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This Is My Ass Now Part 2
by MTL (

It had been about a week since the WWE diva simply known as Paige had lost her anal cherry to AJ Lee and Paige swore it was only now she was back to her usual self. After a long night of anal pounding her back hole had felt like it would never stop gaping, and while it had looked completely closed by lunchtime Paige swore she felt loose back there for the rest of the week. She also felt a completely foreign ache to be full back there again. To expose her arse, spread her cheeks, and beg AJ to bum her again, Paige blushing furiously whenever that little daydream invaded her mind.

While she was angry with herself for these new submissive feelings Paige never lost sight of who was really to blame for them, AJ Lee. That little bitch was going to pay for taking Paige's back door cherry. Paige was going to make sure of that. Which was why she had travelled all the way to AJ's New Jersey home, her loyalist bitch/girlfriend Emma by her side as they prepared to force their way inside and fuck the shit out of the now former WWE diva Kaitlyn as soon as she answered the door. Only it wasn't AJ's loyalist bitch/secret wife that answered the door.

"Can, can I help you?"

Paige had heard all sorts of stories about Beth Phoenix. Of course she had seen her in action, tossing WWE divas around like they were rag dolls, but when Paige pictured The Glamazon she thought of the infamous rectum wrecker who had completely broken the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus and turned them and any other woman who crossed her path into her anal loving bitch. For over 5 long years Beth had reigned supreme over the WWE divas, even secretly visiting TNA so she could anally destroy all the Knockouts with hot asses, and now here she was answering little AJ Lee's door in a tiny maid's uniform, the muscular blonde sounding and acting like a little 5-year-old girl intimidated to open the door to strangers.

"Mind if we come in?" Paige grinned widely, getting over her shock and pushing her way past the stronger woman who barely protested as the two current divas entered the home, Emma helpfully shutting the door behind them as Paige looked Beth up and down, "So, this is what has become of the mighty Glamazon. Thought you were supposed to be as hard as nails?"

Beth blushed furiously and lowered her head, "Mistress AJ was nice enough to put me in my proper place."

"I can see that." Paige licked her lips, "Well then, give us a little twirl. That's it, all around and then halfway. Let's see that big booty!"

Somehow blushing even more than before Beth did as she was told, allowing the current WWE divas to both see just how tight and restricting the muscular blonde's French maid uniform was. It had to be at least two sizes too small, which was obvious the second they saw her as her already big boobs looked like they were gigantic, and about to pop out of that incredibly low cut cleavage. But that skirt looked painful, Paige almost literally drooling when she saw how tightly it hugged Beth's big booty, again making the large flesh look gigantic. The high heels, stockings and bonnet completed the look, although Paige was focused on that gorgeous arse, especially when Beth obediently stopped spinning with her back to her.

After a few minutes of just staring at that incredible booty Paige gave it an incredibly hard double smack, making Beth let out a sharp cry followed by an adorable gasp as Paige started to grope those meaty cheeks, "Wow, nice arse."

"Plea, please." Beth whimpered.

"Please what?" Paige asked, "Please fuck you?"

"Yes. I mean no, I mean-" Beth stammered, blushing even more as she added, "My ass is the exclusive property of my Mistress, the Alpha female of the WWE, AJ Lee. That... that means nobody else is allowed to fuck it."

"Well, while I can understand AJ keeping this big booty all to herself, there's a new top in town, and as the future Alpha female of the WWE it is only right I should get to butt fuck the longest reigning Alpha female of the WWE, don't you think Emma?" Paige grinned, turning to her girlfriend.

"Oh yes." Emma smiled happily back, "You should totally get a piece of that ass!"

Beth bit her lip, "I, I shouldn't..."

Paige smirked, slid her hands around Beth's waist and pressed her crotch against the muscular blonde's butt, "When was the last time you got this big fat ass of yours fucked?"

"Weeks ago." Beth admitted with a blush.

"And you'd love nothing more than to get it fucked right now, wouldn't you?" Paige pushed.

"Yes." Beth admitted, "But Mistress AJ will be sooooo mad."

Paige smirked, started grinding her pussy into Beth's butt and purred, "Yeahhhhhhh, she'll probably spank this big fat ass... and I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you slut?"

"Yes." Beth whimpered softly.

"Well, how about I let you eat my pussy first?" Paige offered, "My girl Emma will even munch your muffin while your tonguing mine. How does that sound?"

"Ok." Beth relented, "Just promise me that when the time comes you'll wreck my ass."

"Oh, I promise." Paige promised gleefully, before turning Beth around, giving her a quick rough kiss and then smacking her on the ass and ordering, "Now, lead the way to AJ's bedroom you giant bitch!"

Beth quickly did as she was told, making sure to sway her hips so that Paige would get a good look at her butt. During the short walk from the door to the bedroom Beth thought about how far she had fallen. No one used to talk to her like that, now she was nothing but an eager slut for any woman who came to her door. Or more accurately the door to her mistress's home. It made her blush, but was also thrilling, Beth loving the way she was pushed onto AJ's bed and then mounted by this stranger, Paige shoving her tongue down her throat before yanking down her uniform ever so slightly so that her breasts were exposed.

As Paige quickly kissed her way down to her neck and then her cleavage Emma took over kissing duties, Beth welcoming the other blonde's tongue with her own while the brunette began sliding her tongue around Beth's nipples. Then after a few minutes of that Emma worked her way down so the two current WWE divas were worshipping the big tits of the former WWE diva, Beth throwing her head back and moaning loudly as the other women had their way with her. And she let them. She had been the most dominant female wrestler ever, and now she was actually letting these weaker women do whatever they wanted to her, that fact making Beth feel like such a slut.

