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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

This Is Monday Night RAW 2016
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The graphic for Monday Night RAW displays with 'Enemies' by Shinepdown playing as a quick montage of some of WWE Super-starlets, performing outside of the ring with some of the WWE Superstars before focusing on Maryse, Charlotte, Dana Brooke, Bayley and Sasha Banks, all shown posing for the camera while a series of clips shows them in hardcore action. The montage soon comes to an end, showing the RAW logo before fading from view.

The first scene fades in with a caption reading, April 4, 2016, fading in showing AJ Styles in the locker room following RAW, getting his street clothes out of his travel bag as Maryse, the gorgeous blond haired wife of the Miz, struts in, "So you are this... AJ Styles... hmmm you don't look phenomenal... not at all..." Maryse says as she is clearly sizing one of the WWE's latest wrestlers.

AJ raises an eyebrow as he turns his attention towards Maryse, "I am phenomenal, unlike your husband, who deserve to get his teeth knocked out for being a stain on this business."

Maryse laughs and tosses her hair back, "My husband is a star, he is doing important interviews, unlike you... living on a reputation that is possibly undeserved... you have to prove yourself."

"To who... you?" AJ asks with a smirk.

"Exactly... to me... my husband is awesome..." Maryse says proudly, "In all ways, and I can't just believe you phenomenal..." The French-Canadian licks her teeth as she approaches AJ as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Maryse is shown kneeling in front of AJ, moving her right hand back and forth along the length of his cock, "Not Awesome... but it is phenomenal in size..." Maryse says with a smirk as she jerks AJ off before leaning her head forward to flick her tongue against the crown of his dick, drawing a moan form him. The wife of the Miz keeps moving her right hand back and forth on AJ's shaft as she twirls her tongue around the bell-end of his shaft before opening her mouth to take his manhood in between her lips. Wrapping her lips around his cock, Maryse starts to rock her head back and forth, sucking AJ's shaft at a nice and easy pace, while his moans with clear delight. She raises her eyes to look up at AJ as she increase the rate as which she is sucking his dick, sucking and slurping more eagerly while flicking her tongue up against the underside of his tool as her saliva drips down her chin. Placing her hands on his hips, Maryse starts to take AJ's cock further into her mouth, taking inch after inch of it past her lips until she's deep throating his entire cock with surprising ease. "Ohhhh mmmmm..." Maryse moans as she doesn't gag on the Phenomenal wrestler's cock while her chin bangs against his ball sack as she holds his shaft in her mouth for several moments before she resumes bobbing her head.

The scene cuts to show Maryse seated on the locker room table, her legs wrapped around AJ's waist while she is leaning back with her hands placed on the table for support as he pumps his cock in and out of her awesomely tight wet pussy. "Ohhhh... ohhhh mmmm ahhh..." Maryse moans and breathes deeply as AJ plows his cock deeply into her cunt while he places his hands on her waist while he fucks her. AJ grits his teeth a bit as he drives his cock fully into Maryse's snatch with each thrust that he performs, grunting each time he rams his tool forward. The blond-haired French Canadian tosses her head back and closes her eyes while her large tits bounce a bit as she rocks on the table's surface in response to AJ's stiff thrusts. Sweat begins to form on Maryse's elegant skin as she grinds her pussy against AJ's thrusting cock as he continuously plows it into her tight wet hole. "Ahhh ohhh mmmm ohhh..." The former Divas Champion moans with delight as a man who is clearly not her husband fucks her with deep hard thrusts.

With the next change over, AJ is shown sitting on a metal folding chair with Maryse straddling his lap bouncing up and down on his cock. "Mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Maryse moans as she slides her hands against AJ's chest as she rises and drops on his cock. AJ places his hands on Maryse's hips and leans back on the chair in order to start thrusting his shaft vertically into her pussy, causing her to squeal with approval. The gorgeous French-Canadian flips her hair back as she feels AJ's ball sack smacking up against the bottom of her ass while he drives his cock up into her twat as she eagerly rides him at the same time. "Ohhh ahhh... mmmm ohhhh..." The wife of the Miz moans as she gets a great reason as to why AJ is called phenomenal as he delivers a series of sharp brisk upward thrusts that just drives her to bounce harder and faster on his cock. Sweat coats both of their bodies as they get truly raw with their their performances as AJ moves his hands behind Maryse to grab her ass cheeks while she leans forward to press her tits against his face.

