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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 32: ...And I'm Awesome!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The Miz, wearing a black shirt and black Capri shorts, looks into the lens of
his new MizCam, "Hey all you MizFits out there... it is I, the one true chick
magnet, the Miz... you may notice that I don't have some baggage with me
because FINALLY I've gotten that loser John Morrison thrown off of my show.
I'm an originator, and I don't need some POSER hanging out trying to steal my
ideas... and we're going to do this old school from now on, because let's
face it, I'm The Miz ... and I'm AWESOME!" The Miz grins before he turns the
MizCam around to film what's in front of him, revealing the set for ECW's
interview area before he turns the MizCam around to film himself.

"Today, we're here to introduce to the world this hot blond chick named
Courtney Taylor, and MizFits, she has a killer body that should be in
Playboy... or preferably Hustler!" The Miz laughs slyly before he looks to
the right, "And here she is now... say hello to the MizFits Courtney..." The
Miz says as he turns the MizCam around to film Courtney Taylor as she walks
towards the ECW interview set.

Courtney Taylor, swaying her nicely shaped hips from side to side, walks to
the interview set as The Miz crouches down behind an equipment trunk to film
the gorgeous new Diva. Courtney Taylor, dressed in a short black skirt and a
light purple top, presses her soft lips together as she comes to a stop at
the interview set and glances down at a sheet of paper that outlines her list
of scheduled Superstars that she will be interviewing. Courtney bites down on
her bottom lip. "Ohhh...I get to interview Christian....that should be
fun..." Courtney says before she accidentally drops the sheet of paper to the
floor. "Oh...oops..." Courtney says before she slowly bends over, arching her
gorgeous ass into the air, reaching down to pick up the paper.

"Oh yeah.... bend over baby..." The Miz says from behind the equipment trunk
as he zooms in the MizCam to catch a shot of Courtney's ass as her short
black skirt rises up. Courtney picks up the sheet of paper from floor and
slowly stands up, tossing her blonde hair back before adjusting her light
purple top that nicely hugs to her chest.

"Oh yeah.... mmmm... is she hot or what..." The Miz says as he continues to
film Courtney from behind the equipment trunk. The Miz licks his lips and he
steps out from behind the equipment trunk to get a better shot of Courtney
adjusting her top.

Courtney Taylor places her left hand onto her hip and holds the sheet of
paper with her right hand glancing once again at the list "Hmmm...let's see I
could also interview Tommy Dreamer..."

The Miz smirks, "Watch MizFits... she is gonna be so easy..." The Miz says as
he sets the MizCam down on one of the equipment trunk before he starts to
walk up to Courtney.

Courtney cutely sways her nicely shaped and curved hips from side to side as
she stands with her back facing The Miz. "I could also interview The Bella
Twins...I bet everyone would love to see those two up close and personal..."
Courtney says out loud to herself.

The Miz smirks as he checks out Courtney's ass from behind, "Oh I've been up
close and personal with the Bellas..." The Miz says as he startles Courtney
causing her to drop the sheet of paper she's holding.

Courtney softly laughs and turns her head to look back at The Miz. "Oh geeze!
You totally scared me!" Courtney says as she glances down at the sheet of
paper once again on the floor before looking back at The Miz. "Don't you know
that isn't nice to do?"

The Miz smirks, "Well... not really... but I could totally give you all the
dirt on the Bellas..."

Courtney raises an eyebrow as she completely turns to face The Miz with a
curious smirk on her face. "Really?" Courtney asks as she places her hands
onto her gorgeously shaped hips, looking intently at The Miz. "I'd love to
have some dirt to dish out on ECW..."

"I know you do..." The Miz grins, "Because I used to run things around here
on ECW... got all the dirt on everybody..." The Miz says, "And I'd be glad to
share some of that with you... if..." The Miz pauses as if he's thinking,
"Nah you wouldn't be interested..." The Miz says as he starts to turn away.

