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This Is My Ass Now Part 4
by MTL (

Paige had been very tempted to just stay in AJ's little love nest until the next RAW, maybe longer, however she wasn't about to lose her job over this little feud, no matter how fun it was topping Kaitlyn and Beth. So after a very long night of kinky lesbian sex she and Emma hit the road, barely making the RAW taping. That was when the incredible high she was on ended and she became almost overwhelmed by fear of what AJ would do in retaliation. She had thought about it before of course, but then she wasn't in the same building as the Alpha female and she had been too caught up in her lust to think clearly.

As there was a very good chance that she would be humiliated tonight Paige ordered Emma to go hide somewhere, partly so her girlfriend wouldn't have to watch what happened to her, but mostly because Paige didn't want AJ getting her hands on the girl she loved. Fortunately Emma didn't have a match tonight. Unfortunately AJ did, and Paige was said to be on commentary for it, so their next interaction was imminent. However, Paige refused to let AJ see her sweat, so she marched into the women's locker room with her head held high, changed into her ring gear and headed to the gorilla position. Surprisingly AJ ignored her that entire time, until they were about to go out on live TV.

Then she tapped her on the shoulder, gave her a wicked grin and wink before she said, "See you out there Paige."

"See ya." Paige said casually, glancing back to catch AJ shamelessly staring at her arse as she walked through the curtain.

* * *

The match itself was uneventful. It normally was, considering herself and AJ were vastly superior to the majority of their co-workers. However after the match AJ skipped her way to the announcer's table. For a moment Paige prepared herself for battle, then AJ casually sat in front of her, grabbed a headset and proceeded to engage her in an odd bit of small talk before smiling and skipping to the back like the lunatic she was.

Obviously AJ was playing mind games with her, but Paige was still very much concerned with what happened when AJ dropped her fake smile and went in for the proverbial kill, something she was never more sure that her rival would do once she got to the back. And sure enough AJ was waiting for her there. Hell, she practically ran into her, AJ was so close to the entrance. AJ then gave her a long blank stare, which was hard to read, but definitely not a good thing.

"Hey... AJ, again." Paige smiled sweetly, "Can I help you pumpkin?"

There was a long pause and then AJ returned the smile, "I have an indecent proposal for you."

Dropping her smile Paige replied, "I'm listening."

Stepping closer AJ softly said, "You want another shot at my titles, right?"

"And your sweet little arse." Paige added with a smirk.

"Yeah, that." AJ replied a little coldly, before smiling again, "Well, I'll be happy to give you a traditional secret divas rules match for both titles... if you'll be my little bitch tonight."

Paige smiled at the first part, then scowled at the second, "No deal."

"Now, now Paige." AJ said, preventing Paige from getting past her, "Need I remind you that your anal cherry... POP... that's gone. I took it from you, and now as the Alpha female around here, you have to give me your sweet little ass whenever I want. Lucky for you I don't fuck the unwilling. So what we have here, is a win-win situation. All you have to do to get everything you want is stay a top through one little night of being my fuck toy, and hey, you've already succeeded in doing that once. And believe me, I'm hoping you do it again. That way we can do this again, and again, and again, with each time ending the same way... me on top of you and pounding your sweet little butt hole with a nice big strap-on."

"I-" Paige began before crying out as AJ smacked her arse.

"Think about it, and then meet me in my hotel room." AJ said before casually skipping off.

* * *

AJ had of course been furious when she received the texts of her favourite bitch Beth Phoenix and her secret wife Kaitlyn displaying their gaping open ass holes with a little message from Paige just to rub salt into the wound. Paige had even included herself and some of the pics, along with her girlfriend Emma, making it very tempting to do the unthinkable and just released the pics online and get her rival fired. Better yet, it was tempting to return the favour and send Paige pictures of Emma's freshly destroyed butt hole. However neither would be satisfying as ass fucking the target of her rage, AJ planning to enjoy every second of tonight.

