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This Is My Ass Now Part 3
by MTL (

"Beth, get off Emma's cock and suck it clean of your cunt cream!"

After she called that out Paige grinned. She wasn't sure which was more amusing, Beth Phoenix scrambling to obey her and stuff Emma's cock into her mouth or Kaitlyn continuing to obey her by bobbing her head up and down on her strap-on. God, it was great being a WWE diva. What other job could lead to her bossing bigger and stronger women around like this? Not that this was officially part of her job, more like a very enjoyable secret benefit. Ironically these two former divas were supposed to be off-limits. AJ Lee's exclusive property. However if she was going to beat AJ and take her place at the top of the food chain, it was clear now that Paige was going to have to break the rules.

So far that had worked out pretty well for her, she and her girlfriend having double teamed the once mighty Beth Phoenix and now it seemed AJ's secret wife Kaitlyn would be just as eager to help Paige screw with/get revenge on her rival. Or maybe AJ had just trained Kaitlyn to be a total whore for ass to mouth, the more tanned brunette greedily stuffing every single inch of Paige's dildo down her throat with clearly practised ease and then after she had sucked every drop of ass cream off that cock she just continued the long, drawn-out blow job, clearly trying to please her unexpected houseguest.

It worked, Paige gleefully stroking Kaitlyn's hair and offering up some encouragement, "Yeah bitch, suck my cock! Mmmmmmmm, suck it clean of all of Beth Phoenix's arse juice you filthy little whore! Ohhhhhhhh yeah, I heard you were a total whore for ass to mouth, and it's nice to see the stories about you aren't exaggerated. You see Kaitlyn, you may have had hopes and dreams when you came to the WWE, but as far as backstage is concerned, everybody just remembers you as AJ's personal fuck hole. Oh yeah, I heard you were nothing but a submissive lesbian slut, and now I'm going to put you to the test. And so far, it seems AJ trained you well."

Some girls took offence to words like that. Even some former and current WWE divas didn't like their girlfriends/wives being mentioned. But Kaitlyn, she just looked up eagerly at Paige and even grinned as she was verbally humiliated and then she sucked Paige's cock with even more enthusiasm. Even when Paige tightened her grip in Kaitlyn's hair and began lazily fucking the other girl's mouth Kaitlyn just relaxed and allowed Paige to use her as a face pussy, which made Paige think, wow, AJ must have really done a number on this girl. Not that should really be a surprise, given one glance told Paige that the terrifying Beth Phoenix was deep throating Emma's cock, and Emma was one of the most naturally submissive divas on the roster.

Which gave Paige an idea, "Hey Emma! EMMA! Throat fuck the bitch! Mmmmmmmm oh yeah, I want you to treat Beth Phoenix's mouth like a cunt, or an arse hole, and fuck it! Come on, fuck it! Harder! Harder than that, come on girl, we both know Beth is nothing but a total bottom now, so I want you to really go for it."

Bless her heart, Emma tried. And to her credit Emma did literally fuck Beth's mouth, which would still be humiliating for the once mighty Glamazon, and Paige fillling with the twisted delight/pride as she watched her submissive girlfriend pump Beth's throat. Unfortunately no matter how much she encouraged her Emma was gentle with the other blonde, either because she was worried about hurting the slut or she just didn't have it in her to do anything so top-ish. Either way when it was clear Emma was a little uncomfortable with this latest development Paige quipped trying to force it and went back to encouraging Kaitlyn to suck her strap-on, allowing Emma quietly to stop fucking Beth's mouth and let the bigger blonde takeover the blow job again.

Of course by now Paige's cock was thoroughly cleaned, so after a few moments of getting a passionate BJ she roughly pulled the dildo out of Kaitlyn's throat, lent down and grabbed the other girls cheeks to make sure she was looking directly into her face as she asked, "So, fancy being MY submissive lesbian slut for the night?"

"God yes." Kaitlyn grinned, her voice clearly a bit horse from the throat fucking as she added, "Please fuck me like you fucked Beth. Mmmmmmmm, fuck me anywhere you want, I love taking it in all my holes, but especially my ass. Oh please Paige, fuck my big fat ass."

"You want that fat ass of yours fucked, huh?" Paige grinned.

"Oh yes, please ass fuck me. I need to be ass fucked!" Kaitlyn begged, "Please Paige, it's been weeks. It's unnatural for a total anal whore like me to go that long without an ass fucking."

"Well, I think you need to eat me first." Paige smiled weakly when she pushed her harness down to her knees, "We've already established you're a great cock sucker, but I want to see how you do with pussy. I OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, EAT MY PUSSY, mmmmmmmmmmm, you naughty little dyke, couldn't even wait, could you?"

Kaitlyn really couldn't. She just loved pussy too much, her time in the WWE turning her into a complete pussy addict, unable and unwilling to go to long without burying her face in between another woman's legs. For way too long she'd only had Beth's pussy to munch, and honestly even the combination of AJ and Beth wasn't quite enough for her, so to have some fresh cunt around had made her mouth instantly water. So naturally as soon as Paige had pulled down that harness she had dived in between the other brunette's thighs and started frantically lapping away at the tasty treat which had found its way into her home.

Luckily Paige didn't seem to mind her enthusiasm. That was the normal response from tops, although a few of them had taken their yummy pussies away and spanked her before giving her what she so desperately wanted again. Of course Kaitlyn didn't mind so much when the spanking came afterwards, but one she had started eating pussy she really, really hated to be interrupted, Kaitlyn actually hoping AJ wouldn't catch them not because she was worried about her wife seeing her cheat on her but that it would cause a momentary distraction, which just showed what a perverted situation Kaitlyn had found herself in.

To be fair AJ was off fucking her bitches so it wasn't exactly like they had a monogamous relationship, but it was still kind of weird. Weird, and very hot, Kaitlyn more than happy right now because it meant she got to eat Paige's pussy with no guilt. Especially since AJ just bragged about taking Paige's anal cherry, so really this was just Kaitlyn's turn to fuck this hot slut, except instead of topping her like AJ had Kaitlyn would be very much bottoming for this pale beauty who tasted so, so good. Not as good as AJ, but then no one did, one of the many reasons Kaitlyn remained AJ's bitch wife.

While this cunt couldn't come close to her favourite cunt Kaitlyn still licked Paige's pussy lips for several long minutes, making sure to linger on Paige's clit with every stroke of her tongue to keep the English girl incoherent for as long as possible. Of course inevitably that started not being enough, and while Kaitlyn was busy debating whether she should shove her tongue into the other girl's cunt or wait until she had permission Paige grabbed onto her hair, pushed her deeper into her delicious womanhood and then made the decision for her, Kaitlyn's submissive heart fluttering as Paige started talking dirty to her.

