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This Is My Ass Now Part 5
by MTL (

AJ Lee was NOT in a good mood. She just lost her precious diva's title to Paige for the second time, and while in a way the first loss had been far more devastating as it signified the end of her record-breaking/first title reign this was different because it had another title up for grabs. Namely the title of the Alpha female of the WWE divas, a title AJ had kept all to herself since doing the seemingly impossible, butt fucking the Glamazon Beth Phoenix into submission. After all, the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus had been trading that title back and forth for years and pounding each other's asses in the process while Beth had been the first truly unstoppable force, until AJ took her place.

Given how easily she found it to dominate the Total Divas AJ had been convinced she would beat Beth's record and remain the Alpha female of the WWE divas until she retired, but like the Glamazon before her she had been defeated. Lost an all-important match where both participant's asses were literally on the line and now all AJ could do was face the music and wish she hadn't given Paige a chance to give her a taste of her own medicine/avenger her own virgin ass hole.

To be fair AJ had been fresh off a victory over Paige, and only a few months prior she had beaten the diva's entire roster, and she hadn't really had a challenge since Beth surrendered to her completely, so she felt she had a right to be overconfident, but it definitely cost her big time. Although truth be told it wasn't so much bottoming for Paige which bothered her as AJ started out in the WWE as a bottom and part of her missed it. Especially the part about getting her ass fucked. But after taunting the other divas for so long AJ wasn't sure she could cope with the humiliation of being butt fucked in front of them.

Fortunately for her moments before she reached the diva's locker rooms she was pulled into a supply closet, AJ just about to counter-attack when she heard a familiar voice in her ear, "Hey there pumpkin, ready to be my bitch?"

AJ sighed slightly in irritation as Paige started grinding her tits into her back and her crotch into her ass, and then softly murmured, "One condition."

"Condition? Oh no no no sweetie, your ass is mine." Paige grinned wickedly.

"For now." AJ murmured, before turning around forcefully and looking Paige in the eye, "But what would you prefer, a reluctant bottom or eager slut?"

"Both sound good to me." Paige smiled evilly, before adding, "But I'm listening."

"Take me back to your place. Or come back to mine, I'm not fussy." AJ said, trying to make her words not seem like a command, "Then I'll be a slutty little bottom for you. If that's what you truly want."

Paige crossed her arms, "And why should I?"

"Think about it Paige..." AJ said, "When the roles were reversed I did the courtesy of slamming your ass in private. That way you could still pretend to be a top."

"I am a top." Paige snapped.

"Prove it." AJ challenged, "Let's go somewhere private, then you can try and break me. If you can."

"I can and I will." Paige grumbled firmly.

"Maybe." AJ said dismissively, "But trust me, you've got a better chance at turning me back into a pure bottom away from the prying eyes of my other sluts. Why do you think I've been so nice? Baby steps Paige. Trust me, that's the key to turning out a top. After all, it worked with Beth."

"Sounds hot." Paige nodded in agreement, before grinning, "But so does butt fucking you in front of all the other divas."

"Then they won't respect you." AJ pointed out, "Sure, I put the title of Alpha female on the line, but it hasn't actually exchanged hands in that way in years. No, the diva's title goes back and forth between matches, but the title of Alpha female? That's special. It has to be earned. Or at least, it should be, and is so much more fun when it is. More importantly, if I had just shown everybody Beth's butt hole after the first time I gaped it there would have been a power vacuum. Divas at each other's throats and passing round the title of Alpha female like it was meaningless. Instead I waited until I had Beth completely broken. Then no one dared challenge me. At least not until you. So, the question is Paige, do you want to be a fluke Alpha who no one takes seriously, or do you want to be THE Alpha female?"

There was a long pause and then Paige grumbled, "Fine, meet me in my room in an hour. Don't be late, and don't stretch your own ass. I want it nice and tight for my big cock."

With that Paige licked her lips suggestively, smacked AJ's ass and then strode out of the supply closet with her head held high. AJ stayed behind for a few minutes both to make it seem less suspicious and just to breathe a sigh of relief. She had narrowly avoided pretty much losing all credibility as a top, a fate which was equal parts arousing and terrifying. Now, if she could only dodge the bullet entirely and literally save her own ass from the intent on revenge Paige. Luckily after the way Paige had acted last time they were together AJ might just have a shot at not only escaping without her own ass hole being stretched, but once again leave the supposedly mighty Paige a quivering and gaping mess.