In the past she'd had multiple divas worshipping her body before, Beth often choosing two women who were dating like AJ and Kaitlyn to suck on her big tits until she could take it no more and pushed one or both of them downwards to eat her pussy. Maybe sit on one of their faces while making the other give her a rim job, maybe role onto her side so her bitches would have access to both her holes, maybe even have four bitches so she can continue having her tits sucked while her pussy and ass were thoroughly licked. Now Beth didn't even reach down to grab hold of Emma's and Paige's hair as the two current WWE divas added their tongues into the mix, swirling them around each nipple in between long sucking sessions.

"Fuck, these are some great tits!" Paige exclaimed after what felt like an hour of frantic licking and sucking, "Mmmmmm, they makes me so horny I just can't wait anymore."

With that Paige got up and started slowly stripping herself of her clothes, Beth becoming more excited with each item of clothing which was removed. It helped that Emma started moving from nipple to nipple, kissing the well-rounded flesh surrounding them each time she went back and forth, although Beth's focus remained on the ringleader of this little mistake. It was a mistake she hopefully wouldn't regret, Beth figuring that if AJ was going to kick her out she would have done so by now, therefore would indeed just give her a brutal spanking and butt fucking to remind her of her place. Paige was going to receive the same treatment, which was why Beth was thinking of it as a mistake, but it certainly didn't feel like it as a now naked woman was walking towards her, ready to lower that delicious looking pussy on Beth's face.

As she crouched over the once mighty Glamazon Paige looked behind her and told her girlfriend, "Emma, take off your clothes and then get back to sucking her tits. Mmmmmmm, I know how much you love pussy, but do not treat our new bitch to your tongue until I tell you she has earned it."

Paige stayed like that for a few seconds, kneeling over Beth's face while looking over her shoulder, so she could concentrate on watching her girlfriend strip. She'd seen Emma naked so many times now she really should be sick of it, but she wasn't, Paige just as captivated by it as the first time. Halfway through their eyes met and they shared a smile, Emma lowering her head and blushing in a way that Paige couldn't help find adorable. And ridiculous considering all the depraved things she had done to Emma, and made Emma do to her, but mostly she found it adorable, much like Emma herself.

Of course it was not long before Paige allowed herself a little distraction, keeping her eyes locked on to her girlfriend as she lowered herself down onto Beth's lips with practised ease of a seasoned veteran to face riding. Sure enough Paige had to stop herself from closing her eyes as she felt the first distracting/wonderful swipe of Beth's tongue against the lips of her pussy, the English girl moaning softly as her latest conquest got to work. Oh yes, the once mighty Beth Phoenix was her latest conquest, the far stronger girl who was secretly property of another girl licking her cunt in an attempt to get Paige off.

Luckily for Paige her girlfriend finished stripping shortly after that and returned to sucking on Beth's big boobs, Emma going back and forth between them as Paige turned her full attention to her latest conquest. When she did Paige was almost overwhelmed with desire to grind her cunt onto the stronger woman's face. She desperately wanted to do that as both a sign of dominance and simply to help get herself off, however Beth had settled into giving her a really nice long, drawn-out muffin munching, the kind she was definitely in the mood for.

So Paige just relaxed and allowed the former WWE diva to worship her cunt for a while, the Brit closing her eyes and allowing the pleasure to wash over her as another woman's tongue lapped at her cunt. There really was nothing quite like this, even the most nervous of blushing virgin girls who had never even thought about eating pussy getting Paige off like no man ever could. At least not with his mouth/tongue. And a well-trained rug muncher, oh they were worth their weight in gold, and boy was Beth a well-trained rug muncher. For the briefest of moments that fact actually had Paige feeling a little guilty for using AJ Lee's property without her permission. Then she remembered what that little bitch had done to her, and suddenly Paige wasn't in the mood for slow and gentle anymore.

"Harder you bitch! Get that tongue up my snatch!" Paige barked angrily, before crying out with joy as she felt a soft wet tongue slowly pushing its way inside her, "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss that's it, fuck me! Tongue fuck me you bitch ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddddd! Emma! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Emma, it's muffin munching time! Oooooooooooh, the big bad Beth Phoenix is now tonguing me like a total dyke slut, mmmmmmmmmmmm, so go ahead maybe, get ya some pussy! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, bury your face in her cunt so we can fuck her together!"

Emma didn't need to be told twice, the Australian scurrying down the American's body before frantically attacking Beth's cunt with her tongue. Ok, if Emma was honest with herself it was a disappointment to have to tear herself away from those giant tits, but she had been sucking on them for quite a while and the whole time Emma had been hungry for pussy. It was a hunger she developed in her teens, but ever since she and Paige hooked up Emma got a little fidgety if she wasn't regularly fed sweet pussy cream and heavenly girl cum, and Paige hadn't given her that privilege since Emma's daily 'box lunch'.

As starving for cunt as she was Emma tried to give Beth at least a little build-up in the form of long up and down licks, but the bigger blonde was already so wet and ready this just caused her to whimper with frustration into Paige's cunt. Emma gave a similar moan before wrapping her upstairs lips around Beth's downstairs lips, meaning the liquid flowing out of The Glamazon almost like a river flowed pretty much directly down Emma's throat, the bubbly blonde becoming very aware that she could have stayed like that with her hot, wet around Beth's cunt and it might just be enough to make the other woman cum.