The scene then cuts to show Maryse on all fours with AJ behind her, holding her ass cheeks apart as his cock pistons in and out of her tight anal passage. "Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ahhh! Mmmmm ahhhh!" Maryse moans with delight, clearly comfortable with taking larger and thicker than phenomenally sized cock up her anal passage as she rocks back against AJ rather easily. AJ clenches his teeth as he moves his hands to her lower back as he propels every inch of his dick into her backside, with his balls bouncing against her rump. "Mmmmm ahhh... oooo ahhh mmm..." Maryse licks her lips as she looks back over her left shoulder at AJ and smirks as he hammers her asshole with his large cock as it begins to twitch and throb noticeably.

One last scene cut occurs to show Maryse on her knees looking up at AJ as he strokes his dick until he starts to shoots his cum all over her smirking sweat coated face. Once AJ is spent, Maryse licks her lips as his jizz drips down her face, "Alright you are phenomenal.... But you're not Awesome... unlike my husband who if he was fucking your wife, would've done it right in front of you..." Maryse says boastfully as the scene fades to black as AJ stares awe-struck with Maryse's closing comment.

The caption reads 'August 1, 2016' as the second scene fades in, showing Chris Jericho with Charlotte and Dana Brooke following Jericho and Charlotte's win in a mix-tag match over Enzo Amore and Sasha Banks. "That Enzo Amore is so... unbelievably annoying... and there are too many idiots in the WWE like him.... I am so sick of them.... They are going to continue to get..." Jericho pauses dramatically before raising one index finger, "IT!"

Dana laughs a bit, "You know you should make a list of how many people deserve to get it from you..."

"That's..." Jericho pauses and thinks for a moment, "Not a bad idea..."

"That's the first good idea my protege has ever had..." Charlotte says, totally unimpressed with Dana's suggestion to the first even Undisputed Champion, "However a better idea would be you doing IT... with a Flair..." Charlotte says as she locks eyes with Jericho.

"Ooo! Even better have a three-some! Three is better than two!" Dana chimes, instantly drawing a glare from her mentor which she ignores.

Jericho strokes his chin, " IT to the former Women's Champion and her sidekick..."

"I'm her protege!" Dana says with a beaming smiles.

"Whatever..." Jericho says dismissively, "That would be something worth my time... unlike dealing with that idiot Enzo and

Charlotte rolls her eyes and then smirks, "Well this of course would be a perfect way to teach Dana how to do things at a main event level..." She says as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, it shows a locker room with a nice large couch on it, with Charlotte leaning back with her legs spread while Dana is kneeling between them, lapping her tongue up and down against her mentor's smoothly shaven pussy while Jericho is stepping up onto the couch standing to Charlotte's right in order to guide his cock into her mouth as soon as she turns towards him. "Mmmmmm..." Charlotte moans as Jericho feeds her his dick. She wraps her lips around his manhood and begins to bob her head as she turns a bit to place her left hand on his wait while Dana pushes her tongue into her mouth, causing Charlotte to squirm a bit on the couch. Jericho lets out a groan as Charlotte rocks her head back and forth, sucking his dick at a decent pace. "Ohhhh... mmmm..." Charlotte moans as she feels Dana's tongue darting in and out of her twat, which is driving her to orally pleasure Jericho at a quicker tempo. Dana places her hands on Charlotte's thighs, pushing her mentor's legs further apart as she tongue fucks her while looking up to see Charlotte turns her head from side to side, grinding her lips around Jericho's shaft as he starts to pump his cock in and out of the former Women's Champion's mouth. "Ahhh... mmm! Mmmmm!" Charlotte moans lustfully on Jericho's shaft as her protege goes to town, pounding her pussy with her tongue as the first even Undisputed Champion fucks her mouth, causing saliva to pour out of it and down her chin.

The scene then transitions to show Jericho sitting on the couch with Dana standing in front of him, bent at the waist so that she can bob her head up and down on his cock while behind her Charlotte is crouched, holding Dana's ass cheeks apart as she laps her tongue against the entrance to her protege's asshole. "Ohhh! Ohhhh! Mmmmm!" Dana moans whorishly on Jericho's cock, placing her hands on his thighs as she lifts and lowers her head eagerly on his shaft, her lips brushing perfectly along his length while rocking back on her feet to push her ass back against Charlotte's face. Charlotte digs her fingers into the flesh of Dana's rump as she twirls her tongue around her asshole before shifts from a crouching position to a kneeling one so that she can slide her tongue down the crack of Dana's ass to where she can lap her tongue against her pussy. "Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Dana squeals with delight as she feels Charlotte's tongue against her twat while Jericho places a hand on the back of her head and starts thrusting his cock upward into her mouth. "Mmmm! Mmmm! GAH! MMM!" Dana moans and gags slightly every so often as Jericho propels his dick up into her mouth as her mentor flicks and smacks her pussy with her tongue.