* * *

Paige was in a good mood. She was on cloud fucking nine. She had beaten AJ Lee for the diva's title. Again. And while nothing could beat the high of winning her first title, having it being on a major pay-per-view like Summer Slam and on her birthday was pretty close. More importantly she was technically the Alpha female now, and while initially she had been over the moon about that AJ was right, until she broke AJ she would be nothing but a pretender. And Paige was going to do it, she really was, it was just hard when she couldn't stop thinking about AJ banging her butt.

For the past two weeks AJ had practically lived inside Paige's bottom, slamming her bum hole every chance she got, making that poor hole feel like it would never recover. Like Paige would forever be gaping and sore back there, the once proud top unable to sit down ever again without at least some pain, and/or vividly remembering how she had been AJ's anal loving bottom. Only she had loved it. She had cum harder than ever before, AJ ass fucking her redefining her understanding of ecstasy. But Paige was a top, not a bottom, and had to be forced into that role. Especially as it felt so natural, Paige nearly breaking several times and begging to be AJ's bitch.

Just then AJ dramatically flung open the door, flashed Paige a grin which made her insides feel funny, then casually stepped inside and locked the door before sauntering over to her with that same grin on her face, practically purring when they were almost face to face, "Hey there sweet cheeks, you sure you wanna do this?"

"What, what?" Paige stammered, already feeling off balance.

Capitalising on this AJ giggled, "Why top me of course silly."

"Don't call me silly." Paige fumed.

"But you are silly. This whole thing is silly." AJ said once they were officially face to face, "A bottom like you pretending to be a top, and trying to top the Alpha female, it's so, so silly."

"I'm not a bottom!" Paige growled, closing the distance between them so they were practically nose to nose, "I'm a top! I'm the Alpha female! I'm-"

Paige then gasped as AJ grabbed her ass and began to squeeze and fondle it while the smaller brunette purred, "Is that why you came so hard last night when I fucked you up the ass? And the night before that, and the night before that, and the night before that? Cause you're a top?"

"You made me." Paige squeaked.

"I put you in your place." AJ said firmly, before smiling wickedly, "And you loved it. You loved every little second that my dick was in your tight little rear hole, rearranging your rectum and turning it into my personal cock depository, and more importantly turning you into my bitch. And I know you loved eating my pussy. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, the way you gobbled up my cunt, buried your face in it and showed a total lack of self-respect when I squirted in your face, oooooooooh fuck Paige, you make such a good little rug munching dyke slut. And don't get me started on how enthusiastic you were when you tongued my ass hole."

"Enough!" Paige snapped, pushing AJ back and with all the confidence she could muster told her, "I beat you, in the centre of the ring, with your ass on the line. That means I'm in charge, and you're going to get your ass fucked tonight."

"And that's what you really want?" AJ asked.

"Yes." Paige said, embarrassed about how unsure she sounded.

"Look me in the eye Paige." AJ demanded softly, once again closing the distance between them, "Look me in the eye and tell me your ass doesn't crave cock. Tell me again how you're not a bottom, that you're a butt busting top, and now you're the Alpha female. Tell me you're not my bitch, and make me believe it, and I'll be yours forever."

There was long pause and then Paige pointed out, "I don't have to say any of that stuff."

"No, you don't." AJ agreed.

Another pause, and then Paige took a calming breath, looked AJ in the eye and said, "My arse has never craved, and will never crave, cock. I'm not a bottom, or your bitch. I'm a butt busting top! I'm THE Alpha female of the WWE."

AJ smirked, "Are you sure you believe that?"

"Yes." Paige said as firmly as she could.

"Well, I don't." AJ said.

"Well, I don't care." Paige growled, having enough of this, "A deals a deal AJ. Now take off your clothes and let's get this party started."

AJ stared at her rival for a couple of seconds, then she smiled, "Ok Paige, if that's how you want to play it."

