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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of
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1990s WCW Fiction, 1993 to 2000 ECW Fiction and also, we DON'T write
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** Warning: This story contains bisexual male on male content and rough
sequences of non-consensual sex **

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This Is Your Fault!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the end of SmackDown on February 8, 2007, Jamie Noble is in a
private locker room, resting after getting tapped up by one of the WWE
trainers. Jamie is dressed in his black wrestling trunks and closes his
eyes when there's a knock on the door. Jamie instantly sits up on the
leather couch he's on, and grunts in pain, "Ahh… it's open..." Jamie says.

The locker room door slowly opens and the beautiful, All-American Diva
Michelle McCool steps into the locker room with a look of concern and worry
on her face. "Jamie..." Michelle says and slowly shakes her head as she
enters, closing the door behind her, and begins to walks towards the couch
that Jamie Noble is on. "I am so sorry..." Michelle says as she bites down
on her bottom lip with frustration "I can't believe Chuck! He's gone crazy!"
Michelle says as she sits down on the couch next to Jamie Noble and gently
places a hand on Jamie's chest "Are you sure you're feeling ok?" Michelle
asks as she is dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a black tank top.

"I'm alright... I think..." Jamie says as he moves as little as possible,
"Don't ya worry, this ain't ya fault... this is Chuck's fault... Jamie Noble
says. while out in the hallway, the faint sounds of shouting are barely

Michelle shakes her head as she looks at Jamie Noble "I can't believe how
Chuck is acting....this is so unlike him..." Michelle McCool replies before
she looks innocently at Jamie "Can I get ya anything, Jamie?"

"No... I'm ok..." Jamie Noble says as the sounds of shouting get louder and
an enraged Chuck Palumbo kicks the door of the locker room open.

"You!" Palumbo shouts as he looks at both Michelle McCool and Jamie Noble.
Palumbo slams the door shut and locks it, and he's dressed in dark brown
biker pants.

Jamie grits his teeth, "Hey... this ain't your..." Jamie says as he starts to
get up but Palumbo storms over and punches the injured SmackDown Superstar
right in the face, easily knocking Noble down.

Michelle McCool instantly stands up from the couch as she gets into the face
of her once close friend, Chuck Palumbo. "Chuck! Knock it off!" Michelle
says as she places her hands onto the strong arms of Chuck Palumbo, while
attempting to push him away from the injured and weakened Jamie Noble.

The enraged Chuck Palumbo turns his head towards Michelle, "Shut the fuck
up!" Palumbo yells as she shoves Michelle away from him. "This is your
fucking fault! I warned you this would happened!" Palumbo says before he
kicks Jamie Noble's ribs.

"AHHH!" Jamie screams and he rolls onto his back while holding his ribs.

Michelle stumbles back a bit, after Palumbo roughly shoves her away. Michelle
grits her teeth and narrows her eyes to glare at Palumbo "Chuck! Leave Jamie
alone!" Michelle yells as sadness appears on her face, watching Jamie Noble
clutching his ribs in pain.

Palumbo steps towards Michelle and grabs her by her throat, "Remember what I
fucking said? I told you that I'm gonna bring the crazy and make you watch me
fuck this little piece of shit up!" Palumbo yells, and some saliva spits from
his mouth onto Michelle's face before he easily throws her back onto to
leather couch.

Jamie Noble tries to get up, but Palumbo quickly turns his attention back
towards him and stomps his right foot right down onto Jamie's vulnerable
stomach. "OWWW!" Jamie screams

Michelle closes her eyes and quickly turns her head away from Chuck Palumbo
after he stomps his foot down on Jamie's stomach. "Chuck! Stop it"! Michelle
yells as she turns a bit on the couch to protect herself from the unstable
Chuck Palumbo.

Palumbo breathes heavily and smirks as he looks down at the injured and
vulnerable Jamie Noble before he looks at Michelle, "You better fucking
watch... or I'll drag this bastard out of here with my bike... and it's
parked right outside!" Palumbo yells at Michelle as he unbuckles his belt
and pulls it through the loops of his biker pants. Palumbo then turns
Noble over with his foot and begins to whip his back with his belt.

"AHHH! OWWW! AHHH!" Noble screams as his back with repeatedly beaten with
Palumbo's belt.

Michelle slowly turns her head to see Chuck Palumbo whipping Jamie Noble's
back with his belt. Michelle stands up once again from the couch with her
eyes narrowed "Chuck! Stop it!" Michelle says as she manages to rush Palumbo,
pushing him away from Jamie. Michelle turns to Noble and kneels down on to
floor to turn Jamie onto his back "Oh Jamie! Jamie! Are ya'll ok?!" Michelle
asks as she checks on the wounded Superstar.