Courtney rubs her soft lips together as she steps forward to The Miz
"Wait....what were you saying?" Courtney asks with a curiously raised

The Miz licks his lips before he turns to look back at Courtney, "Well if
you're willing to do some things for the WWE's number one reality show, then
I'd be glad to give you the dirt you're wanting on people..."

Courtney Taylor lightly licks her lips and nods her head with eagerness "Oh!
I'd be happy to lend a hand...of course, if you do dish me out some juicy
dirt on some of ECW's biggest stars..."

"Well then come with me over to where my camera is..." The Miz grins as he
walks backwards away from Courtney towards the equipment trunk that has the
MizCam on top of it.

Courtney approaches The Miz's high-tech MizCam as it sits on the equipment
trunk capturing the footage of Courtney and The Miz's conversation. "Camera?"
Courtney asks with a laugh. "Just what exactly do you have in mind?

"Haven't you heard of MizTV?" The Miz asks as he picks up the MizCam.

Courtney Taylor slowly shakes her blonde haired head and laughs "I can't say
that I have...sorry..." Courtney replies with a soft smile on her face.

The Miz smirks, "MizTV is the only reality show where the hottest of the
hottest show how wild they can get... and you qualify as a guest on my
show..." The Miz says as he tilts the MizCam up and down to film some closes
up of Courtney's body.

Courtney laughs a bit an raises an eyebrow. "I do?"

"Yeah... you are HOT!" The Miz says as he aims the MizCam right at Courtney's

Courtney blushes a bit. "Thank you....ummm so what do I exactly do on MizTV?"

"For starters... you show off your incredible body by taking off your
clothes..." The Miz says as he takes a step back so that he can get a better

"Ummm...ok..." Courtney Taylor says with a laugh and blushes slightly before
she places her hands against her light purple top, slowly lifting the top
from her nicely toned and gorgeously tanned upper body, exposing her juicy
and perky tits.

"Oh yeah... now those are some great tits... Brie and Nikki would be jealous
if they saw them..." The Miz says as he zooms in the MizCam.

Courtney cutely laughs as she seductively runs her hands up and down the
front of her upper body, make sure to grope her juicy and perky tits for The
Miz's benefit. "Oh yeah?" Courtney asks with a laugh. "Why would that be?"

"Their tits are fake..." The Miz grins as he zooms out the MizCam to catch
footage of Courtney's smiling face as she gropes and plays with her juicy
tits. Courtney licks her lips as she lowers her hands from her perky and
juicy tits, moving her hands down to her gorgeously waist as she teasingly
pulls at the material of her skirt.

"Wait... turn around... and show me that ass..." The Miz licks his lips as
Courtney teasingly pulls the waistline of her skirt from her waist. Courtney
seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she turns around exposing her
gorgeously shaped skirt covered ass to The Miz and his trusty MizCam. As The
Miz zooms in on her ass, she cutely sways her ass from side to side.

"Oh yeah... someone now has the best buns in the WWE..." The Miz says as he
films Courtney's cute ass swaying from side to side. Courtney then surprises
the Miz by smacking her own ass with her right hand. Courtney laughs as she
moves her right hand against the material of her skirt, rubbing her nicely
shaped ass. With her left hand, Courtney Taylor starts to push the skirt down
from her waist, casually exposing her tanned and nicely juicy ass covered
with a pair of white panties.

"Ohhh you're frisky too?" The Miz says with a grin as he films Courtney's
skirt falling to her feet. "Now turn around... and lose those nice
panties..." The Miz says as he starts to take off his shirt by holding the
MizCam with one hand and then the other until he has his shirt off.

Courtney Taylor turns around with an adorable smile on her face. "Are you
sure you want me to?" Courtney asks with a laugh as she teasingly plays with
her white panties by slightly lowering them and then lifting them back up.

"Oh yeah I do..." The Miz says as he licks his lips while he aims the MizCam
down at Courtney's panties. Courtney locks her beautiful eyes on The Miz as
he holds his MizCam while she lowers her panties down from her waist to
expose her gorgeously shaved and incredibly hot pussy, allowing the panties
to drop down her smoothly shaved, tanned legs.