AJ then slowly began to strip off her clothes, Paige captivated by the sight for a few long seconds before she started pulling off her own clothes, not bothering with the slow and sensual way AJ was doing it. As a result she was naked first and was able to see the end of AJ's striptease, particularly the slow reveal of her arse as AJ turned around, stuck out her bum and slowly pulled down her panties, making Paige almost literally drool. The only problem was instead of immediately fantasising about ploughing that ass with a strap-on Paige's first thought was to bury her face in between those cheeks and rim her rival, and how AJ had made her do exactly that last night. In fact, she had forced her to do this exact striptease, the memory making Paige blush.

"Bend over." AJ said softly.

Paige frowned, "That's my line."

AJ smiled and approached her pray, "All that talk about your ass has made me desperate to taste your ass hole again, so will you please bend over and let me lick your most private hole? I promise I'll literally kiss your ass so you can see it as a dominant act."

There was a long silence and then Paige said, "I'm not bending over for you, ever again, but a rim job sounds nice, so if you really want to eat my ass, go ahead."

With that Paige turned around so that her arse was facing her rival. Of course she suspected AJ was up to something, which became even more clear as AJ grabbed a firm hold of her hips and manoeuvred her to the side so she was facing the bed, and then slid her hands down around so she was once again squeezing her arse. But Paige's arse was craving some attention, and she was desperately hoping tongue work would satisfy that craving. Besides, she could put AJ in her place if she tried anything funny. Right?

AJ almost couldn't believe how easy Paige was making this for her, except she vividly remembered how the supposedly tough top had been acting like a total bottom every time they'd had sex lately, Paige's tough girl facade melting away and being replaced by the anal loving submissive bitch the taller girl truly was. And they'd had sex a lot over the past few weeks, AJ becoming addicted to fucking Paige's ass. Honestly she was just addicted to Paige's ass, AJ thinking about it all the time and unable to get enough of licking, touching and of course fucking it. She could even get lost in staring at it, AJ doing just that for about a minute, barring a little groping.

Then she moved her hands away from those cheeks, leaned forward and pressed her lips to Paige's butt, literally kissing another girl's ass for the first time in years. Technically that wasn't true, she loved burying her face in between the meaty cheeks of her beloved Kaitlyn and Beth, motor-boating those big booties and sliding her lips all over them, but that was just her enjoying what was hers. For her that remained true, but for Paige this was a sign she'd won and AJ was hers, the younger girl blissfully unaware that this was just preparation for the older woman to take her ass and make it hers once and for all.

Proving that Paige began moaning, "Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, kiss my arse AJ! Ah fuck yesssssss, pucker up and become my ass kisser! Mmmmmmm, become my ass kissing bitch. Ooooooooh yes, kiss it! Kiss my arse good and maybe I'll go easy on your arse."

As she spoke Paige grinding her ass against AJ's face, at first just annoying the smaller brunette and making it harder for her to do what she wanted. Then Paige reached back, grabbed hold of AJ's hair and shoved her face as deep as it would go into her ass, an act AJ knew was supposed to be insulting, but AJ just couldn't get enough of it. Besides, as she rubbed her face in sexy girl butt all the time, pretty much just like this, AJ found it easy enough to stick out her tongue and start eagerly licking Paige's butt hole, making her rival moan happily in the process.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, lick me! Lick my bum hole! Ooooooooooooh, that feels sooooooooooo goooooooooddddddddd!" Paige cried out happily, giving up on rubbing her butt back against her rival in favour of just pushing her face, and in turn her tongue, as deep as it could go into her arse hole, "Mmmmmmmm, oh yeah, get that tongue up my arse! Get that fucking tongue of yours in my arse hole you little bitch, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, get it in deep, ohhhhhhhhhhh, deeper, deeper, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh God!"

Happily obliging AJ literally shoved her tongue up Paige's ass, two weeks of nearly non-stop anal making sure that Paige's most private hole easily open for that wet muscle and allowed her inside the supposedly dominant girl's back passage. In response to this Paige moaned, whimpered and cried out more encouragement while concentrating on shoving AJ's face up her ass, unknowingly surrendering to AJ in the process, the pale English girl pretty much just another notch on AJ's belt at this point. Or at least she soon would be, AJ grinning into her prize as she once again envisioned violating this well-rounded rump.