Jamie Noble shakes his head slightly as he bites down on his bottom lip so
hard that his bottom lip begins to bleed slightly. Jamie has his eyes shut
tight for a moment and starts to open them in time to see Palumbo undoing
his biker pants and lowering them from his waist to free his eleven inch
cock. "Mich... Miche..." Jamie tries to say, but Palumbo grabs Michelle's
by her blond hair to yank her over to him.

"I'm bringing the crazy bitch... you want to fucking be his friend... well
this is your fault!" Palumbo yells down at Michelle as smacks her face with
his left hand, "Open your fucking mouth!"

Michelle closes her eyes as Palumbo roughly pulls and yanks her blond hair
"Ohhh...Chuck...stop it!" Michelle screams as she is forced to sit on her

"I ain't gonna stop bitch! This is your fault!" Palumbo yells as he forces
his thick eleven inch cock into Michelle's mouth when she starts to reply.
The out of control biker then begins to force Michelle to bob her head on
his hardening cock.

"Mmmmm! Uhhhhh!" Michelle moans and struggles to lifts her head away from
Chuck Palumbo's thick cock as he roughly thrusts his cock deep into her warm,
wet mouth to cause the beautiful and sweet All-American Diva to gag as the
head of his cock smacks roughly against the back of her moist mouth.

"Ahhh... yeah... fucking bitch! You want to be his fucking friend?! Then
pay for it!" Palumbo yells as he pumps his cock deeply in and out of the
All-American Diva's mouth. With each of his deep thrusts, Palumbo forces
Michelle to drool all over his cock. Meanwhile, Jamie Noble is starting to
sit up slowly.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhhh!" Michelle moans and gags around Chuck Palumbo's thick shaft
as she looks up helplessly at her once friend with tears forming in her
beautiful and pleading eyes. Michelle's teeth roughly rake back and forth
along Palumbo's shaft, adding to his sick and twisted pleasure as he quickly
and violently slams his cock into her mouth.

"Yeah slut! Choke on that cock!" Palumbo yells as he gets a sick smirk on his
face as he fucks the open mouth of Michele McCool.

Meanwhile Jamie Noble uses the leather couch to pull himself up, "Leave...
her... alone..." Jamie says as he holds his ribs with his right arm. Palumbo
glares at Jamie and roughly jerks his cock out of Michelle's mouth.

"You want some little man! Come get and get it!" Palumbo says. Jamie
grits his teeth and starts to rush over towards Palumbo, but the psychotic
Superstar quickly raises his left foot up to kick Jamie right in the face
which sends the injured Superstar crashing right back down to the floor.

Michelle McCool slowly lifts herself off of the floor, after having Chuck
Palumbo shoving her down to the floor. Michelle slowly shakes her head as she
looks at Palumbo "Chuck...what has gotten into you?" Michelle asks as she
looks disgustedly as Palumbo's rock hard cock dripping with her saliva.

"This is your fault so you should fucking know!" Palumbo shouts before he
firmly grabs Michelle so that he can throw her back down to the ground right
next to Jamie Noble. Palumbo smirks as he moves towards Jamie and kneels down
before he turns Jamie over to rip down Jamie's wrestling trunks, exposing
Jamie's ass. "Hey Jamie... this is Michelle's fault too!" Palumbo laughs
sickly before he roughly rams his cock into Jamie's asshole.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Jamie screams loudly in pain as his ass gets invaded by
Palumbo's thick cock.

Michelle slowly sits up, holding the back of her head before she sees Chuck
Palumbo aggressively slamming his cock into Jamie Noble's ass "Chuck! CHUCK!
What are you doing!?" Michelle says as she looks on disgusted.

"Showing you! What is YOUR fault!" Palumbo grunts and laughs as he jerks
Jamie Noble back towards him as he slams his entire cock balls deep into
Jamie's asshole.

"AHHHH! HELP! FUCK!" Jamie screams as he tries to dig his hands into the
smooth floor to try and crawl away from Palumbo as he rapes his ass.

Michelle grits her teeth as she sits up on her knees and crawls forward to
Chuck Palumbo before she places her hands onto his muscular chest, attempting
to push him away from Jamie Noble. "Chuck! Stop it! You're taking this too
far!" Michelle yells as her attempts to help her friend, Jamie Noble, are
useless while Chuck Palumbo continues to painfully slam his cock into Jamie's
tight ass.

"Ahhh! What's a fucking matter? Jealous?!" Palumbo yells at Michelle as he
keeps fucking Jamie Noble's ass with fast, hard thrusts.

"Ohhh stop it! Please!" Jamie screams as he clenches his eyes shut while he's
forced by Palumbo to keep still while he fucks him.

