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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is MizTV Episode 44: Awesomely Coached & Poked!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Standing in a one of the locker rooms within Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Bradley
Center, The Miz, wearing a 'Hello I'm Awesome' t-shirt and black jeans,
smirks as he looks into the MizCam, "Welcome to MizTV.... I first want to
address what happened two nights ago at Bragging Rights, where my destiny of
leading Team Miz to victory over SmackDown was denied because of the
incompetence of every Superstar that I was stuck with. If I was allowed to
pick my team, I would have had my hands raised in victory..." The Miz says.
"Now I want to address a bit of a fan mail," The Miz says as he raises a
piece of paper and reads it, "Michael C. asks, Miz, have you seen this total
rip off of your show featuring a lame California pretty boy doing wanna be
Divas from bingo halls and amusement parks? P.S. You are AWWW-SOME."

The Miz lowers the paper and looks into the MizCam again, "No I haven't
Michael C. because I don't watch shows that aren't original or creative." The
Miz says as he balls up the paper he was reading and tosses it away. "Now on
to business, my apprentice Alex Riley will be arriving soon with the latest
NXT Rookie from Season 3 who wants to be a huge star and from what he told
me, he's also bringing her Pro along... what the fuck" The Miz says as the
door to the locker room is suddenly opened and Naomi with her WWE Pro Kelly
Kelly and Alex Riley, wearing a "Hello I'm Awesome" t-shirt and jeans,
following her.

The very loud, but athletic NXT Rookie Diva, Naomi, dressed in a pair of
tight fitting black spandex pants and a hot pink top, boastfully enters the
room. "HEY!!!!!" Naomi says loudly.

The Miz looks at Naomi, "You don't have to be loud..." The Miz then smirks,
"But I guess you can't help it..."

Naomi raises an eyebrow and looks at The Miz. "Who does this crazy white boy
think he is talkin' to Naomi like that!?" Naomi loudly replies before her
attention becomes focused on the very expensive MizCam which is set up on a
tripod. "Damn! That's a nice camera ya'll got there!" Naomi says as she
starts to approach the MizCam.

"Hey stay away from that! It's expensive and I don't need it going missing!"
The Miz says as he moves to block Naomi from getting closer to the MizCam.

Naomi presses her luscious and full lips together as she gives The Miz as
sassy look, placing her hands onto her hips. "Geeze! Shit! White boy...don't
ya'll get ya panties in a bunch!" Naomi says before she glances back over her
shoulder to look at Alex Riley as he stands beside her WWE Pro, Kelly Kelly.
"HEY! Ya'll said we're gonna meetin' that John Morrison hunk...and he ain't
no hunk!" Naomi says loudly pointing at The Miz.

Kelly Kelly, dressed in a pair of stylish tight fitting jeans and a white
top, presses her lips together and crosses her arms as she looks at Alex
Riley as well. " said John Morrison wanted to see both Naomi and
I..." Kelly says and then looks at The Miz. "And he certainly isn't John

Alex Riley raises his hands innocently, "I said someone like John Morrison
wanted to see you..." Riley says and his comment draws the attention from The

"I'm BETTER than Morrison!" The Miz snaps as he glares at Riley before he
looks at Naomi, "And for the record, I am more than a hunk, the monk of mojo,
the Grand Mizard of Lust, the Chick Magnet..." The Miz says as he starts to
run off his long list of self-appointed nicknames.

Naomi raises an eyebrow and looks at The Miz. "If ya'll are askin' me...ya'll
are just lame!" Naomi replies loudly. Kelly Kelly shakes her head and laughs
a bit. "Good one Naomi...and speaking of lame..." Kelly says and turns her
attention back to Alex Riley. "Is the only reason Naomi and I are here is for
The Miz's stupid web-show...that only have like five viewers, and two of
those being you and Michael Cole?"

"I have thousands of people watching my show!" The Miz says defensively.