"Ohhhh baby... look at that nice little twat..." The Miz says as he stares
right at Courtney's perfectly shaved pussy, "I know quite a few Superstars
would love to see that up close...' The Miz grins.

Courtney bites down on her bottom lip "I'm sure they would...but I want more Miz, tell me what I have to do next to get that dirt..."

"You look like a smart girl..." The Miz grins as he holds the MizCam with his
left hand while he uses his right hand to undo the button of his Capri
shorts. Miz then lowers the zipper and pushes the shorts down from his waist,
revealing his rock hard twelve inch cock in the process. "You can figure it
out with a little.."

"Oh..." Courtney laughs "We're playing it that way..." Courtney says before
she suddenly and to the surprise of The Miz, eagerly lowers herself down onto
her knees in front of him, gripping his hardening shaft with her left hand.
Courtney lifts her beautiful eyes to glance up at The Miz and his MizCam as
she flicks her tongue against the side of his shaft.

"Mmmmmm.... I see that you're all about the game..." The Miz moans as he aims
the MizCam down at Courtney as she bats the right side of his cock with her
tongue. Courtney Taylor cutely laughs as she moves her wet, soft tongue
against the sides of his thick shaft, brushing her tongue back and forth,
before lifting her tongue to the head of his shaft The Miz holds the MizCam
with both hands as he zooms it in to get close up footage of Courtney's
tongue moving against the large head of his foot-long shaft.

"Mmmmm...." Courtney softly moans as she flicks her tongue against the
swelled head of his cock, flicking his piss-slit tenderly while she expertly
makes sure his cock is bathed with her saliva.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm..." The Miz moans as Courtney moves her tongue around
the top areas of his cock until her saliva is dripping from each side.

Courtney lifts her head slightly and smirks up at The Miz. "If you want me to
blow it...I want another piece of dirt..."

"Oh I got some dirt... the ECW Chump I mean Champ... Christian... he stuff's
his tights..." The Miz smirks down at Courtney.

Courtney laughs a bit "Really?" Courtney asks as she teasingly strokes her
right hand up and down The Miz's shaft.

"Oh yeah... totally... ever noticed that when someone does a low blow on him
he happens not to feel it?" The Miz laughs as Courtney strokes his large cock
with her right hand. Courtney presses her lips together and shrugs her
shoulders cutely before she opens her mouth and perfectly takes The Miz's
cock into her lustful, sweet mouth.

"Ohhhhh mmmm..." The Miz moans as Courtney presses her lips down on his thick
cock before she starts to lightly bob her head on his shaft.

"Mmmmm...." Courtney softly moans around The Miz's cock as she smoothly bobs
her blonde haired head on his nicely thick and long cock. Courtney drags her
wet tongue against the bottom side of his shaft as she moves her head freely.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmm ahhh.." The Miz moans as he skillfully hold the MizCam
perfectly as he aims it down at Courtney's face as he bobs her head back and
forth on his shaft.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Courtney moans with pleasures as she lustfully slurps on The
Miz's cock, softly grinding her pouty lips against his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm..." The Miz licks his lips as Courtney cutely tilts her
head slightly as she smoothly sucks the large cock of the WWE's resident
reality star. Courtney's wet saliva nicely drips against his shaft as she
bobs her head up and down on his cock, placing her hands onto his muscular
legs and seductively moving her hands against his legs.

"Mmmmm ohh you've done some digging for dirt before haven't you..." The Miz
moans as Courtney takes his cock a bit further into her mouth while he films
it all with the MizCam.

Courtney slowly lifts her head off of The Miz's cock, leaving it soaking with
her saliva. Courtney mischievously smirks up at The Miz. "If you dish out
some more dirt...I'll let you fuck me from behind..."

"That's easy... cause you know who just loves it from behind... your General
Manager..." The Miz says with a smirk as Courtney takes one last lick of his

Courtney Taylor laughs "No way! Tiffany!? Really?" Courtney asks as she licks
her lips, turning seductively on her knees to face away from The Miz, leaning
forward onto her hands.