Michelle narrows her eyes as she raises her left hand and smacks Palumbo
across the face. "Chuck! Stop it!" Michelle yells before she grits her teeth
and slaps Palumbo's face once again.

Chuck Palumbo suddenly stops fucking Jamie Noble and he pulls out. "Oh you
messed up now!" Palumbo says as he stands up and shoves Michelle down again.
Palumbo then pulls Jamie Noble up to his feet, "Cause now he's going to pay!"
Palumbo yells as he swings Jamie Noble around and sends him head first
against the wall. Jamie Noble has no chance in protecting himself and his
head hits right against the wall, and he is instantly knocked out before his
unconscious body his the floor.

Michelle opens her mouth with shocked before she raises her hands to cover
her mouth. "Ohhh my god! Jamie!" Michelle yells as she sits up from being
shoved down once again.

"That was your fault too!" Palumbo yells at Michelle as he bends down to grab
Michelle's jeans in order to start pulling them off of her legs. Michelle
lays back on the floor of the locker room as she kicks her legs, struggling,
as Chuck Palumbo roughly pulls her jeans down from her waist and down her
smooth, tanned legs to expose her smooth shaven pussy.

Palumbo licks his lips as he smirks sickly upon seeing Michelle's smooth
pussy, "Yeah.... you were going to fuck him weren't you!" Palumbo yells
before he throws Michelle's jeans across the room. The twisted biker bends
down to pull Michelle up to her feet and turns her around so she's forced
to look at the knocked out Jamie Noble, "Look at him! Look what YOU did to
him!" Palumbo says as he bends Michelle forward and rams his cock into her
tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ahhhh Chuck!" Michelle yells as she grits her teeth when Chuck
Palumbo rams his cock roughly and deeply into her tight pussy. Michelle
closes her eyes and hangs her blond haired head down as Palumbo roughly
pounds her pussy "Stop it! Stop it Chuck!"

"Ahhhh... mmmm look at him!" Palumbo yells as he thrust his eleven inch cock
in and out of Michelle's pussy from behind. The snapped Superstar grabs the
back of Michelle's head to make her lift her head up so that's she forced to
look at the unmoving body of Jamie Noble.

"You're sick Chuck!" Michelle moans and grits her teeth as she roughly is
pulled back against Palumbo's eleven inch cock as she roughly and powerfully
slams his cock into her wet pussy "Chuck! Leave us alone!" Michelle screams
as Palumbo's balls roughly smack against her skin.

"You're sick Chuck!" Michelle moans and grits her teeth as she roughly is
pulled back against Palumbo's eleven inch cock as she roughly and powerfully
slams his cock into her wet pussy "Chuck! Leave us alone!" Michelle screams
as Palumbo's balls roughly smack against her skin.

Michelle McCool glances over her shoulder and narrows her eyes as she sits on
her hands and knees, after being roughly shoved down " need help!"
Michelle yells.

"SHUT UP!" Palumbo yells as he kneels behind Michelle McCool so that he can
slam his cock into her tight asshole. "This... is your fault for interrupting
me earlier!" Palumbo grunts as he starts fucking Michelle's ass with hard,
vicious thrusts.

"Ohhhh! AHHHHHH! Chuck! Stop!" Michelle moans and pleads with her former
friend Chuck Palumbo as he viciously slams his cock in and out of her tight
asshole, causing her to quickly rock forward due to his intense thrusts.

"Mmmmm! Uhhhh! FUCK!" Palumbo moans as he roughly fucks his former friend's
gorgeous ass. Palumbo's large ball sack smacks right against Michelle's ass
cheeks with each of his thrusts.

Michelle grits her teeth and lowers her head as she closes her eyes tightly
"Ohhhh Chuck! Stop!" Michelle moans and yells as her perfectly shaped ass
roughly slams back against his toned waist when he roughly jerks her body
back against his cock.

"Ahhhh yeah mmmm fuck yeah! This is your fault!" Palumbo grunts loudly as he
starts to cum inside of Michelle McCool's All-American ass while he continues
to pound her ass with hard thrusts.

Michelle slowly opens her eyes and looks over her shoulder at Chuck Palumbo
"Chuck you're sick..." Michelle says as she feels his warm cum unloading into
her pussy.

Chuck Palumbo soon pulls his cum spent cock out of Michelle's asshole and he
then grits his teeth, "That's your fault!" Palumbo gets his biker pants and
pulls them up, "And just you wait to see what I have in store for you two
next time! Cause that will be your fault too!" Michelle lowers her head and
bites down on her bottom lip as she remains sitting on the floor while on her
knees. Palumbo then walks over to the door and unlocks it, he then looks at
Michelle, "And don't forget... you will remember me!"


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