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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988). Thus the events in this story did not really happen.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

This Is SmackDown 2000
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A montage set to the 'SmackDown' theme plays showing highlights from 2000 before focusing on a trio of starlets, in particular Jacqueline, Lita and Trish Stratus as they compete in the ring and assist their superstar associates at various times during the year before showing them getting some true SmackDown action, with a clip of Jacquelyn getting double teamed by the New Age Outlaws, Lita getting eaten out by The Rock and Trish Stratus getting fucked by K-Kwik. When the montage ends, the logo that was featured for SmackDown during the year 2000 is shown for a moment before fading from view.

The first scene fades in with the caption reading 'SmackDown, February 3, 2000' as the New Age Outlaws are returning from the ring area after defeating Radicalz members Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko to ensure that they and their associates Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit won't be given contracts by the McMahon-Helmsley regime, "That was too easy, is that the best that WCW has? No wonder we're kicking their ass!" Billy laughs.

"Yeah, who gets hurt doing their own finisher?" Road Dogg adds with a laugh, referring to Eddie Guerrero who suffered an elbow injury while performing a frog splash towards the end of the bout.

"No one whose a real WWF Superstar would!" Billy adds as he and Road Dogg make their way back to the locker room area, where they see the new Women's Champion Jacqueline finishing up a photo shoot to ensure her latest moment of glory is documented for posterity. "Hey Jesse look at that, you know who'd look good with that title?"

"Either Steph or Tori..." Road Dogg says, his answer being over heard by Jacqueline who looks in their direction.

"If either one of 'em wants a shot, I'll give it to 'em... I'd just love to whoop little miss princesses' boney behind all over the ring," Jacqueline says as she places her Women's Championship over her shoulder and approaches the reigning WWF Tag Team Champions, "And the same goes for Tori after what she did to Kane.

"Now cool your jets Jackie, I just asked who'd look good with the Women's title and Jesse just answered, no need to get hot about it..." Billy says

"Yeah there is, cause you're saying a fine black woman like myself doesn't look good with this title, and two white hos would look great with it," Jacqueline says firmly.

"That's not what we said, and you shouldn't call Stpeh a ho..." Road Dogg says.

"For what she did to her daddy, she's a ho in my book," Jacqueline snaps, "And what are you gonna do, tell her I said it? Go ahead, cause there ain't a woman I can't beat, and don't forget, I've kicked the ass of many guys so you better think twice if you want to try and fight me"

"Jackie, fighting you is the last night I'd want to do with you," Billy says as Road Dogg nods in agreement.

"If that's the last thing then what's the first?" Jacqueline asks.

"Fucking you," Billy replies with a grin as he high fives Road Dogg, who clearly had the same answer in mind.

The new Women's Champion smirks a bit, "Good answer... cause I'm in the mood for a little against after taking this away from the stale ass Harvey Whippleman earlier..." Jacqueline licks her lips, "And you two need to make amends for what you said about those hos you pal around with possibly looking better with this championship than I do right now..." Jacqueline adds as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Jacqueline is shown on her knees in front of The New Age Outlaws with her right hand on Billy's shaft and her left hand on Road Dogg's as she strokes both dicks until they are fully hard. The Women's Champion licks her lips as she looks at the pair of white cocks with her fingers wrapped around them before she leans her head down to lap her tongue against Road Dogg's cock head, drawing a moan from him within seconds before she twirls her tongue around it. She then turns her attention to Billy's shaft, flicking her tongue against the bell end of his cock as she continues to jerk both men off. "Mmmmm..' Jacqueline moans as then starts to go back and forth, lapping her tongue against the head of dicks of both members of the New Age Outlaws in turn as she strokes both shaft at a steady pace.

The scene then transitions to show Jacqueline bobbing her head on Billy Gunn's huge cock, her lips wrapped perfectly around it as she slides her hands against his waist. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" Jacqueline moans as she rocks her her head swiftly on Billy's cock, taking his cock fairly deep into her mouth as she places a hand on her head to push his cock forward. She tilts her head form side to side, rubbing her lips around his manhood as she eventually ends up taking the full length of his cock into her mouth as saliva drips out past her lips and down her chin. Billy leans his head back and groans with approval as the new Women's Champion of the WWF eagerly sucks his cock.