However the taste of pussy always drove Emma wild, the Aussie overcome by a desire to please Beth and almost a need to get more of the cream which was now setting her taste buds on fire. So instead of just lying there between Beth's legs and waiting for the retired wrestler's perhaps inevitable orgasm Emma eagerly licked and sucked Beth's pussy, quickly pushing the stronger woman to the edge of climax. Nearly the whole time Emma kept a close eye on Paige, trying to time Beth's orgasm to coincide with that of the English wrestler who Emma so adored.

When Emma was positive Paige was cumming she pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Beth's pussy and started fucking the other woman as hard as she could with that soft wet muscle. Sadly she didn't get long to tongue fuck Beth initially because almost as soon as the tongue fucking began The Glamazon came in her mouth, prompting Emma to quickly remove her tongue and concentrate on swallowing the older blonde's cum. It was a decision she didn't regret, Emma's eyes fluttering as she gulped down every drop of her favourite liquid in the world. Then she was able to give the once mighty Beth Phoenix a serious tongue fucking, the stronger wrestler in turn drenching her in cum as Emma attempt to swallow as much as it as possible.

Beth was doing the exact same thing, the only difference being while her own whimpers and cries were being muffled by Paige's pussy the brunette's screams of pleasure almost deafening, Beth taking great pride in the proof of her skills as a cunt lapper. Of course it was also the fact that she was practically drowning in girl cum, but Paige's screams almost made Beth feel powerful. It reminded her of days where she would make weaker girls scream for her, often from huge strap-on dildos slamming their asses. Which in turn only heightened the feeling of submission of having another female wrestler squirting on her face, Beth frantically trying to catch as much as possible but it was harder for her than Emma.

That was mostly because of Paige constantly jerking and quivering on top of her, and after her second climax the English girl began grinding her cunt down onto Beth's face, making it extremely difficult for The Glamazon to keep up the tongue fucking and cum swallowing like the well-trained slut she was. Naturally this displeased Paige. Not enough to stop grinding downwards, or to find the strength to say anything coherent, but she did grab a hold of Beth's blonde hair and shove it upwards, literally smothering the stronger wrestler with her cunt.

Just as Beth thought she was going to pass out in the most pleasant way possible Paige gave her a few seconds to breathe before shoving her right back in that pussy. During those few seconds Emma replaced her tongue with two fingers and wrapped her mouth around Beth's clit. Less than a minute after that Beth was clinching down on those fingers in her hardest orgasm yet tonight, the power of that climax inspiring Beth to try and do the same thing, or at least a version of it.

Given the way Paige was grinding down on her it was impossible for Beth's fingers to get at the brunette's cunt, however she was able to use her strength and flexibility to reach down and shove a finger up Paige's ass. The upside was that it made Paige cum so hard she stopped grinding altogether, allowing Beth to swallow the majority of the girl cum which squirted down on top of her. The downside was that seem to make Paige angry. Suspiciously angry, Beth trying to smirk as she guessed from Paige's reaction and the ease in which the brunette's butt hole allowed her finger inside it that the mighty Paige had recently lost her anal cherry. Probably to AJ, as Beth had learned the hard way that sooner or later the little pipsqueak anally violated everyone.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Paige growled angrily once her latest climax was completed, reaching back so she could grab Beth's hand and pull the blonde's finger out of her butt. Then Paige lifted herself off of Beth's face, lent down and slapped the once mighty Glamazon several times in the face as she scolded her, "Who, the, fuck, do, you, think, you, are? Huh? You're nobody. Just a piece of fucking meat. AJ chewed you up and spat you out, and now you're nothing but a walking fuck hole. Just some slutty little bottom here for the enjoyment of real women like me. As AJ hasn't been able to beat that into you, I'll be happy to do it for her. Bend over bitch! Give me that sweet arse so I can teach you a lesson for thinking my ass hole is a fuck hole like yours."

Without needing to be asked Emma moved out from the bigger blonde's cunt and scurried out of the way, and once she had Beth immediately turned so her arse would be facing Paige, flipped over onto her stomach and then lifted her butt into the air. She even wiggled it. Beth Phoenix, The Glamazon, the musclebound women's wrestler who used to have full control over the diva's division wiggled her big fat arse at Paige like a total slut, Paige again getting a horrifying vision of what the future could hold if she failed to defeat AJ. Then she focused on that big booty, and grinned widely.

"Oh fuck yeah, wiggle that ass slut!" Paige crowed, smacking Beth's arse hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle, "Wiggle that ass for your soon to be new owner. Mmmmmmm yeah, I'm gonna be taking AJ's tight little arse soon enough, then this big butt will be all mine, until then... I'm just going to show you who's in charge!"

Paige had wanted to end with something a little more snappy, or at least insult the former Alpha female some more, but she just couldn't resist that ass. She had to fuck it. Spank it. Lick it? Fuck, she had to do something, and as Beth had been cheeky Paige planned on making her cheeks nice and rosie. So she brought her hand down hard on Beth's backside, the force of this blow not merely getting a gasp of surprise like last time but a fully fledged cry of pain. Oh yes, Paige made the bigger wrestler Beth Phoenix cry out pathetically, the ego boost causing her to really go to town on that ass.

The fact that American words were increasingly slipping into her vocabulary was a constant source of annoyance for Paige, especially because her family mocked her for it. Usually she would use that as motivation for the spanking she occasionally gave her bitches to keep them on their toes, but this certainly wasn't a time she needed additional motivation. Oh no, not with the once mighty Glamazon face down and arse up, that big booty jiggling like a bowl of jelly and eventually turning pink and then red under the force of her blows, Paige having never felt more powerful than when she gave Beth Phoenix a nice hard spanking.

