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This Is My Ass Now
by MTL (

AJ Lee was on top of the world. After a brief hiccup she was back on track to becoming the greatest WWE diva's champion and the greatest Alpha female of all-time, and best of all tonight she was going to take another female wrestler's anal cherry. Finding a virgin ass in wrestling was like finding the Holy Grail, and while this couldn't possibly be as special as taking Beth Phoenix's anal virginity as that had started her on the road to becoming the Alpha female of the WWE divas tonight promised to be very special indeed.

When there was finally a soft knock on her hotel room door AJ quickly chirped, "Come in."

There was a pause and then the door opened to reveal AJ's opponent for the special event/PPV which had so recently finished. The opponent she had defeated fair and square when both their asses were on the line, and now AJ's opponent's sweet little virgin ass was all hers, the woman simply known as Paige glaring at her before slamming the door.

"Let's get this over with!" Paige grumbled.

"Oh Paige, don't be like that." AJ grinned, skipping over to the other diva and offering her a wine glass, "Would you like a drink? I find that wine really helps relax the anal muscles."

"You would know." Paige said smugly, although she didn't look AJ in the eye.

"That's right, I do know." AJ smiled, lifting Paige's chin so the other girl was looking at her, "Anal is nothing to be scared of Paige. Trust me, the orgasms are incredible."

Paige blushed, and defensively said, "I'm not scared, just-"

"Nervous? That's natural. Don't worry baby, I'm going to relax you real good, lube you up, slowly slide into you and then fuck that amazing ass of yours until you're squealing with joy." AJ promised while quickly placing her wine glass down on a nearby table and then pulling the other woman in close, "Trust me my little English crumpet, before we're done you're going to be begging to be my anal loving bitch."

Paige opened her mouth to retort but AJ made sure she didn't get a single word out, closing the distance between them and shoving her tongue down the other diva's throat. Paige was clearly shocked for a moment, she quickly relaxed in AJ's embrace and started kissing the other brunette back. AJ took this as an invitation to briefly fondle her defeated opponent's boobs and then move her hands downwards to grab two big handfuls of Paige's shapely rear and squeeze the cutest little gasp out of Paige's mouth.

Pulling away blushing Paige insisted, "I may be yours tonight, but I swear AJ, when we're done you're going to be MY anal loving bitch."

"We'll see." AJ said dryly, letting go of Paige and stepping back, "Until then, strip. Show me that hot body I earned by kicking your ass."

There was a brief but understandable pause as the other strong-willed woman glared at AJ, then Paige pulled her top over her head and threw it to the floor. That and the removal of the bra was a little quick for AJ's liking, although perhaps thanks to a glare from her Paige did slow down for the removal of her miniskirt and panties, AJ barely noticing the other diva kicking these items of clothing along with her shoes away from her as she was too busy drooling over the tight little ass she was moments away from fucking. Then Paige turned back around, causing AJ to grin wickedly before she repaid the favour.

As angry as Paige was to have been defeated by her rival the one upside to being AJ's temporary sex slave was that at least she would get to have sex with AJ. Because oh, Paige had been dreaming of fucking AJ since the moment she first saw the other diva, and while it wasn't going to be in the way she had always dreamed the prospect of being this gorgeous woman's plaything was far from unappealing, especially after AJ put such effort into her striptease. That included cupping her tits and slapping her ass once those wonderful things were naked before beckoning Paige to her.

This time Paige didn't hesitate for a second, the pale brunette happily closing the distance between them and then trying to shove her tongue down AJ's throat. Of course AJ fought back and the two divas ended up in something which more resembled a fight than a loving embrace, their hands clutching at each other's 'fun' parts as their tongues battled for dominance. Then all of a sudden AJ broke the kiss and pushed slowly but forcefully down on Paige's head, the taller brunette allowing herself to be pushed not just because she didn't really have a choice, but because she wanted to taste AJ's pussy.

Along the way she briefly stopped at AJ's nipples, sliding her tongue around one nipple and then taking it into her mouth before repeating the process with the other nipple. AJ allowed her to do this for maybe about a minute, but before Paige could start giving the other girl's tits the attention they truly deserved she felt pressure on her head again and instead of trying to fight it she allowed it to happen. Her body was kind of aching from crouching down anyway, and while it was humiliating for her to be literally brought down to her knees by another female wrestler it was also really hot. And again, Paige wanted to sample the tasty treat which was now in front of her.

