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Tickled Pink
by Tntrc Revillusion (

Stephanie McMahon was a college-educated working woman making good money,
and now she was a celebrity to boot thanks to the family business.
Entertainment reporters were eager to talk to her about her role as the young
super-bitch of the WWF, the sports entertainment entity owned and controlled
by her parents. Being the womens' champion of the WWF, oddly enough, gave
Stephanie an extra ego boost as she really bought into her character and her
role as a champion. Still, something nagged at her... the widespread notion
that she wasn't a credible female competitor. It couldn't have anything to do
with an electrifying redhead flying from the top rope and flipping men twice
her size flat on their back, could it? Stephanie had known for almost a week
that she would have to step into the ring and defend her title against Lita,
arguably the most popular and most talented female wrestling personality
anywhere, in front of fifteen thousand fans and a live TV audience numbering
in the millions. Stephanie was worried; not counting interfering in matches,
she hadn't stepped into a ring for about two months. The last time she was in
a ring, she was left lying flat on her back. In the last couple of weeks, she
hasn't even come up to the ring apron, mostly working with flowers and the
occasional lamp in the locker room and having to chase after Kurt Angle or
HHH as they were ready to leave in a huff.

Just last week, she approached the creative department concerned about her

She relished in the "super-bitch spoiled daughter of the chairman & CEO"
character created for her when she debuted it almost a year ago, then reveled
in taking the women's title six months ago... with a little help from her
faction friends. Months had passed since then, and she was tiring of using
her title as a prop. Now that she had the title, she wanted to do more to
defend it and proved it belonged on her shoulder. She thought it mihgt be
time to transform her into a tougher, more independent female character and
a legitimate women's champion. But the words of the creative folks echoed in
her head... "we think your character is fine the way it is. In fact, we'd
like you to drop the women's title and separate from the women's division so
you can do more with Angle and HHH."

In the midst of all their creating, writing and story developing, how
could they dare to forget about the daughter of the two people who sign their
checks? Their plan was for Stephanie to lose the women's title so she could
"concentrate" on being tugged back and forth between her "husband" and her
"good friend"? She asked if she could change their minds and convince them to
alter her role... they said that Vince had approved this story and he really
wanted his daughter to drop the title and stay out of the ring; the gimmick
of Steph as the womens' champion had run its course, and they wanted to field
a serious womens' division now that they had the abundance of talent to do it

About an hour or so before the live show started, Stephanie was told that
she would go into the ring and put up little resistance for about five
minutes in losing the womens' championship to Lita, and she wouldn't even
gain a slight measure of revenge against the new champion in future events...
Stephanie would just have to lie there, take the moonsault, lose the fall and
writhe in pain while Lita hoisted the belt to the elation of the sellout
crowd popping for her. From there, Lita would move on to battle the other
female wrestlers, and Stephanie would do little to nothing in the ring from
here on out.

Stephanie was upset a bit by this... first they told her she was a
gimmick, then they turned her back into the big-ticket pawn/arm dressing that
she had spent months playing prior to being put in the ring. She wondered if
she had pissed the creative department off somehow, for them to press the
story they had been sitting on for so long so soon after she talked to them
about a change in her gimmick. But she figured that it all fit into place,
with the pay-per-view coming in a week, and her conversation with them
probably had no effect at all. All in all, it wasn't so bad, she told
herself... being tossed about the ring in actual matches would subject her to
a greater risk of injury than just getting knocked off the apron and being
put in the occasional submission hold by the opponent of the wrestler she
escorted to the ring.

Even though she entered her title reign with no expectations, she had
bought into it while she had it, relishing being a champion and settling into
the role. Before she could dress for the match, she had to come out to the
ring to start the show and react to the all-telling announcement from the
commisioner about the match... no interference... from anyone... or else
Stephanie would be disqualified and the title would change hands. Steph had
skirted the rules and slipped through loopholes in special stipulations that
would have allowed the title to change hands if a certain person or group
interfered in the past to keep the title. Now, it was painfully obvious that
her title reign was over. She went back to her dressing room to prepare for
the match, thinking about how much she hated change.

A stagehand tapped on the door. "Ms. McMahon, you're up." The time had
come for the princess to lose her crown. As Stephanie walked towards the
ring and the camera followed in front of her, the voices continued to rattle
around in her head: "joke," "gimmick," "drop the women's title," "separate
from the womens' division." She decided that if she was going to wrestle to
lose in her last match, she would have a little fun in the process...

After lingering backstage for a couple of minutes, Stephanie made her way
to the edge of the curtain just as the recap video of her attack on Lita last
night played to set up the match. Lita just happened to be standing a few
feet away; Stephanie leaned over, tapped her on the shoulder and wished her
luck in the match. "Let's make it a match to remember," Stephanie told Lita,
winking to her before being ushered towards the stage, getting no chance to
see the look of confusion in Lita's eyes. "What did she mean by that?," Lita
thought as Steph's open hit; the crowd booed heartily even before she made
it into view.

