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This Is My House!
by JGarces

Being a member of the ring crew for the WWE might not seem as glamorous as other jobs that you could have with the company, but in a lot of ways, it gives you the same benefits as the more glamorous positions would.

Getting to meet, and in some cases, befriend, the Superstars and Divas as you travel the road together with them is certainly one perk that I was looking to take advantage of.

Mostly because of one Diva that I couldn't get my mind off of, no matter how much I tried to, and that was Paige, the pale, raven-haired, British beauty that had recently taken the WWE, and the Diva's division, by storm.

We had gotten to know each other pretty quickly within my first month or two of being on the ring crew, mostly due to her always being one of, if not the last, wrestlers, to leave the show, since she was always working on stuff in the ring, and often times, especially in recent weeks, the conversations we would have would often end up with us flirting with each other, though I had yet to try to pursue anything greater.

"Paige, it's closing time, my dear," I said to her one night when she was still pacing around the ring, and still in her ring gear, well past when we needed to be out of the arena, "everyone else is already gone, you know."

"Don't get your knickers in a wad, John, a girl's always got to improve to stay at the top of the mountain around here," she told me as she stepped through the ropes out of the ring and walked over towards me.

"And besides...I'm pretty sure you'd like to be in MY knickers now, wouldn't you..." she continued, coming up to me, rubbing my arm and kissing me deeply, which in turn caused my dick to rapidly rise in my pants.

" really shouldn't come on to me like this if you're not gonna do something about my little friend down there..." I told her as she put her hand on my shoulder and winked at me, licking her lips as her eyes focused on the growing bulge between my legs.

"We've been playing these games for weeks, you silly little American boy," she said to me as she grabbed me and pulled me between the ring ropes and into the ring with her, "but you're in my house now. And I think it's about time I showed you that wrestling isn't the only thing I do better than everyone else when I'm inside of it, baby."

"Go ahead and suck it then Paige baby..." I whispered to her as she dropped to her knees and yanked my pants down, her hands going into my underwear as she wrapped her hands around my dick and led it to her mouth.

"I'll suck it for you John...but I really don't think you can handle it you wanker..." she teased me as she devoured my cock and began to suck away on it right there in the corner of the very same ring she had wrestled in earlier.

"MMM...FUCK...suck that dick Paige..." I hissed, my hands going to the back of her head to gently push her down onto more of my dick as she ran her tongue over the tip of it and started to bob her head up and down on it.

"UH...keep sucking...gonna cum down your pretty little throat soon..." I moaned, my hands gently coaxing her down onto a little more of my dick as I started to fuck her face, her hands cupping my balls and occasionally squeezing them as she worked me over.

"MMM..." she moaned from around my dick as she deep-throated me, one of her hands cupping my balls and the other one going inside her ring shorts as she began to finger herself.

"Here it comes Paige...swallow it all for me baby..." I softly whispered to her as I lurched my hips into her face a few times, and erupted into her mouth, shooting my cum down her throat as she quickly swallowed it down while still sucking on my dick, kissing the tip of it as I withdrew it from her mouth.

"MMM..." she hissed in my ear as I threw her to the mat and slid her out of her ring wardrobe, Paige following up by pulling off my clothes as I made out with her, straddled her, and prepared to slide my dick into her tight pussy.

"My rules baby," she playfully whispered in my ear as she wrapped her arms around me and flipped me over, landing on top of me while beginning to lower her pussy down onto my dick, "and in my house, I'm always the one on top."

" tight Paige..." I moaned as she started to bounce up and down on my dick, my hands going to her hips and guiding her down onto my dick at the speed that I wanted as I started to thrust up into her.

"" she moaned as I roughly drove my dick up into her velvety tight snatch, her cunt walls wrapping tightly around it as she threw her head back and rode me.

"YES...YES...OHGODYES...fuck my bloody cunt..." she shouted as her eyes started to roll back in her head and I pounded away on her tight cunt.

"Scream for me baby," I teased her when I felt her walls starting to put the squeeze on my dick, her moans getting louder and louder as she approached her first orgasm of the night.