"Eat me! Eat me you fucking bitch!" Paige yelled at Kaitlyn, "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, eat me just like that. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy you fucking dyke, ooooooooooooooh yeah, mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels good. That feels soooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddddddd. Mmmmmmmmmmm, but do you know what would make it even better? It's... if you two hot bitches get over here right now!"

Quickly obeying the two blondes scrambled to stand beside Paige and then Beth submissively asked, "How can we please you Mistress?"

"Mistress! Ooooooooooooh, ain't that cute?" Paige laughed, before pointing to each of her sluts in turn, "You can please me with your tongues. I want yours up my ass, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yours in my mouth, mmmmmmmmmmm, and yours deep in my cunt aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!"

As Paige pointed to her first Beth was quick to move behind Paige so she could obey. She just about stayed long enough on her feet to see Paige pointing at Emma and then Kaitlyn, the latter of whom was already in place to obey so it was no surprise she achieved her goal first. Or at least Beth assumed given the way Paige cried out in pleasure. Then again knowing Kaitlyn she wouldn't pass up the chance to show her tongue deep inside another woman's pussy. Beth certainly wouldn't, and once she was in place she dropped to her knees and shoved her tongue deep inside another hole she very much like to worship.

Just before that she watched Emma move in close and press her lips to those belonging to Paige, the submissive visitor muffling the cries of the dominant visitor, much to their mutual delight. As they embraced Beth was reminded of AJ and Kaitlyn, Emma and Paige obviously as crazy about each other as Beth's owners. It warmed her heart and even made her feel a little jealous, but the moment quickly passed as she felt to her knees and came face to face with Paige's glorious ass, Beth staring lustfully at the beautiful pale globes for a few long seconds before she pulled them apart and began eagerly lapping at Paige's butt hole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, eat my arse Beth. Eat it!" Paige moaned as she reached back with one hand to pull Beth's face deeper into her butt crack, "Mmmmmmmm, get your fucking face deep in my ass crack so you can tongue that hole good! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, I love having two talented little dyke tongues licking my pussy and arse at the same time."

Beth certainly used to love that back when she had been the Alpha female of the WWE. She even had AJ and Kaitlyn do it, one of their pretty little faces buried in her cunt while the other was so far in between her meaty cheeks that the poor girl could barely breathe. Of course she didn't make them always double-team her like that. No, most of times it was just one licking her pussy or ass hole, except that was something which still regularly happened, Beth just wasn't in control over it. What Paige was now experiencing was something Beth hadn't had since she was Alpha female, and The Glamazon missed it.

Although as much as she missed having two lesbian sluts to eat her pussy and ass in the same time it was thrilling to be on the other side of things, one of the sluts licking the dominant woman's ass hole while another slut licked the dominant woman's pussy, Beth feeling jealous because as much as she loved rimming ass, and Paige's behind was tasty, it couldn't compete with the taste of pussy cream and girl cum. Naturally AJ had put her through this as part of giving her a taste of her own medicine, Beth eagerly eating AJ's ass out just like this, or her pussy, while Kaitlyn or one of AJ's other bitches worshipped the other hole, and she had spent plenty of time just submissively tonguing AJ's ass hole, so Beth knew exactly what to do in this situation.

Emma was also very familiar with this particular situation, at least as far as being one of the lucky sluts given the privilege of licking Paige's pussy or ass hole while another girl licked the other hole. She couldn't recall ever being the one in the centre of the attention, at least not like this exactly, when she was a top, but honestly she had preferred one on one situations back then. Not that she ever really felt comfortable as a top, Emma much preferring to be the one eating one of Paige's yummy holes out, and certainly wishing she was doing so now, Emma unable to help staring at Beth and Kaitlyn with a burning look of jealousy.

It wasn't like this was uncommon, whenever there was more than one person involved in the sex chances are someone was going to get left out, but it still hurt a little to be that person. Although from the grin that Paige gave her Emma guessed she wouldn't be left out of the action for long, the Aussie trying to entice her girlfriend by unstrapping the dildo around her waist, bringing it up to her lips and sucking on it. She had also been hoping there was some leftover pussy cream, but unfortunately Beth had been very thorough about removing every drop of it. Oh well, hopefully she would gain more of Paige's attention with her little show, Emma taking the dildo deep into her mouth and sucking on it loudly.

Her plan worked like a charm, Paige calling out to her shortly afterwards, "Hey Emma... come here."

Not needing to be told twice Emma quickly hurried over to her girlfriend, and before she could open her mouth to ask what Paige wanted the pale girl let go of Kaitlyn's head, which she had been pushing further into her cunt for some time now, reached out and grabbed Emma as soon as she was in range. She then pulled her into a passionate kiss, Emma gently cupping Paige's face with both hands as she eagerly returned it, for her part Paige holding onto her hair gently for a few long seconds, then tightening her grip and pulling her back.

"Suck my tits Emma!" Paige ordered, forcing the other girl slightly downwards into her cleavage, "Oh yeah, suck 'em babe! Mmmmmmmmmm suck them as AJ's favourite bitches lick my pussy and arse! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, that feels so good!"

Eager as ever to please Emma wrapped her lips around Paige's left nipple as soon as she came into contact with it and started sucking. She then went back and forth between those nipples, first because Paige pulled her this way and that, then because of her own free will as Paige's hand returned to Kaitlyn's head. Honestly she missed it, Emma always loving it when Paige 'woman-handled' her. However she certainly wasn't going to complain, not when she was now included in the fun, and while it wasn't licking one of Paige's holes it was still something she wanted to do, and more importantly something which would bring her girlfriend pleasure.

Paige was trying to maintain her composure but she was pretty sure she now had a permanent goofy grin attached to her face. She couldn't help it, she was blissfully happy, and why wouldn't she be? She had three women worshipping her body at the same time, two of them with their faces buried deep in her pussy and arse and quickly pushing her towards climax. Emma's work on her tits was the icing on top of the cake, and oh was it wonderful icing, Paige gently stroking the long blonde hair of her beloved as she got her revenge on AJ Lee, the diva's champion's wife and maid thrusting their tongues as deep inside her as they could go.

The only way this could have been better if she had a couple more women to lick and suck her tits while she made out with Emma. Or have Emma eating her pussy or ass while one of the others were moved accordingly, Paige tempted to do that right now as no one ate her out like her girlfriend. However she wanted to cum in Kaitlyn's mouth and all over her face while Beth Phoenix's tongue was up her arse, and she was determined to get that in the name of getting revenge on AJ Lee, Paige suddenly grateful that she only had three women worshipping her as she moved Emma to her boobs, as it gave her a chance to push herself to orgasm by verbally humiliatingly other women.

"Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh eat me! Oooooooooooh eat my arse Beth! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh eat my cunt Kaitlyn! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me!" Paige moaned with delight, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, that feels so good, you sluts are making me feel soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck! More! Harder! Fuck! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, get your face deeper in my pussy Kaitlyn. Just imagine it's AJ's. Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, imagine my cunt is actually your precious wife's, you know, the one you're going to have to lick a lot to make this up to her. Oooooooooh, you too Beth, bury your tongue in my fucking bum! Be a good little ass kisser for me, just like you always are for AJ! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, just like you're going to have to be once AJ finds out everything you let me do to you two dyke sluts! Come on you lezzie whores, work harder. Not you Emma, you're doing great sweetie. It's just these walking lesbian fuck holes that need... that need to... OH FUCK, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM! MAKE ME AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

After that Paige could only let out incoherent screams of pleasure as Beth and Kaitlyn went into tongue fucking overdrive, hammering her fuck holes until she was on the edge of orgasm. Then they pushed her over that edge, Paige grabbing both their hair tightly and shoving their faces deep into her cunt and arse as possible as she experienced a truly wonderful climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, the two former WWE divas showing they were truly two very well trained submissive lesbian sluts as they explicitly fucked her. To be fair Emma played her part, darting from boob to boob, using her hands on whichever one wasn't in her mouth, but it was definitely the former divas who were mostly responsible for making Paige cum.

Especially Kaitlyn, who swallowed the majority her cum during the first few orgasms before going right back to the tongue fucking. Then just when Paige didn't think she could cum anymore Kaitlyn shoved two fingers into her pussy and began sucking on her clit, making Paige experience her hardest climax yet tonight. And then after fingering her to a few more climaxes Kaitlyn switch back to wrapping her mouth around Paige's cunt so she could swallow the cum which had been building up, the clearly very experienced pussy pleaser then going back and forth between tongue fucking and fingering while Beth and Emma kept up the rim job and tittie worship respectively.

When she couldn't take it any more Paige gently pushed Emma and Beth away, grabbed Kaitlyn's brown hair in both hands, pulled her back slightly and then leaned down for a deep kiss, the English girl tasting her own cum and pussy cream on the American's lips before she pulled back and grinned, "You wanna get butt fucked?"

Kaitlyn grinned brightly in return, "Oh God yes."

"Good." Paige said, letting go of Kaitlyn's hair and smacking her roughly on the ass, "Then get on the bed you share with your wife and wiggle that fat ass of yours at me."

Obeying instantly Kaitlyn scrambled to get up onto the bed, and then when she was in the centre of it she obediently wiggled her ass enough to make the cheeks jiggle and begged, "Please Paige, fuck me. Fuck me in the butt. I wanna get butt fucked with your cum on my face. Mmmmmmmm, I want you to fuck my butt in the bed AJ and I share. Please?"

"Oh don't worry slut, I will." Paige promised before turning to her girlfriend, "But first we need to prepare you, at least a bit. I know, Emma can shove her tongue up your arse, can't you babe?"

"Oh yes." Emma said eagerly as she got to her feet, "I promise I'll rim her good."

"Well then hop to it." Paige grinned, slapping Emma's behind for good measure, "Get over there and tongue that ass. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, that's it baby, lick that big fat slutty butt! Rim it for me so I can fuck it hard and deep."

Emma quickly got on top of the bed, positioned herself behind Kaitlyn and eagerly buried her face in that big fat ass. Paige kept talking, and Emma made sure to get the gist of it, but as it was just her dominant girlfriend basically repeating herself over and over Emma chose to concentrate on Kaitlyn's luscious ass. In doing that she was obeying her top and pleasing Kaitlyn, even if she couldn't resist rubbing her face in that giant booty for a few long seconds before sticking out her tongue and begin to use it to caress Kaitlyn's ass hole, Emma grinning with pride as she got a moan of happiness out of one brunette while the other continued encouraging her.

As again it was nothing but repetitive praise and almost pleading to try harder Emma resisted the urge to pull her face out of Kaitlyn's butt to give some kind of verbal reply, or even pay that much attention to what Paige said, in favour of rimming Kaitlyn even more enthusiastically than before, Emma pushing her face so deep into that big booty that she could barely breathe. She stayed like that for a few glorious minutes, those massive globes becoming her whole world, then she pulled back slightly, spread those giant cheeks apart and spat on the hole she had spent the last few minutes frantically licking.

Embarrassingly she missed the first time, but hit it the second time and made up for her mistake by pressing her tongue to where the first glob of saliva had landed and adding it to Kaitlyn's butt hole. Then, inspired to show the rest of Kaitlyn's ass some love, Emma began covering those meaty cheeks in kisses, naturally after she had rubbed her spit thoroughly into Kaitlyn's back door. Again that got positive reactions from the brunettes, but Emma couldn't resist that ass hole for long, the blonde eventually returning to it with avengeance and this time literally trying to push her tongue into Kaitlyn's ass.

Unsurprisingly Emma succeeded, with a little work her tongue sliding as deep into an ass as it had ever gotten before, Kaitlyn's years in the WWE, and no doubt her secret marriage to AJ Lee, leaving her back door and back passage loose and welcoming to even the softest of foreign objects. Barely aware of the increasingly positive response she was getting Emma let go of Kaitlyn's big butt cheeks so she was being smothered by them again while ramming her tongue in and out of the former WWE diva's slutty ass hole, slowly and steadily building up the pace until Emma was tongue fucking Kaitlyn's butt with everything she had.

"Ok Emma, that's more than enough for a anal whore like AJ's wife. Hey! Babe, I know you love eating ass, but it's butt bangin' time!" Paige called out, a little annoyed that Emma was so reluctant to pull away from Kaitlyn's butt, even though she couldn't blame her. Paige even considered shoving her tongue into that slut hole herself, but as much as she wanted to fuck it with her tongue what she really wanted to do was stretch it wide open with the strap-on she was now thoroughly coating with edible lube, so when Emma finally pulled her face away from Kaitlyn's ass Paige said, "Good girl. Now Kaitlyn, spread your cheeks for me. Mmmmmmm, let me see just how badly you wanna get bummed."

Kaitlyn obediently reached back and pulled apart her meaty cheeks, offering up her slutty butt hole as a sacrifice. A sacrifice she was eager to make, Kaitlyn feeling like she hadn't been butt fucked in years instead of only weeks, her ass aching almost painfully to be filled. She was just about to beg for it when she felt Paige slide the tip of her cock down her ass crack, briefly distracting her. Of course then Paige had to slide that dildo up and down, teasing Kaitlyn when she was already desperate to be anally taken, which frustrated the curvy brunette to the point she had to remind herself not to demand a butt fucking, but beg for one.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass!" Kaitlyn begged, "Fuck my big fat slutty ass! Please? I want it. I need it! Please Paige fuck me. Fuck me up my big fat slutty ass like the anal whore I am! Stretch my slutty little hole with your big dick. Mmmmmmmm, I love having my dyke ass stretched by a nice big strap-on dick, and I want you to be the one to stretch it. Please Paige, it will make AJ so mad. Mmmmmmmm, my wife AJ Lee will be so mad when she finds out I spread my ass cheeks for you that she'll give me an extra hard butt pounding to remind me who my ass belongs too. Please help me earn an extra hard ass fucking from my wife by destroying my ass hole right here, right now. Please, please, please, pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeee, oh fuck! Fuck yes, fuck me, please fuck me in the ass, oh God, ah fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!"