She would have loved to have given her a nice long spanking, but Paige was so horny she forgot to start slow and pace herself. As a result her arm started getting tired and her hand sore from constantly striking Beth's fat ass. Which was unfortunate, as she didn't want to look weak in front of AJ's personal French maid/someone she was counting on to describe in detail what happened here. On the bright side she could always say she was eager to get to the ass fucking, which was true. And she was saving the real spanking for AJ, which was also true.

So sooner than she would have liked Paige suddenly stopped the spanking, leaned down to spread Beth's arse cheeks wide apart and examine the real prize, noting with a grin as she did so, "Now this, this is a fuck hole. Mmmmmmmm, this little butt hole of yours was made to be fucked Beth, and AJ is just lucky she got to you first. Or maybe you're the lucky one, because if you were my bitch I would never let this hole close. Mmmmmmm yeah, I'd make sure you were gapin' and sore back here all the time, and believe me when I say you're going to be when I'm done with you. For now, I'm feeling generous, so I'll give you the best lube ever... Emma sweetie, crawl over here and bury your pretty face in this big fat arse! I want your tongue so far up Beth's butt you can taste her breakfast. Oh yeah, that's it, make that hole nice and wet for my cock, oh Emma! Eat that fucking arse Emma!"

Beth grinned. Paige was so eager to encourage her bitch that she almost sounded like she was the one getting the rim job. But she wasn't. Oh no, that privilege belonged to Beth, the Glamazon moaning softly as Emma scurried to obey, not even waiting for Paige to finish talking before she buried her face in between Beth's butt cheeks and started lapping away at her back hole. Emma didn't even bother pulling the cheeks apart so she could get better access, and it was easier for her to breathe. In fact Beth wouldn't be surprised if Emma was suffocating herself on her big booty, something the former top had loved doing when she was the Alpha female.

Closing her eyes Beth concentrated on the memory, and for a brief moment it was like she was the Alpha female of the WWE again. The memory was so vivid, Beth remembering grabbing every single WWE diva at the time by their hair and shoving their faces straight up her big fat ass. Sometimes she wouldn't even bother making them try to rim her, instead just have them wallow in the humiliation of being stuck in between her cheeks. Then there were the times she would have several WWE divas lie down on a bed or the floor and work her way down the line, sometimes going back and forth as she used each of their faces as seats. Of course, Paige and Emma hadn't suffered that fate, but AJ had, which was why nowadays it was Beth being suffocated by AJ's tight little ass, or more often than not Kaitlyn's big fat booty.

It didn't happen that often though as AJ, like Beth before her, preferred to maintain her dominance through constant ass fuckings and semi-regular spankings, and to the pale girl's credit the recent butt beating she'd received from Paige was as hard as any she'd had from AJ. It wasn't quite as humiliating though, because at least Paige was closer to her size, Beth blushing as she remembered all the times she had struggled to balance on AJ's knee as the little pipsqueak spanked her butt for what felt like hours. Which was the other difference, this last ass whooping having been mercifully short. Still, Beth wished that Emma would move those soft lips of hers to her ass cheeks so she could kiss some of the pain away.

On the bright side Emma gave her one very thorough rim job, Paige giving her girlfriend at least fifteen minutes just to lick Beth's butt hole. Emma even pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into her ass, which was pretty fast thanks to the last months in her career where she had been anally gang banged on a daily basis and AJ ass fucking her on an almost hourly basis before and after she had come out as the tiny brunette's bitch. Of course by the time Emma's tongue was firmly planted up her butt Beth was desperate to feel something much bigger in her slutty ass, and after all of her training she had no problem begging for it.

"Fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm please Paige, fuck me with your big hard cock!" Beth moaned, "Oooooooooh your girlfriend's tongue feels so good in my ass, but I want something bigger. I want a big hard strap-on cock to stretch out and fill my big fat ass, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, you pounding that fat booty just like you promised, mmmmmmmmmmm, please Paige, give it to me! Give me your cock! Oh God Paige, I want your cock up my big fat slutty ass soooooooooooooo bad, mmmmmmmmmm, please give it to me. Please fuck me. Fuck me in the ass, ass fuck me, ohhhhhhhh, please Paige, just fuck my ass like you promised!"

"Oh Beth, I didn't promised to fuck your ass." Paige teased, "I promise to wreck it. Is that what you want? For me to wreck your fucking ass hole? Slam your little ass hole so hard it's gaping for days? Pound fuck that fat ass of yours until you can't sit for a week? Is that what you want Beth?"

"Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd yes, wreck my ass!" Beth practically cried with joy, before continuing with, "Wreck it, wreck it, fucking wreck my ass hole!"

"Be careful what you wish for bitch." Paige grinned, before turning her attention to the only WWE diva who was more than just a fuck toy to her, "Emma, make sure you get that talented little tongue of yours deep up Beth's butt. I don't want to have to waste too much energy stretching that ass out because you haven't licked it properly."

Even though Paige's tone was teasing Emma was a little offended. Paige should know better than anyone just how good Emma was at eating ass, given that it was Paige's pale perfect posterior Emma spent most of her time worshipping. And of course, no tongue could reach as far as even the smallest dildo in Paige's collection, and none of the toys which had been stuffed into the bag for Emma to carry were even slightly small. Not that Emma could see Paige choose her weapon of ass destruction, or anything except Beth's butt, which disappointed the Australian. Paige always looked so sexy wearing a strap-on dildo. Oh well, it wasn't like she wasn't going to have a perfect view of that in a matter of moments.