From the looks of it, and the smell of it, AJ was wet and ready for her. Paige could relate, she got off from defeating other women and then bossing them around sexually too. She just wondered whether AJ would like it this much when the shoe was on the other foot. Oh well, they would soon find out. For now Paige allowed herself to be pushed forwards into the tasty treat which had been making her mouth water, the defeated challenger grabbing onto the champion's butt cheeks and pulling AJ's cunt forward into her face as she started eagerly lapping away at those cream covered pussy lips.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddddd!" AJ moaned happily, tightening her grip in Paige's hair, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, eat my pussy! Eat it! Oh yes, that's a good little rug muncher! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, that's a good little carpet cleaner! Ooooooooh, that's my good little English muffin. Mmmmmmm, eat my muffin, my little English muffin. Mmmmmm, go muffin diving, my little muffin muncher. Ha ha, yeah, just like that, eat my little crumpet, my little crumpet. Ohhhhhhhhh tongue me good. Sooooooooo gooooooodddddddd, oh Paige, fuck me Paige, please fuck me, fuck my dyke pussy with your queer girl tongue, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Paige didn't much care for AJ's atrocious attempt at her accent, or the use of her slang, but the short brunette was easy to ignore when her heavenly cream was sliding down her throat and setting her taste buds on fire. Oh how Paige loved the taste of pussy, and there were many times in NXT she had treated one of her many bitches to a pussy licking before and/or after shoving her strap-on in their tight little ass holes. Of course she made them return the favour before, or after, or even sometimes during the time she was licking their cunts, Paige having a lot of fond memories of being in a 69 with her pets. And considering how yummy AJ's pussy was Paige promised herself it was only a matter of time before she ended up doing that with her temporary top.

AJ didn't want this to be temporary. No, she had been dreaming of turning Paige into her bitch from the first moment she heard about her, and that was before she'd seen how smoking hot she was. And that sexy little accent, oh how AJ had dreamed of making this English beauty moan her name. Of course, Paige's mouth was busy right now, but that was ok because this was something else AJ had fantasised about many times.

The vision of Paige on her knees in front of her, lapping hungrily away at her pussy, was literally a dream come true. As in she'd literally woken up horny from dreams just like this, except of course her imagination didn't do justice to it. Then of course there were her daydreams, which almost always involved one of her bitches being 'forced' to go down on her, which was closer to this experience than what played out in her head while she slept it still didn't quite do justice to it. After all, just about every diva ate pussy differently, or at least variations on a theme, and Paige was an intoxicating mixture of eager and thorough.

It made AJ want this to last, and at the same time she wanted the other girl to tongue fuck her with every ounce of skill she had so she could cum in Paige's mouth and all over her pretty little pale face. Of course this was something AJ was forced to decide on a daily basis, because as the Alpha female of the WWE she had a large collection of pussy eating sluts at her disposal at all times, and even before that she had been 69'ing with the likes of Naomi, Cameron and most of all her beloved Kaitlyn. So she had a lot of experience with this, not that it really helped her right now.

Then all of a sudden Paige made the decision for her, first by wrapping her lips around her clit and gently beginning to suck on it while she lifted her right hand up to rub her fingers against her pussy lips, and then secondly by simply pushing that finger inside the diva's champion and after a brief pause beginning to thrust back and forth while increasing the force behind her suction. It was more than enough to have AJ hurtling towards the orgasm which had already been slowly building up, the more tanned brunette tightening her grip in the jet black hair of the paler brunette while considering scolding Paige for her audacity.

Ultimately even though Paige had stepped out of line AJ couldn't help but cry out, "Ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, oh Paige, mmmmmmmmm, naughty girl, ohhhhhhhhhh, you know you're not supposed tooooooo ooooooohhhhhhhh fuck, you're not supposed to make me cum without permission! Ooooooooh Gaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd, mmmmmmmm but, but I think we can let it slide, just this once, since ooooooooohhhhhhhh, since you're obviously so eager to get your tight little ass fucked. Mmmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, and don't worry Paige, after I cum in your mouth and all over your face, mmmmmmmm, mark my territory, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, I'm going to fucking destroy your little butt hole! Mmmmmmmm, pop that anal cherry real good and make your ass mine! Ooooooooh God, make you mine. Ohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd Paige, I'm gonna fuck your virgin butt and make you my bitch! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit!"