With the next scene cut, Jacqueline is seated on the locker room bench with Road Dogg down between her legs, lapping his tongue against her moist black pussy, "Ohhh... mmmm yeah... ohhh..." Jacqueline moans as she leans back slightly on the bench as Road Dogg invades her pussy and swirls his tongue around inside of her as she grinds her cunt against his face. "Yeah... eat that sweet black pussy... ohhh..." Jacqueline moans as Road Dogg darts his tongue around inside of her love hole with due-diligence.

The next scene transition show Jacqueline on all fours, this time bobbing her head on Road Dogg's cock while Billy is behind her, pumping his cock into her tight black pussy. "Mmmmm! Ohhhh!" Jacqueline moans against Road Dogg's cock as she rocks forward on her knees, taking his cock further past her lips than she intends too thanks to how Billy is fucking her from behind. Billy has a strong hold on Jacqueline's hips as he thrusts his cock firmly into her twat as she sucks and slurps on the cock of Road Dogg. Road Dogg licks his teeth as Jacqueline whorishly sucks his cock at pace that is quicker than how Billy is fucking her from behind. Her ass smacks and giggles against Billy's waist when she does push back against as Mr. Ass plows his cock deeply into vaginal cavity with every thrust he performs.

With the next eventually scene cut, Billy is shown seated on the locker room bench as Jacqueline bent over in front of him, bobbing her head lustfully up and down on his cock while Road Dogg is standing behind her, pumping his cock into her pussy. "Mmmm! Mmmm! Ohhh! Mmmm!" Jacqueline moans as she moves on her feet in rhythm with Road Dogg's thrusts as she drops her head further down onto Billy's cock as he groans with approval. Road Dogg pulls Jacqueline back towards himself, causing her ass to smack squarely against his waist as he slams his cock into her repeatedly from behind. "Mmmm! Mmmmm! Gah!" Jacqueline moans and lets out a gag as she deep throats every inch of Billy's cock, the gag itself occurring when Road Dogg gives her a suddenly stiff thrust that catches her off guard.

The scene shifts to show Road Dogg laying on the bench with Jacqueline mounted on top of him while Billy Gunn is behind her, pumping his cock into her juicy black ass. "Mmmm... ohhh fuck... ahhh..' Jacqueline moans as she rocks on Road Dogg's dick and places her hands on his shoulders while leaning forward to allow Billy to hammer her ass as deeply as possible. Road Dogg places his hands on Jacqueline's thighs as he thrusts his cock upward into her pussy while Billy has his hands on her lower back as he pounds her ass with stiff thrusts. "Mmmm ohh yeah... ahhh ohhh fuck..' Jacqueline moans as she rocks between the reigning WWF Tag Team Champions, eagerly bucking back against Billy as he drives his cock into the depths of her anal passage while bouncing a bit on Road Dogg's vertically thrusting manhood as the two of them increase the pace of their thrusts.

The scene cuts one final time to show Jacqueline holding the Women's Championship over one shoulder while looking up at the New Age Outlaws as they jerk off in front of her until they eventually pop their loads, with both men aiming to shoot their jizz onto her face. Road Dogg is mostly successful but Billy's aim is off just enough that some of his cum misses Jacqueline's face and lands on the face plate of the Women's Championship belt. Once they are spent, Jacqueline sees Billy's cum on the championship she won, smirks at him and proceeds to lick his spunk up from it and then swallows, "Now... you better not still be thinking that that those hos would look better with this than I do..." Jacqueline says as she looks up at the New Age Outlaws with cum dripping down her face as the scene fades to black.

The caption on the next scene read 'SmackDown, August 24, 2000' as the scene fades in showing the locker room of the reigning WWF Champion The Rock as he looks at a monitor, raising an eyebrow as Commissioner Mick Foley has booked a match teaming him with Lita against Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and either Triple H or Kurt Angle for that night's main event, "What type of money crap is that... doesn't matter The Rock will whoop either of their candy-asses!" The Rock says when there is a knock on the locker room door. "The Rock says enter!"

