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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 20: Stratusfied!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"HOO-RAH!" The Miz yells into the lens of his MizCam as he sits in the
backseat of a long black limo on December 9, 2007. "This is your Extreme
Chick Magnet... The Miz... and I'm bringing to you a very special... very
exclusive... one on one interview... with the hottest... blondest...
Miztastic Diva of them all... Trish Stratus!" The Miz says and he's dressed
in gray jeans, a red short-sleeved button shirt and one of his trademark
black hats. "Now the Miz has called in a lot of favors to be the first to
go one on one with Trish before she appears on RAW's 15th Anniversary
tomorrow night and I'm not about to blow it!" Miz than zooms the MizCam out
so that it reveals that Trish is in the limo with the Miz. Miz looks at
Trish and smirks, "So Trish... it's been a long time since the WWE Fans...
and more importantly the MizFits... seen you, what have you been up to?"
The Miz asks.

The drop-dead gorgeous Canadian Blond Bombshell, Trish Stratus, smiles and
then laughs "Hey Miz...good to see you again..." Trish says as she sits on
the back leather seat on the limo "I've been keeping pretty busy..." Trish
says with a cute wink, while the beautiful seven-time Women's Champion is
dressed in a pair of hip-hugger jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Really? Now I'm sure the question on every MizFits' mind is exactly how
have you been keeping busy... cause you look marvelous!" The Miz says as he
moves the MizCam so that it captures footage of Trish's clothed body.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and cutely shrugs her shoulders before
replying "Well Miz...let's just say I've been giving some Stratusfaction....
by the way...congratulations on your success in ECW...I've been watching."

The Miz smirks a bit, "Well that's no surprise... because let's face it...
chicks dig me... ECW's Ratings have gone way up since the Miz landed
there..." The Miz says as he eagerly talks about his favorite subject
besides women, which is himself.

Trish slowly nods her head "Yeah...I'm sure the ratings must be through
the roof!" Trish says in a playful, sarcastic toned while she presses her
luscious lips together as she looks at The Miz and his trusty MizCam.

"Hey don't get sarcastic... this is MizTV..." The Miz says, "And sarcasm
isn't what's featured here.... things like... Guaranteed Stratusfaction
are!" The Miz says with a smirk.

Trish raises an eyebrow and lightly tosses her blond hair back
"Stratusfaction, huh? Well that's something I know and love to give."

The Miz licks his lips a bit, "All right then... well the MizFits are
watching... and I know they would all love to see you giving some
Stratusfaction here on MizTV! HOO-RAH!" The Miz says confidently.

Trish smirks a bit and scoots forward on the leather seat of the limo, moving
closer to The Miz " always guaranteed Miz..." Trish says
softly as she reaches over and gently rubs her left hand against the crotch
of his gray jeans, feeling his hardening cock underneath.

Miz smirks, "Every true fan knows that.." The Miz says as he unbuttons his
shirt with his free hand while holding the MizCam with his left hand. "And I
hope that you are very satisfied with what you're going to Strautsify..." The
Miz says as Trish begins to slowly unbutton and unzip his jeans.

The Miz says, "Yeah that's a foot long of pure Miz-Meat right there... " The
Miz moans as Trish slowly strokes his cock with her left hand. The Miz slips
off his shirt and zooms the MizCam in on his cock to film Trish's hand going
up and down on it.

"Miz-Meat?" Trish laughs and presses her lips together "Cute..." Trish
says before she leans her head down, her blond hair hanging down into her
beautiful face, as she gently flick her tongue against the head of The Miz's
cock before opening her warm Stratusfying mouth and takes The Miz's cock into
her mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmm!" The Miz moans as Trish's warm wet mouth covers is
twelve inch, rock hard cock. The Miz kicks off his sneakers and jeans as the
seven-time WWE Women's Champion begins to bob her head on his dick.

"Mmmmmm...." Trish Stratus soothingly moans around The Miz's cock as she
presses her sensual lips softly around The Miz's shaft while she easily lifts
her head up and down on The Miz's cock, easily pleasuring the Extreme Chick
Magnet with her oral skills.

"Ohhhh yeah.... fuck... Stratusfaction is indeed guaranteed..." The Miz says
as he aims the MizCam perfectly at Trish as she continues to smoothly bob her
head up and down on his twelve inch cock.

"Mmmmm..." Trish moans as she presses her lips tighter around The Miz's
shaft, gently grinding her lips on his cock, while she easily and quickly
bobs her blond-haired head on The Miz's twelve inches of "Miz-Meat".