For these words Paige 'punished' AJ by pushing a second finger into her cunt while further increasing just how hard she was sucking on that little bundle of nerves in her mouth. Then to make sure AJ stopped talking altogether Paige curled her fingers inside the other diva's cunt, at first just trying to find any specific sweet spot before zoning in on the one every woman had. It took a while, and a little more increase in both the speed of her thrusts and suction she was applying to AJ's clit, but sure enough the other brunette began to increasingly struggle to form full sentences and then coherent words which weren't just curses.

After suffering such an incredible loss and accepting she was finally going to have to give up her anal virginity itself it was invigorating for Paige to take complete control the situation. Well, arguably complete control. After all, she was the one on her knees about to get a face full of girl cum, something which has AJ pointed out was a sign of an Alpha female marking her territory. On the other hand she had the small but powerful diva trembling and screaming incoherently from her touch, AJ Lee seconds away from cumming on her fingers like the little lesbian slut she was. It also gave Paige a chance to take out a little of her frustration out on AJ's pussy, eventually beginning to hammer it so hard with her fingers that it had to be hurting the other wrestler just a little bit.

One of the reasons Paige was frustrated was AJ's claimed she was eager to get her ass fucked. She wasn't. She was terrified. Not simply of the pain, but what it would do to her mentally. After all she loved topping other women. It was practically what she lived for. She didn't want to give it up to become a total bottom, like so many of her 'victims' before her. Or AJ's 'victims'. But the fact that even under these circumstances she could regain a semblance of control was very comforting for the young English girl.

Then AJ came hard on her fingers, the liquid heaven that was girl cum quickly covering Paige's face and finding its way into her mouth, and suddenly that comfort was gone. It was gone because she was no longer in control of the situation or herself, Paige quickly replacing her fingers with her mouth and tongue in search of more girl cum. And oh did she find it, Paige tongue fucking AJ to countless orgasms and swallowing almost everything the other girl had to offer every single time. Then, even if she acted like a total slut, Paige found a way to regain some control, namely by shoving one of the fingers which had been in AJ's pussy into AJ's butt hole.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, fuck my ass as you eat my cunt, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd!" AJ screamed at the top of her lungs.

After successfully forming a coherent sentence AJ tried to do the same again, but it was only the shock and slight pain of something entering her back door for the first time in over a year which sobered her up enough to be able to say anything which wasn't a gibberish. Then her slutty little ass hole adjusted to the penetration and all she felt was warming pleasure in which caused her to only swear and cry out Paige's name as she came in that wonderful eager little mouth. Oh God, she loved cumming in another girl's mouth. Especially because as always no matter how much the slut tried to swallow everything she had to give AJ ended up covering her latest conquest's face in her juices just like she had promised, officially marking what was now her territory.

Those first few orgasms were so wonderfully powerful that AJ seriously considered just letting Paige eat her pussy all night long. Clearly that's what her defeated opponent was going for, given the way she was eagerly tongue fucking AJ in between climaxes and ravenously sucking the girl cum out of her every time she pushed her over the edge. And/or Paige was just embracing her inner muff munching slut. Either way it was tempting, but there was a virgin ass in the room which AJ felt like she almost physically needed to fuck.

So even though it was pretty much physically painful AJ tightened her grip in Paige's hair and forced the other girl up into a kiss, and then softly moaned into it as she tasted herself on Paige's lips and tongue. After a few long seconds of that she broke the kiss and grinned, "Mmmmmmm, that was awesome, but it's ass fucking time. Bend over and give me that sweet little English ass!"

Paige blushed furiously, a colour which looked adorable on her pale flesh, and then did as she was told, AJ unable to stop herself from reaching down and rubbing her sensitive pussy lips as the wrestler who had ended her monumental championship run slowly positioned herself in the centre of the hotel room's bed with her glorious ass facing AJ. Paige was even nice enough to wiggle that glorious prize, first by accident as she crawled into position, then deliberately as she caught AJ almost literally drooling over what was considered to be the holy grail for any women's wrestler, another women's wrestler with a virgin ass just waiting to be fucked good and hard.