In the meantime Emma tried to push her face even deeper into Beth's butt and her tongue even further up the other blonde's ass. As it was the latter which was the real goal Emma finally pulled the massive globes in front of her apart with her hands, the Australian fondling and squeezing those giant ass cheeks while the American moaned at the tiny bit of tongue which entered her backside as a result of this. Which wasn't much, but it was as good as she was going to get, Emma frantically tongue fucking Beth's butt for several moments while she waited for Paige to return. It wasn't enough though. If Paige really wanted Beth stretched she was going to need fingers or something, something which surprisingly she left for Emma to do.

"Nice work Emma. Now finger that slutty little hole. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, I want to see my girlfriend finger fuck Beth Phoenix's fat ass." Paige grinned as she stroked lubricant into the strap-on which was now firmly round her waist, treating the cock as if it was a part of her, the stimulator inside the harness and her mental high almost making it feel that way.

Emma was so surprised by this development it actually caused her to not immediately obey one of Paige's plans, something very rare for her. Trying to make up for that mistake she sprang into action, briefly letting go of one of Beth's butt cheeks so that she could rub her fingertips along the other blonde's pussy, and then when they were nice and wet she returned to spreading both her fellow diva's ass cheeks with both hands. She then spat on her target, and then pressed a finger slowly into the ass hole of the far stronger woman, Emma almost feel like a top again as she made the mighty Beth Phoenix whimper for her like a little bitch.

"How does it feel Emma?" Paige asked as soon as Emma was up to her knuckle inside The Glamazon.

"Tight." Emma softly murmured before she could think about what Paige might want to hear.

Apparently that was close enough to the money as Paige nodded her head and said, "Just as I thought, AJ doesn't know how to treat a bitch. But that's ok Beth, because me and my girl are gonna stretch you out real good, then I'm going to wreck that fat ass!"

"Oh yes, wreck my fat ass! Fucking wreck it! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck!" Beth moaned, continuing to shamelessly beg, although Emma didn't really pay attention.

Emma was far more preoccupied with the amazing sensation of finger fucking the ass of a former Alpha female, this musclebound woman who was stronger than she was and had once owned every diva in the WWE now moaning, groaning and whimpering as Emma took her ass. It wasn't quite the same dominant thrill of ass fucking another woman with a strap-on, but knowing she was preparing this big fat ass for her girlfriend to fuck was something thrilling in a way she could have never imagined, Emma determined to make Paige proud by adding a second finger and then pounding those digits in and out of Beth's butt hole.

After a few minutes of that Paige moaned, "Mmmmmmmmmm, nice work Emma, but that should be enough for an anal slut like this. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, move out the way Emma so I can wreck this bitch's dyke butt! Beth, spread your cheeks and beg for what you so desperately need."

Beth had been begging for a while, but that didn't stop her from obeying as she and Emma swiftly moved so that it was The Glamazon who was spreading her cheeks, offering her ass hole to Paige as she continued to beg, "Fuck me! Fuck me Paige, oh fuck me, fuck my ass, mmmmmmmm, pound my dyke ass hard and deep, OH GOD, yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, stretch that ass! Stretch it! Stretch that bitch hole of mine and fill me with your big hard strap-on cock. Come on you pale bitch, fuck me! Wreck my ass! You promised! Oh fuck, you promised you would wreck my big fat ass, so just go ahead and fucking do it! DO IT!"

Paige shuffled forward and then began sliding her cock around Beth's back door while the once mighty Glamazon completely humiliated herself, then without warning she rammed forwards, sending almost half of the dildo into Beth's bowels. Then with a series of hard thrusts she was balls deep inside that big fat arse, Paige grinning widely as she took a moment to savour for filling one of her greatest fantasies. Of course in her dreams the muscular Beth Phoenix was still an anal virgin and Paige was the one who took her back door cherry and in doing so took her rightful place as Alpha female of the WWE, but this was a hell of a consolation prize.

Especially as Beth then almost immediately cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, fuck my ass! Fuck my big fat slutty dyke ass! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd, your big hard girl cock feels so good in my ass, mmmmmmmmm, fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass, ass fuck me, ooooooooooh fuck, fuck me, oh Paige! Fuck me Paige! Fuck me like the bitch I am! Ram my ass! Wreck it good! Make it gape! Make my back door gape wide open for you, mmmmmmmmmm, make me your little anal slut, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, pound my slutty ass like the big bitch I am!"

Loving her latest conquest's enthusiasm Paige soon complied with Beth's request and began pumping her hips back and forth, slowly beginning to arse fucked The Glamazon. She was arse fucking a woman who could bench press more weight than any other woman on the current roster and even half of the men. This goddess who had once ruled over the diva's division with an iron fist with every woman in that division her personal anal whore was now taking every inch of her strap-on cock inside her big fat bottom. And not only was she taking it, but The Glamazon Beth Phoenix was spreading her meaty cheeks to provide Paige with a perfect view of her dick sliding in and out of that forbidden hole.

There was absolutely nothing in this world Paige loved more than watching a big cock strapped round her waist pumping in and out of another female wrestler's arse hole while that female wrestler was spreading her own arse cheeks. It made her feel so powerful and dominant, and no matter what happened in that moment the woman she was arse fucking was her bitch. Whether she denied it or not, that was what the woman giving up her most private hole was, and to her delight this particular woman wasn't denying it. No, this powerful women's wrestler was acting like a shameless anal slut, and Paige loved it.