"Gonna...bloody...cum...all...over...your...bloody...cock..." she shouted, her hands white-knuckling the ring ropes as she came for me, her cunt cream painting my dick as she started to bounce up and down on my dick again.

"Gonna cum Paige," I warned her as I started to thrust up into her again, her walls ripping and tearing on my dick as she lowered herself onto my dick one last time, "where do you want it, baby?"

"FUCK...YES...cum inside me...THIS...IS...MY...HOUSE!" she moaned, my cum shooting deep into her pussy the second she said the word "house", ropes of my sperm shooting into her and filling her womb before her walls released my dick and I pulled out of her.

" house..." she moaned under her breath as I slid out from underneath of her and started making out with her, climbing on top of her as I parted her legs and placed them on my shoulders as I slid into her pussy again.

"This may be your house Paige...but this is my pussy now baby..." I teased her as I started thrusting into her again, her back arching as I pounded away on her hot little cunt for the second time that night.

"You'" she moaned as I forced all of my weight into her and felt her walls starting to wrap tightly around me again.

" tight baby...let me loosen you up..." I whispered in her ear as I drove my dick in and out of her, sucking on her tits every time I penetrated her pussy, causing her to throw her head back as she pushed her hips into mine.

"" she hissed as I bottomed out inside of her, her eyes beginning to flutter around in her head as she was about to be overtaken by yet another orgasm.

"Scream my name you sexy bitch," I whispered in her ear as I drove my dick into her g-spot, causing her to arch her back and wrap her legs around me as she threw her head back.

"OH...OHGOD...YES...fuck me" she screamed as I worked over the deepest walls of her pussy with my dick, her eyes rolling back in her head as I felt her walls grab at my dick and start squeezing it.

"OHGOD...cumming..." she purred, closing her eyes as she pushed her hips up into mine and came all over my dick for the second time that night, her legs locked around me as she shot a fresh load of her cream out and I started thrusting into her with everything I had.

"" I hissed as I grabbed her hips and pulled them into mine as I thrust one last time and came deep inside of her cunt.

"Fill up my bloody cunt..." she hissed, her walls starting to clutch at my dick as I filled her pussy with another load of my sticky seed, emptying everything I had into her before pulling out of her.

"I think it's about time we wrapped this up baby," I whispered to her when I noticed the house lights dimming, another sign that we had been there way longer than we were supposed to be, "especially since they're probably about to kick us out of here."

"Cheeky little bastards, not before I finish up with you they don't," she whispered to me, cursing the building staff under her breath as we started rolling around the ring making out, her legs hooking around me right as I was about to slide into her pussy again.

"I have another hole you know baby," she whispered, winking at me as she pushed me off of her and bent over the ropes as I got up behind her, grabbed her hips and slid my dick into her ass.

"" she purred as I began to thrust my dick in and out of her ass, her back arching as she pushed her ass back into my dick.

"UH...OHGOD...YES...fuck my" she shouted as I thrust deep into her ass and pulled on her hair, making her body contort in ways she probably didn't know it could.

"SHIT...such a tight little ass Paige...I bet it'll feel real good when I cum inside of it later..." I teased her as I drilled her backdoor, her back arching once more as I gripped her hips even tighter and saw a trickle of cum running down the insides of her thighs.

"Are you cumming for me again, my naughty little English crumpet?" I teased her as she shook her head yes and put a death grip on the ring ropes again as I thrust into her ass one more time and came inside of it, filling her bowels with thick streams of my cum.

"" she hissed as I finished filling her rear and began to pull out of her as she collapsed to the ring, wobbly-legged.

"Let's go..." she whispered, wrapping her arm around me as we left the ring, gathered our things and got dressed as I began dismantling the ring and calling the truck driver to come collect it.

"Excuse me? Can we turn the rest of the house lights off now?" one of the arena staffers said to us after the ring had been removed, saying something about wasting electricity as Paige grabbed me by the hand and headed for the back door of the arena.

"THIS IS MY HOUSE!" she screamed as she hit the switch to kill the rest of the arena lights, kissing me again as we walked out the door and headed for the next town together.

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