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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 43: Lithuanian Awe-Lust-Some!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a hotel in Portland, Oregon, The Miz, wearing a 'Hello I'm Awesome' t-
shirt and jeans, looks in the MizCam with a smug look on his face, "Welcome
to another addition of MizTV... I am The Miz... your host, and the reason why
NXT has as of last week, been bounced off of cable television in the United
States for not having me coach a rookie this season. Which is fine by me
because after seeing what some of the Rookies had to offer so far, I am not
impressed..." The Miz says before pausing and smirking at the MizCam.

"Now this week, I do expect to be impressed because the rookie my apprentice
Alex Riley and myself will be 'introducing' to the world, is from Europe...
which means, she actually has a brain in that thing three feet above her ass
called a head, unlike Jamie Keyes who just got wished the best in her future
endeavors earlier today..." The Miz laughs a bit, "No big lost, sure she was
hot... but blondes with hot tight bodies who are hot for me are easy to come
by... now let us meet... my guest for this week... Aksana..." The Miz says
before he turns to enter his hotel room where Aksana is sitting on the bed
while Alex Riley, wearing just a pair of jeans, is standing by the bed.

"Hello there..." The Miz says to Aksana as he steps to her, "I want you to
tell the world, who you are and where you're from..." The Miz says as he
points to the MizCam.

Aksana angelically smiles and she looks at The Miz, with her beautiful and
seductive eyes before she nods her head. "I canz definitely doez that for
youz..." Aksana says with her heavily seductive Lithuinian accent. Aksana,
dressed in a short black skirt and tight fitting gold top, turns to face the
MizCam. Aksana raises her right hand and starts to twirl a strand of her
gorgeous blond hair with her index finger. "Helloz....I amz Aksana....and I
amz from Lithuinian...." Aksana says before she presses her luscious lips
together and locks her angelic eyes with the MizCam. "I amz...the Billion
Dollarz Baby..."

The Miz smirks, "Now do you know why you're here?" The Miz asks.

"Ummmm..." Aksana pauses for a moment and bites down on her bottom lip as she
lowers her eyes from the MizCam as she sits on the edge of the bed,
continuing to twirl her strand of blond hair with her right index finger.
Aksana then smiles excitedly and looks up at The Miz, "Is it because I lovez
America?" Aksana asks with a nod of her head before she forms her right hand
into a fist and pumps the fist into her air. "USA!...USA!...USA!"

"No.... this is MizTV and I could care less if you love America or not... do
you know what happens to girls on my show?" The Miz says while licking his

Aksana bites down on her bottom lip once again and lowers her head, unsure
for moment. "Ummm..." Aksana replies as she shifts her athletically toned
body as she remains sitting on the edge of the bed. Aksana then looks up with
an angelic smile and flashes her beautiful eyes at The Miz. "Do youz...give
me moneyz?" Aksana asks with a laugh.

"Give you...." The Miz raises an eyebrow, "Are you crazy or just stupid? Do I
look like Ted DiBiase? This is MizTV! I don't give out money!" The Miz snaps.

Aksana silently looks up at The Miz and rubs her pouty lips together before
she turns her head to look at Alex Riley standing near the bed. "Youz don't
give outz moneyz?" Aksana asks.

"Nope... we do give out something you'll like a lot better..." Alex Riley
says with a grin.

Aksana scrunches her nose up and looks at back at The Miz with confusion.
"Whatz would thatz be?" Aksana asks before she suddenly smiles with
excitement. "Oh! Do youz give outz chocolatez?! Aksana lovez chocolatez!"

"No! For crying out loud! I am the Miz... this is MizTV! You are here to get
FUCKED! Do you understand?!" The Miz shouts and his face turns a bit red.

Aksana presses her soft and pouty lips together and shakes her blond haired
head. "No...I don't understandz....can youz show mez?" Aksana asks sweetly,
however, it only frustrates The Miz more.

"How can you not understand?! I just said it! Do you even know who I am?!"
The Miz asks as he is clearly frustrated with Aksana.

Aksana bites down on her bottom lip before she innocently looks up at The Miz
and smiles. "Ummm...a llama?" Aksana asks, while looking seriously at The

Alex Riley laughs a bit and The Miz glares at him, "You deal with her! I'm
outta here... she has to be the stupidest cunt I have been in the same room
with since The Real World Road Rules Challenge!" The Miz says as he pulls his
own hair slightly while he turns and storms out of the hotel room.

Aksana rubs her pouty and luscious lips together before she turns her head to
look at Alex Riley. "Was itz something I saidz?" Aksana asks as she
innocently looks down.

Alex Riley smirks as he sits on the bed next to Aksana, "Don't worry about it
baby... I do got a question for you..."