Despite her best efforts Paige was having similar thoughts, which was why she needed to stop this. To switch position so that it was she who was shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into AJ's bum hole. Or maybe just finger that tight hole a little before lubing up the biggest strap-on cock in her collection and ramming it up AJ's arse. Oh yes, she should bend the mighty AJ Lee over, make her rival spread her ass cheeks so she could get a good look at the other brunette's fuck holes, and then she should slowly slide her cock into AJ's forbidden hole, truly taking the title of Alpha female of the WWE as she took her predecessor's hot little arse.

Having closed her eyes shortly after AJ had literally pushed her tongue up her arse it was easy for Paige to envision it. Hell, she'd been dreaming about it for years. Butt fucking AJ Lee, the little pipsqueak squirming as she bummed her, Paige finally getting what she wanted, moaning with joy as AJ pumped her rubber cock in and out of her arse, AJ's cock feeling so good in her butt, Paige desperately wanting to beg for more and cum for her Mistress... dammit! She needed to concentrate on topping AJ otherwise something very bad, or at least embarrassing, was going to happen to her.

As if on cue AJ suddenly pulled her tongue out of her arse and forcefully pushed her forwards, Paige landing with a yelp of surprise on the bed, and before she could do anything AJ firmly pressed her hand against her lower back and sternly ordered, "Stay where you are!"

Those words spoken in that stern tone of voice sent a spark of excitement straight to Paige's pussy and despite her brain screaming at her to get up, and then again when AJ let go of her, she lay there like an idiot. She then let out a little whimper, Paige practically able to taste AJ's grin as the little pipsqueak jumped up and skipped over to Paige's bag. Then Paige let out a whimper when she lifted her upper half slightly so she could witness AJ pulling a large strap-on out of her own bag, the smaller brunette slowly stepping into the harness, pulling it up her thighs and tightening the straps before covering the dildo in the lube, which was also in Paige's bag.

AJ then made a show of lubing up the dildo before ordering, in that same stern voice, "Spread your cheeks!"

This was ridiculous. Paige had won fair and square, beaten AJ in the middle of the ring and now she should be deep inside AJ's arse. Or at least topping her in some other way. Because seriously, what kind of wrestler won a match and still ended up bottoming? Actually Paige knew the answer to that, and she knew if she did this she could never call herself a top again, that she would lose everything she held dear, including her precious girlfriend Emma. But to her horror and shame Paige felt like she couldn't last another minute without a cock up her arse. Paige needed it, like she needed oxygen, and as AJ angrily repeated herself she just couldn't resist.

"Spread your cheeks!" AJ said, more than half expecting Paige to jump up and turn the tables on her.

Instead Paige slowly reached back and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart, once again surrendering her butt hole to the true Alpha female of the WWE. Which of course made AJ grinned so hard it actually kind of hurt, but she just couldn't help it. She had won. There was more to be done of course, but this was the moment Paige broke completely. Everything else was academic. Academic, but extremely fun, AJ eager to get to that part as she knelt down behind her pray, lined up her dildo with her target, which Paige was still presenting to her, and forcefully pushed forwards, both divas letting out a little cry of pleasure as AJ once again penetrated Paige's ass.

Thanks to her wicked plan to turn the tables on her would-be top Paige's other half was lying flat on the bed while her lower half was hanging off the side, meaning that Paige was fucked. AJ had all the leverage in the world to keep Paige in her proper place if she tried to get up and/or push AJ off, but she didn't. No, the supposed top just lay there and kept submissively spreading her ass cheeks to give AJ the best view possible of her cock slowly sliding into Paige's ass hole, AJ going nice and slow so she could savour her this wonderful moment, and the wonderful sight before her.

AJ also savoured the moment her thighs came to rest against those spread apart butt cheeks, announcing that she had once again buried every inch of her cock into Paige's pale little bottom. Only this time it was special. Maybe even more special than when she had popped Paige's anal cherry, because now the first-ever NXT women's champion and first ever Alpha female of NXT was hers. Paige was her anal loving bitch. They both knew it, and all that remained was to make Paige truly accept it, and AJ just knew where to start.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" AJ asked softly, grinning when after a long pause Paige whimpered and nodded her head. Then AJ sternly demanded, "Say it!"

Whimpering again Paige closed her eyes and admitted, "I, I want you to fuck me."

AJ grinned, "Where? Where do you want me to fuck you Paige?"