"This match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the World Wrestling
Federation women's championship," Lillian Garcia announced to the boisterous
sellout crowd in Lafayette. "Introducing first... the World Wrestling
Federation women's champion... Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!" The crowd
continued booing, the anti-Stephanie signs were waving around for the cameras
to pick up, and Stephanie maintained her typical wide-eyed, pursed-lip,
upturned-nose sneering as she made her way down the ramp, up the steps,
between the ropes and into the ring. Stephanie paraded around the ring for
about ten seconds, posturing to the hostile crowd and maintaining her
sneer... then Lita's open hit. The crowd erupted, again before the object of
their adulation even came into view. Lillian would have a difficult go trying
to make the introduction over the crowd noise, but she went on with it

"And introducing her challenger... Lita!" After flashing the crowd her
borrowed-from-the-Hardyz (and Jimmy Snuka) "superfly" pose and motioning
to her waist where the womens' title would soon be, Lita came dashing down
the ramp, hurdled the apron and slid into the ring... and was met by
Stephanie's boot once she got there. Unfazed by the move, Lita reached up,
grabbed Stephanie's ankles and threw her flat on her back. She jumped on top
of her and started punching her, revenge for being tossed about so ruthlessly
on the show the night before. From there began the usual routine of a
Stephanie/Lita confrontation: Lita tossed Steph about by the hair a few
times, chased her as she slipped out of the ring, then suplexed her once the
action returned to the ring. As Lita was about to climb the rope for the
finishing moonsault, Steph slipped out of the ring in front of the announce
table. Lita came around to pursue her, finding Steph on all fours in front of
the table. Lita picked Stephanie up by the hair, dragging her to her feet to
repay Steph for something else she did last night: repeatedly slamming her
head into the announce table. Lita pulled Stephanie back to slam her, but
Stephanie put her hands on the table. What was this? Stephanie... countering?
Then Lita felt Stephanie grab her by the hair and slam her head into the
announce table... then again... and again... and again. Feeling confident
that she had disoriented Lita enough to level the playing field, Steph
rolled Lita back into the ring and pinned her... one... two... Lita kicked
out, and Stephanie retreated to a corner.

Stephanie had been learning a few moves (from actual instructors, not by
HHH as part of a plotline to call her the wrong name so she could get angry
and storm out), but she didn't know what to do as Lita stirred to her feet.
Stephanie ran over and threw Lita against the ropes... but when she bounced
off of them, Stephanie had no idea what to do. Before she could think of
anything, Lita hit her with a clothesline, then dragged her up by the hair
and suplexed her again. Lita then got up, signaled that it was all over, and
headed for the ropes.

As Lita ascended to the top rope, Stephanie lay there, flat on her back,
thinking about all she had been hearing about being a gimmick and a joke as a

Then, she thought about something as she came backstage from the opening
segment. On her way to her dressing room, Stephanie passed by the women's
locker room; the door was halfway open, and she noticed Lita dressing for
the match.

Stephanie lingered at the door long enough to watch Lita pull on her socks
and giggle a bit as she slid them over her arches. There Stephanie was, about
to take the moonsault and lose.

"It's play time now," Stephanie thought to herself.

Lita went for her moonsault, but she hit the canvas loud and hard...
Stephanie had rolled out of the way. Lita was left squirming face-down on the
canvas, clutching at her back and wondering why Stephanie had rolled out of
the way when she was supposed to lie there and take it. Stephanie jumped on
top of her, grabbed her legs, pulled them towards her and started untying her
sneakers. Lita continued to lie on the mat, wondering just what in the hell
Stephanie was doing; this wasn't in the script either. Stephanie struggled a
bit with the laces, but she got them both undone in about twenty seconds and,
with two fierce tugs, separated Lita from her sneakers.

Stephanie jumped up with an incredulous smile on her face, clutching both
sneakers, and threw them into the crowd. Meanwhile, Lita remained face-down,
still wondering where Stephanie was going with all this; the announcers
wondered the same thing along with the producers... they should be well into
a break by now.

Stephanie jumped back on top of Lita, this time onto her thighs instead of
her back, wrapped her legs in a scissor lock around Lita's calves... then
pulled off her socks.

Again, Stephanie jumped up with the same incredulous smile and threw
Lita's socks into the crowd.