Moments later, the door opens and Lita, who just became Women's Champion on RAW days earlier, enters, "Hey Rock... did you happen to..." Lita begins to say with some excitement in her voice as The Rock turns towards her.

"Oh The Rock heard... The Rock just saw.... you're teaming up with the Great One to get some action tonight... well let The Rock tell you, The Rock doesn't care if it's Triple H, or if it's Kurt Angle... The Rock will be be laying the smack down on somebody tonight!" The Rock says.

"Wow... someone's fired up..." Lita says with a grin, "But I wanted to thank you for..."

"You want to thank The Rock for helping you become the Women's Champion?" The Rock says cutting Lita off, and causing her to nod, "The Rock says this, that The Rock called it like The Rock saw it with all that was going down... and that if you really wanted to thank The Rock... you would have brought The Rock... pie."

"Pie?" Lita asks

"Pie... it could've been apple pie... blueberry pie... cherry pie... cream pie... or even The Rock's personal favorite, poon tang pie..." The Rock says.

The new Women's Champion presses her lips together upon hearing the last of types of pies The Rock mention, "Um well... wow..." Lita laughs a bit, "We got a lot of time before out match later..." Lita says as she licks her lips a bit, "And I'm not gonna pass up a chance to one on one with the great one... if you smell what I'm cooking..."

The Rock raises an eyebrow, "The Rock says... don't ever steal The Rock's catchphrases again... and to just... bring it..." He says as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Lita is shown sitting on the locker room couch with her legs spread while The Rock is down between them, lapping his tongue against her smoothly shaven pussy. "Ohhh... ohhh ahh..." Lita's eyes roll back as she grips the armrest of the couch with her left hand and tugs on her reddish hair with her right hand as she feels The Rock's tongue against her cunt lips. The Rock places his hands on Lita's thighs, pushing her legs further apart as as he works his tongue against her snatch, making her squirm lustfully on the couch to grind her pussy against his oral organ. "Mmmm fuck... ahhh ohhh shit..." Lita gasps as The Rock soon invades her pussy with his tongue and begins to dart it in and out of her fuck hole, making her arch her back away from the backrest of the couch as he tongue fucks her. Lita bites her bottom lip as she and throws her head back against the back rest as The Rock dines on her pussy, clearly enjoying the flavor of her poon tang pie, much to her own lustful delight.

The scene shifts to show Lita sitting next to The Rock while he's seating on the couch as she works her right hand up and down the length of his cock, "Fuck that's huge..." Lita says before she tosses her reddish hair back and lowers her head down to slide her tongue around the head of The Rock's braham bull like cock as she works her hand on the shaft. "Mmmmm..." She moans as she circles the head a handful of times with her tongue before parting her lips fully to take his cock into her mouth. As The Rock lets out a moan of pleasure, Lita starts to bob her head up and down on his cock, her saliva dripping heavily from her mouth down his shaft and onto her right hand which is now positioned at the root of his dick to hold it steady. As The Rock places a hand on the back of her head, Lita increase her pace, eagerly sucking his cock while sliding her tongue against it at the same time as she drops her head further down onto his cock until her lips are meeting the top of her right hand. "Mmmm... mmmmm..." The Women's Champion moans as she turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around the dick of the WWF Champion.

The scene then cuts to show Lita straddling The Rock's lap as he guides her down onto his cock, "Ohhhh fuck... ahhh..." Lita's eyes bulge out slightly as she feels her cunt stretching to accommodate the size of the People's Manhood as he holds her by the hips and begins to firmly thrusts his cock up into her tight fuck hole. "Ohh! Ohhh fuck! Ohhh god yes!" Lita cries out whorishly as she grabs The Rock's shoulders and begins to bounce up and down on his vertically thrusting pole while tossing her head back. The Women's Champion bucks her hips, grinding her pussy on his shaft as The Rock delivers powerful upward thrusts. Lita's ass smacks down loudly against The Rock's spread thighs as she drops sharply every few seconds to try and time it so that he's thrusting upward into her cunt. "Ohhhh... ohhh fuck... ahhh ohhh shit..." Lita moans and gasps lustfully as her large tits bounce and sway as shecontinues to enjoy riding The People's Cock.