After what felt like an hour of begging Paige finally pressed the tip of her well lubricated dildo against Kaitlyn's slutty little ass hole and then began slowly pushing forwards, again frustrating Kaitlyn. Sure, it had been a while and she'd received more thorough preparation, but she had spent years being AJ's butt slut, her best friend turned girlfriend turned wife sodomising her at least three times a day when they had been on the road together and now when AJ returned home for some of her favourite piece of ass. And it wasn't like AJ spent the whole time making love to her big butt. Yeah, she did occasionally, but mostly AJ brutally slammed her ass hole for hours, showing off just how dominant she had become by gaping Kaitlyn's back hole obscenely wide.

That back hole was slowly being stretched right now as Kaitlyn lovingly thought of her wife, although she was brought back to the present when her slutty butt hole finally stretched wide enough to allow the head of Paige's cock to slide through the other brunette's well used anal ring and into Kaitlyn's big fat ass. Normal girls would have cried out in pain from such a violation, but Kaitlyn just moaned in pleasure. She didn't even have the decency to feel embarrassed about it. No Kaitlyn was proud that she was such an ass whore that she received pleasure from being anally penetrated.

To be fair Paige made it easy on her, as not only had she stretched Kaitlyn's ass hole as slowly and as gently as possible but she then gave her plenty of time to relax before beginning to slowly slide her strap-on up the former diva's butt. Looking back over her shoulder at the look of glee on Paige's face Kaitlyn was convinced that this slow technique was less to do with making it easy on her and more because her wife's rival was savouring this moment, something which as a former WWE diva Kaitlyn could very much understand, and again almost made her feel guilty about surrendering her ass to a woman who obviously wanted to make her wife her bitch. But Kaitlyn was confident that this would only motivate AJ to win, and besides, hopefully after Paige was done savouring the moment she would utterly destroy Kaitlyn's ass hole, something which couldn't come too soon for the curvy brunette.

Paige loved stretching butt holes. Honestly she loved everything about butt fucking, which was another in a long list of things which made her truly believe she was born to be a WWE diva. It was also towards the top of a list of reasons why she should be on top of the women's division on screen and perhaps more importantly off screen, Paige determined to take over from AJ so that every current and former diva, including AJ herself, would become her anal loving bitch.

She really didn't need more motivation to make that happen, but seeing AJ's wife's arse hole stretching around her cock, taking every inch of that dildo inside that big fat ass, Kaitlyn continuing to spread her meaty cheeks and thus submissively giving Paige her rival's favourite fuck hole. Fuck, Paige had never been more turned on in her life. She had also never been more proud of herself, the fact that her dear sweet girlfriend Emma was taking picture after picture on her phone of Paige's cock disappearing into Kaitlyn's huge bubble butt made the moment absolutely perfect, and Paige was determined to keep it that way.

With that in mind when she had the full length of the dildo buried in Kaitlyn's bowels Paige ordered, "Beg for it! Beg me again to fuck your butt!"

Kaitlyn quickly responded with, "Please, oh please Paige, fuck my butt. Fuck my slutty queer butt. It's been so long since my gay butt had a good fucking, and I want you to be the one to fuck it. Please Paige, please, please, please pound my whore butt! Fuck me in the butt, butt fuck me, fuck my lezzie butt, oooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Hearing enough Paige slowly pulled inch after inch of her big dick out of Kaitlyn's back door until only half of the dildo was inside of the other brunette's bum. Then she pushed all the way back inside again. Then out again, then in again, and so on, Paige repeating this process over and over again as she officially started to butt fuck the other girl. Bumming her. She was fucking Kaitlyn up the bum. Fuck, her family would make fun of her for using so much American slang, but after years of being in this country she just couldn't help falling in and out of American terms. Not that she could focus much when she was sodomising another woman.

As much as Paige loved stretching bum hole the actual bum fucking was even better, however her favourite part of the act was probably the hard pounding there was something to be said for the gentle pumping stage, especially when there were other women to witness her taking another woman's most private hole and turning it into her personal fuck hole. Of course it was almost painful to tear her eyes away from Kaitlyn's dick taking hole, but she was rewarded for it by seeing the looks on the faces of the once mighty Beth Phoenix and her beloved Emma. Which of course, gave her a great idea.

Suddenly pulling out of Kaitlyn's butt Paige pointed her dick at her girlfriend and asked, "Hey Emma, you wanna taste AJ's wife's big fat ass?"

"Oh God yes." Emma grinned widely, quickly dropping down to her knees, wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo and moaning loudly.

Beth flushed with jealousy as her eyes darted back and forth from Kaitlyn's already slightly gaped butt hole to where Emma was giving Paige a long drawn-out blow job. A year or so ago she would have been jealous of Paige having sluts at her disposal, but now she wanted to be one of those sluts. Either savouring the deepest part of another girl's butt before deep throating Paige's strap-on to make sure she got every drop of butt cream, or better yet patiently kneeling with her face to the bed sheets and her gaped ass in the air, just waiting for the dominant diva to push her cock back up her slutty little butt.

It felt like she and Kaitlyn were waiting ages for that to happen, Paige happy to give her girlfriend all the time she needed to thoroughly clean that cock, barely even insulting her in the process. She also caressed Emma's hair and looked at her in this way which told Beth that Paige was hopelessly in love with Emma, and from the way the Australian looked up at the Brit the feeling was mutual. Which was just another thing for Beth to feel jealous about, but it was nothing compared to the jealousy she felt when Paige finally pulled her thoroughly cleaned cock out of Emma's mouth and inserted it right back up Kaitlyn's big bottom to restart the sodomy, Beth desperately wishing it was her ass being fucked. Again.

Page butt fucked the other brunette for a few minutes, then she turned her attention to the Glamazon and grinned, "Hey Beth, just how much has AJ made you taste Kaitlyn's arse?"

"A lot." Beth shrugged, quickly adding when she saw where this was going, "But I'd love to taste it again."

"Well since you love the taste of Kaitlyn's arse so much, have at it." Paige said, pulling out of Kaitlyn's butt again and pointing the ass cream coated cock at The Glamazon, "Get over here and suck my cock. Mmmmmmm yeah, I want to see the big bad former champion going ass to mouth. Oh yeah, that's it Beth, mmmmmmm, become my little ATM whore."