"Come on AJ, fuck me!" Paige said, making up her mind she wouldn't whimper and whine like so many of the girls she had sodomised, "Fuck my arse! Arse fuck me you little bitch! Make me love it, if you can."

Grinning at the challenge AJ beamed, "Oh trust me Paige, you'll love it. Mmmmmm, before we're done you're going to love being butt fucked, just like all my other bitches! Ohhhhhhhh yeah, you and others may have thought you would be the one to finally take the title of Alpha female away from me and turn me into just another bitch, just like I did to Beth, but instead it's you who's about to get your ass fucked so good that you'll be begging for more. Oh fuck yeah, I'm going to make you love it Paige, mmmmmmm, love every second of having my dick up your ass, the first ever NXT women's champion begging to be my bitch!"

As she rambled near enough mindlessly AJ slowly crawled up behind Paige until her mouth was hovering over her prize. With her final words she stuck her tongue out and licked Paige's right butt cheek, then her left, then she covered those cheeks in kisses. Then, oh then she grabbed those well rounded cheeks with both hands and pulled them as widely apart as possible, exposing that wonderful little hole she had fantasised about so much. Well, actually she got a good look at two wonderful little holes, AJ briefly grinning as she noticed how wet Paige's pussy was, then she slid her tongue over her ultimate goal, her defeated opponent's vulnerable little virgin ass hole.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, lick my arse hole you nasty little butt muncher! Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss fucking get your tongue up my bum!" Paige moaned instinctively, "Mmmmmmm, get your dyke tongue right up my bum and lick me clean back there you filthy little arse loving slut!"

"Oh yes Paige, I love your 'arse', mmmmmm, and I'm going to love fucking it!" AJ purred, only pulling her face away from Paige's butt for a few seconds before burying her face in between those pale cheeks and enthusiastically continuing the rim job.

Paige blushed at that last comment. The arse licking had felt so good she'd almost forgotten she was about to get a taste of her own medicine. That after fucking countless women in the arse it was now her arse which was about to be fucked. She had even performed this exact technique herself. Give a girl a nice thorough rimming to make them relaxed and ready for when she replaced her tongue with her strap-on. No matter whether they were a blushing straight girl who had never done anything like this before or an annoyed dyke top who was going to taste their own medicine or a lesbian anal slut who couldn't wait to be bummed Paige had made all of them relax for her. Oh and how she had loved it.

If Paige was addicted to anything it wasn't alcohol or drugs, no, it was hot girl arse. She loved fucking them over anything else in her life, but she also loved licking them, and she loved having her own licked. That was the main reason she was worried about getting fucked up the arse. Because she had no doubt an arse taming stud like AJ Lee could make her sensitive little bum hole love taking a dick, and she was worried she would love it so much she would give up topping and become a total bottom like so many of her conquests, and AJ's conquests for that matter.

The arse licking sure felt amazing, AJ's tongue lapping away at Paige's rosebud for what felt like an eternity until eventually she began pushing her tongue into Paige's backside. She didn't get very far, but it was far enough to make Paige moan louder and push her arse back against the soft invader. Then AJ started rubbing Paige's pussy, the pale girl briefly thinking that she was about to get fingered. And she was right, just not in the hole she was expecting, AJ slowly replacing her tongue with her index finger and slamming into Paige's butt hole in a way which had both wrestlers crying out loudly.

Of course Paige cried out in a mixture of surprise, pain and pleasure while AJ's cry was of pure joy, quickly followed up with, "Oh Paige, your ass is sooooooooo tight! Mmmmmmm, your pale little virgin ass is sooooooooo tight for me my little English crumpet, mmmmmmmm, and as much fun as I had eating it I'm really going to have to fuck it soon, but first... let's loosen you up a bit more."

With that AJ started pumping her finger in and out of Paige's arse, eventually twirling and curling that digit before adding another into the mix. Throughout this process Paige was struggling with keeping her moans, groans, cries and whimpers of pleasure to herself, the pale brunette hating to give her rival the satisfaction of those two sounds. And Paige had made a promise to herself a short while ago, regardless of whether this was it and she was turned into a bottom or she managed to remain a top she wouldn't spend the whole time whimpering like a totally pathetic bitch. No, she would remain strong and take everything little AJ Lee had to give her. Then, hopefully, she would turn the tables and fuck AJ Lee up the arse.