Alex shrugs as Kelly Kelly stares him down, "Well... Miz wanted Naomi cause
he digs black chicks, and I think you're hot... so..." Riley trails off as he
grins at Kelly.

Kelly shakes her head and raises her hands up. "This is ridiculous...I'm
going..." Kelly says as she turns to approach the locker room door. "Aw!
Girl, ya really leavin' me with these white boy fools?" Naomi asks as she
turns to look at Kelly. "Yeah, Naomi..." Kelly replies with a weak smile.
"But don't worry...just remember even though The Miz is really bad at sex,
just tell him he's really good..." Kelly glances at the clock in the locker
room. "It should all be done and over with in about five minutes..." Kelly
says as she places her left hand onto the door knob.

The Miz glares at Kelly and moves to the grab her right arm to pull her away
from the door, "Where do you think you're going? The Miz snaps. "I heard for
years you wanted another shot to be on my show because how Layla and that
tramp you and Layla hung with got more screen time..." The Miz smirks.

Kelly rolls her eyes. "Please Miz...don't flatter yourself..." Kelly says
before she tries to pull free from The Miz's grasp.

"I don't have to flatter myself because I am awesome..." The Miz says as he
pulls Kelly towards the center of the locker room.

"Hmmmm.... I never bang a black chick before..." Alex Riley says as licks his
lips and checks out Naomi.

Naomi turns her head and looks at Alex Riley, making a disgusted face. "What
the hell are ya'll lookin' at white boy!?" Naomi asks loudly as Alex Riley
clearly checks out the loud-mouthed NXT Rookie Diva.

"Your hot body..." Alex Riley says, "I kinda wonder if you're better than
blondes..." Riley says.

"Shit! Ya'll dumb, white boy!? Everybody knows that a fine ass black girl can
fuck better than a blond!" Naomi replies loudly.

The Miz smirks as Kelly stops trying to pull away as she turns her head to
look at Naomi after hearing the NXT Rookie's comments, "She crossed a
line..." The Miz says casually as he sees Kelly slightly glaring at Naomi.

Kelly presses her lips together and shakes her head before turning her
attention back to The Miz. "She's just a rookie...she doesn't know any
better!" Kelly slightly snaps at The Miz. "Miz you clearly know that blondes
are better, right?"

"Oh yeah..." The Miz says while nodding his head as Naomi pushes past Alex
Riley to approach Kelly after hearing what her Pro just said.

"Kel! Girl! What ya talkin' about? No offense Kel...but black girls like
Naomi know how to rock any man's world!" Naomi says loudly to Kelly.

"Whoa hold on... I love fucking black chicks, but blonds are way better," The
Miz says with a smirk.

"I never banged a black girl, so I can't really say either way," Alex Riley

Naomi turns her head back and looks at Alex Riley. "White boy! Ya'll are
about to find out!"

"Really?" Alex Riley grins just before Naomi turns to grab his jeans covered
crotch to get an idea of how big The Miz's apprentice is.

"Oh yeah! Ya'll bet, white boy!" Naomi says before she removes her hand from
the crotch of his jeans and shoves him back onto the couch.

"Awesome..." Alex Riley grins as he starts to take off his shirt.

Meanwhile, Kelly Kelly is pulling Miz by his left hand over towards a table.
"You're going to teach your Rookie a lesson?" The Miz asks with a smirk just
before Kelly looks back at him with a slightly mischievous look in her eyes.

"Oh yeah! I'm going to teach Naomi that not only do blondes have the most
fun, but that they are the best fucks..." Kelly says as she licks her lips,
threading The Miz's belt out of the loops of his jeans.

The Miz smirks, "Now why couldn't you be this fun during the Expose days?"
The Miz asks as Kelly drops his belt on the floor before she lowers herself
to her knees.

Kelly narrows her eyes slightly as she looks up at The Miz as she sits up
highly on her knees, starting to unbutton and unzip his jeans. "You liked me
being the innocent one..."