Aksana smiles a bit as she turns to face Alex Riley as he now sits next to
her. "Whatz is it?"

Alex Riley smirks, "Is it true European girls love big American dicks?" Alex
asks as he takes Aksana's right hand and places it on his jeans covered

Aksana's beautiful and lustful eyes widen with excitement as she smiles at
Alex Riley, while she begins to move her right hand against the crotch of his
jeans. "Is...this what thatz llama boy wanted?" Aksana asks cutely as she
feels Alex Riley's cock hardening underneath his jeans.

"Oh yeah..." Alex smirks as Aksana lightly presses her right hand against his
bulging crotch.

Aksana licks her lips and lightly squeezes Alex Riley's crotch with her right
hand through the material of his jeans. "Whyz didn't he just sayz so?" Aksana

"Who knows..." Alex replies as Aksana lightly squeezes his crotch again,
"Mmmm... let's see what's under your top first..." Alex says as he starts to
raise Aksana's tight fitting gold top up. Aksana removes her right hand from
the crotch of Alex's jeans and proceeds to raises her arms as the apprentice
of The Miz raises her gold top from her upper body and over her head,
exposing her nicely tanned, rounded and juicy tits.

"Mmmm I like those..." Alex says as he leans towards Aksana and lowers his
head to flick his tongue against her right tit.

"Ohhhhhh thatz feel so goodz..." Aksana moans and licks her lips as she feels
Alex Riley's strong hands cupping her stunning tits and his tongue working
against her right tit. Alex Riley flicks his tongue around Aksana's right
nipple as he brushes his left thumb against her left nipple.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm..." Aksana moans and closes her eyes as she places her
hands behind her on the bed, arching her chest upward more toward Alex Riley
as he fondles her tits and uses he skilled tongue against her tits and

"Mmmm..." Alex Riley looks out of the corner of his eye at the MizCam as he
plays with Aksana's tits with his hands and works them over with his talented

"Ohhhhhh...thatz feel so goodz...mmmmm..." Aksana moans as she feels her left
nipple go into Alex Riley's mouth and his lips pressing around her nipple.

"Mmmm... mmmm!" Alex moans as he sucks on Aksana's left tit while he feels
her sliding her hands through his short hair.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Aksana softly moans as she wraps her fingers around his short,
gel-styled hair and lightly pulls on his hair.

"Mmmm! Mmm!" Alex Riley moans as he continues to suck on Aksana's left tit
while flicking his tongue against her nipple. The Miz's apprentice lowers his
right hand to Aksana's waist and starts to inch down her short black skirt.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhh thatz feel goodz..." Aksana moans as she leans her
head back as she feels Alex Riley's right hand rubbing between her toned,
smooth, tanned thighs for a moment, before he continues to lower her short
black skirt from her waist as he continues to suck on her gorgeous tits.

Alex Riley slowly raises his head up from Aksana's gorgeous, large tits, "Oh
those are great tits..." Alex says as he pushes her skirt down her perfectly
smooth legs.

"Thank youz..." Aksana says with an angelic smile before she stands up from
the bed as Alex Riley lowers her short skirt down her waist and then down her
gorgeously toned, tanned and smooth legs to reveal her bare wet pussy. Alex
licks his lips as he places his right hand between Aksana's legs again and
starts to rub her smoothly shaven wet pussy. After a few moments, Aksana
pushes his hand away from her cunt so that she can unbutton Alex's jeans.

Aksana smiles and seductively looks at Alex Riley as she bends forward
slightly unbuttoning his jeans before proceeding to unzip his jeans. Aksana
smoothly lowers herself down onto her knees as she starts to tug his jeans
down from his waist.

"I know what you want..." Alex grins as he raise himself slightly to make it
easier for Aksana to tug down his jeans until his large, thick and hard cock
is freed. Aksana nods her head and happily smiles at Alex Riley as she lowers
his jeans down to his knees before she moves her hands and places her right
hand onto the base of Alex Riley's cock.

"Ohhhhh ahhhh..." Alex moans as Aksana starts to stroke his cock with her
right hand while she uses her left hand to pull his jeans off from around his
ankles. Aksana lowers her blond haired head and begins to gently slides her
wet tongue around the head of Alex Riley's cock as she moves her hand back
and forth against his hardening shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Alex moans as Aksana circles her tongue around the large head
of his cock while she strokes the shaft. Aksana lifts her beautiful and
seductive eyes as she looks up at Alex Riley as she slides her wet tongue
smoothly around the head of his cock before she parts her lips and eagerly
takes his cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah Aksana..." Alex moans as the NXT Rookie starts to bob her head at
a surprisingly brisk pace on his stiff cock.

"Mmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm! Aksana seductively moans around Alex Riley's
cock as she steadily and briskly moves her head back and forth with her wet
saliva already coating his cock.

"Ahhhh fuck... mmmm you like a big American dick a lot..." Alex groans as
Aksana sucks and slurps on his cock as she blows the Varsity Villain away
with her oral talents.

"Mmmmmmm..." Aksana moans and nods her head slightly in response as she
continues to bob her head along Alex Riley's shaft, as she slides her tongue
lustfully against the bottom side of his shaft.

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmmm fuck yeah..." Alex Riley moans as Aksana smack her
tongue against his cock as she bobs her head rapidly on his tool.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Aksana moans loudly around Alex's cock as she lifts and
lowers her head with skilled speed, with her luscious lips brushing back and
forth on his shaft, while his shaft goes deeper into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm fuck.... ohhh yeah Aksana.... you want to get fucked by this big
American dick?" Alex asks with a groan as Aksana deep throats his large cock.
Aksana lifts her beautiful and stunning eyes as she glances up at the
arrogant Alex Riley before she nods her head with his cock inside of her

"Mmmmm get back on the bed..." Alex Riley moans as Aksana starts to stand up
while she keeps her head lowered on his cock as long as possible. The
Lithuanian beauty lifts her head off of Alex Riley's cock completely with her
seductive lips releasing from his shaft with her popping sound. Aksana raises
her right hand to her head and starts to twirl a strand of her blond hair
with her index finger as she moves to climb onto the bed. Aksana chooses to
lay on her back and when she spreads her legs, Alex kneels between them so
that he can guide his cock into her hot wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh....thatz feel so goodz..." Aksana moans as she closes her eyes,
laying back on the bed completely as Alex Riley begins to firmly pump his
cock into her, causing her to slide on the surface of the bed.

"Ahhhhh mmmmm..." Alex Riley groans as he grabs Aksana's hips as he firmly
thrusts his cock into her pussy. Meanwhile, The Miz walks back into the hotel
room and smirks as he sees his apprentice is fucking Aksana on the bed.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh!" Aksana moans loudly and licks her lips as she gently
wraps her toned, tanned and gorgeously smooth legs around Alex Riley's toned
waist as she begins to push back against his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Alex moans as Aksana squeezes his waist with her
surprisingly strong legs as he thrusts his cock deeply into her pussy. The
Miz removes his t-shirt and now starts to undo his jeans.

"Ohhhhhh....mmmm push itz deep..." Aksana moans as she grinds her pussy
against his shaft, using her surprisingly strong legs to work against his

"Ahhhh awww!" Alex groans as he hammers Aksana's pussy with deep and firm

After stepping out of his jeans, The Miz moves to the bed and kneels near
Aksana's head, "Open that mouth..." The Miz says as he starts to push his
cock against Aksana's lips before she can realize he's there.

"Ohhhhhh...llama boy...youz are back..." Aksana moans before The Miz's cock
slides directly into her stunning mouth.

"What did you call me?!" The Miz asks as Aksana presses her lips on his cock
as Alex drives his cock deep into her snatch.

"I didn't hear her say anything..." Alex grins as he fucks Aksana's pussy
while she starts to suck The Miz's dick.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Aksana moans as she raises her hands and places them
up onto The Miz's waist as she starts to bob her head on his shaft, while
Alex Riley firmly thrusts into her wet, tight snatch.

"Ohhhh ahhhh..." The Miz groans as Aksana sucks and slurps on his cock. Alex
moves his hands to Aksana's thighs as he rocks on his knees to gain momentum
as he drills her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm!" Aksana lustfully moans around The Miz's cock as her
blond haired head easily bobs back and forth on his shaft, with her tongue
moving smoothly against his shaft.

"Ahhhh awwww mmmmm ohhh.." Alex Riley moans as he drills Aksana's pussy
rapidly. The Miz tilts his head back as Aksana works her tongue on his cock
as she casually bobs her head on it.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhh!" Aksana moans as she closes her eyes
and turns her head smoothly on The Miz's cock with her pouty lips grinding
against his cock as she bucks her body eagerly against Alex Riley's cock.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah suck it..." The Miz moans as Aksana takes his cock deep into
her mouth even as she seems more interested in Alex Riley pounding her hot
wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm! Gahhhhhh! Gahhhhhhh!" Aksana moans and begins to gag on The
Miz's cock as he begins to roughly force his cock into her mouth, deeply
thrusting into her mouth as her saliva heavily drips.

"Mmmmm ahhhh fuck..." Alex Riley moans as he hammers Aksana's cunt as The Miz
fucks her beautiful face.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Aksana moans as she moves on the bed between Alex Riley,
pounding his cock deeply into her pussy, and The Miz, swiftly fucking her
mouth with his cock.