After several minutes of anal fingering AJ removed those fingers and purred, "It's time. Relax Paige, your ass is mine. There's nothing you can do but relax and give me this ass, because its mine. Mmmmmm, I own your ass right now Paige, and I'm going to fuck it so good you're going to want it to be mine forever. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, gonna make you my bitch Paige. My own personal anal slut, just like every other diva on the roster. Relax Paige, your ass is mine now. Ha, what is it you like to say? This is my house now? Well, the WWE is my house, and your ass is mine. This is my ass now, so just relax and let me take it. Mmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeesssssssss, mmmmmmmm let me take what's mine."

As she spoke AJ spread an extremely pale ass cheek to make it easier for her to use her other hand to guide the head of her dildo against Paige's virgin butt hole. That dildo remained in place for a few long seconds, AJ taking the time to savour this moment before ramming forwards, roughly robbing Paige of her anal cherry. This had Paige crying out in pain, AJ pausing to savour both that wonderful sound and the heavenly sight of the head of her cock buried in her rival's ass. Then she started slowly but firmly pushing forwards, not stopping until her thighs crashed against Paige's butt cheeks, announcing that she had anally skewered yet another women's wrestler on her cock, this one being an anal virgin and the biggest threat to her in years.

Now the biggest threat to her in years was clutching at the sheets and desperately trying to calm herself while she got used to the large, thick object stuffing her previously untouched rectum, AJ getting off on causing another woman anal discomfort like never before. Sure, she had wrecked the asses of the toughest females in US wrestling, but that was always when they were completely relaxed and ready to get their butts ruined. Now she was taking great pleasure in inflicting pain on the girl who had ended her record-setting lengthy title reign, AJ at least mildly tempted to literally ruin Paige's butt right here, right now.

It would probably only take a couple of hard thrusts to do it, but ultimately AJ decided against it. For one thing she wanted to savour stuffing every inch of her strap-on inside this 21-year-old's ass and pretty much officially making the mighty Paige just another notch on her bed post. For another she didn't want to literally ruin such a fuck-able ass. No, AJ planned on breaking Paige the same way she broke Beth Phoenix and all the others, namely several back-to-back nights of lesbian domination filled with her taking this gorgeous booty in a variety of different positions, although she would probably stick to doggy style for now. Get Paige used to the idea of being a bitch. Her bitch.

When Paige relaxed her grip on the bed sheets and relaxed a bit AJ tightened her grip on the younger diva's hips to hold her steady while pumping her own hips back and forth, sliding the dildo in and out of Paige's no longer virgin butt hole at a slow and steady pace. This made Paige moan in pleasure, which in turn made AJ grin wickedly. She knew just like all the other women she had sodomised once Paige got a taste of a cock sliding through her ass she would never be the same again, would forever crave an ass fucking. The only question was would Paige be able to resist and remain a top like AJ, or would she become just another anal slut? AJ was determined to make it the former, and she was going to have a lot of fun making sure that was the case.

Paige knew better than anyone what anal sex could do to a female wrestler. She had sodomised many, many women in preparation to be a WWE diva, and had seen the effects first hand. She had also been warned about them, and studied them, so she knew what to expect. She couldn't do anything about the physical experience, her choices were relax and the pain would go away or remain tense and be in constant and eventually agonising pain. That was if her body didn't make the choice for her. However while she accepted the inevitable physical pleasure she constantly reminded herself she was a butt busting top, not an anal loving bottom.

No matter how good it felt, or how hard she would inevitably cum, she would not forget who she truly was. Who Paige needed to be if she was going to make her dreams come true, which now more than ever included turning the tables on little AJ Lee, buggering the hell out of her and taking her rightful place as Alpha female of the WWE. And when that happened Paige was going to have a big party, a huge anal gang bang in which she would arse fuck each and every single diva on the current roster, and maybe even some from the past, and at that party AJ would act as a personal assistant, rimming each arse she was about to fuck and thoroughly cleaning her cock each time she was done sodomising a slut.