Beth was aware that Paige said a lot more, but she really didn't pay much attention to any of it as she was busy getting on her knees in front of the current WWE diva and wrapping her lips around that strap-on cock so she could taste the deepest part of Kaitlyn's bowels. She wasn't lying before, it was a taste she was really familiar with, but that didn't mean that Beth was any less enthusiastic to start again. In fact AJ had turned her into a ravenous ATM slut, eager and willing to clean any girl's ass off of any toy at a moments notice, Beth having tasted the asses of just about every current and former WWE diva and a whole host of other girls which were lucky enough to be seduced by AJ Lee.

For a little while Beth built on those memories as she mindlessly began bobbing her head up and down that dildo. Then the only part of the toy which had any anal juice left on it was the lower half, Beth forced to concentrate on the task at hand as slowly but surely she pushed the monster cock all the way down her throat. Of course even after she had cleaned the lower half she continued to deep throat the strap-on like a good little submissive should. After all, it's what Beth had forced upon her bitches when she was the one in charge, so it was only right the likes of AJ and Paige demanded the same of her.

Paige went back and forth for quite a while, giving Emma and Beth plenty of chances to taste Kaitlyn's ass, before eventually she ordered, "Hey Emma, go get your dildo and strap it on. Beth, bend over next to Kaitlyn. Mmmmmmmm, it's time the older generation took it hard and deep in the ass for the younger generation. Oh fuck yeah, strap it on Emma! Strap it on so we can destroy these big fat slutty arses together!"

Emma did her best to obey her girlfriend, even though she pretty much considered herself a pure bottom and still half expected Beth Phoenix to kick and then fuck all their asses. Instead of kicking ass though Beth continued playing the role of the eager sub, bending over next to Kaitlyn and even wiggling her ass at Emma as the first-ever Australian diva nervously retrieved the strap-on she had only just removed, strapped it back on and then press the head of the dildo against the other blonde's gaping butt hole. Then, with a deep calming sigh, Emma slowly pushed the head of her cock into Beth's butt, unable to believe she was really anally violating The Glamazon.

Already in the middle of fucking Kaitlyn's ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle Paige called out, "Come on Emma, ram your dick up her slutty arse! Mmmmmmmmm, I loosened it up for you babe, the least you can do is pound that ass. Oh fuck yeah, destroy that butt! Destroy that once so tight little forbidden hole and make The Glamazon your bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, let's really pound these sluts and make them cum with dicks up their asses like the perverted little whores they are! Yes, that's it baby, wreck that ass! These asses are ours now! These bitches are ours, their fuck holes belong to us, mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, this whole fucking place belongs to us! This is our house now, and when AJ gets back she's going to return home to find her stuff broken and used. Oh fuck yes Emma, wreck that ass, wreck that ass, WRECK THAT ASS! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Ever the obedient girlfriend Emma slammed every inch of her dildo into Beth's butt and started sodomising the woman's wrestler she had been most afraid of. Which was surreal, but once Beth's meaty cheeks were jiggling against her thighs instinct kicked in and Emma thought she did a pretty good job of butt fucking the other blonde considering she'd spent over six months being Paige's favourite bitch. She even kept up with her girlfriend as she gently increased the pace, the two current divas pounding the asses of the two former divas until Beth and Kaitlyn were simultaneously cumming from being butt fucked.

To be fair on the former WWE divas they had been stretched out and stimulated previously, but considering Emma wasn't using even half of her strength, and she definitely knew Paige wasn't, it showed Kaitlyn and the once mighty Beth Phoenix were now total anal whores who could cum from a mild rough butt pounding. It also again showed what a top AJ must be, Emma's ass hole quivering at the thought of being anally taken by the tiny diva's champion, something which under the circumstances felt like an inevitability, and even though she would never admit it to her beloved girlfriend Emma was looking forward to it as although getting to top Beth was beyond thrilling she'd still rather be the one getting her butt pounded right now.

Surprisingly after only one orgasm Paige pulled out of Kaitlyn's ass and called out, "Hey Emma, let's make these sluts taste their own asses together."

Wordlessly obeying Emma pulled her strap-on out of the other blonde's butt, walked round and shoved it into Beth's mouth more or less at the same time Paige shoved her ass flavoured dildo into Kaitlyn's mouth. Just like before Beth and Kaitlyn eagerly slurped up every ounce of anal cream on those dildos through thorough deep throating, then Paige moved round to stick her dick back into Beth's ass while ordering Emma to ass fuck Kaitlyn. As despite her muscles Kaitlyn wasn't very intimidating Emma found it much easier to sodomise her than Beth, the Australian diva able to really let go and give Kaitlyn's big fat ass everything she had, the two former wrestler squealing with pure joy as the current ones ass fucked them to orgasm after orgasm.

Kaitlyn was impressed by just how hard Emma pounded her slutty ass, and just how hard the other girl made her cum. She didn't really know the girl but from what she had heard and what she'd seen of her today, especially the way Emma stared lovingly at Paige, made Kaitlyn feel that she had found a kindred spirit. Another girl who had started out her wrestling career as a top and now considered herself to be a pure bottom, only strapping on a dildo at the request of her top and even then mostly only so she could lie back and help her lover DP or even double stuff the ass of another woman.

However Emma was almost as good at butt fucking as Paige, even if the blonde was unsure of herself and awkward at first, any signs of that long forgotten throughout another climax. Maybe it was because Kaitlyn was out of practice, stuck here in this house with only Beth for company, far away from the WWE divas she used to love having sex with, but she didn't think that she could sodomise another woman this skilfully if asked. Page must have had Emma help keep the NXT divas in line on a regular basis, this ass fucking making Kaitlyn wish she was back in the WWE getting her rectum wrecked just like this on a regular basis.

Paige made Kaitlyn wish that even more when she pulled her strap-on out of Beth's ass, walked around and pointed it at her panting mouth, "I'm sure you've tasted Beth's arse before, but since she just tasted yours it's only fair."

Kaitlyn grinned and lent forwards, wrapping her lips around the head of the cock and moaning as she tasted the deepest/best part of Beth's ass. She really had a chance to savour it when Paige began thrusting in and out of her mouth, gently at first, but she increased the force of the roughness with every additional inch she pushed past Kaitlyn's lips. Soon Paige was pounding Kaitlyn's throat with the same force Emma was fucking her ass with, the two girlfriends using her for their pleasure and making Kaitlyn cum several times. Oh how Kaitlyn loved that treatment and wished it would never end.