With the next scene cut, Lita is shown on laying on the couch with her upper body propped up against an arm rest while her legs wrapped around the Rock's waist as he pumps his cock deeply into her cunt. "Ohhh ohhh shit... ahhh ohhh... ohhh..." The Women's champion moans as she holds onto The Rock's arms as he drives his cock fully into her snatch. The Rock grunts with his incredible display of hammering Lita's pussy, propelling every inch of his cock into her with enough force to make her move against the couch cushions and the armrest she's leaning against. "Ohhh fuck! Fuck! Ohhhh fuck!" Lita moans as she bucks her hips to push her pussy against The Rock's cock as he lays the smack down on her vaginal cavity with firm, rapid thrusts, with every one resulting in his balls smacking between her thighs.

The scene cuts once again, this time showing Lita on her hands and knees on the couch with The Rock behind her, ramming his cock into her pussy while he holds her by the hips. "Ohhhh fuck! Fuck me! Ohhhh fuck!" Lita moans as she rocks back on her knees to meet The Rock's thrusts, resulting in her ass smacking against his waist as he hammers her from behind. She hangs her head as sweat pourts off her face as The Rock is relentless in how he's hammering her cunt, each of his thrusts making her jotl forward and it takes everything she has to buck back against him. "Ohhh! Ohhhh ohhh fuck... ahhh fuck... fuck... ahhh..." Lita breathes heavily as her pussy tightens around The Rock's pistoning People's pole just as she starts to cum.

The scene transitions one last time to show Lita on her back on the couch with The Rock straddling her torso as he strokes his cock. The Women's Champion looks up at the WWF Champion and licks her lips as he soon stars to cum, shooting his load all over her large tits. "Mmmmm fuck... ohhh..." Lita moans as she begins to spread The Rock's jizz over her breasts as he continues to cum for several long moments. When he's spent, Lita grins, "Ohhh... hope you liked that pie..."

The Rock smirks, "The Rock hasn't had a piece of pie that The Rock didn't like..." The WWF Champions says as the scene fades to black.

The third scene fades in with the caption reading 'SmackDown, December 7, 2000' as a frustrated Trish Stratus is shown in the backstage area. Earlier in the evening she got herself disqualified in her match against Molly Holly where the winner would face Women's Champion Ivory at the upcoming Armaggedon pay-per-view. "I didn't even bring the god damn trashcan lid in... it was her fucking cousin... I'm so fucking sick of the Hollys..." Trish pouts and stomps her foot before looking around, "And where the hell is Test & Albert?! I need some consoling damn it!" Trish says as K-Kwik comes around a corner and hearing only the last bit of what Trish said.

"You need some what now?" The rookie Superstar asks with a grin.

Trish looks at K-Kwik and rolls her eyes, "I said... look, have you seen..." The busty blond Canadian starts to ask before noticing how well put together the black stud is, "Have you seen a woman more in need of attention than myself right now?" Trish asks as she pouts her lips seductively.

K-Kwik gets a stunned look on his face, "You need some attention?"

"Oh yeah... you see, thanks to some.. little fucking twerp Crash Holly bringing a trashcan lid down to the ring... I lost my chance to become #1 contender for the Women's Title... and neither Test or Albert is around to make me feel better," Trish says as she steps towards K-Kwik and places a hand on his chest, "But maybe if I get some... chocolate..."

The rookie Superstar licks his lips, "Girl... you saying what I think you saying?"

Trish licks her lips, "You seem like a smart guy who should know when a hot blond white girl want something big... and black..." Trish says as she scene blurs from view.