"Ok... fair enough..." The Miz smirks as Kelly licks her lips and jerks down
his jeans.

Meanwhile, Naomi is kneeling between Alex Riley's legs with her large juicy
black tits sandwiching Alex Riley's rock hard white cock. "Ohhhh fuck..."
Riley moans as Naomi strokes his dick with her tits.

Naomi grits her teeth slightly and looks up at Alex Riley as she moves her
upper body in movement with his shaft. Naomi places her hands onto Alex's
knees to brace her large, juicy black tits as they rubbing rapidly against
his shaft. "Oh yeah! Ya'll like that! Don't ya white boy!?"

"Ohhhh yeah.... fuck that's great..." Alex Riley moans and nods his head as
he eagerly watches Naomi fuck his cock with her big black tits. Naomi lowers
her head and spits some of her wet saliva down onto the head of Alex Riley's
cock, which immediately begins to drip down his shaft and between her juicy
tits as she skillfully moves her large tits, with his shaft sandwiched

"Mmmm ohhhh damn...." Alex Riley groans as he leans back on the couch and
starts to eagerly thrust his cock upward between Naomi's tits. Naomi holds
her tits with her hands as she guides her chest against Alex Riley's cock,
with the head of his cock, popping up to the top of her large, juicy tits
before falling back down between her black tits.

Meanwhile, Kelly Kelly has her hands on the table with her right leg raised
and laying on it while The Miz is kneeling behind her as he laps his tongue
against her hot wet pussy while he gropes her round toned ass with his left

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh shit Miz...mmmmm..." Kelly moans and glances over her
shoulder to look down at The Miz as he expertly slaps his tongue against her
wet pussy, sliding up occasionally to her tight, gorgeous asshole.

"Mmmmm..." The Miz moans as he flicks the tip of his tongue against Kelly's
asshole. He raises his right hand and smacks Kelly's ass as he slides his
tongue back to Kelly's hot wet snatch.

"Ohhhhh...mmmmmm....that feels so good Miz..." Kelly moans and licks her lips
as she rocks forward slightly against the table. The Miz smirks as he
proceeds to push his talented tongue into Kelly Kelly's pussy, causing her
left leg to quiver slightly as she starts to tongue-fuck the once innocent
acting Diva.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmmmm..." Kelly moans and bites down on her quivering bottom
lip as she feels The Miz's tongue deeply lashing around inside of her wet

Over on the couch, Naomi is kneeling on the on the center cushion, looking
over her shoulder at Alex Riley as he thrusts his cock in and out of her
tight wet and black pussy. "Mmmmm fuck..." Alex groans as he drills Naomi
from behind.

"Oh yeah! Ya'll fuck have nice black pussy, white boy!" Naomi moans loudly as
she places her hands onto the headrest of the couch as she rocks back and
forth on her knees, with her juicy black ass loudly smacking against Alex
Riley's tanned, toned waist.

"Mmmmmm fuck.... ahhhh..." Alex moans as he places his hands on Naomi's lower
back as he thrusts his cock in and out deeper into Naomi's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh! Yeah! Mmmmmmmm fuck white boy!" Naomi moans as she eagerly pushes
back against Alex Riley's cock, feeling his shaft deeply pumping into her.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Alex Riley moans as he hammers Naomi cunt as she
pushes back against him to easily match his pace.

"Ohhhhhhh! MMMMMMMM OHHHHHHH YEAH!" Naomi moans loudly as she rocks back and
forth on her knees, steadily and quickly pushing back against Alex Riley's

Meanwhile, Kelly is sitting on the table, leaning back with her hands behind
her as The Miz stands between her gorgeous legs thrusting his cock in and out
of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...I bet you missed me Miz....all those times on ECW with my
girls..." Kelly moans and closes her eyes as she leans her head back, feeling
The Miz thrusting his cock into her wet snatch.