Closing her eyes Paige smiled at the very pleasant fantasy. It was one of her favourites, something she used to motivate herself when working out or on the rare occasions she didn't have a lesbian sex slave around and she had to finger herself to an orgasm if she wanted any satisfaction. For a while it did a pretty good job of distracting her considering there was a massive strap-on dildo moving through her bowels. Then her anal walls really started relaxing around the huge intruder and became increasingly difficult to ignore the ever-growing pleasure echoing through her.

Soon Paige was having to grind her teeth and then bury her face in the bed sheets to drown out the moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pleasure as AJ arse fucked her, the tiny little thing showing all the skill needed to be Alpha female of the WWE. Lord knows AJ was living up to that title right now, Paige sure that her triumphant opponent could hear the sounds of pleasure loud and clear, especially as AJ picked up the pace. Then, as she could no longer pretend that the sheets were muffling her cries, Paige became extra grateful for them as they hid her blushing face.

Which of course didn't go unnoticed by AJ, "That's it Paige, moan for me. Moan for me while I'm fucking you up the ass and turning you into my bitch. Mmmmmmm, you can feel it can't you Paige? My big thick dick moving through your shit pipe, slowly turning you from a butt busting top into an anal loving bottom, your pale little ass learning to love the taste of cock as much as a cock sucking whore, ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, soon your ass hole is going to fucking crave cock! Mmmmmmm, my cock! Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, even when your butt hole is still gaping and sore from how hard I'm going to pound it you'll be craving the heaven which is my cock in your ass, mmmmmmmm, but don't worry Paige, I'll be more than happy to give it to you. All you have to do is beg me to fuck your bitch ass again and I will, because mmmmmmmm fuck, this is one amazingly fuck-able ass!"

AJ followed that up with a hard strike to Paige's backside, heightening the overwhelming humiliation that the younger girl was feeling. Especially as it caused an electric spark of sadistic pleasure which made Paige let out an extra loud moan into the bed sheets, the English girl too busy whimpering and hiding her face to offer up any sort of retort. Then again what could she possibly say? It was her arse that was being fucked. Little AJ Lee, who was almost a head shorter than her, had her face down and arse up, her bum hole stretched wide around the other girl's strap-on cock and her rectum struggling to accommodate the monster sliding through it. So what could Paige possibly say to regain any semblance of power over the situation?

Of course her rectum wasn't exactly struggling anymore with the huge dildo. No, for self-preservation Paige had encouraged her body to relax, and as a result AJ was now buggering her with ease. It truly felt like Paige's back alley had turned from a one-way street into an open highway, and after a while Paige wanted increased the speed limit to 60. She fought against its best she could, but as unprepared as Paige was for the pain of anal penetration she was 10 times unprepared for the amazing pleasure she began to feel as a result of getting her arse fucked. Sure, it had felt pretty amazing for a while now, but suddenly the incredible pleasure became torturous and Paige was overwhelmed with the urge to beg for more.


Finally hearing what she wanted to hear AJ smiled, "I told you I'd have you begging me for it."

With that AJ tightened her grip on Paige's hips and finally increased the pace of the anal pumping until she was pounding the taller girl's arse with what had to be every ounce of strength she had in that tiny little body of hers. Or at least Paige sincerely hoped it was every ounce of strength, because a stronger thrust would have probably ruined her tailpipe forever. As it was Paige thought she would probably get away with just not being able to sit down for a week, but part of that was because she knew a lot of women who had recovered from similar arse fuckings. Of course she was the one who gave them those arse fuckings, but that wasn't the point.

The point was that tiny little AJ Lee was wrecking her rectum, and to her utter humiliation Paige found herself actually enjoying it. And not just enjoying it, but quickly racing towards orgasm, an orgasm which turned out to be the most spectacular climax of her life. And it was quickly followed by another and another and another, Paige's cum squirting out of her cunt as her body began to hammer itself back against the wonderful anal pounding which was causing her so much pleasure. In those amazing moments, when she became completely overwhelmed by being on the receiving end of anal sex for the first time in her life, Paige tried to tell herself she was still a top but honestly it was hard to think of anything but that big cock in her arse and the amazing pleasure caused by that big cock.