Unfortunately it did, but not before Paige had a lot of fun with her, "Yeahhhhhhhhh, take it sluts! Take it, take it, take it, take it, fucking take it! Mmmmmmmmmm, take it up ya fucking asses! Fuck look at you! Beth, you held the women's championship, and the diva's championship, mmmmmmmmm, and you were a champion too Kaitlyn, and now here you both are, bent over and taking dicks in your asses like total sluts! Fuck Beth, you were the Alpha for over five years, and now you're just AJ's anal slut. And mine, and Emma's, and from what I hear anyone's who asks AJ nicely enough. Or doesn't. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, all we had to do is knock on the door and you two bent over like the total sluts you are, isn't that right Emma?"

"Yeah, total sluts." Emma agreed, "Kaitlyn and the mighty Beth Phoenix are total anal sluts!"

"Our anal sluts!" Paige gleefully growled, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, tonight Kaitlyn and the mighty Beth Phoenix are our total anal sluts, and I say we treat them like it."

"I'd say that's what we're doing." Emma giggled.

"Yeah, but we need to keep it up." Paige grinned, suddenly pulling her strap-on out of Kaitlyn's mouth, "And I can think of no better way than spit roasting The Glamazon."

Emma grinned, "Sounds good to me."

Jealousy filled Kaitlyn as Emma obediently pulled her cock out of her ass and quickly walked round so she could shove it into Beth's mouth at the same time Paige rammed her cock up The Glamazon's ass. Paige and Emma proceeded to spit roast Beth just like that, then they switched back to Kaitlyn to repeat the process. One edition was that they sometimes switched holes on the same girl, Paige pulling her strap-on out of Kaitlyn's ass and then shoving it down her throat while Emma pulled her dildo out of Kaitlyn's throat and shoved it up her ass and then doing the same thing with Beth to ensure both former divas got plenty of chances to taste each other's asses and their own while Emma and Paige thoroughly fucked both of them.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, take it sluts! Take it in your slutty little fuck holes!" Paige cackled with glee, then as she was unable to ignore the look on her girlfriend's face she turned her attention to the only girl in the room she really cared about and asked, "Awww Emma, is someone feeling left out?"

After a second or two of confusion a wide smile crossed Emma's face, "Oh yes Paige, I'm feeling left out."

"And why is that?" Paige pushed.

"Because these girls are getting your cock up their asses and I'm not." Emma admitted, trying and failing not to smile as she could see where this was going.

"Well then, why don't you get that strap-on off ya so I can fuck your tight little ass. Oh yeah, the only thing better then two great pieces of ass is three. Or maybe two great pieces of ass and one amazing piece of ass." Paige grinned, her natural bias perhaps playing in as Emma quickly pulled off her strap-on and bent over next to Kaitlyn, "Woah, not so fast. We need to lube you up first. I know, how about we make Kaitlyn here lick your ass?"

"Mmmmmmm, yes please. I would love that." Kaitlyn moaned.

"No one asked you." Paige said dismissively before calling out, "Emma, shut this bitch up by sticking your ass in her face."

Emma murmured her approval and then positioned herself where she could push her ass into Kaitlyn's face. Instantly Kaitlyn extended her tongue and started eagerly lapping at Emma's ass hole, making Emma moan happily. One of the many reasons Emma was so lucky to have Paige as her top was that while a lot of wrestlers saw giving a rim job as purely a submissive thing and therefore something only a bottom should do Paige didn't see it that way. No, Paige loved eating ass, and she was very good at it. But not quite as good as Kaitlyn, the other submissive giving her a long, thorough ass licking before literally trying to shove her tongue up her butt.

"Deeper you bitch!" Paige screamed as she began to give Kaitlyn's ass a mini spanking while she fucked it, "You're not even trying. Mmmmmmmmm come on, ohhhhhhhhh, my girl loves feeling a girl tongue deep inside her slutty lesbo arse, so you better try harder otherwise I'm going to stop fucking your arse! What, that's not enough to stop you from doing a lousy job? Fine, Emma, suffocate this bitch with your arse. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I don't want her to breathe properly until she puts a little more effort into tonguing your tight little butt hole, mmmmmmmmmmm, the butt hole I'm gonna pound after I'm done with this whore's arse."

While Emma thought Kaitlyn was doing a decent job she wouldn't dream of arguing with her owner, so she reached back, grabbed hold of Kaitlyn's now dark hair and pushed forcefully forwards while pushing her ass backwards, smothering the talented butt licker with her backside. This delighted Paige who gleefully encouraged Emma to continue, the Australian diva feeling guilty about practically suffocating Kaitlyn with her ass. At least Kaitlyn got plenty of orgasms out of it, Paige pounding her fat ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and cum to nearly constantly flow out of the submissive brunette, through it all Kaitlyn somehow finding the willpower to continue the wonderful rim job.

"Ok babe, that should be enough." Paige announced, after pounding Kaitlyn's arse through several climaxes while Emma's bum got thoroughly tongued, "Bend over for me Emma and give me your sweet little arse. Mmmmmmmm yeah, that's what I like to see. Three little bitches all in a row, their asses mine for the taking."

"It's yours Paige. All yours." Emma grinned once she had gotten into position, "My ass is yours, and so are the asses of AJ's favourite anal sluts."

"Damn right they are." Paige beamed, yanking her dildo out of Kaitlyn's butt and pressing it into Emma's exposed ass hole, "Mmmmmmmm, these are my asses now, and it's time to prove it by making sure all of you are stretched out and loose. Oh yeah, pucker up Emma. Relax and let me take what's rightfully mine!"

Emma had scrambled to bend over next to Kaitlyn, the other side of Beth so that Paige would have a line of asses just waiting for her to fuck. She also spread her cheeks to make the anal penetration easier on both herself and her girlfriend, and sure enough after a brief exchange Paige pushed her cock, which was coated with the anal cream of Kaitlyn and Beth, against her spit covered hole and gently took what was rightfully hers. Oh how that thought, those words, made Emma's heart flutter. Her ass truly felt like it belonged to Paige, just like all the other hot female asses in the WWE soon would, Emma feeling so proud to be one of Paige's bitches as her ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the superior woman's cock into her tailpipe.

As that tailpipe was fully filled with rubber cock Emma smugly grinned as she thought how she wasn't just any bitch in Paige's collection, but her favourite. Something which Paige had proven time and time again, not least of all that Emma got to openly call herself Paige's girlfriend. Well, openly backstage when she was sure no one was filming her, but still, it was a big deal to be the Alpha female's favourite piece of ass, and while Paige hadn't got the position yet Emma had every confidence that she would. After all, just look at how Paige had Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn and herself bent over in a row, the other two waiting patiently for their asses to be filled again while Paige's dildo stretched her slutty butt hole, Emma moaning in pleasure with every inch added into her rectum.

Paige watched with glee as her cock slowly disappeared into Emma's cute little ass hole, the Aussie diva continuing to provide her a perfect view of that anal invasion as she obediently spread her cheeks. Which was hardly surprising, after all AJ wasn't the only one who knew how to train submissive sluts, Paige having turned NXT into her personal lesbian paradise. She was supposed to wait until she got to the main roster to enjoy the lesbian fun, but Beth had come up with that silly rule back when the likes of Kaitlyn and AJ first showed up on the show, which was totally different back then, and now of course Beth was not only AJ's bitch but currently kneeling a few feet away with her gaping ass hole on display in hopes of being anally taken again.