Paige gritted her teeth and then cried out in frustration, "In the ass! Fuck me in the ass! Oh fuck, I can't believe I'm doing this, but I need it. I need you to fuck me in the ass like a whore! Oh God, make me your ass whore AJ, fuck me in the ass and make me your ass whore! Shite, I hate you AJ, but please fuck me in the ass!"

AJ considered pushing things further as she sensed Paige would say anything at that point to get what she wanted. However honestly she wanted to make this last, and then wait much longer to begin the butt fucking, so grabbing hold of Paige's hips again AJ slowly pulled back, causing inch after inch of dildo to slide out of Paige's ass hole before pushing it back in. She did this over and over again, Paige continuing to spread her cheeks as the true Alpha female of the WWE officially began to sodomise her, giving AJ the best view possible of her strap-on pumping in and out of that stretched wide open butt hole.

As AJ became lost in the view Paige gritted her teeth as she tried to stop herself from continuing to beg the other brunette to fuck her in the ass, or more accurately ass fuck her harder. Thanks to the two weeks of nearly non-stop anal sex AJ had insisted on, and the fact that little AJ Lee was a total stud, Paige's rectum not only stretch to accommodate the big dildo with very little pain, but whatever initial pain there was at the beginning morphed into discomfort and then pure pleasure. Fuck, it was so humiliating, AJ skilfully relaxing the back hole and back passage she had been personally using as her cock depository and causing Paige an indecent amount of pleasure in the process.

To make matters worse it technically wasn't even AJ's cock. No, it was Paige's strap-on dildo which was being used against her, Paige almost wishing that AJ had bought her own because this was just insult to injury. Of course she should be wishing that their roles were reversed, like she had been for the past two weeks, or even longer considering how long she'd waited in NXT for the opportunity to butt fuck tiny little AJ Lee, take her titles and turn the little pipsqueak into her bitch. And the crazy thing was, she had that opportunity right now, but instead of bumming AJ she was being bummed. She was allowing herself to be anally taken by her rival, and she was even spreading her cheeks to make it easier for AJ and increase the other girl's enjoyment.

Just then AJ softly ordered, "Take your hands off your cheeks. Mmmmmm, I want to feel your butt cheeks against my thighs as I butt fuck you."

Paige didn't hesitate to oblige, partly because it was one less humiliation she had to deal with, but mostly because she was hoping this would lead to AJ fucking her harder. Sure enough AJ gradually picked up the pace, eventually being to bum fuck Paige much harder than she was expecting, and yet thanks to the build-up she'd already received Paige felt nothing but pleasure. Well, AJ's thighs were smacking against her butt cheeks so hard it kind of felt like she was being spanked, and the humiliation she felt was overwhelming, but to her shame that just added to the pleasure she was receiving.

Then just as she was about to receive the ultimate humiliation, cumming like a bitch with a dick in her arse, AJ quickly yanked her dildo completely out of Paige's bum hole. For a second Paige was just dumbfounded by surprise, then she let out a loud, pathetic whine of disappointment and frustration. Then AJ giggled cruelly and after admiring her handiwork for a second straightened up, casually walked around to the side of the bed, jumped on it so she was in the centre of it and looked at Paige expectantly. Page of course blushed, but barely hesitated to crawl towards AJ, turn around and try and impale her arse on that cock.

"No." AJ said softly but firmly, "Turn around and face me. Mmmmmmm, I want you to ride me straight up cowgirl style so I can see the look on your face as you cum with my dick up your ass."

Again Paige barely hesitated to do as she was told. Again she just couldn't help it, she needed that cock up her arse and she needed to cum like a bitch. So she lined her arse hole up with that dildo, held it firmly in place with one hand and then forcefully pushed downwards, only letting go of it completely when she had finished stuffing it up her bum. Which took an embarrassingly short amount of time, Paige's loosened arse easily swallowing the strap-on which had been pounding her backside for the past few minutes, and to her shame Paige even let out a long moan of pleasure.

Of course she had been moaning, groaning, whimpering, gasping and crying out in pleasure for some time now, her initial efforts to stop it fruitless as AJ easily squeezed those sounds of pleasure out of her mouth. Only now she was squeezing those sounds out of herself, Paige's eyes glazing over with joy as shortly after she sat down completely on AJ's lap she started enthusiastically bouncing up and down, Paige quickly increasing the pace until she was screaming, squealing and screeching with pure ecstasy as she raced towards climax.