So she waited impatiently in her room, resisting the urge to call anyone else up despite the hours ticking past. She'd also resisted the urge to fuck any of her sluts, apart from indulging in a little pussy licking during breakfast and lunch time, to make sure she was nice and rested up for destroying Paige's butt, the English girl making it worse on herself with every second that ticked by. AJ was just about to text Paige those exact words when she heard a knock on her door, the diva's champion excitedly jumping off of the bed she had been sitting on and skipping over to greet her guest.

"Paige! I'm so glad you could join me." AJ said sweetly as she opened the door wide, "Won't you please come in?"

"Let's just get this over with." Paige grumbled as she made sure to bump AJ's shoulder walking past.

"Awww, why so grumpy my English muffin." AJ teased, slamming the door close and locking it before adding, "Is there anything I can do? Oh, I know."

With that AJ reached out, grabbed a firm hold of Paige's hand, forcefully yanked the taller girl into her arms and then lifted herself up to her tiptoes so she could roughly kiss her. Paige tensed up for a second or two, but she was soon angrily kissing back, AJ grabbing some jet black hair and pulling roughly when Paige forgot her place and pushed her tongue into her mouth and tried to bully AJ's tongue into submission. Even then Paige didn't exactly become docile, but AJ liked her that way. She had a lot of completely broken bitches, it was nice to fuck another top with a little fight left in her for a change.

After a few minutes of rough kissing AJ broke the lip lock, smacked Paige's ass and ordered, "Strip!"

For a few long seconds Paige glared at her, but AJ only had to open her mouth for the other wrestler to angrily remove her jacket and then practically tear off her top. She was slow when it came to removing her shoes, socks, pants, bra and panties, Paige obviously second-guessing her decision to submit to AJ for a title shot. However in the end she put her hands on her hips and bravely stared AJ down, unknowingly making AJ wet for two reasons. Of course she only wanted to dwell on one of them right now, so AJ grinned wickedly and then slowly followed Paige's lead and removed her own clothes.

Paige tried not to give AJ the satisfaction of staring at her, but it was really difficult. The other girl had such a sexy little body, and AJ wasn't afraid to show it off, even turning around and sticking out her ass, wiggling that tight little prize Paige wanted so badly and... dammit, she had done exactly what she had been trying to avoid, AJ smirking widely as she caught Paige almost literally drooling over her. To make matters worse Paige then blushed slightly, although it was very visible on her pale skin, which of course made AJ smirk even more.

"Like what you see?" AJ teased, then when Paige turned her head, she pushed with a touch of danger to her tone, "Answer me!"

Turning back to her tormenter Paige quipped, "I've seen better."

"Such a charmer." AJ giggled, "Cheer up Paige, in a couple of weeks you'll have your chance to take me down. And in a couple of minutes, you'll be cumming hard with my dick up your ass."

Despite herself Paige blushed again, causing her to angrily shoot back, "Yeah, well... after our next match it's going to be your arse stretching for my dick!"

"Maybe." AJ said dismissively, skipping towards the bed, "Until then, why don't you lay down so I can sit on your pretty little face?"

Knowing this was more of a commanded than suggestion, and perfectly happy with getting this over with, Paige stomped over onto the bed and threw herself down on top of it. She was half expecting AJ to then fetch a nice big strap-on, or even some other kind of dildo, but honestly Paige was kind of please when the other brunette crawled on top of her, as she felt she could guess what her rival was going to do next. Maybe she didn't predict the short but passionate kiss the exchange when the face to face, but sure enough AJ broke that kiss and positioned her cunt directly over Paige's face, the pale girl grinding her teeth to stop herself from licking her lips at the treat now before her.

"Normally I prefer more build-up." AJ said conversationally as she lowered herself down, "But I got all hot and bothered waiting here, thinking about what I was going to do to you, and what can I say, I just love riding the faces of my bitches."

Paige resented the last phrase, and wanted to point out she was sure they're still make out session and the sight of her body had been more than a contributing factor to why AJ was so ready to go. Unfortunately it was unwise to antagonise her top for the night too much, and besides, seconds later something was covering her mouth which made it difficult to talk. Something which Paige couldn't avoided licking even if she didn't want to, and that definitely wasn't the case as she had to stifle a moan as she began attacking AJ's pussy with her tongue.

