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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 24: Coverage She Wants!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"HOO-RAH! Welcome to MizTV..." The Miz says as he sits behind his desk,
dressed in a white shirt, denim jacket and jeans. "It is I, the ultimate
chick magnet, The Miz and with me..." Miz motions to the guest couch where
John Morrison is sitting.

"The Shaman of Sexy... the Guru of Greatness... John Morrison..." Morrison
says and he's dressed in tight fitting black pants, a red silk shirt and a
black suit jacket.

Miz smirks, "Now before we bring out our guest... let us explain to you all
the big difference between MizTV and 'The Dirt Sheet' over on" Miz

"This should be good..." Morrison smirks and chuckles slightly.

Miz glares a bit at Morrison before he looks into the camera, "Basically,
those in charge wanted a 'family friendly' version of MizTV... so that means
all the hot, wild and exclusive action is right here where it's always been."

"Translation.... You want to see the hot chicks of the WWE getting our great
experience... you're watching us..." John Morrison says with a smirk

"And now that this show has been brought to a complete stop..." Miz laughs,
"Let's bring out the babe... I mean our guess... the extremely hot baby
sister of RAW's Paul Burchill... Katie Lea!"

The sadistic and sinfully hot Katie Lea Burchill, steps through the blue
curtain to walk onto the talk-show styled set of MizTV. Katie Lea presses
her sinful lips together and slyly raises an eyebrow as she glances at John
Morrison. Katie Lea walks right past the open spot on the couch reserved for
her and proceeds to walk to the interview desk of The Miz. Katie, dressed in
a short black skirt and a very revealing black top, lifts herself to sit on
The Miz's desk, facing the ECW's Real Deal Sex Appeal. Katie seductively and
slyly looks at The Miz as she sits inches away from him on the desk "Hey
there boys..." Katie says slyly as she sits on the desk, crossing her smooth
and sadistically desirable legs.

"Welcome to the show Katie..." Miz says with a smirk as he tilts head a bit
to try and look up Katie's short black skirt, "And as much as I like the
view... you're supposed to sit over there..." Miz says, half-heartedly
motioning towards the open spot on the couch.

Katie Lea Burchill raises an eyebrow and glances over at John Morrison and
the vacant spot on the couch next to him "So...I do what I want..." Katie Lea
replies with a sly smirk as she looks back at The Miz.

John Morrison smirks as he moves to take the spot reserved for Katie, "I like
that attitude..." Morrison smirks.

Miz licks his lips, "Right... ok... so Katie... you say you do what you
want.... so... that means you got like no... inhibitions about anything
right?" The Extreme Chick Magnet asks as he continues to try and look up
Katie's skirt.

Katie Lea lustfully grits her teeth as she locks her sadistic, desirable eyes
with The Miz as he tries to look up her short black skirt "That's right..."
Katie Lea replies "The one thing that turns me on the most is doing whatever
I want..."

"Care to give us a demonstration?" Morrison asks as he licks his lips

Katie Lea seductively tursn towards Morrison and sits up onto her knees on
the desk before she seductively crawls on the desk forward to John Morrison.
Katie Lea Burchill's short black skirt hikes over her sadistically hot and
bare ass as she moves toward Morrison. Katie Lea reaches forward and wickedly
smirks "There's one thing...that really makes me hot..." Katie Lea says
before she reaches forward and grabs hold of the long hair of Morrison
"Men...begging for me..." Katie Lea seductively hisses before she yanks
Morrison's head forward and presses her lips firmly against his lips as she
forcibly kisses the Shaman of Sexy.

"MMMMM!" John Morrison moans in surprise as Katie Lea Burchill shoves her
tongue into his mouth. Morrison puts one hand on Miz's desk before he starts
to move his tongue against Katie's tongue.