It also made her arse hole quiver, because Beth Phoenix had been the longest reigning and most vicious Alpha female in the secret history of the WWE, leaving countless gaping arse holes in her wake as she maintained her control over the diva's division. And here she was, completely broken, nothing but little AJ Lee's personal anal slut/house maid. If AJ could do this to her predecessor what would she do to Paige, the girl so hell-bent on taking her title and position that she was now violating her personal property, Paige suddenly having a vision of herself in an identical outfit to Beth's and happily cleaning AJ's home/spreading her arse cheeks whenever her mistress was home.

While Paige momentarily became lost in a submissive fantasy Emma was thinking what a lucky bottom she was to have such a dominating top like Paige. When Emma had lost her anal cherry to Paige she had immediately become a total bottom who craved getting ass fucked every second of every day, even when her ass hole was sore and gaping open from its latest abuse. Meanwhile Paige had just brushed off getting fucked in the ass and was now butt fucking The Glamazon Beth Phoenix, in this moment the bigger and stronger woman who used to reign supreme over the WWE diva's division nothing but Paige's anal whore.

It was certainly something Emma never thought she'd see. The big, tough Glamazon face down, ass up and spreading her ass cheeks as another woman pumped a big strap-on dildo in and out of her back hole, Emma not even able to imagine herself doing it in her wildest fantasies. Winning the diva's title in a Wrestlemania match presented as important with the announcers taking it seriously had seemed like a far more achievable goal for her, although she would totally settle for the crowd cheering her as she won the title on RAW or a random PPV/special event. She'd only try to dominate women because it was expected of her, and it felt much more natural being the submissive bitch of someone as dominant as Paige. Although Emma had to admit, she would have loved to have seen her smoking hot girlfriend get her sexy 'arse' fucked, her pale skin flushing as little AJ Lee dominated her completely.

"EMMA!" Paige yelled loudly, seemingly at random.

"What?" Emma stammered as she came out of her daydream of Paige getting fucked up the ass by AJ to see her girlfriend staring at her while still easily pumping Beth's butt.

"I've been calling you." Paige complained in a whiny voice, quickly adding in a more dominant tone, "And I'll spank your arse for embarrassing me in front of Beth later, but for now get over here and take over spreading this bitch's cheeks!"

Flushing with embarrassment Emma quickly apologised, "I'm sorry Paige, I... I just got lost in watching you fuck Beth's ass. I mean, it's Beth!"

Paige frowned, "There'll be plenty of time for you to figuratively and literally kiss my arse later, for now just do as you're told."

"Yes Paige." Emma said, rushing to obey.

Emma wasn't sure what was more embarrassing, not immediately obeying her mistress or fantasising about her mistress being butt fucked. Either way she was being a bad lesbian slave, and as she took over spreading those meaty cheeks she tried to make up for it by focusing on Paige's cock sliding in and out of Beth's butt hole, Emma getting the best look possible at her girlfriends total dominance over another diva. This was something they'd done countless times in NXT as Paige showed every other girl who entered HER ring who was boss, but it was no use, even as Emma tried to focus on the present or all those times they had done this to the likes of Sasha Banks and Bailey the red-hot image entered her mind of AJ topping Paige, and with the memory of finding Paige taking a cold shower in their hotel room a week ago, Emma knew she would never get the moment she looked down and to her amazement found her girlfriend's butt hole was gaping open.

Just like Beth's butt hole was when Paige pulled out of it, except the brunette's butt hole had been wider, Emma finally being forced out of that memory when Paige pressed her dildo against the blonde's lips and asked, "Hey Emma, have you ever wanted to taste the arse of a former Alpha female?"

Knowing that instead of a verbal response she was expected to just start sucking, and that Paige might just push the dildo into her mouth if she tried to say anything anyway, Emma stretched her lips wide and then wrapped them around the first few inches of the ass flavoured dick. Then happy little ass to mouth slut that she was, or at least had been turned into by her girlfriend, Emma began greedily slurping up every drop of ass cream she could find, eventually taking the entire length of the dildo down her well-trained throat. That finally distracted her from her most secret taboo fantasy of her girlfriend getting topped, especially because the answer to Paige's question was yes, ever since losing her own anal cherry Emma had imagined tasting AJ's ass on Paige's strap-on, the image of the current Alpha female of the WWE becoming her girlfriend's butt slut just as hot as the other way around.

Beth used to love to make her bitches go ass to mouth, especially if they were in a relationship like Emma and Paige, and yet now she was so broken Beth couldn't even imagine herself seriously trying to turn the tables and start feeding Emma or Paige the other one's ass as she switched back and forth between their cute little asses until both their butt holes were gaping wide open. She could still imagine it, and it was still hot to her, but it was hotter to know she had the power to turn the tables on these women and instead just allowed them to use her for their pleasure, Paige spending the next few minutes switching between Beth's ass and Emma's mouth.

However as that dick continue to be switched between those eager to be filled holes Beth's patients began to run out. Paige had already proven herself a decent top. She had the attitude and the skill to be the Alpha female someday, but only if she could pound ass as well as AJ or better. Thanks to her years of abusing other women wrestlers Beth's ass had been brutally fucked by every single one of her victims either on the day she had come out as AJ's bitch or shortly thereafter, so she knew the difference between a wannabe top and the real deal, and she was curious which one Paige was. Also Beth just really wanted her big butt fucked nice and hard.

So after 5 or 10 minutes, that felt like 5 or 10 hours, of Paige gleefully making Emma go ass to mouth Beth cried out, "Ohhhhhhhh Paige, please fuck me! I need my fat ass fucked! Mmmmmmm, I need my big fat ass fucked good and hard so I can cum like a slut with a dick up my ass Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck me like a whore! Mmmmmmmm, stop feeding your slutty girlfriend my ass and just fuck my butt! Butt fuck me, fuck me up the butt, oh please Paige, ram my butt! Pound it hard! Fucking make me cum! Oh please make me cum, please make me cum, please make me cum!"