Then just as she was about to cum AJ smacked her arse and yelled, "Are you a bottom?"

"YES!" Paige screamed, "OH GOD YES!"

"Say it!" AJ demanded, "Say you're a bottom, and keep saying it!"

"I'M A BOTTOM! I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM I AM A FUCKING BOTTOM!" Paige screeched at the top of her lungs.

At the end of that Paige experienced maybe the hardest climaxes of her life, which was really saying something considering how hard she had cum while fucking other divas in the WWE, and before that in NXT and the indie promotions she'd been in. However in that moment she had to admit to herself that no one had ever made her cum harder than little AJ Lee. That nothing had ever made her cum harder than getting fucked up the arse. Which probably meant she was a bottom. Or at least mostly a bottom, and honestly, for at least that moment, Paige wanted to be a pure bottom. She wanted that more than anything. No, what she wanted more than anything was to be AJ's bitch, and Paige was determined to prove she could be a good submissive bitch.

She was also determined to make herself cum as hard and as frequently as possible, Paige managing to achieve that by continuing to hammer herself up and down the dildo, not caring if she wrecked her arse forever as long as it meant she kept cumming. Oh yes, Paige didn't care about the consequences as long as her cum kept squirting out of her cunt and onto AJ's stomach, tits and even chin. That continued happening as AJ flipped her onto her back and started slamming her shit hole with what had to be every ounce of her strength, Paige staring up at the real Alpha female of the WWE with awe and wonder as AJ Lee continued wrecking her rectum.

AJ took great pleasure in making Paige anally ride her, however eventually the urge to take control just became too great. To be fair she still got many of the same benefits, like watching Paige's tits bounce for her and the look of ecstasy on her face, and best of all feel Paige squirting so powerfully onto her. And now she had the added bonus of Paige's legs on her shoulders, which emphasised AJ's control when she was upright, but it only got better when she leaned forward and folded Paige up like an accordion. She also did this so it was easier to stare into Paige's eyes, which was another added bonus, easily the better of the two as she could see pure submission, and maybe even love, in those eyes, like the once mighty Beth Phoenix before her Paige completely broken.

Pushing the issue, AJ practically growled, "Who's ass is this Paige, huh? Who owns your ass!"

"You do! Ohhhhhhhhhhh shite, my ass is yours! You own it!" Paige whimpered, then when a look from AJ told her exactly what the smaller woman wanted to hear she practically wept, "You own my ass! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is your ass now! You own it, and you own me!"

"Damn right I do." AJ grinned, "This is my ass now, and I'm going to use it whenever I want! Mmmmmmm, you're my bitch Paige, now take it like one!"

With that AJ pushed herself to give Paige a series of extra hard climaxes just like that, AJ using almost every ounce of her strength to almost literally wreck Paige's rectum. However instead of butt fucking her latest conquest until she collapsed with exhaustion, like she normally did when taking another girl's ass, AJ waited until she was almost exhausted, then she began slowing down. This made Paige whimper pathetically, the English girl clearly sensing she had more in the tank and thinking AJ wasn't going to give it to her. She was wrong about that. Oh so wrong.

Instead AJ intended to make love to Paige's ass, gently guiding her legs from her shoulders to around her waist while slowly bringing them both down from their highs, then continuing to bring them both pleasure as she steadily pumped Paige's butt. The whole time she did this she looked into Paige's eyes, AJ taking great delight in the way that the bigger, stronger girl blushed and went back to avoiding her gaze. Which was cute at first, especially considering how submissive Paige had just been, but equally because of that she didn't allow her new bitch to backtrack and forget her place.

"God I love this ass!" AJ grinned, "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, it really is the perfect fit for my dick. Don't get me wrong, I love having a locker room full of anal sluts eager and willing to give up their asses to me at a moment's notice, but there is just something about an ass I've had to conquer. Mmmmmmmm, it's why I miss Beth so much. In fact, before you crossed me I was thinking of bringing her out of retirement just so I could have her ass with me all the time. Ohhhhhhhhhh, but this is even better, because now you get to be the one to be my favourite piece of ass. Oh yes, from now on Page you get to be my favourite bitch, bending over more than any other diva on the roster, your cute little butt hole constantly stretched by my strap-on or a butt-plug, or just flat out gaping, and me showing off that ruined hole to the entire locker room. Ooooooooooh yeah, after I've butt fucked you in front of them."