"Oh yeah... and she loves it both ways... if you know what I mean..." The Miz
grins as he kneels behind Courtney. As he holds the MizCam with his right
hand, The Miz guides his cock into Courtney's pussy with his left hand.

"Ohhhhh! No way! You're making it up!" Courtney moans with a laugh as she
feels The Miz's cock entering her tight pussy from behind.

"Ahhhh yes way... she was a guest on MizTV nearly a year ago..." The Miz
moans as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of he Courtney's pussy.

"Mmmmmm...that's crazy!" Courtney Taylor moans as she starts to rock back and
forth on her knees as The Miz thrusts his twelve inch cock into her wet and
warm pussy.

"Mmmmmm ahhh not as crazy as some other Divas..." The Miz grunts and smirks
as he places his left hand on Courtney's waist as he pumps his cock firmly
into her pussy while he holds the MizCam in an angle to film it all.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm...Miz" Courtney moans as she starts to rock back on her knees
using her own momentum, pushing smoothly against his cock.

"Mmmm yeah show me what you got..." The Miz moans as he begins to increase
the pace of his thrusts after Courtney starts to rock a bit faster in front
of him. Miz's thrusts get his cock fairly deep into Courtney's pussy but his
ballsack is rarely smacking against her skin.

"Mmmm...what other dirt do you have?" Courtney asks with a cute moan as she
smoothly grinds her pussy back against his cock, feeling his shaft thrusting
in and out of her pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah... mmmm he ain't on ECW anymore... but John Morrison is a
total fairy..." The Miz grunts his reply as he increases the pace of his
thrusts as he fucks Courtney from behind.

"Really? John Morrison? I always thought he was hot and a total stud!"
Courtney Taylor moans as she eagerly rocks back against The Miz's cock,
smacking her adorable ass back against his toned waist.

"Mmmmmm ahhh trust me he is..." The Miz laughs as he drives his cock all the
way into Courtney's wet pussy. The Miz switches the MizCam over to his left
hand so that he can put his right hand on Courtney's waist.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh...mmmm Miz....ohhhh!" Courtney moans as she rocks back
eagerly against his shaft, swiftly moving against his thrusting shaft, as her
pussy tightens against his shaft.

"Mmmm fuck.... ahhh yeah..." The Miz moans as he feels Courtney's wet pussy
tightening on his cock as he keeps pumping his shaft into her.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh there any dirt you can tell me about yourself?"
Courtney cutely moans as she moves back against his cock.

"Ahhhhh awww there is..." The Miz grins as he pulls his cock out of
Courtney's pussy, "Turn around..." The Miz says as now holds The MizCam with
both hands.

Courtney Taylor turns around on her knees to face The Miz and licks her lips.
"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"I shoot like a fucking volcano..." The Miz grins as he aims the MizCam down
at Courtney as she raises an eyebrow before she wraps both of her hands
around his throbbing dick.

"Well...I'd love to see that!" Courtney replies with a laugh as she moves her
soft hands up and down The Miz's throbbing shaft.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm you keep that up... you won't have long to wait...' The Miz
moans as Courtney pumps both of her hands back and forth on his pulsating
shaft. Courtney closes her beautiful eyes and lowers her head as she gently
flicks her wet tongue against the head of The Miz's shaft while she continues
to move her soft hands repeatedly against his shaft.

"Awww.... ahhhh.... mmmm..." The Miz moans loudly as his cock starts to erupt
with thick streams of cum shooting from his piss slit. "Mmmmm...ohhhhh..."
Courtney moans as The Miz's warm cum splatters against her pouty lips as her
tongue teases the pulsating head of his throbbing shaft.

The Miz's cock continues to throb as more cum shoots from it, "Mmmm...
ahhhh..." The Miz moans as he aims the MizCam perfectly at Courtney's face as
she glances up at him when the last spurts of cum escape his shaft.

Courtney rubs her soft and pouty lips together. "Mmmm...that was amazing...'

The Miz smirks before he turns the MizCam around to aim it at himself, "Same
as always, another hot chick proves that I, The Miz is... AWESOME!"


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