"Bad bitch, don't interrupt me while I'm having fun." Paige playfully scolded, smacking Beth's butt, "Just for that, you can have a turn tasting your bitch ass! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh Beth, turn around and get this cock in your mouth, mmmmmmmm, taste your own ass you little slut!"

Eagerly taking her 'punishment' Beth whirled round and gobbled up the head of Paige's cock, moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her rectum. It was a flavour she had become addicted to thanks to AJ's training, Beth loving the fact that when she looked up she saw a grin so wide and wicked that it could have easily been her mistress, if AJ suddenly became ghostly pale and a lot taller. Brushing the thought aside Beth concentrated on bobbing her head up and down the shaft, soon relaxing her throat muscles so she could get every inch of that cock down her gullet, and more importantly suck up all that yummy ass cream.

Which of course pleased Paige, "Good girl, that's a good little Glamazon, eat your own ass you filthy slut! Eat your own ass off my cock like the nasty little freak you are. Mmmmmmm, I think that deserves a reward. How about, a nice little DP? Yeahhhhhhh, Emma, grab your strap-on so we can double stuff this bitch. Beth, get on your back so I can have some more of that ass!"

Quickly flipping over onto her back and lifting her legs up Beth whimpered as Paige got into position, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my butt! Fuck my slutty little ass hole hard and deep! Make me cum like the bitch I am! Oh please Paige, fuck me. Pound the little ass hole you've already gaped! Oooooooooh, I can feel it Paige, I can feel how nice and loose you've already made my little bitch hole, but now I want you to really stretch it out. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, pound that dyke hole so that when AJ comes home her personal maid's butt hole will be too loose and open to fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, ruin her bitch's hole, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Paige!"

Beth moaned with blissful happiness when Paige finally shoved her strap-on back inside her loose and welcoming ass hole, the weaker girl grabbing her legs and pushing them even further back in another sign of dominance. Then, grinning wickedly, Paige positioned those legs to rest against her shoulders, nearly folding Beth in half as she began fucking her ass harder than ever before. It wasn't quite enough to make her cum, in fact Paige seemed to delight in bringing her close to the edge of orgasm but never letting her achieve it, but that just made Beth feel more like the submissive bitch she had been turned into and further cemented Paige as anything but a wannabe top. No, Paige knew just how to treat an ass slut like Beth, and the once mighty Glamazon loved her for it.

Emma had known this was coming, and she was quick to retrieve her strap-on from the bag she had brought and return to the bed. However she pretty much did that on autopilot because she was lost in the wonderful sight of her dominating girlfriend totally having her way with The Glamazon Beth Phoenix, fucking her in the ass and making her love it. Oh Paige looked so sexy and dominant with Beth's muscular legs on her shoulders, the brunette's pale ass pumping back and forth as she abused the stronger woman's ass hole, Emma having no idea how she could have spent most of the week fantasising about Paige getting her ass fucked when she was obviously such an Alpha female, soon to be THE Alpha female.

Then again, Beth used to be an Alpha female, Emma still unable to believe how this terrifying and muscular woman had been turned into such a massive anal whore. AJ must be a goddess, Emma briefly thought, before snapping herself out of it and scooting along the bed so she could position herself kneeling over Beth's face. Luckily the other blonde's mouth was wide open, a constant series of moans and whimpers falling out of it, making it easy for Emma to slide her strap-on into the mouth of a woman she had once feared, that woman immediately beginning to suck her cock without a moment's hesitation while Paige pounded her ass hard and deep.

"Yeahhhhhhhh bitch, suck my girlfriend's cock!" Paige gleefully taunted The Glamazon, "Ooooooooh yeah, take that dick down your throat! Get it nice and wet for your slutty little cunt!"

"Yeah, suck it." Emma added nervously.

To Emma's delight, and relief, Beth eagerly did as she was told, the weaker diva's words only pushing the multiple times women's and diva's champion to take more of Emma's dildo into her mouth and then down her throat. In what seem like no time at all Beth's lips were sliding up and down the length of the shaft without a hint of gagging, making Emma brave enough to start a gentle face fucking. Rather than enrage the stronger blonde Beth actually moaned in pleasure, grabbed onto Emma's butt and pulled the cock deeper into her mouth, giving the smaller blonde a sign she needed to intensify the throat fucking, although Emma still wasn't using half the energy Paige was using to fuck Beth's ass.

"Oh yeah, this slut's fuck holes are all getting pounded tonight!" Paige crowed gleefully as she leaned back and held Beth's legs wide apart so she could get a good view of her girlfriend pumping Beth's mouth, the big blonde's jiggling tits, the former Alpha female's glistening pussy and just beneath it Beth's stretched open butt hole. After a few more minutes of enjoying those sights Paige pulled out and ordered, "Emma, lay down so we can DP this big bitch. Beth, stuff your little cunt with my girlfriend's dick and then wait patiently for the ride of your life... that's it, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, gimme back that sweet bitch hole."

Eager as always to obey Emma hadn't hesitated pulling her strap-on out of Beth's mouth and laying flat on her back next to the other blonde so she was pretty much in the centre of the bed for what came next. It allowed Beth just to turn over onto her, which the bigger blonde happily did, Emma holding the dildo firmly in place as Beth lined up her entrance to the strap-on and then pushed herself down. She did that slowly at first, but once the first few inches were inside Beth drop-down on Emma's dick, fully impaling herself with a loud moan of joy. She then leaned forward and arched her back, giving Paige better access to her butt hole. Wanting to do her part Emma reached up and spread Beth's butt cheeks apart, the two blondes working together to make sure it was easy as possible for Paige to make the DP complete by stuffing Beth's ass with strap-on.