Which at first made AJ gasp with pleasure, then she scolded the other brunette, "Ooooooooooh, not so fast Paige. Mmmmmmmmmmm, don't act like you've never done this before. Come on, give me a little build-up before giving me a real tongue lashing. Just ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's it, romance my pussy. Yes, just like that, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

Reluctantly Paige slowed her rolled to a more methodical licking. On the bright side, it meant she got to enjoy this yummy pussy and avoid getting ass fucked for longer. But those were also bad qualities, as Paige didn't want to grow to like being AJ's pussy licker and she just wanted to get her butt fucked and get out of here before her body betrayed her, like so many of her conquests. Like the many, many women AJ had turned into her sluts, Paige trying to avoid the same fate, while still having to admit she was really enjoying the sweet flavour before her, and the sweet sound of AJ moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pleasure for her.

AJ loved getting her pussy licked by all her little lesbian bottoms, but there was just something about making a top do it which made it that much sweeter. She had thought that the first of many times she had topped Kaitlyn, when she turned the tables on Beth Phoenix and when she brought the mighty Trish and Lita to their knees. Ok, Kaitlyn had always been pretty much a pure bottom, and Trish and Lita were total dyke whores for just about any top in the current WWE, but Beth had been a challenge and so was Paige. AJ could tell though, the English girl was beginning to break.

The way Paige went from reluctant to enthusiastic in a matter of seconds, the fact that she was giving up her ass for the second time and had clearly thought about little except AJ since their last encounter spoke volumes. Sure, a lot of the last thing was Paige imagining getting her revenge, but AJ could tell that her rival had thought about getting ass fucked again. Had maybe even masturbated to what it would be like to feel that again, and the memory of how hard she had cum. So AJ should probably enjoy Paige's rebelliousness while it lasted. Maybe even antagonise Paige to get more of it.

Deciding that would be a good idea AJ moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, just like that lick me! Lick me just like that you little dyke! Yeahhhhhhhh, this is where you belong Paige! Mmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, oh fuck, you belong in between my legs, lick my little pussy like the lesbo slut you are! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, you belong with your face in my cunt because you're soooooooooooo good at licking it. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, you're good at licking my pussy, but I remember you're even better at tongue fucking me, so go ahead dyke! Do what you really want to do. Slide that little tongue of yours into my cunt and fuck me like the queer whore you are! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, that's it, OH FUCK ME, FUCK, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Sure enough AJ's words made Paige rebelliously refuse to tongue her for almost a full 10 seconds. Then the little slut just couldn't resist pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into AJ's pussy and then fucking her with it. AJ of course did her best to keep the verbal abuse going but it was mostly incoherent gibberish as she raced towards orgasm, helping herself along the way and emphasising her dominance by grabbing a firm hold of Paige's head and shoving her pretty face as deep as it would go into her cunt. Which given what Paige was doing was pretty deep, that action enough to push AJ over the edge. Well, the constant tongue thrusting had something to do with it, but still.

Not that AJ really cared who was more responsible for her climax. She was just too busy enjoying it, the tiny brunette throwing her head back and screaming in pure bliss as she came all over the bigger brunette's face. She also got plenty in her mouth, Paige quickly removing her tongue from AJ's cunt and gluing her mouth to that cum leaking entrance so she could swallow as much girl cum as possible before going right back to tongue fucking AJ once she was over her initial orgasm. And of course she did this without being asked, further proving that Paige was a cum hungry dyke slut who would soon just be another bitch in AJ's collection.

Paige tried to resist, she just couldn't help herself. She loved the taste of girl cum. She had always loved it, maybe a bit too much, which is why it wasn't something she had that often. But for better or for worse, there was no escaping it now, so she may as well indulge, AJ typically making it hard for her to do so as she began grinding back and forth on her face, smothering her with her delicious pussy. Which sounded great, and kind of was, but it also meant that Paige missed out on a lot of precious cum. On the bright side, maybe she could scoop it off later. Oh yes, Paige liked the idea of that.