It actually took a while for AJ to even notice Paige had cum. She was just so lost in pounding her defeated rival's rear, her eyes locked on to where Paige's butt cheeks were jiggling against her thighs and in between those cheeks where a long thick dick was pounding in and out of a widely stretched butt hole. The widely stretch butt hole of another women's wrestler, the women's wrestler who had defeated her for her diva's title, the only one who could do it, the only one to come close to making AJ their bitch since AJ had first become the Alpha female of the WWE, this much taller girl who was such a threat to her now taking it in the ass like all the others.

AJ was fucking Paige up the ass. Butt fucking the biggest threat to her. Sodomising her into submission. Anally pounding the only woman who had ever defeated her when it really mattered. Wrecking the rectum of the mighty Paige and turning her into her bitch, and in the process solidifying herself as both the diva's champion and the Alpha female of the WWE. Oh it was so wonderful, AJ feeling as powerful, dominant and vindicated as when she had ass fucked Trish Stratus, or Lita, or even Beth Phoenix. Yes, this was even as satisfying as popping the Glamazon's anal cherry and becoming the Alpha female of the WWE in the first place. So excuse AJ if she didn't notice Paige was cumming.


These words, the stimulator bashing against her clit, and the feeling of Paige's ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust, and having the biggest threat to her not only on all fours like a little dog but actually hammering herself back against the anal invasion, and the sheer joy of sodomising another women's wrestler pushed AJ over the edge and she came. It wasn't nearly as hard as Paige was cumming, or the incredible orgasms AJ remembered having whenever Beth or Natalya or even her beloved Kaitlyn had ass fucked her, but it was the type of almost indescribably satisfying orgasm she could only get when fucking another women's wrestler in the ass.

To take someone so powerful and tough, and in this case bigger than her, and ass fuck her to orgasm, oh there was nothing like it, AJ able to receive several more of these amazing climaxes as she kept pounding Paige's pooper to multiple orgasms for them both. Even when they simultaneously collapsed down onto the bed sheets in a sweaty heap AJ kept pumping that wonderfully tight little ass, eventually rolling them both over onto their sides so she could continue gently taking Paige's ass as they both slowly came down from their highs.

After a while of gentle pooper pumping AJ began gently caressing her conquest, basking in the knowledge that the mighty Paige was now just another notch on her belt. Just a name on a growing list of tough girls who had stepped up to the plate only to get their asses fucked good and hard. A trophy who AJ would now parade around to re-establish her dominance over the WWE women's division. Oh yes, AJ couldn't wait to show her other lesbian sluts her latest prize, the tiny diva further marking her territory as she first nuzzled Paige's neck and then bit down hard enough to break the skin.

As Paige cried out in pain AJ simply giggled and then darkly said, "Mine."

There was some silence, and then in a move which surprised AJ Paige mumbled, "Just for now AJ, just for now."

This made AJ briefly stared in disbelief, then she grinned widely. It had been so long since she'd had a real challenge she'd almost forgotten what it was like. Beth Phoenix. Beth Phoenix had fought and fought her control, so much so there had been a few times AJ had thought that The Glamazon would take back control and ass fuck into submission. Instead Beth had ended her career as one of the biggest anal whores in WWE diva's secret history. Since then it had pretty much just been a series of butt sluts who had bend over and spread their cheeks after just a little bit of force. It was almost boring, hence why AJ had so enjoyed having a challenge. A challenge which apparently wasn't over.

It was enough to almost make AJ want to let Paige off the hook, but not before she at least did a couple more things, "We'll see. For now, why don't you show me what I've done to that cute little virgin ass hole. Come on, spread those cheeks. Show me the gaping ass hole which I now own!"

With that AJ roughly pulled her dildo out of Paige's butt in one swift movement, the cry that the allegedly tough English girl let out almost completely drowning out the soft popping sound of that toy cock leaving that thoroughly abused hole. AJ only really noticed it because her eyes were glued to Paige's butt hole, the smaller girl grinning widely as the taller girl's back door first stretched extra wide for the bulbous head of the cock then remained loose and open once it was free of the thick rubber dick which had been forcing it open. It remained gaping like that as a blushing Paige slowly reached back and spread her ass cheeks while remaining on her side, giving AJ an even better look at her handiwork.