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck yeah..." The Miz moans as Trish presses her soft sensual
lips firmly on his cock while lowering her head further down on his foot long
cock. The Miz zooms in slightly and catches of Trish glancing into the MizCam
as she sucks his dick.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" Trish moans as she lightly twists her head on The Miz's cock,
while keeping her seductive and sweet eyes locked with the MizCam. Trish
gently laps her soft tongue against The Miz's cock while her wet saliva
soothingly drips on his cock.

"Ohhh shit... fuck damn... I love getting some Stratusfaction..." The Miz
moans as he runs a hand through Trish's blond hair as she continues to bob
her head on his cock. The Miz licks his lips, "Mmmm fuck you know Trish...
chicks dig the Miz because his oral skills... they just love how I talk..."
The Miz moans.

Trish slowly lifts her head off of The Miz's cock, dripping with her wet
saliva, and she smiles "Care to show me, Miz?"

The Miz licks his lips, "I never turn down a request..." The Miz says as he
hands his trusty MizCam to the Diva who re-defined Women's Wrestling in the
WWE. The Miz then slides down to the floor of the limo and unbuttons Trish's
hip-hugger jeans so that he can begin tugging them from her smooth, gorgeous

Trish smiles as she presses her lips together, while holding the MizCam,
which is aimed at the arrogant ECW Superstar. "Is this going to be...
Miz-Tastic?" Trish asks with a cute laugh as The Miz pulls her jeans down
from her tanned and smooth legs.

The Miz smirks as he glances up at Trish and the MizCam, "Ah-ha! You watch
MizTV don't you!" The Miz says as he strips Trish of her jeans before be
begins to slide down her black lace panties to reveal her smooth, perfectly
shaved pussy.

Trish smirks "I may be a viewer..." Trish then laughs and shrugs "Why else do
you think I agree for this little interview?" Trish asks as she sits back a
bit on the leather seat and spreads her gorgeous legs, exposing her hot and
smoothly shaven pussy.

"Because I... the Miz... am a chick magnet..." Miz answers with a matter of
fact style tone. Miz puts his hands on Trish's legs and then leans his head
forward to lap his tongue slowly against the soft lips of Trish's
Stratusfying pussy.

"Ohhhhh...." Trish moans as she feels The Miz lapping his tongue against
Trish's warm, wet pussy. Trish presses her sensual, luscious lips together
as she zooms the MizCam to follow The Miz lapping his tongue against her hot
pussy "Ohhh shit..."

The Miz smoothly moves his hands on Trish's tanned legs as he slides his
tongue up and down against her warm, sweet pussy. "Mmmmm..." The Miz moans
as he glances up at Trish as she films him with his own MizCam and the Miz
lifts his head a bit so that Trish can see and film his tongue as he
maneuvers it over her pussy.

"Ohhhh shit..." Trish moans as she leans her head back and gently grits her
teeth as she lightly pushes her hot pussy against his flicking tongue.

The Miz moves his hands to Trish's waist as he leans his head down and pushes
his tongue into Trish's warm, wet pussy. The Extreme Chick Magnet and Reality
Stud begins to thrust his tongue in and out of Trish's Stratusfying pussy,
"Mmmm... mmm!" Miz moans as glances up at the blond haired legendary Diva.

Trish licks her lips as she locks her eyes with The Miz as he expertly eats
out her warm, wet pussy "Ohhhh when are we going to fuck?" Trish
asks with a laugh.

The Miz lifts his head up from Trish's pussy and takes one last lick, "How
about now?" Miz asks as he takes the MizCam from Trish and sits it on the
leather seat of the limo. The Miz then pulls Trish down from the leather
seat and has her lay on her left side in perfect view of the MizCam. The Miz
lays behind the seven-time Women's Champion and lifts her right leg up so
that he can easily slide his twelve inches of "Miz-Meat" into Trish's pussy.

"Ohhhhh shit Miz..." Trish moans with a smirk before she gently grits her
teeth together, feeling The Miz's experienced cock enter her warm, tight
pussy from behind. Trish leans her head back against The Miz as he starts
to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah..." The Miz moans as he smoothly thrusts his cock in and out of
Trish's warm tight pussy. Miz reaches over Trish and slides a hand underneath
her white t-shirt to feel up her large, round and firm tits while smoothly
pumping his cock into her. Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she gently
pushes back against The Miz's cock, seductively grinding her hot ass back
against his waist while he lifts her white t-shirt to expose her large and
tanned tits.