Something she liked even more was the idea of regaining a little dominance by grabbing hold of AJ's butt and beginning to caress it lovingly, lulling her rival into a false sense of security before roughly shoving a finger up her arse. To Paige's delight this made AJ cum extra hard, proving that the little pipsqueak still loved it up the butt and that Paige was still in with a fighting chance if she could just fuck that tight little ass. And perhaps she could lay the groundwork for that right now, Paige hammering her finger in and out of AJ's arse hole for several long minutes, making the other girl cum over and over again.

Then all of a sudden AJ reached back, grabbed the hand which was fingering her ass and then in one fluid movement pulled that hand away from her ass and up to her lips. With a wicked grin AJ took that finger into her mouth, moaning as she shamelessly sucked her own ass juice off Paige's finger, again giving Paige hope that she would and up on top during this little rivalry of theirs. Then, once that finger was thoroughly cleaned, AJ took the finger out of her mouth, let go of it completely and then gave Paige a wicked smile.

"That was so great." AJ beamed, "Now finger your own butt while I get my strap-on. Ooooooooh yeah, make that little hole nice and loose for me, because I just can't wait any longer. I have to have that tight little English ass of yours."

Paige blushed slightly, then lifted her legs up, awkwardly reached round and pressed the finger which had just been in AJ's mouth, and AJ's arse before that, into her own arse hole and then slowly pushed it inside her. She wanted to taunt AJ how hard she had cum with that finger in her bum, but AJ had basically silently told her that she didn't give a fuck, and honestly Paige just wanted to get her latest ass fucking over with. Her last! She had to believe it was her last, even if part of her didn't want it to be, Paige ashamed that she felt mostly pleasure as she penetrated and then finger fucked her own arse hole while watching her rival achieve a large strap-on and a bottle of lube, AJ quickly strapping on the former and covering it with the latter.

AJ spent what felt like a long time covering that dildo in lube while watching Paige fingering her own butt before she finally said, "Now what position should I ass fuck you in? Let me think... let me think... oh, I know, how about you anally ride me? Ohhhhhhhh, I think that would be so hot, and hopefully will help you realise how much you love it up the butt. Oh, and make sure you get in reverse cowgirl and spread your ass cheeks so I can see my big cock sliding into your tight little butt hole."

Her rival glared at her but said nothing as she allowed AJ to take her place and then hover her butt over her dildo, AJ grinned widely as Paige slowly pulled her ass cheeks apart and started lowering herself downwards. Always the helpful champion AJ held her strap-on so that it was easier for Paige to line her ass hole up with the head of the dildo and then make sure that toy stayed in place as Paige slowly but firmly forced herself down on it, the taller girl's ass hole slowly opening for the shorter girl's cock until it slip through that tight anal ring and into Paige's butt. The sudden anal penetration caused Paige to cry out, flinch, let go of her cheeks, and almost lift herself off the dildo. Which displeased the diva's champion.

"Hey, I did not give you permission to let go of your cheeks!" AJ scolded, smacking Paige's ass. After Paige then reluctantly pulled her cheeks apart again AJ added with a grin, "That's better. Now slowly lower yourself all the way down. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it, take every inch of my cock up your slutty little arse."

Keeping her cool even as AJ emphasising the slang with the deliberately bad English accent Paige stayed silent and did what she was told, which again disappointed AJ. She was also disappointed she couldn't see the look on Paige's face right now, but there was no way she wanted her to turn around. Not now Paige was slowly pushing herself downwards, causing inch after inch of dildo to disappear up her rival's pale bottom, the perverted sight practically making AJ drool, the champion loving the fact that her challenger spent the whole time spreading her cheeks and thus providing her with the best view possible of that slutty little butt hole gobbling up her dick.

Of course the best part was that Paige was doing this to herself, AJ not even caring that the other brunette was as slow as she possibly could. In fact that just gave her more time to lovingly stare at her cock slipping into Paige's butt and her current rival completely and utterly humiliating herself for the sake of a shot at her titles. And to think, AJ had second-guessed the idea to give Paige this opportunity. Well, she may still second-guess it later, especially when they actually had their match, but right now it totally felt worth it, especially when Paige's ass cheeks connected with AJ's lap, announcing that every single inch of the champion's cock was deep inside her challenger's bowels.

"Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, every inch! Oh Paige, you just took every inch of my cock deep inside your sweet little ass! Does it feel good? Mmmmmmmmmm, I bet it does. I bet you love feeling my big cock in your tight little ass." AJ taunted, "Ooooooooooh yeah, I bet you loved it, I bet you want to ride it, huh? Well go ahead bitch, ride my big dick with your slutty little English butt hole. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, just like that, mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you spreading your cheeks so I can have the best possible view of your cute little bitch hole taking my dick and confirming the fact that, at least for right now, you're my bitch!"

Again ignoring her Paige simply began to slowly lift herself up and then just as slowly drop her butt back down again, quickly bringing to anally ride AJ's dildo at a steady pace which quickly had AJ forgetting all about humiliating her opponent, because Paige was doing that all by herself. Besides because of Paige continuing to spread her cheeks AJ was just as lost as before in the sight of the action in front of her, the small girl just relaxing and just letting the taller girl abuse her own butt hole.

It almost physically hurt Paige not to say anything, but then again what could she say? You just wait until after our match? Again? No, but she could/should try and take this with as much dignity as she could muster, and try not to get flustered when inevitably pain turn to pleasure, which was embarrassingly quickly. Not that the anal penetration was half as bad as last time, her anal walls remembering what it was like to be spread open and the fact that Paige had been in control had made it a little easier and was continuing too. Or not, depending on your point of view, Paige actually choosing to speed up after a little while to try and return some of the pain.

Of course at that point it was no use and Paige found herself whimpering with frustration in between moans of pleasure as she once again genuinely enjoyed being ass fucked. Oh why did she have to enjoy being ass fucked? If she hated taking it up the arse it would be a sign she was a true top, and maybe even the likes of AJ would leave her alone. After all who wanted to fuck someone who didn't enjoy it? The WWE divas were secretly all perverted lesbian sluts, but they weren't rapists. However instead of proving she was a total top this was proving Paige had a submissive side, and she resented that.

For as long as she could remember Paige had wanted to be a butt busting top, and now not only was her butt being busted but she was the one busting it. She couldn't imagine anything more humiliating, except maybe cumming like this, and she was already getting embarrassingly close without even having to sodomise herself that hard. Then to her horror AJ started randomly thrusting upwards, causing Paige to squeal with joy as her rival sent shock waves of pleasure from her arse to her brain, Paige quickly having to give up on hiding her enjoyment in favour of just trying not to beg for more.

Then, after half a dozen random thrusts, AJ ordered, "Harder! Harder! Mmmmmmmm, let go of your cheeks so you can really rammed that sexy English butt! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yourself deep and hard on my cock and make us both cum nice and hard. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, come on slut, destroy your own butt hole for me!"

Paige was quick to let go of her cheeks and then waited for AJ to finish speaking before doing as she was told and increasing the pace, taking comfort in the fact that she didn't have to beg for it. It was a tiny mercy considering she was utterly degrading herself, but as her orgasm approached it became increasingly difficult for Paige to care. By the time she was hammering herself up and down the dildo, causing her butt cheeks to jiggle slightly and let out a soft smacking sound every time they connected with AJ's thighs, Paige was almost blissfully unaware of anything other than the wonderfully big dick up her arse causing her so much pleasure.

Just as Paige was on the verge of cumming AJ opened her big mouth and restarted the verbal humiliation, "Cum for me. Cum for me my pretty little English bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, cum with a dick in your ass like the bitch you are! Ooooooooo yesssssssss I'm turning you into my bitch Paige. Every time I fuck you up the ass I push you further and further to the inevitable conclusion of all this, So you might as well give up now and submit to me, because we both know it's just a matter of time before your nothing but just another sweet piece of ass in my collection. Oh yes, cum for me my latest conquest. Cum for me and take another step closer to being my submissive little English bitch!"