She would be, but first Paige owed Emma a butt fucking. Well, she hadn't technically promised Emma anything, just a chance to fuck the fat asses of Kaitlyn and Beth. Which would have made most divas gleefully happy, but Emma hadn't seemed that enthusiastic about it, once again proving that she was in fact a bottom at heart. Seeing the look on her face almost had Paige promise to slam her ass once Kaitlyn and Beth were nicely gaped, but she hadn't wanted to promise anything and then disappoint her girl if she didn't have the energy. After all, her priority had to be destroying the big bottoms of Beth and Kaitlyn so she could properly send AJ a message. Luckily she still felt invigorated after slamming AJ's favourite bitches until their butt holes were gaping wide open, giving Paige the opportunity to butt fuck her favourite bitch.

Savouring that opportunity Paige slowly pushed every inch of her cock into Emma's butt, not stopping until her thighs were pressing against the other girl's cheeks, announcing the entire length of her dildo was buried in her girlfriend's bowels. Then she gave Emma a couple of long seconds to relax, then she started slowly pulling back. As this made Emma moan with pleasure Paige grinned, pushed her strap-on back up Emma's arse and repeated the process, starting to sodomise the girl she loved at a slow but steady pace, making Emma moan, groan, whimper, gasp and cry out with pure joy.

Eventually Emma even started pleading, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwwwwwd Paige, mmmmmmmmmmmm, oh Paige! Paige! Please fuck me Paige! Please fuck my slutty little ass! Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck it hard and deep! Pound me, ooooooooooooh, pound my tight little ass hole with your big dick. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, use your dyke dick to fuck my lezzie ass. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddddd pound my ass! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, fuck my fucking ass oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddddd!"

Grinning again at those words Paige glanced over at the former divas, then around her to make sure there was still no sign of AJ. As there wasn't, and Beth and Kaitlyn were still obediently waiting their turn, Paige allowed herself to become completely focused on the heavenly sight of her dildo slowly pumping in and out of Emma's widely stretched back hole. When she had been anally invading her girl Paige hadn't been able to tear her eyes away from her strap-on cock disappearing into Emma's tight little bottom, and as always once a butt fucking got underway she became consumed by it, especially when she was sodomising her precious girlfriend.

Emma had loved the feeling of her ass stretching for Paige's strap-on even when the pale girl had taken her anal virginity, because that was the moment she became Paige's bitch and surrendering to that ultimate submission had been more of a turn on then she could have ever imagined. Now after roughly six months of nearly non-stop butt fucking Emma felt barely any pain as her butt hole was stretched and then invaded by every inch of Paige's cock, Emma once again able to concentrate on completely surrendering her body to the woman she loved.

It was pretty much the same story when Paige officially started fucking her in the ass, and whatever mild discomfort Emma felt at the beginning was easily ignored thanks to the mental and physical pleasure she was receiving. Then her slutty ass relaxed completely and once again accepted it was a depository for Paige's dick, meaning that Emma felt only overwhelming pleasure as Paige butt fucked her, eventually followed by an aching desire to cum. And not just to cum, but have one of the explosive orgasms she always had when Paige pounded her ass. The type of orgasms Beth and Kaitlyn had just been treated too, part of Emma feeling that as the girlfriend she should be entitled to such climaxes.

Technically that wasn't true, at least not by the rules of the divas, as first and foremost Emma was Paige's submissive little bitch and therefore should be happy with whatever the other girl gave her. However that didn't mean that she couldn't beg for a harder ass fucking, but she held off for a little while. It was almost physically torturous to do so, but it was a extremely pleasant torture, one which allowed Emma to savour having Paige plundering the deepest depths of her bowels, her girlfriend deep inside her and bringing them both wonderful pleasure. More importantly it gave Paige a chance to enjoy her slutty little ass.

Of course eventually it became all too much and Emma squealed, "Fuck me! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Please Paige, fuck me hard! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck my butt, ooooooooooooh butt fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me up the butt, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh please Paige, drill my little butt hole and make me cum. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, I wanna cum with your dick in my butt., ooooooooooh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd Paige, mmmmmmmmmmm, I wanna cum with a dick in my butt like a total bitch. Please Paige, fuck me harder and make me cum like a bitch!"

"You wanna get fucked hard, huh?" Paige teased.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!" Emma squealed, "Fuck me hard and make me cum!"

"Then you have to do a better job of begging for it." Paige pushed, "Mmmmmmmmmm, and while you're at it, tell me exactly what you are."

"I am your bitch." Emma quickly replied, before elaborating, "Mmmmmmmmmm, I'm your bitch Paige. I'm Paige's bitch."

"My favourite bitch." Paige added with a grin.

"Yeahhhhhhhh, your favourite." Emma moaned dreamily, shooting a glance at the other bottoms before proudly continuing, "You hear that Kaitlyn? Beth? I'm Paige's favourite bitch. You may be AJ's bitch, but I'm Paige's, mmmmmmmmmmmm, and she's better. She's better than AJ will ever be. Ohhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwwwwd Paige, I love being your bitch. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I love being your pussy eating, ass kissing, anal loving little bitch who does whatever you say, no questions asked. Ooooooooooh fuck, please Paige, please make your bitch cum. Your bitch, who loves it up her ass, wants to cum with your big dick in her ass. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Paige, ass fuck me Paige, ass fuck your bitch hard and deep and make her cum. Mmmmmmmmmmm, make me cum. Please Paige, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssss!"

For a few minutes Paige clearly just let her prove just how much she wanted it, then finally the English girl pushed Emma's hands off her ass cheeks and then began picking up the pace. Emma tried to keep up the begging, but the pleasure was just too overwhelming and she was excited, her words dissolving into mindless screaming as she was expertly pushed to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds. She was then kept there for who knows how long before Paige finally made her cum, the orgasm just as wonderful and as powerful as Emma had anticipated, proven by the way her body trembled and her cum squirted out of her cunt.

Paige rode her girlfriend like a Bucking Bronco for quite a while, viciously slamming her ass hole through orgasm after orgasm, the sound of her thighs smacking into Emma's butt cheeks almost as loud as the Aussie's squeals of joy. Thanks to that, the feeling of those cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the clit stimulator inside the harness and the sheer joy of sodomising her beloved Emma made Paige cum too. Not quite as hard as Emma, but it was plenty satisfying, and it was the same story when she suddenly switched holes and slammed her dildo up Kaitlyn's butt.