"Mmmm fuck... I should've gave them tits some mouth work..." The Miz says as
squeezes Trish's tits with his hands while thrusting his cock in and out of
her tight pussy. Miz finishes removing Trish's t-shirt so that she's
completely exposed to the MizCam while she gets fucked by the Extreme Chick

Trish glances back over her shoulder "So we're giving Your MizFits some
Stratusfaction...huh?" Trish asks with a laugh as she licks her lips and
smoothly rocks back, rubbing her pussy against his thrusting cock.

The Miz smirks and nods his head as he increase the pace of his thrusts,
"Ohhh yeah we are.... you're the most requested Diva... that they wanted to
see..." Miz says as a drop of sweat begins to roll down his face.

Trish smirks "Damn...I haven't lost my touch..." Trish says with a laugh as
she lightly tosses her blond hair back while she reaches back and gently
places her hands against The Miz's toned, tanned chest as he firmly slams
his cock into her warm pussy.

The Miz moves his hands to Trish's hips as he pounds her pussy with firm,
quick thrusts, "Ahhhh uhhh yeah fuck... you're setting... a huge standards...
for future guests on MizTV..." Miz grunts before he starts to skillfully
adjust his and Trish's position. With ease, Miz turns to the left, which
forces Trish to get onto her knees with Miz behind her, still pumping his
cock in and out of her warm, wet Stratusfying pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck!" Trish moans as she hangs her blond haired head as she smoothly
rocks back on her hands and knees while The Miz pumps his cock into her pussy
from behind in a doggystyle position.

The Miz puts his hands on Trish's ass as he thrusts his cock quickly in and
out of Trish's pussy, "Ahhhh.... ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." The Miz moans as
his balls smack loudly against Trish's tanned skin.

Trish smiles as she glances over her shoulder and winks back at The Miz while
her perfectly shaped, tanned ass smoothly smacks back against The Miz's waist
while his shaft quickly rams into her pussy "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh Miz!" Trish moans
as sweat drips down from her beautiful face.

Sweat drips off of Miz's toned and tanned body while he continues to fuck
Trish's Stratusfying pussy with hard, quick thrusts. "Uhhhh ohhh yeah... ahhh
fuck..." The Miz licks his lips as he pulls Trish back against him so that
his cock gets thrusted sharper into her pussy.

Trish raises an eyebrow as she cutely and slyly glances over at the MizCam,
that sits on the leather seat of the limo " jealous girls..." Trish
says cutely " getting Stratusfaction!"

"Ahhh ohhhh yeah... mmm fuck..." The Miz moans as he pulls his throbbing cock
out of Trish's warm wet and tight pussy so that he can spray his warm thick
cum all over Trish's perfect, tanned, round and incredible hot ass.

Trish laughs as she glances back and seductively sways her perfectly shaped
and tanned ass while The Miz's warm cum sprays onto and coats her ass
"Mmmm...shit...that was Miz-Tastic!"

The Miz breathes deeply after cumming on Trish's ass, "Fuck I'm... totally...
Stratusfied..." The Miz groans as he looks down and catches his breath.

Trish licks her lips as she cutely pouts her lips "Miz...would you mind
cleaning me off?"

The Miz smirks a bit, "Normally... I wouldn't... but since you're Trish
Stratus... I will... if you don't mind... signing off to the MizFits watching
on MizTV..." Miz replies as he leans his head towards Trish's cum covered ass
and starts to clean it with his tongue.

Trish laughs and bites down on her bottom lip as The Miz licks his own cum
off of the beautiful, tanned ass of Trish Stratus "'re kinky..."
Miz laughs slightly as he laps his tongue against Trish's ass, slurping up
every drop of his cum that he comes across. Miz then spreads Trish's ass
cheeks in order to lick up his cum that dripped down her ass crack.

"Mmmm...shit Miz..." Trish moans softly before she leans forward to look
directly into the lens of the MizCam. Trish seductively looks into the
hand-held video camera and she licks her lips "You just watched a truly
Stratusfying edition of MizTV...I always dish 100% Stratusfaction for all
my fans and all the MizFits out there..." Trish pauses and glances over
her shoulder at The Miz "You want to add anything?"

The Miz lifts his head up from Trish's ass and smirks, "MizFits... be sure
to tune in tomorrow... for a double dose of MizTV! HOO-RAH!"

Trish laughs and looks back into the MizCam, pressing her lips together


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