Lita remained face down on the canvas, still wondering what was going on
but a little self-conscious... Lita never really liked showing off her feet.
She always wore sneakers and boots because she believed that her feet were
just plain ugly from the years she spent in judo before moving into the ring.
She never paid much attention to her feet, she never painted her toenails;
she didn't really even bother to clip her toenails often. She tried in vain
to hide her bare feet by flexing her ankles as far as they would go and
bringing her feet underneath, but her ankles were a bit stiff and she
couldn't do much to hide them. Before too long, Stephanie came back over, sat
across the back of Lita's thighs, took a firm hold on her ankles with one
forearm... and with her other hand, Stephanie danced her fingers across
Lita's soles, running from heel to toe and back again searching for the right
spot. It didn't take Stephanie's fingertips long to find a home on the curves
of Lita's arches. Lita knew it... Steph had found the most sensitive spot on
her entire body. Stephanie knew it too, and she instinctively began her
assault, mercilessly tickling that one spot. Lita clenched her toes, her
smooth dark pink soles wrinkled and she began laughing uncontrollably. She
was about to pound her hand on the mat in her uncontrollable laughter when
the realization burst through the full-body sensory assault of Steph's
tickling... if she pounded the mat, that would amount to a tap-out and she
wouldn't win the title. It would have been different if the referee was
distracted or knocked out at some point... but he was only inches away,
watching every second with a huge smile on his face. Forget winning the
match, even by accident; Stephanie had a huge smile on her face and was
loving every second of this as she dug her fingers harder and deeper onto
Lita's arches. Stephanie only spent forty-five seconds working her arches
over, but to Lita, it was an eternity. Tiring of the arches for the moment,
Stephanie let her fingers do the walking, trying to find more spots before
Lita put a stop to it. While they weren't as sensitive as her arches, Lita
was still ticklish in several spots on her feet, and damned if Stephanie
didn't find every one of them: the inside of her right ankle, the outside of
her left ankle, just behind her little toes, the outside edges of her heels,
the tops of her big toes; all of them tickled with the same ferocity. The
camera went in on Lita's face, which long ago flushed red. Tears were running
down her cheeks, but in a stark contrast to that, she could not control her
laughter. Trying to make some sense of what Stephanie was doing, the
announcers played along with the submission hold angle.

"Look at Stephanie, tearing into Lita!"

"Look at Lita, JR, she's crying... waaah! waaah! WWF wrestlers aren't
supposed to cry!"

"Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, doing a number on Lita... she has to tap out
of this sooner or later... how much more of this can she take?"

Inexplicably, Stephanie eased her attack, dragging her fingertips up and
down Lita's soles, then she stopped even that to catch her breath. Stephanie
leaned forward for just a moment; Lita wasn't sure, but she thought she felt
Stephanie's lips press into the curve of her left arch for just a second.
Keeping her forearm wrapped around Lita's ankles, Stephanie leaned back for
a moment to whisper something to Lita. "Want another round?"

Lita answered by grabbing Stephanie by the hair and threw her off.
Stephanie did a half-roll in the air and bounced to the canvas face-down; the
sound of the supports under the ring crashing echoed through the arena. Now,
both women were lying face down in the center of the ring. The referee
started to count.


"Do it to me," Stephanie whispered.



"Do it to me."

"Do what to you?"


"What I just did to you... tear my boots off and tickle me."


"What's going on here, Stephanie?"

"This is how you'll win the title."


"Knock me over, jump on my back, tear off my boots and start tickling me.
There's a spot on the ball of my left foot, right below my big toe, that's
very, very sensitive."


"Just go hard into that spot, I'll tap out and you'll be the champion."


"I'm supposed to lose... I just want to have some fun doing it."


"And if you don't want to go to that spot right away... that's okay too."

Before the ref could count nine, both women began to stand up. Stephanie
was first to stand, but Lita crawled over on hands and knees, grabbed
Stephanie around the waist and tackled her to the mat. As instructed, Lita
went for Stephanie's boots; with two quick tugs, they easily slid off. Now,
as Lita tossed her boots into the crowd, Stephanie's perfect bare feet were

Steph didn't bother to wear socks, the light pink polish on her toenails
was fresh and flawless, her soles were fresh, smooth, and flawless, their
near-total lack of color exposed to the camera... like she prepared herself
"in case" her boots were pulled off... at least that's what she told the
pedicurist she visited in Lafayette that afternoon.

Lita wasn't exactly up to winning the title with a "joke" submission hold,
so she jumped onto Stephanie's back, crossed her ankles and wove her arms
around them to make it look like a modified leglock. Lita reached around
with her right hand, briefly danced her fingers along both soles until, as
instructed, she put a hard tickling on the ball of Stephanie's left foot.
Stephanie began to laugh so hard, she didn't bother to tap out... the
referee, fed up with the producers yelling in his earpiece to wrap the match
up, decided to call Stephanie out and call for the bell after about ten
seconds. The bell rang, but Lita didn't stop the tickling. Lita went into the
ball of Stephanie's foot with more and more pressure and intensity until,
thirty seconds later, Stephanie tapped out rather anticlimatically. The ref
pulled Lita off, handed her the belt and ordered her to the back.

[Ten minutes later...]

Lita was sitting in front of her locker, still catching her breath from
Steph's tickling assault. The first thing that she did once she got back
there, even before she put her newly won title belt away, was to dig into her
bag for her sneakers and a fresh pair of socks. Lita was still putting her
things away when a knock came at the door.

"Can I come in?"


The door swings open, and in walks Stephanie.

"What's up, Steph?"

"I just wanted to thank for a great match. That was the most fun I've
had in a while. I'm kind of glad to be getting out of the ring... but that
doesn't mean this is over. Give me a call when you're ready to give me a

And, with a wink, Stephanie left for her own dressing room. Again,
Stephanie missed out on Lita's confused look. Lita had an idea of what she
thought that Stephanie meant... but was she serious about it?

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