Inwardly Paige fumed at this abuse, but to her horror it only pushed her further to orgasm. Not that it surprised her, not after last time, but that didn't stop Paige from hating it and wishing it didn't feel so good. That she wasn't totally getting off on being bummed. That under AJ's encouragement she wasn't slamming herself up and down on that dildo as hard and as fast as she could, impaling her own arse hole while it was sending her hurtling towards climax. She wished it was untrue, but it was, and all she could do now was give into the pleasure and hope like before she would remain a top even after this hellacious butt fuck.

It didn't seem possible given just how much overwhelming ecstasy she was receiving, however if Paige wanted to be honest with herself for a minute this was just as heavenly as losing her anal cherry, maybe more so because the penetration wasn't as bad and she was sort of in control right now, but still she could probably survive. She would just have be to heavily repress how fantastic it was to be a bottom. And arse fuck a couple of anal sluts again. Perhaps even go back to AJ's house and gape Beth and Kaitlyn again. That would be fun, and a great way to get revenge. Then again maybe Paige should save her vengeance for when she beat AJ and finally got a chance with her rival's tight little ass.

Paige smiled dreamily as she envisioned herself ass fucking AJ in this exact same position, and about a dozen others, but especially bent over in front of her, AJ Lee nothing but her little bitch as she anally rammed her. Which of course was the thing which sent Paige of the edge of incredible orgasm, which was fine except the power of the climax made it impossible for her to concentrate on her fantasies, or anything except the huge dildo moving through her bowels. And rather stop and just enjoy it Paige hammered her own butt hole even harder and faster than before, if that was even possible, the pale skinned beauty letting out several primal screams in the process like she did during her entrance/when she was wrestling.

Just when she was totally going to run out of steam she suddenly found herself being pushed forwards, Paige automatically sticking out her hands so she landed in the doggy style position. Being the one to push her AJ made sure to go with her, preventing more than an inch of strap-on to slip out of Paige's butt, those inches swiftly returned and then pulled out again and so on as AJ wasted no time in establishing a steady rhythm. AJ quickly building on that until she was pounding Paige's pooper with what had to be every ounce of her strength, the former champion becoming completely lost in the ecstasy she was feeling as the current champion sodomised her through orgasm after orgasm.

AJ seriously consider just letting Paige were herself out, anally ramming her until she collapsed in a sweaty heap and then either show her some mercy and let go or at worst role her over and gently pump her butt in the spooning position, and thus allow Paige a chance to recover. But this was the WWE, and AJ couldn't afford such mercies. Not if she wanted to remain Alpha female and diva's champion, which were things she treasured more than anything else. Besides, Paige wasn't her girlfriend, or even her friend. She was her rival, someone trying to take her spot, and for that AJ would turn this girl into just another notch on her bedpost.

As she had fully recovered from her earlier orgasm and was relaxed and ready to go she could put a serious dent in Paige's ego by butt fucking her through countless climaxes, which was exactly what she did, AJ grinning proudly as she made her rival experience one hard climax after another, Paige's cum literally squirting out of her cunt and her entire body shaking as AJ ravished her ass hole. Oh yes, AJ was relishing that up until recently virgin butt hole and turning it into just another fuck hole in her collection, AJ decided to draw attention to that by grabbing a handful of Paige's jet black hair, pulling it back and gleefully yelling abuse at her.

"TAKE IT PAIGE! TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT FUCKING TAKE IT!" AJ screamed at the top of her lungs before somewhat more softly growling, "Take my cock up your ass you little bitch! Mmmmmmmm, can you feel it Paige? My big cock up your ass, turning you into my submissive little English bitch who loves it up the butt? Ooooooooooh yes, I'm turning you into my bitch Paige, just like everybody else. Yessssssssssss, all the other WWE divas are my bitches, and pretty soon you're just going to be another notch on my bedpost. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, just another fuck hole for me to use whenever I want. Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, you're going to be just another piece of ass. Mmmmmmmmm, can you imagine it Paige? Ooooooooooh, you and your little girlfriend face down next to each other on my bed, staring into each other's eyes as I switch back and forth between your little butt holes, gape you both twice as wide as you gaped Beth and Kaitlyn? Because it's going to happen. Next time I beat you it's not going to be just your ass hole I completely destroy, it will be your little girlfriend's ass hole too, the two of you barely able to sit or shit, and when you do you'll whimper and cry with pain, and you won't even care because I will have butt fucked you both so long, and hard, and deep, that there will be nothing left of you but pure bottoms desperate to get their loose little butt holes fucked again by the greatest Alpha female in WWE history, AJ Lee! Do you hear me, bitch?"