"Ooooooooh yeah, present that pretty little bitch hole to me Emma, mmmmmmmm, there's a good girl." Paige praised her girlfriend gleefully as she lined up her dildo to Beth's back hole and pushed forwards, "Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, take it Beth! Take it right up your arse as my girlfriend takes your cunt!"

"Oh yes, I'm taking it, I'm taking it!" Beth moaned joyfully as her loose ass hole was once again invaded.

Ignoring the giant slut Paige concentrated on slamming her dildo into Beth's big bottom, something really quite easy thanks to how well fucked Beth's arse already was. In fact her hips crashed against Emma's hands/Beth's butt cheeks in what felt like seconds, in turn Paige impaling The Glamazon even more firmly upon her girlfriend's cock. Then Paige started pumping back and forth, butt fucking the once mighty Beth Phoenix at the same steady pace she had been sodomising her before, except this time giving her even more pleasure by bouncing her up and down on Emma's strap-on, which was in turn bashing against Emma's clit, so technically Paige was fucking two women at the same time.

The constant moans, groans, whimpers and cries that Beth and Emma let out made that very clear, Paige grinning wickedly as she pushed Emma's hands away and really started to enjoy herself/make a show out of sodomising the former Alpha female. That included pulling on Beth's long blonde hair, smacking her arse and of course increasing the pace of her thrusts until the sound of her thighs smacking off Beth's meaty cheeks echoed around the room, Paige grinning wickedly as the juicy flesh jiggled against her as she began to give the Glamazon a real rectum wrecking.


Obediently Emma began thrusting upwards into their temporary bitch, Paige cackling gleefully as she and her girlfriend work together to double fuck the once mighty Beth Phoenix like the shameless slut she had been turned into. Which once again briefly had Paige thinking about the woman who had done this to Beth, and the fact that by challenging that little pipsqueak she might end up just as big a submissive slut as Beth. But Paige was determined to make sure that didn't happen, that it would be AJ Lee who would end up the submissive slut, sandwiched between herself and her girlfriend, Paige and Emma each taking one of AJ's holes as the Alpha female of the WWE squealed like a little bitch.

Oh yes, Paige and Emma had turned the mighty Beth Phoenix into nothing but meat. A slab of quality meat in between two pieces of bread. A submissive little whore who love taking it in both her fuck holes. If it happened to Beth, it would eventually happen to AJ, and very soon it would happen to Kaitlyn, AJ's beloved wife. Who it seemed was now watching them, Paige smiling wickedly as she spotted the voluptuous former WWE diva in a mirror before she became completely lost in brutalising Beth's back hole with every ounce of her strength. Fortunately for her, Emma and especially Beth seemed determined to make this double fucking long and hard, the three women working together to make sure they all came several times, the only difference being that the dominant divas' holes clenched around nothing while Beth's holes tightened around the dildos inside of them, making it harder but not impossible for Emma and Paige to continue the passionate fuck.

Kaitlyn often came home to find her beloved wife destroying Beth's little dyke butt hole with a huge strap-on, so as she got to her front door and heard Beth's screams of pleasure she smiled happily to herself and entered her home thinking everything was normal. However once she had quietly made her way up to her bedroom so she could surprise the tiny brunette who normally loved surprising her Kaitlyn found a much paler/bigger brunette pounding Beth's fat ass.

She was so surprised she became rooted to the spot, giving her time to think. The other women were facing away from the door, meaning they hadn't seen her yet, so if she was really careful she could get away without being seen. She didn't need to see the pale woman's face to know it was Paige, and although she never met the first ever NXT women's champion Kaitlyn knew from the way AJ had bragged about taking Paige's anal cherry that her wife's rival had come here for some payback. But as that payback was most likely Kaitlyn getting fucked like the lesbian slut she was, first by Paige and then by AJ wanting to re-establish her dominance, escape quickly became the last thing she wanted to do.

"Enjoying Beth's fat ass?" Kaitlyn asked, announcing her presence.

"Yeah, it's great." Paige admitted, burying every inch of her dildo inside Beth's butt before turning her head to look at Kaitlyn, "But I didn't come here for her."

With that Paige yanked her dildo out of Beth's ass and turned around in one swift movement so Kaitlyn could admire what the pale girl had done to the once mighty Glamazon, Beth's butt hole gaping as wide as it ever had from a single cock fucking it, Kaitlyn trembling with anticipation at the thought she could be next. When she finally looked away from Beth's gaping ass hole it became clear to Kaitlyn she wouldn't have to wait long until her ass hole was just as stretched, Paige walking straight up to her, grabbing her by the hair and pushing forcefully downwards. Of course being stronger Kaitlyn could have stopped her, but because she could guess what Paige wanted she happily dropped to her knees.

"You're in for a long night slut." Paige announced with a grin, "How about we start with a blow job? Mmmmmmm yeah, I just love it when submissive bitches taste each other's asses."

Paige said a lot more than that, but Kaitlyn was too busy savouring the taste of ass to really pay attention, the now dark brunette wrapping her lips around the strap-on cock of her wife's rival and beginning to greedily suck her maid's ass juice off of it. Once she had the entire length buried down her throat Kaitlyn looked up into Paige's eyes and smiled around the cock. If she wasn't sure before, she was definitely sure now she was in for a very long, very enjoyable night.

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