Miz smirks, "This is going to be a good demonstration..." Miz says as he
takes off his jacket before he starts to undo his jeans. Katie Lea roughly
pushes John Morrison away and licks her teeth before she tosses her smooth
dark brown hair back and scoots off of The Miz's desk. Katie Lea narrows her
eyes as she locks her eyes with Morrison before she leans forward and places
her hands against Morrison's incredibly tanned and muscular chest as she
starts to viciously rip his opened red shirt and his black jacket away from

"Hey.... that's expensive..." John Morrison starts to say as Katie Lea
Burchill exposes his gorgeous tanned and muscular chest after ripping open
his red silk shirt.

Katie Lea smirks wickedly before she roughly pushes John Morrison against the
couch to push his back further against the couch as she lowers herself down
on her knees. Katie Lea Burchill raises an eyebrow "Shut the fuck up..."
Katie says in her sassy British accent before she roughly yanks at Morrison's

Morrison smirks and looks at Miz, "Damn she's bossy...." Morrison says as
Katie quickly unbuttons his tight fitting pants to jerk them down from his
waist to free his hardening fourteen inch cock.

"Yeah... but she's showing us what turns her on... so shut up!" Miz laughs
as takes off his jeans to bring out his twelve inch cock as he sits on his

Katie wickedly smirks over at The Miz before she roughly wraps her sadistic
hands around the hardening shaft of John Morrison. Katie Lea scoots between
Morrison's legs before she lowers her brown haired head and seductively
lashes and slaps her tongue against Morrison's cock. "Ohhhh shit..." John
Morrison moans as he feels Katie's wicked, wet tongue smacking and whipping
against the head of his large, hard and thick shaft.

Katie locks her sadistic, seductive eyes with John Morrison as she
maliciously moves her tongue against his rock hard shaft before she reaches
the head of his cock. Katie Lea opens her wicked, twisted mouth and takes his
cock as she begins to eagerly suck his shaft.

"Ahhhh shit... mmm fuck..." John Morrison moans as Katie twists her head from
side to side as she begins bobbing her head up and down on his huge cock. The
Miz takes off his shirt and gets up from his chair to walk around his desk.
Miz smirks as he sits on the edge of his desk as he watches Katie Lea
Burchill suck his tag team partner's dick.

"Mmmmm....mmmmm!" Katie Lea lustfully moans as she twists her head back and
forth on Morrison's cock as she eagerly sucks his cock taking him deeply into
her wet mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck.... she knows how to suck a big hard dick...." Morrison moans as
he closes his eyes and enjoys the great head Katie Lea is giving him.

"Must be because she wants to..." Miz says with a smirk.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Katie Lea Burchill moans as she twists her head
roughly on Morrison's cock, pressing her lips tight against his shaft before
she roughly jerks her head off of his cock. Katie wickedly smirks as her
saliva drips down Morrison's fourteen inch cock. Katie Lea slowly turns her
head to look at The Miz "Get over here..."

The Miz smirks as he gets off the desk, "Guess you want my fantastic twelve
inches of Miz-Meat..." Miz says as he steps over to the couch.

Katie Lea raises an eyebrow as she turns on her knees to completely face The
Miz. Katie wraps her hands around his thick cock and smoothly strokes her
hands against his shaft "'re so big...just like my big brother
Paul..." Katie Lea says with a sadistic smirk before she lowers her head and
takes The Miz's cock into her mouth.

"Say.... wha-ahhhhhh...." The Miz moans as Katie Lea Burchill closes her lips
down on his thick shaft as she starts to suck his twelve inch cock.

"Mmmmm...." Katie Lea moans as she closes her eyes and starts to skillfully
move her head along his twelve inch cock while she twirls her tongue against
his shaft. "Mmmm..." Katie moans as she starts to bob her head quicker.

"Uhhhh shit...." Miz moans as he puts his hands on Katie Lea's head as she
quickly bobs her head along the length of his cock. John Morrison gets off
of the couch and kneels behind Katie to slide down her skirt from her hips
before he slams his huge cock into her sadistically tight and wet cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" Katie Lea Burchill moans as she wraps her lips tightly around The
Miz's cock as John Morrison thrusts his cock into her tight pussy from
behind. Katie closes her eyes as she quickly moves her head along his twelve
inch cock while she perfectly rocks back on her knees to push her
sadistically hot body against Morrison's cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm!" Morrison moans as he puts his hands on Katie's hips to pull
her back towards him as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Ohhhh ahhhh...." Miz moans as Katie takes his cock completely into her
sadistic, wet and wet mouth.