With that AJ let go of Paige's hair and began smacking her ass hard enough to leave handprints, the diva's champion making sure she brutalised the number one contender's bottom inside and out. At least for a few minutes. Then she gripped Paige's hips firmly and concentrated 100% on wrecking her rival's rectum. Literally if she could, AJ loving the thought of Paige having to wrestle the next few weeks with her ass hole gaping open. It would certainly make fucking her that much easier, AJ promising herself that this certainly wouldn't be the last time before the title match she sampled some of Paige's pale booty.

It wouldn't be even the last time tonight, AJ planning to pound Paige's ass in multiple positions before she allowed her cute little English muffin to crawl away from her, clutching her sore little ass. Just like last time they fucked. Just like she would do after their next title match, AJ determined to come out on top in that encounter too, the thought of being able to rub that in Paige's face helping AJ to achieve a powerful climax of her own. By that point Paige was face down whimpering in a mixture of pain, pleasure and exhaustion, AJ pulling her dick out of her rival's ass so as not to be cruel and more importantly to make sure Paige would be conscious for all the many other positions AJ wanted to ass fuck the other girl in.

Another reason was of course to admire her handiwork, but while Paige's ass hole was already gaping wide AJ was confident she could stretch it even wider and deeper. Still, this wasn't a bad start, AJ licking her lips at the sight of that will opened hole and the battered and bruised cheeks surrounding them. Then of course she spread those cheeks so she could get the best possible look at Paige's brutalised rectum as her rival whimpered pathetically, AJ admiring that sight for maybe a full minute before she slapped that ass as hard as she could and then just dropping back down to her back.

"Suck my cock bitch!" AJ ordered shortly after the slap, then when she was on her back she continued, "Clean it of your nasty little English ass."

Paige whimpered again, and stayed still for a few long seconds into AJ was just about to smack her ass again and yell at her to do as she was told. Then Paige slowly lifted herself up, briefly glanced at the woman who would soon own her ass hole, and then crawled her way down to in between AJ's legs. She then hesitated again before scrunching her nose up in a way that AJ found adorable, and then wrapped her lips around the cock which had just plundered the deepest depths of her ass, the little ATM slut moaning with joy as she tasted the deepest part of her own butt, much to her own horror.

Clearly AJ still had some training to do to turn Paige into her obedient little lesbian slut, but AJ was confident it would be worth the effort, the smaller brunette grinning happily as she reached down to stroke the hair of the bigger brunette as Paige began giving her a long, drawn-out blow job. At first Paige just sucked on the head of AJ's dick, but with just a little pressure on her head the American girl encouraged the English girl to begin bobbing her head on the cock, and then eventually take that dildo down her throat like a good little whore.

Of course throughout this AJ was more than willing to give more direct encouragement, "Yesssssssssssss, that's it my naughty little English bitch. Mmmmmmmm, take that toy down your throat. Oooooooooh yeah, take that toy cock, which has just pounded the deepest part of your ass, all the way down your throat you nasty little ass to mouth whore! Mmmmmmmmm fuck, take it all! Take it all for me, your top. Suck it, ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, suck every drop of your butt cream off that cock. Get used to it Paige, because from now on you're my little cock sucking slut. Oooooooooh yeah, you're my little cock sucker who's going to be sucking her ass juice of my dick for years to come."

Encouraged or not Paige was soon gagging and choking on most of the dildo, and whatever she couldn't take into her throat she very thoroughly licked, which was certainly a sign that she was becoming well-trained. What was even more encouraging was that she didn't hesitate or complain when AJ told her to bend over. In fact Paige seemed downright eager to get into whatever position AJ wanted, and she came so wonderfully hard whenever AJ fucked her ass that night, which was a lot, the smaller girl ravaging the rectum of the bigger girl in the name of breaking her in and turning her into just another slut in her collection.

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