As Kaitlyn's arse hole was still loose and gaping from the previous anal assaults not only did Paige's strap-on easily shoot up the back passage but the much stronger woman cried out loudly and pleasure and then cried out, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, fuck me! Fuck my big fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it feel sooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck my fat ass! Fuck it! Fuck me like the anal whore I am and make me cum! Oh please Paige, mmmmmmmmmmm, please, please, please, ooooooooooooh please pound my slutty little ass hole! Pound me deep and hard and make me cum again. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, make me cum for you again in the bed I share with my wife, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssss, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddd!"

Only too happy to oblige Paige quickly built up the pace until she was slamming Kaitlyn's most private hole with every ounce of her strength, the total anal whore cumming again in the matter of minutes. Paige then switched to Beth's fat ass and repeated the process, going up and down the line of slutty asses until each one of those submissive divas had cum multiple times and their ass holes were gaping as wide as possible when using just one dildo. Then without any warning Paige re-entered Kaitlyn's fat ass with her strap-on and then carefully pushed her hands into the asses of Beth and Emma, her fingers easily sliding in and her knuckles barely stretching the loosened anal rings before those entire fists slipped into those forbidden holes like keys into well-oiled locks.

Honestly Paige was expecting some kind of resistance, but not only were her fists easily accepted but Emma and Beth further proved what anal sluts they were by crying out in pleasure as their holes were stuffed and then fucked by her hands as she used her hips to pump the dildo in and out of Kaitlyn's bum hole. It was an extreme Paige had never tried before, and it was kind of awkward to move, but it was undoubtedly thrilling to violate three asses at once and it wasn't like she had to be the one doing all the work.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddd fist me!" Emma cried out once she got over the unexpected sensation, "Mmmmmmmmmmm fist fuck my slutty little ass while you butt fuck AJ's favourite bitches! Fuck all three of us submissive sluts up our dyke asses and prove even our most private holes are yours."

"Oh yes. Beth moaned, loving the feeling of that hand in her ass, "Fist my big fat ass! Mmmmmmmmmm, fist me and Emma as you butt fuck AJ's wife with your cock. Oooooooooooooh, dominate all three of us at once and prove that right now we're your bitches and our asses belong to you."

"Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, prove it!" Kaitlyn quickly agreed in between moans of pleasure, "Prove that you fucking own our asses right now by completely fucking destroying them! Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, destroy my slutty little ass hole and leave it so open and loose that it's completely useless to my wife. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, force AJ to use my throat, or even my cunt for a change, because her favourite fuck hole will be too loose for her to use. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fucking wreck me, wreck our asses, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

"Oh yeah, do that to her favourite fuck holes." Beth gleefully added, "Completely destroy our fuck holes and leave us too loose and open to use! Turn us into used up anal whores! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddd, just fuck us!"

"Oh don't worry, I will." Paige promised, "But there's no reason I should be doing all the work, so if you sluts want your arses destroyed I suggest you start working for it. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, come on sluts, work those asses! Bounce 'em on my hands and dildo! Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, show me just what total anal whores you three are!"

Without a moment's hesitation Beth, Emma and Kaitlyn started pushing themselves back in time with Paige's thrusts, all four women working together to make sure that the three submissive wrestlers were all thoroughly butt fucked. Somewhere along the way Paige struggled to keep her hands and dildo inside those bottoms as Emma, Beth and Kaitlyn became like wild animals, frantically trying to destroy their own ass holes for their own selfish pleasure, pushing back so hard against her they almost knocked her off balance several times. It didn't help matters that she was running on fumes, Paige eventually forced to pull out of all three just to stop herself from fainting with exhaustion.

When she did she stumbled back and then grinned wickedly as she was confronted by the sight of three widely stretched holes, Paige's adrenaline quickly returning to her as she admired her handiwork. Sadly not enough to continue the butt wrecking, but enough to keep her on her feet and eventually licked the fingers of her right hand clean and then cheerfully retrieve her phone and snap a couple of photos. Mostly wide shots of all three thoroughly gaped asses, at least one of which was going up on her wall, although she did take a close-up of each stretched ass hole, Paige wishing she could see the look on AJ's face when she saw these pics.

Then she called out, "Spread your cheeks bitches!"

Showing off just how well trained they were Beth, Emma and Kaitlyn all immediately reached back and pulled their ass cheeks as wide apart as possible, widening their poor battered butt holes even further. Or just provided a better look. Either way Paige was able to snap some even better shots of the damage she had done to those butts, after a while walking around the other divas so she could get clear evidence of who she had gaped, the three sluts just smiling lazily as Paige snapped proof that she had wrecked the asses of the once mighty Beth Phoenix, her precious Emma and most importantly of all AJ's Lee's favourite bitch Kaitlyn.

Then Paige ordered, "Mmmmmmm, nice. Now Kaitlyn come suck your bitch ass off my cock. Emma, Beth, you lick my hands clean!"

Of course all three submissive bitches hurried to do as they were told, or at least as quickly as they could considering how tired and sore they were. Nevertheless Paige had three female wrestlers kneeling before her, the former Alpha female of the WWE Beth Phoenix gently grabbing her wrist and beginning to lick the pale girl's hand just as eagerly as Emma did. Paige giggled with glee and gently turned her hand over and spread her fingers wide so that the two blondes could lick both the back and then the front of her hand before they took each finger one by one into their mouths for a thorough sucking, Beth and Emma moaning happily while they did this.

At the exact same time Kaitlyn was moaning happily as she tasted not only the deepest part of her bitch ass but a combination of the deepest part of her own bitch ass and those belonging to Beth and Emma, Paige lazily reminding her of that as she suckled on the head for a long time, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, taste those nasty asses you little slut! Mmmmmmmmm, taste your own ass. Mmmmmmm, taste Beth's ass. Mmmmmmmm, taste Emma's ass. Yeah, I want you tasting all three of those slutty little asses which I just fucked! Yesssssssssss, I don't care who AJ thinks she is, you're mine tonight. All three of you are my property, and I'm just getting started with your asses. Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, your asses are mine and I'm going to prove it by pounding your arse holes all night long! So hurry up and clean my cock Kaitlyn, and if you do a really good job, I might just let you be the first to anally ride me."

Encouraged by those words Kaitlyn started bobbing up and down, eventually looking up at Paige with this wicked look in her eye. Then she started lowering her head further, taking the dildo which had just plundered three slutty little asses all the way down her throat with what was clearly practised ease. Throughout it all she moaned like a shameless whore, convincing Paige that Kaitlyn would have the honour of anally riding her first. Then maybe Emma, then Beth, and so on, Paige determined not to leave until the other wrestlers' asses were gaping as wide as possible. Then she would take care of that little pipsqueak AJ Lee. Beat her in the centre of the ring and destroy her ass hole backstage, taking the WWE diva's title and perhaps the more important title of Alpha female in the process.

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