"Mmmmm...ohhh...mmmm!" Katie Lea Burchill moans as she hold The Miz's twelve
inch cock deep inside of her hot, sadistic mouth as her wet saliva drips onto
his cock. Katie's perfectly shaped ass smacks back firmly against Morrison's
waist as he drills her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck.... damn...." John Morrison grunts as he speeds up his thrusts as
he pounds the hot, tight pussy of Katie Lea Burchill with his huge cock. The
Miz licks his lips as Katie presses her lips firmly on his cock as she traps
his dick inside of her mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yesss!" Katie Lea moans as she lifts her head off of The Miz's
cock and grits her teeth as she roughly rocks back against John Morrison's
fourteen inch cock "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!"

"Ahhhh mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." John Morrison moans as he keeps thrusting his
cock in and out of Katie's tight, wet pussy.

The Miz licks his lips as he sits on the guest couch, "Hey Katie... you want
more of this Miz-Meat?" Miz asks with a smirk.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yesss I do!" Katie Lea moans and hisses as John Morrison firmly
pounds her wet, warm pussy with his incredible cock.

"You heard her... she wants me... like all chicks do... cause lets face
it... I'm the real deal sex appeal..." The Miz says. John Morrison chuckles
slightly as he slows his thrusts down and pulls his huge cock out of Katie
Lea Burchill's tight wet pussy.

Katie Lea licks her teeth as she sadistically looks at The Miz before she
moves forward on her knees and lifts herself onto the lap of ECW's Chick
Magnet. "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Katie moans as she lowers her body onto his

"Mmmmm shit..." The Miz moans as he slides his hands underneath Katie's top
to feel up her firm, round tits as she starts to rock on his twelve inch
cock. John Morrison licks his lips as he stands up behind Katie Lea and
pushes his fourteen inch cock into Katie's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh.... this make me so hot!" Katie Lea moans as she places her
hands against The Miz's toned chest and gently rakes her fingernails against
his chest as she rocks forward on his twelve inch cock. Katie glances over
her shoulder and smirks wickedly as she pushes her wickedly hot ass back
against the large cock of John Morrison.

"Uhhhhh fuck... mmmmm shit...." John Morrison moans as he starts to thrust
his huge cock in and out of Katie Lea's asshole as she rocks between himself
and The Miz. Miz pushes up Katie's top to uncover her tits and leans his head
forward to suck on her right tit as she rides his twelve inch dick.

"Mmmm...ohhh yesss! I love being a bad little girl!" Katie Lea moans as she
tilts her head back and grits her teeth as her sadistic ass roughly smacks
back against Morrison's muscular waist as he deeply slams his cock into her
ass. As Morrison thrusts his cock into her ass, she quickly rocks forward on
The Miz's cock. "Ohhhh fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Miz moans as he sucks on Katie's right tit as he thrusts his
cock upward into her tight wet pussy. Morrison licks his teeth as he grabs
hold of Katie's hips to jerk her back towards him as he slams his entire cock
balls deep into her asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhhh! Ohhhh yesss! Ohhhhh!" Katie Lea moans as she grits her teeth
and closes her eyes as she is deeply pressed in between The Miz and John
Morrison as they deeply fuck her ass and pussy.

"Ahhhh... uhhh fuck... mmmmm yeah..." John Morrison moans as he starts to cum
inside of Katie Lea Burchill's tight ass.

"Ohhhh mmmm shit!" Miz moans as he lifts his head up from Katie's tits when
he starts to spray his cum inside of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh yeah!" Katie moans as she tilts her head back and licks her
lips as she feels the warm cum flooding her ass and pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck...." Morrison moans as he keeps his cock inside of Katie's ass
until he's done cumming.

When he pulls out, Miz leans a bit to his right to look into the camera as
Katie rocks on his cum spent shaft, "So MizFits... looks like Katie Lea is
really hot when she gets exactly what she wants.... see ya next time on


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