside of her

Eve tilts her head back and licks her lips as she feels The Miz's warm cum
rushing into her pussy " have the right to remain...fucking hot"

The Miz smirks as he picks up the MizCam and holds it so that he's filming
himself and Eve, "That's no problem because chicks will always dig me...
cause let's face it... I'm a chick magnet..." Miz says with a smirk, "All
right MizFits... that wraps up this episode of MizTV.... and trust me
MizFits... this was an evening full of delights! HOO-RAH!"

The sultry Eve Torres takes her black nightstick back and points at The Miz
before motioning him over to the jail cell on the set of the photoshoot "Over
there...and set down the camera!"

"Um... okay..." The Miz says with a raised eyebrow. Once Eve has lift herself
off of his cum spent cock, The Miz stands up and puts down the MizCam before
he sets over to the jail cell. "What's this all about now?"

Eve presses her luscious lips together as she picks up her handcuffs and
joins The Miz over to the jail cell on the set "Hands where I can see them!
Now!" Eve seductively commands.

The Miz raises his hands up, "Ok... they are up...." Miz says.

"Good..." Eve says with a cute, sly laugh before she suddenly snaps one of
the huffs to The Miz's left wrist and snaps the other cuff to one of the bars
of the jail cell. Eve tosses her brown hair back and steps away from The Miz
to walk back to his trusty MizCam, before she lifts it up and aims it at the
Extreme Chick Magnet.

"Hey... what the fuck are you doing?" Miz asks with a smirk as he looks into
the MizCam as Eve holds aim it at him.

Eve raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "This might teach you a lesson about
spying on me..." Eve says with a smirk before she sets down the MizCam,
gathers her clothes and then leaves The Miz handcuffed to the jail cell.

The Miz raises an eyebrow, "Hey! This isn't funny! HEY!" The Miz shouts as he
starts trying to pull his handcuffed wrist free from the jail cell's bars.
The Miz looks down at the MizCam, "All right this is going to need a lot of
editing...." The Miz hears footsteps coming from the far end of the lock up
area and he turns to see who it is, "Oh thank..." Miz suddenly stops talking
when he sees WWE Legend Ron Simmons.

Ron looks at the naked Miz as he's handcuffed to the jail cell's bars. Ron
raises his hand up, pauses and thinks for a moment. He then looks at The Miz
again and suddenly says in a deep booming voice. "DAMN!"


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