"Ohhhhh ahhh..." The Miz groans as he holds his cock deep within Aksana's
mouth before he pulls out. When Aksana unwraps her legs from his waist, Alex
Riley also pulls out while The Miz lays on the bed next to Aksana.

Aksana sits up on the bed and turns to smile at The Miz. "Do youz want me on
topz, llama boy?" Aksana asks with a cute laugh.

"What did you say?!" The Miz snaps as Aksana proceeds to get on top of him.

"Do youz want me on topz?" Aksana says with an adorable smiles as she eases
her tight, wet pussy down onto The Miz's cock, placing her hands onto his
toned stomach.

"Mmmmmm like you need to ask..." The Miz groans as Aksana starts to rock back
and forth on his cock. Alex Riley repositions himself behind Aksana and he
begins to guide his cock into her gorgeous round and juicy ass.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm...yez...thatz so goodz..." Aksana moans as she closes her
eyes, leaning forward slightly to allow Alex Riley easier access at her ass
as she continues rock on The Miz's cock.

"Ahhh mmmmm..." Alex moans as he works his cock in and out of Aksana's
asshole. The Miz grabs Aksana's hips and starts to rapidly thrust his cock up
into Aksana's cunt.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmmm..." Aksana moans and licks her lips as she rocks
back and forth between The Miz and Alex Riley, feeling both cocks deeply
working into her ass and pussy.

"Mmmmmm fuck..." The Miz moans as he rapidly pistons his cock up into
Aksana's wet pussy. Alex reaches around Aksana and grabs her large juicy tits
as he fucks her juicy ass.

"Ohhhhh...mmmmm...ohhhhhhh!" Aksana moans loudly as she bounces rapidly on
The Miz's cock as he deeply and roughly pumps up into her wet snatch, while
she pushes back against Alex's cock in her ass.

"Ohhhh ahhhh mmm..." Alex Riley moans as he gropes Aksana's tits as he pounds
her ass with his large cock as she bounces on The Miz's stiff dick.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Aksana moans and licks her lips as she moves her
athletically toned, gorgeously curved body between The Miz and Alex Riley as
sweat drips off of her body.

"Ohhhh fuck... awwww shit..." The Miz grunts as Aksana grinds herself sharply
on his now throbbing cock so that she can push back more quickly on Alex
Riley's cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Aksana moans loudly as she grinds her pussy down on
The Miz cock as she begins to suddenly cum.

"Ohhhh yeah mmmmm fuck..." Alex Riley groans as his cock starts to slowly
throb as he fucks Aksana's ass.

"Mmmmm ahhhh shit!" The Miz moans as he begins to cum inside of Aksana's cunt
as she cums on his upward thrusting tool.

Aksana licks her lips as she slides her hands on The Miz's chest. "Mmmm...
ohhhh youz are both goodz....Alexz and llama boy..."

"Mmmm what the fuck did you call me?" The Miz snaps as Aksana slowly rocks on
his cock as he fills her pussy with cum. Alex Riley pulls his cock out of
Aksana's asshole and while he moves back slightly, Aksana nearly hops off the
Superstar she refers to as llama boy to turn to face Alex Riley. Aksana
smiles and licks her lips as she places her left hand around Alex Riley's
throbbing shaft and guides his cock directly into her stunning, hot mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah mmmmm..." Alex Riley moans as Aksana presses her lips on the head
of his cock as she swiftly stroke his pulsating shaft with her left hand.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Aksana moans as she lightly bobs her head on the
head of his cock, with her pouty lips tightening underneath, as she moves her
hand back and forth along the length of his shaft.

"Ohhhh ahhhh awwwww..." Alex lets out a grunt as he starts to cum shooting
his load directly within Aksana's moist mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Aksana moans lustfully as she slowly lifts her head off of Alex
Riley's cock and tilts her head back slightly, opening her mouth to show off
his load of cum in her mouth.

The Miz gets off the bed and moves towards the MizCam, "Well I'm just
assuming that dimwit got a clue and..." The Miz looks over his shoulder when
he notices Aksana taking Alex Riley's hand as she gets off the bed and goes
to the bathroom, "Hey where the hell are you going?"

Aksana sweetly smiles as she turns back to face The Miz. "Wez are going to
takez a joinz us, llama boy?" Aksana innocently replies angelic

"What the fuck do you keep calling me?!" The Miz snaps.

Alex looks at Aksana, "I think that's a no..." Alex says. Aksana shrugs her
shoulder and leads Alex into the bathroom and closes the door behind them.

A frustrated Miz looks at the MizCam, "If any of you MizFits know what she's
saying, let me know, cause I can't understand a word that twit says.... until
next time, remember, be good, be bad, be Miz, cause I'm Awesome!"


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