"Please no." Paige whimpered, and then for AJ could reply the pale girl quickly added, "I, I may be a bottom, but I'm not ready for that. Please AJ, I'll do anything you want. I'll carry your bags, be your chauffeur, get your food, and be the nastiest little anal whore you've ever had. Just please, don't fuck me in front of everybody else. I, I couldn't stand it."

AJ stopped the butt fucking and stared at the other girl, and then nodded in understanding, "This is about Emma, isn't it?"

Paige nodded as tears fell from her eyes, "I, I know I failed her. That she won't want to be with me any more when she sees that I'm a bottom too. But I just can't bear to see the look of disappointment on her face. Not yet. Please, at least give me a week or two before she finds out the truth."

There was a moment's pause and then AJ smiled weirdly, "Ok Paige, I'll give you some time to pretend you're still a top with your precious Emma, if you promise when the time comes, you'll be a shameless anal slut for me."

"Oh yes AJ, I promise." Paige nodded her head enthusiastically.

"And you'll be still taking it up the butt whenever I want." AJ said firmly, restarting the ass fucking, "Oooooooooh, and you'll be constantly eating my pussy and ass. Ooooooooohhhhhhh, and you have to wear a butt-plug whenever I'm not using your butt hole for my pleasure, or your butt isn't too loose for it, mmmmmmmmm, that way you have a constant reminder that your ass is mine! Fuck yeah, oh, and you have to come back to my house so I can ass fuck you in front of Beth and Kaitlyn so they can be 1st to see who won our little war. Mmmmmmmmm, maybe even where a nice little maid uniform for me. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, I bet you'd look so cute in one of those little outfits I make Beth wear. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, maybe even let Beth and Kaitlyn fuck you. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, you like the sound of that, huh? Me, my girlfriend, and my maid using your ass hole as the whore hole it is!"

"Yes AJ, yes!" Paige whimpered, "I'll do anything you want, just please don't tell anyone I'm your bitch! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd, please don't tell anyone about this, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, and make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum, fuck my bitch ass and make me cum for you, ooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

With that AJ picked up the pace again, ramming Paige's rectum as hard as she could. Which was nowhere near as hard as before, but it was still pretty rough, and AJ made up for the lack of force by leaning down and kissing Paige, cupping her tits and eventually even sliding them down to rub her clit. Particular the last thing was seen as cheating when it came to breaking another diva, but as Paige was already broken it didn't really matter. All that mattered now was pleasure, AJ getting hers through the end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of making her latest rival her bitch, while Paige came like a bitch because of the dildo pounding her ass.

Paige wasn't nearly as broken as AJ thought, the taller girl only submitting so she could turn the tables later. Or at least that's what Paige told herself. Honestly in that moment it was hard to tell, because she'd truly never known such ecstasy as when she came from being ass fucked by little AJ Lee. And to the little stud's credit she continued anally pounding Paige through her orgasms. Even as Paige's tailpipe clamped down hard on AJ's dick the tiny top refused to even slow down, ravaging Paige's poor arse like AJ was literally trying to ruin it, Paige quickly feeling herself on the verge of completely breaking as again she found herself truly wanting to be AJ's bitch.

Then finally AJ pulled her strap-on out of Paige's shit hole and rolled over onto her back, both brunettes laying there panting for several long minutes as they were trying to recover from their latest round of intense butt sex. At some point Paige rolled over onto her side, unable to cope with resting any weight on her incredibly sore arse. Then her eyes locked with AJ's dildo, covered in her own anal juices, and her mouth watered. She had been going ass to mouth every day for two weeks and to her shame Paige really developed a taste for her own arse. Amongst other things which made her more of a bottom than a top, but Paige tried to ignore that for now.

She was also filled with another desire, namely to get that dildo back up her butt. Paige cringed at the idea, as there was no way her sore and no doubt widely gaping arse hole could take another fucking so soon after her last, and yet she felt incredibly empty and desperate to feel her butt filled by AJ again. Choosing the lesser of two evils Paige slowly crawled down in between AJ's legs, grabbed the dildo by the base and nervously glanced upwards to find AJ grinning down at her.