The scene cuts to show Jericho laying on the couch with Charlotte bouncing up and down on his cock while Dana is straddling his face so that he can eat her pussy. "Ohhh... ohhhhh ahhhh..." Charlotte moans as tosses her blond hair back as she lifts herself up and down on Jericho's shaft while watching the large breasts of her protege rise and fall as Dana breathes and gasps with joy as Jericho proves his oral talents goes beyond just talking on a microphone. Dana licks her lips as she grinds rocks lightly on Jericho's face, doing a fantastic job of keeping herself fairly still so that Jericho can push his tongue up into her love hole. "Ahhh ohhhh fuck.... Ahhh...' Charlotte moans as she bounces eagerly on Jericho's cock, dropping down sharply every so often to make sure her ass smacks down against his thighs. Gradually Jericho moves his right leg to where it's hanging off the side of the couch and starts to pump his cock up into Charlotte's twat, throwing off her balance slightly and causing her to lean forward to grab Dana's right shoulder. Taking it as an invitation, Dana grabs Charlotte's right shoulder and leans towards her while pulling her mentor forward to lustfully kiss her. "MMMMM!" Charlotte groans with surprise, but quickly responds by returning the kiss, followed by them both parting their lips in order to tongue wrestle as they ride Jericho's cock and face as he fucks one and eats out the other.

With the next scene change over, Dana is kneeling on the couch leaning forward against the backrest while Jericho is behind her, pumping his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. "Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah! Give me that big cock! Give me IT!" Dana moans as she rocks back against Jericho while looking over her right shoulder, giving him a lustful grin as he grabs her hips. Jericho clenches his teeth as he increases the tempo of his thrusts, plowing his dick fully into Dana's tight cunt while her ass bounces against his waist while his balls smack between her nicely thigh thighs. Next to them, Charlotte is working two of her long fingers in and out of her snatch as she watches her protege get fucked by the Superstar that was her tag team partner for a rarely seen mix-person tag match. "Ohhh! Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhh!" Dana gasps and moans as she bucks back against Jericho at a wild pace as he repeatedly slams his entire cock into her tight wet snatch.

The scene cuts to show Charlotte on top of Dana as they sixty-nine, eagerly lapping their tongues against another's soaking wet twats while Jericho is behind Charlotte thrusting his cock in and out of her tight asshole. "Ahhhh yeah... you're getting... IT!" Jericho grunts with the effort he's putting into pounding Charlotte's backside, slamming his cock balls deep into her anal passage with every thrust. The moans of Charlotte and Dana are muffled as they they bury their tongues into the other's pussy, but Charlotte's cries of delight are much more apparent thanks to Jericho butt fucking her at the same time. The mentor and protege dart their tongues into the love hole of one another at a frantic pace while Jericho is unrelenting in how he's fucking Charlotte's toned ass.

The scene cuts one last time to show Jericho standing with his hands on his hips as Dana and Charlotte lap their tongues against the head of his throbbing cock while Charlotte is the one stroking the length of his shaft. The pair or blonds look up at him as he licks his teeth while they double team his cock until the point he's ready to blow his load, at which time he takes over stroking his dick. Charlotte and Dana press themselves close to one another, their faces cheek to cheek making themselves a perfect target. "Ahhhhh fuck..." Jericho groans as he starts to blow his load all over their faces, showering them with his cum for several long moments.

Once Jericho is spent, Charlotte looks up at him and smirks, "Bet you just loved doing IT with a Flair..."

"And me too!" Dana chimes in, drawing an angry glare from her mentor as the scene fades to black.

The third scene fades in with the caption reading September 5, 2016, revealing Seth Rollins and Bayley in the backstage area following Seth's win over Chris Jericho, "You saw that... that's why I'm going to be the WWE Universal Champion..." Seth says with a confident smirk.

Bayley smiles, "Yeah I saw, but I think my win over an actual champion and not their side-kick shows that I'm going to be the next Women's Champion..." The side-ponytail haired starlet replies

Seth raises an eyebrow, "Are you actually down-playing my win because it was over Chris Jericho and not Kevin Owens?"

"Just a bit, it's not like Chris is the beat Kevin's Dana Brooke..." Bayley says with a bit of a laugh. "So I kind have a few doubts on if you can be the next Universal Champion."