When the scene clears, it reveals K-Kwik sitting on a couch in a locker room while Trish Stratus is kneeling between her legs using both hands to stroke his big black cock while she licks her lips as she looks at his impressive manhood, "Yes that'll make me feel a lot better..." Trish says before she presses her lips against the head of his cock, then slowly parts them in order to have K-Kwik's cock enter her mouth. "Mmmmmm..." Trish moans as she then starts to bob her head up and down on his cock while sliding her tongue against the bottom side. Listening to the rookie wrestler's moans, Trish keeps a slow and steady pace as she lifts and lowers her head continuously while flicking her tongue against his dick at the same time. "Mmmmm... ohhh..." Trish moans against K-Kwik's large black cock, maintaining her pace even as he pushes some of her blond hair back to make sure his view of her face isn't obstructed.

The scene shifts to show Trish leaning back on the couch, her legs spread far apart thanks to K-Kwik having his hands on her thighs as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight wet Canadian cunt. "Mmmmm... ohhh... ohhhh yeah..." Trish moans and licks her lips as she feels every meaty inch of K-Kwik's large black cock sliding in and out of her pussy with each thrusts his performs. The rookie Superstar bucks his hips back and forth, building momentum as he eagerly fucks the the busty blond bombshell who has been causing turmoil in the WWF since arrival earlier that year. "Ohhh... yeha... fuck me... fuck me with that big fucking black cock..." Trish moans as she cups her breasts with both hands, squeezing them together each time K-Kwik delivers a particularly stiff thrust that makes her arch her back away from the couch's backrest.

With the following transition, K-Kwik is shown standing holding Trish up as she has her legs wrapped around his waist and her hand on his shoulders as he bounces her on his cock. "Mmmmm ohhh fuck... ahhh ohhh... oooooo fuck..." Trish moans as she rises and drops on K-Kwik's large thrusting cock. She leans her head back and lets her blond hair hang down as she grinds her pussy against his shaft, feeling him increasing the pace of his thrusts every few moments while he easily holds her up at the same time. "Yeah mmmm fuck... ohhh yeah... ohhh ahhh..." Trish gasps as K-Kwik adjusts how he's holding her to grab her ass with both hands as he continues to deeply fucking her while standing.

The next shift in the scene shows K-Kwik sitting on the couch with Trish mounted on his lap, facing away from him as she leans back against his chest and perfectly bounces up and down on his cock as he places his hands on her hips to assist her while thrusting his cock upward into her pussy. "Mmmm ohhh yeah... ohhh... ohhh fuck..." Trish moans as she grabs her own tits and massages them while she bounces on K-Kwik's big black cock, resulting in her ass smacking down against his abs thanks to how they are positioned. Trish glances back over her shoulder at the rookie wrestler and licks her lips as she increases the rate at which she riding his cock while also swiveling her hips to grind her twat around his his cock as he continues to shove it upward into her.

The scene then cuts to show Trish bent over the armrest of the couch with K-Kwik holding her ass cheeks apart as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight Canadian ass. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh fuck! Ahhh ahhh fuck!" Trish gasps and squeals with delight as she places her hands on the couch cushions as to support her upper body while the black stud behind her is hammering her ass with deep powerful thrusts. "Mmmm ahhh ohhh fuck... ohhh yeah..." Trish moans as she looks back over her shoulder at the latest tag team partner of the Road Dogg as he continues to plow his dick into her backside as sweat drips down his dark colored body. "Ohhh.. ohhhh fuck... fuck that ass... get that entire dick inside of my ass!" Trish moans as she feels K-Kwik's balls smacking against the flesh of her gorgeous rump while hearing his grunts and groans.

The scene cuts one final time, showing Trish on her knees bobbing her head briskly on K-Kwiks throbbing black cock, "Mmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Trish moans as she sucks and slurps on his cock as she moves her hands against his his waist while feeling his manhood pulse and throb between her pouty lips. The black stud soon lets out a groan as he starts to cum, flooding Trish's mouth with his jizz that she promptly swallows. Once he's finished cumming, Trish lifts her head from his cock and slides a hand through her sweat dampened hair, "Mmmm... that hit the spot..." Trish says with a sly laugh as the scene fades to black


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