"That's it Paige, suck my cock!" AJ ordered gleefully, "Be a good little bottom and clean my cock of your ass cream. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, get all that cream you little ass to mouth loving slut! Do it! Please your Mistress AJ by sucking her cock clean like the little cock sucker you are! Oooooooooh yes, that's it. Suck it bitch!"

Closing her eyes Paige wrapped her lips around the head of the ass flavoured cock and did her best to block out the rest of AJ's encouragements. Especially as she found herself moaning at the taste of her own ass, which made her feel like a total bottom. But she wasn't. She had to remember that. She was a top, or at least a switch who preferred to top. Mostly. She might need to find some other top to bum her on a regular basis, but she could worry about that when she turned the tables on AJ. As for now, she would just concentrate on making sure she got every drop of her own arse cream.

"Yes, mmmmmmmmmmm, good girl, suck that cock! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, take it down your throat." AJ said, continuing to encourage her bitch, "Ooooooooh yes, come on, don't be shy, we both know what kind of cock sucking slut you are. Oh yeah, we both know that the big tough English girl is just a slut for strap-on cock, mmmmmmmm, especially in her butt, or in her mouth after it's been up her butt. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh Paige, we both know you're a ass to mouth whore, so come on bitch, get every inch down your fucking throat! Oooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's it Paige, mmmmmmmm, good little cock sucker!"

Of course Paige didn't need much encouragement, slurping up all her butt cream from the top half of the dildo before beginning to stuff inch after inch of the lower half into her gullet until the entire length of the dildo was stuffing her throat. She choked and gagged a little bit, especially when her lips were wrapped around the base, but not only did she seemed to enjoy savouring the moment when she completely deep throated the dildo but Paige then began bobbing her head up and down that dildo like her career depended on it, thoroughly cleaning the cock in the process.

In the middle of that deep throating Paige looked up at AJ, silently asking for her approval. AJ happily gave it, not just verbally, but by reaching down and stroking Paige's long dark hair. AJ had meant what she said before. She didn't want Paige to be just another anal loving dyke slut in her collection, she wanted Paige to be her favourite bitch. At least on the road. Then when she retired, which might be soon given she was beginning to feel the wear and tear of wrestling, she would either have a loyal bitch waiting for her whenever she wanted to make a brief return to the WWE, or maybe even a second maid to help Beth and Kaitlyn quell her insatiable need for lesbian sex, especially lesbian butt sex.

"Oh yes Paige, mmmmmmmmm, I love it when you deep throat my cock!" AJ said, giving Paige one more piece of encouragement before yanking her off her dildo, then as Paige gasped for breath she sternly ordered, "Now show me my handiwork. Oh yeah, bend over bitch! I want to see what I've done to my new personal piece of ass."

For a moment Paige blushed and gave her a look which AJ wasn't expecting. One which wasn't filled with love and devotion like during the ass fucking, or an eagerness to please like during the ass to mouth. No, this was a look of reluctance, hesitance and even anger. Sadly it seemed Paige wasn't completely broken yet like AJ had initially thought, like Beth Phoenix before her Paige stubbornly clinging onto the last shred of her former self to the bitter end. And yet after that brief hesitation Paige turned around and spread her cheeks, giving AJ the best possible look at her gaping ass hole.

As she stared proudly at that gaping crater AJ pondered how she could break this stubborn girl once and for all. Since Paige reminded her so much of Beth may be AJ should make her go cold turkey for a few weeks. Then again Paige technically had authority over her now, and AJ didn't want to risk everything on the chance that Paige would reconnect with her inner top. Besides, it was bad enough being away from Beth's butt when she had Kaitlyn around 24/7 to be her cock depository. Hey, maybe that was the answer? Beth and Kaitlyn! Because those two might be pure bottoms now, but with some strategic manoeuvring, or perhaps encouragement, the three of them could completely wreck Paige's ass. Besides, as stretched as Paige's butt hole looked now imagine how it would look after two or maybe even three cocks had been inside it at the same time. Oh yes, AJ thought with an evil grin, together she, Beth and Kaitlyn would destroy that ass and make it hers once and for all.

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