"Doubts? I'm the man around here... I'm the face of Monday Night RAW..." Seth says, "And I know you were down on NXT, so you probably don't know why that is..."

Bayley presses her lips together, "You could show me..." The former NXT Women's Champion says as she gives a subtle but noticeable glance down to Seth's crotch, "If you're up for proving it..." She says as she looks up at Seth who just smirks and nods his head as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, it reveals the locker room, with Bayley seated on a chair while Seth is down between her legs, eating her pussy, "Ohhh... mmmm ahhhh...' Bayley moans as she looks down at the greasy haired former WWE Champion as he pushes his tongue into her pussy while he places his hands on her thighs to push her legs further apart. Seth rocks his head a bit as he darts his tongue in and out of Bayley's pussy, slurping up her delicious juices as they flow freely as she places a hand on her head to run her fingers through her hair. ""Ohhh... mmm yeah... ohhhh... mmmmm..." Bayley leans her head back while she feels Seth's tongue twirl around within her love hole, making her rock and squirm on the seat of the chair, which results in her grinding her pussy against his bearded face.

The scene then cuts to show Bayley kneeling in front of Seth as he's the one sitting on the chair, bobbing her head up and down on his cock while he holds her side-ponytail with one hand. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Bayley moans sweetly on Seth's long hard cock, lifting and lowering her head nice and steady for several moments before she starts to increase her tempo. Saliva drips out of Bayley's mouth and down the length of Seth's manhood as she turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around his thick fuck-stick as she brings her right up to massage his large balls. Seth groans with appreciation for Bayley's oral talents as she sucks and slurps nosily on his dick, "Mmmmm! Ohhhh!" Bayley moans while closing her eyes as she continues to blow the former WWE Champion.

The scene transitions to reveal Bayley laying on the locker room bench, her legs draped over Seth's thighs as he straddles it while he pump his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy, "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhh ahhh!" Bayley moans as she moves against the bench's surface only for Seth to grab her by the hips to pull her back towards himself as he pumps his dick into her pussy. Bayley licks her lips and smiles up at the former NXT Champion as he rams the full length of his cock into her cunt with every thrust that he performs, making her arch her back up from the bench. Seth grits his teeth and grunts noticeably each time he propels his cock forward into Bayley's love tunnel while he watches her tug on her side-ponytail with one hand while she places with her tits with the other. "Ohhhh mmmm fuck... ohhh ahhh yeah you're gonna be the next champ!" Bayley cries out lustfully which just encourages Seth to fuck her even harder.

The scene cuts to show Bayley on all fours on the locker room floor with Seth squatting behind her, pumping his long thick cock into her tight pussy, "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhh yesh! Ohhh ooooo!" Bayley moans as she rocks back against Seth, pushing her ass against his waist as he hammers her twat with deep, firm thrusts while feeling his balls crahsing against her skin. Seth has his hands firmly planted on Bayley's back to balance himself as he rocks his hips back and forth, relentlessly driving his cock balls deep into her pussy, spurred on by her squeals of delight as the obvious indicator that she's loving every second of his encounter. "Ahhh! Ohhh fuck! Ohhhh yeah mmmm like how my pussy hugs your big fucking cock? Mmmmm fuck" Bayley asks as she looks back at Seth and grins as sweat pours off of their bodies as she happily takes a good hard fucking from the former WWE Champion who responds by reaching forward to grab her sweat dampened side-ponytail to her pull her head back as he continues to drill her.

The scene vuts one last time, showing Seth kneeling behind Bayley as he strokes his cock briskly before he starts to shoot streams of cum all over her nicely thick rump. "Mmmm.... Ohhh yeah," Bayley moans as she looks back at Seth and sways her ass a bit as he continues to drop several wads of jizz on her backside until he's totally spent. "Wow, you sure showed me..." Bayley says with a grin.

"Of course I did... cause I'm the man around here..." Seth says with a smirk as the scene fades to black.

The fourth and final scene fades in with the caption reading 'October 10, 2016' as Women's Champion Sasha Banks and United States Champion are showing passing through the Gorilla Position following their victory over Charlotte and Rusev in a mix tag team match. "Now that is how things get done..." Sasha says.

"I believe that baby girl..." Roman replies with causes Sasha to smirk as she looks over her shoulder at him.

"But you know, I think something else needs to get done... because let's face I'm the BOSS and there is really one way to celebrate a win over that bitch... that is, if you think you're up for it..." Sasha says as she flips to sweat dampened hair back.