"Mmmmmm I think you missed it a lot..." The Miz smirks as he pumps his cock
swiftly in and out of Kelly's twat as she wraps her legs around his waist.

Kelly laughs, pressing her legs smoothly around his toned waist, as she
starts to grind her pussy back against his thrusting shaft. "
missed me Miz!" Kelly cutely moans.

"I miss fucking this hot wet cunt..." The Miz grunts as he drives his cock
even harder into Kelly's pussy, causing her to bounce slightly on the table.

"Ohhhhhh shit are pretty good..." Kelly moans as she licks
her lips and clearly enjoys The Miz thrusting into her wet snatch.

Back on the couch, Alex Riley is sitting on it with Naomi bounces up and down
on his cock while he slaps his tongue against her juicy black tits. "Mmmmmm
fuck..." Riley moans as he thrusts his cock up into Naomi's pussy as she
makes sure to press her tits against his face each time she rises up on his

"Ohhhhhh! YEAH! OHHHHH! Mmmmmm ya'll like that, white boy!?" Naomi moans
loudly as she rapidly bounces up and down on Alex Riley's cock with her
juicy, large black tits smacking against his face, with his tongue traveling
against them.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah... mmmm...' Alex Riley groans as he smacks his tongue
against Naomi's tits while he reaches behind her to grab her juicy black ass.

"MMMMMMMM! FUCK! OHHHHH YEAH! That's what Naomi likes!" Naomi moans
loudly as she rocks forward rapidly rocking and grinding her wet black pussy
on his cock.

"Mmmmmm!" Riley moans against Naomi's tits as he squeezes her juicy black ass
as she rides his now upward thrusting cock.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Naomi moans loudly as she wildly bucks her hips and
moves her athletic body on Alex Riley's cock.

Meanwhile, Kelly Kelly is again bent over the table with The Miz standing
behind her as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ahhhh mmmmm..."
The Miz grunts as he fucks the hot blond haired Diva from behind.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh! OHHHHH Miz! Ohhhhhhh!" Kelly moans and licks her lips
as she rocks back and forth on her feet, with The Miz working his twelve
inches of MizMeat in and out of her pussy from behind.

"Ahhhhh fuck awwww..." The Miz grunts as he grabs hold of Kelly's hips and
pulls her back against him.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmm shit Miz....mmmm I forgot how fucking good you were!" She
moans loudly as she feels The Miz hammering his cock into her.

"Mmmmm yeah... mmmmm fuck.... you're so much hotter now..." The Miz grunts as
he pumps his cock balls deep into Kelly's snatch.

"Ohhhhhhh! ever need a co-host for the MizCam?" Kelly asks with
a cute laugh as she glances over her shoulder to look back at The Miz as he
easily pulls her back against his cock.

Meanwhile, Naomi is laying on her side with Alex Riley behind her, thrusting
his stiff white cock in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhh fuck yeah... mmmm..."

"Ohhhhhh! MMMMMMM White boy can't get enough!" Naomi moans and leans her
head back as she grinds her juicy, rounded black ass back against his waist
as she lays on her side with Riley pumping his cock swiftly into her even
more wet snatch.

"Awwww mmmmm damn..." Alex Riley moans as he swiftly thrusts his cock into
Naomi's pussy, Alex places a hand on Naomi's ass as he rams his cock harder
into her pussy.

"MMMMMMMMM! OHHHHHH FUCK!" Naomi moans and leans her head back as she firmly
and swiftly pushes back against his thrusting cock.

"Ohhhh fuck.. ohhh yeah!" Alex moans as he slams his cock deeply into Naomi's

Naomi glances over her shoulder and smirks as she pushes back eagerly against
his cock. "Come on white boy! Give me more!"

Meanwhile, Kelly Kelly is on her kneels in front of the Miz stroking his
throbbing cock with both of her hands, "Mmmmmmm fuck.... I already got a co
host..." The Miz says as Kelly strokes his cock and flicks her tongue against
the head of his shaft.