AJ studied that handiwork for maybe a minute or two, committing it to memory, then beamed up at a scowling Paige and said, "Good girl, now suck my cock! Mmmmmmm, suck my cock clean of your nasty anal juices you perverted little slut! Become just like all the other divas who've sucked my cock after I've fucked them up the ass."

Again there was a brief hesitation, but again Paige did as she was told, AJ recognising the look on the other WWE diva's face as she slowly positioned herself between the slightly older girl's legs. It was a look AJ had put on just about every one of her bitches, and had been on her own back in the days she had been taking it up the ass for Beth and others. And after the savage shitter slamming AJ had just given Paige it was no surprise that the English girl's ass had to be aching something fierce, that realisation giving AJ almost as much delight as the sight of her rival wrapping her lips around her cock and beginning to suck it.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it Paige, embrace your inner ATM slut!" AJ giggled as Paige grimaced at the taste of her own ass, "Embrace your inner ass to mouth slut and clean every drop of your own butt cream off of the cock that just violated your ass, mmmmmmm, just like all the other divas around here. You hear that, anti-diva? You're just like all the rest of my bitches now!"

Paige had once tried to become tanned and blonde, but it had pretty much been a disaster and over time she had begun to really hate the stereotypical diva. Blonde and tanned just wasn't her, so she had fought for a long time now to be different from the rest, even adopting the nickname anti-diva in NXT. So obviously AJ's comment annoyed her, but she tried not to give AJ the satisfaction of showing it. Instead she concentrated on sucking cock, something which felt as bizarrely enjoyable as the arse fucking she had just taken.

True, it had been weird to taste her own arse on the dildo, but that was because while she was used to rimming other divas and tasting her own arse hole on the lips of the sluts she seduced this was Paige's first time tasting the deepest part of anyone's rectum, the bitter taste reminding the former diva's champion and first ever NXT women's champion that the cock in her mouth had pummelled the deepest depths of her backside. And now here she was, sucking away at the head of that toy cock like so many of her victims, Paige ignoring that thought and concentrating on the task at hand.

As she didn't have the practice that so many other women on the roster did she could only bob her head so far on the dick, leading to AJ offering her 'assistance', "Come on Paige, deep throat my cock like a good little submissive slut! Yeahhhhhhhh cock sucker, take every inch down your throat and clean my Paige-tamer of your virgin ass! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh, clean it good. Oh, what's wrong Paige? Can't deep throat a cock like a real woman? Well here, I can help you with your slut training! Oh yes, mmmmmmm yesssssss, gonna turn you into my face pussy! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, turn your mouth into a fuck hole, just like I did to your tight little virgin ass hole!"

While AJ probably said a lot more Paige couldn't really understand it as she was too busy choking and gagging on the cock forcing its way down her throat, AJ firmly grabbing her head before beginning to literally fuck her mouth. This was something Paige had done occasionally, mostly when a prissy little blonde had pissed her off or another women's wrestler had come close to beating her. Again it was weird to be on the other end of the experience, and getting her throat fucked was pretty much as uncomfortable as being bummed. The main difference was while her anal walls had relaxed pretty quickly her windpipe was more resilient and when it had finally accepted it's fate it wasn't nearly as pleasurable for her.

That said, or thought as the case may be, there was something to be said for the humiliation she felt when her nose began getting crushed against AJ's pubic bone, the wrestler who had finally defeated her hammering her throat until Paige was gagging and choking violently. Then AJ face fucked her some more, the wicked little crazy girl grinning down at her while Paige stared up at her conqueror, silently pleading for mercy.

"Yeeeeessssssss mmmmmmmmm, look at me while I fuck that pretty little mouth!" AJ practically squealed in delight, "Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, look at me! LOOK AT ME BITCH! Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, that's it Paige, look at me while I use your mouth in the exact same way I used your ass hole. Mmmmmmm yeah, I just fucked your ass Paige, and now I'm fucking your mouth, ooooooooooh, making sure you get every drop of your own anal juices. Mmmmmmmm, do you like it Paige? Do you like the taste of your own ass on my dick? Well... I really don't care, because either way we're going to be doing this a lot tonight, so you better get used to it."

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