"Oh you know I'm up for it, believe that..." Roman answers.

"I'll believe it when I experience it..." Sasha says with a sly smirk as the scene blurs from view.

When the scene clears, the stall of a shower is shown with Roman standing under the faucet as warm water sprays down on him while Sasha is on her knees in front of him, moving her right hand back and forth along the length of his huge Samoan cock. She spits a wad of saliva onto the ground and uses her left hand to spread her spit over the crown before placing her left hand on his waist. "Gonna suck it like a boss..." Sasha says before she opens her mouth wide to take Roman's shaft into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around his dick, Sasha turns her head from left to right, grinding her lips around his dick before she start to rock her head back and forth on his dick. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Sasha moans as she looks up at Roman as she takes his dick deeper into her mouth each time she moves her head forward. She moves her right hand from his dick to cup Roman's balls as she slobbers heavily on his cock while he groans as a result of her impressive oral talents as Sasha flicks her tongue up against the underside of his dick. Gradually Sasha increases the pace of her head bobbing as her lustful moans vibrate against Roman's impressive dick.

The scene then cuts to show Roman holding Sasha up with her directly under the shower faucet so that she is being drenched with water while he pumps his cock in and out of her tight wet and warm pussy. "Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah..." Sasha moans as she throws her arms around Roman's neck as she bounces up and down on his thrusting cock as he easily holds her up under neath the shower water. Roman grits his teeth a bit as she rocks his hips back and forth, continuously ramming the full length of his shaft into The BOSS's tight wet fuck hole as she gets her legs wrapped around his waist. "Mmmmm fuck! Ohhh ahhh yeah! Ohhhh shit!" Sasha moans as she closes her eyes and leans her head back, which allows the warm shower water to spray down onto her face as she bounces up and down on Roman's thrusting cock. Roman moves his hands underneath Sasha's thighs and helps her rise and drop on his cock while he continues to propel every inch of his cock into the cunt of the champion of RAW's Women's Division. Sasha rocks her hips, grinding her pussy on Roman's huge pistoning cock as she continues to bounce repeatedly on on his manhood.

The scene cuts to show Sasha on her hands and knees on the floor of the shower stall with Roman firmly pumps his cock in and out of her asshole. "Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Sasha gasps and squeals as she rocks back and forth on her knees in response to Roman's thrusts while he grabs hold her hips to force her to stay as still as possible while he repeatedly slams his dick into her gorgeous Bostonian backside. The United States Champion clenches his teeth as he plunges his cock deeply into Sasha's ass with every single one of his thrusts, each resulting in his large balls smacking against her ass. "Ahhh ohhh fuck! Ohhh ahhh mmmmm yeah!" Sasha bites her bottom lip and tosses her head back while she pushes back against Roman's pistoning shaft. Roman tosses his soaked hair back as he looks down at Sasha's ass, watching her rump cheeks jiggle when his waist and balls collide with them as he keeps stuffing his manhood into the depths of her anal cavity. The RAW Women's Champion breathes heavily as she looks back at Roman, her eyes narrowed with lust as he continues to plow his dick between her ass cheeks and into her asshole.

The scene transitions to show Roman laying on the water covered floor of the shower stall with Sasha mounted on his cock, facing away from him as she bounces up and down on his dick while she reaches back to place her hands on his chest. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh ahhh shit! Ahhhh fuck Ahhh ohhhh!" Sasha gasps as she rises and drops feverishly on Roman's cock while he places his hands against her lower back. The United States Champion Raises his hips to drive his cock up into Sasha's anal passage, making Sasha's riding of his dick even more wild as water from the shower head continues to spray down on them. "Mmmmm ahhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Sasha shouts and moans as slams her ass down repeatedly onto Roman's cock as he drives his dick vertically up into her backside while tossing her head back each time she drops down on his pole, nearly giving herself whiplash.

The scene cuts one last time, showing the shower is now off while Sasha is kneeling underneath the shower head while Roman is firmly stroking his intensely throbbing dick. Sasha licks her lips, tilts her head back slighty and opens her mouth wide as she looks up at Roman as he jerks off. With a grunt, he starts to cum, shooting his load down into Sasha's open mouth, filling her mouth filling by the time he's spent. Sasha clamps her mouth shut and with a loud gulp, she swallows Roman's dick and opens her mouth to show every ounce, "Like a mother fucking BOSS... believe that!" Sasha says with a smirk as the scene fades to black, with the credits rolling shortly after.


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