Kelly cutely glances up "Can your co-host do this for you though?" Kelly asks
before she parts her lips and takes The Miz's cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm fuck... hell no...' The Miz groans as Kelly starts to bob her head
lustfully on his pulsating cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Kelly moans as she closes her eyes and bobs her head
back and forth on The Miz's cock, with her pouty lips brushing back and

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm..." The Miz groans as Kelly bobs her head at a brisk pace
on his cock as his throbs more heavily within her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Kelly continues to moan as she places her right hand at the base
of The Miz's shaft and turns her head smoothly, grinding her pouty lips, as
she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace.

"Ohhhh fuck..." The Miz lets out a grunt as he starts to cum inside of
Kelly's mouth.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Kelly moans lustfully around The Miz's cock as she bobs her head
deeply on his shaft, taking him completely into her mouth with his cum
releasing into her mouth and down her throat.

Meanwhile, Naomi is on her knees with her head lowered to the floor as she
reaches back to hold her black ass cheeks apart as Alex Riley thrusts his
white cock in and out of her ass. "Ohhhhh fuck... ahhhh!" Alex groans as he
drills Naomi's ass with quick thrusts.

"OHHHHHHH! YEAH WHITE BOY!" Naomi moans loudly and rubs her wet pussy with
her right hand as she rocks on her shoulders, feeling Alex Riley's cock
hammering down into her juicy black ass.

"Ahhhh mmmmmm fuck.... ahhhh!" Alex groans as his cock begins to throb as he
pumps his repeatedly into Naomi's asshole. Alex holds Naomi's hips and jerks
her back against himself as he fucks her ass relentlessly.

"Ohhhhhhhh! MMMMMM White boy is lovin' this shit!" Naomi moans as she feels
Alex Riley suddenly ram his cock down quicker and deeper.

"Ohhhh shit.... ahhhhh.... ahhhh!" Alex grits his teeth as he keeps an
intense pace as he fucks Naomi's juicy black ass as his cock throbs

"Ohhhhhh yeah! Ya lovin' some of Naomi, aren't ya?!" Naomi moans loudly.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah... mmmm...' Alex Riley groans as he pulls his cock out of
Naomi's asshole and starts to stroke it. As Naomi starts to sway her ass,
Riley starts to cum, spraying his load all over Naomi's big juicy black ass.

Naomi nods her head in approval. "Yeah! White boy! Ya'll liked goin' black!"

"Mmmmm yeah.... ahhh..." Alex Riley moans as he keeps stroking his cock until
he's finished cumming on Naomi's ass.

Meanwhile, The Miz and Kelly are stepping in front of the MizCam, "Mmmmm I
think you could be a great co-host... if you're serious..." The Miz says to

Kelly scrunches her nose up and looks at The Miz. "What?"

"What do you mean what? You offered to me my co-host... but I need to know
how serious you want the gig..." The Miz says with a smirk.

Kelly laughs a bit and shakes her head. "I never said anything about that..."

"Typical...." The Miz rolls his eyes slightly before he looks at the MizCam,
"So, what we have seen here is that this hot blond missed me, The Miz because
I am awesome.... and Alex Riley... fucked his first black chick..." The Miz
says as he looks over his shoulder at Riley who is making out with Naomi. The
Miz looks at Kelly, "You know, I gotta know... any reason why you let your
Rookie fuck him and not me?" The Miz asks.

Kelly nods her head and laughs "Yeah..." Kelly says before she sweetly smiles
at The Miz.

"And what was that?" The Miz asks.

"Well..." Kelly says and shrugs her shoulders. "I didn't want her to be

The look on Miz's face turns from smug to shocked and the self-proclaimed
Awesome One is left speechless. With a sweet smile on her face, Kelly looks
at The MizCam, "I think it's time for this to end before he starts to cry....
bye!" Kelly says as she waves to the MizCam.


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