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Too Hot To Handle Part 1: Eyeing The Former Hurricane
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the Continental Airlines Arena, the trio of divas
known as Vince's Devils, consisting of the vicious vixen Victoria, the lovely
Candice Michelle and the stunning Torrie Wilson, are walking through the
corridors of the arena. Each of them is in an upbeat mood and they all have
satisfied looks on their lovely faces.

Torrie smiles at her two comrades as they walk past the Raw Interview set,
"I can't stop thinking about what we did to that creep Edge..."

Candice laughs "Ohhh...I know it so great. He didn't see it coming!" Candice
says as she licks her lips a bit. Victoria stops and turns around, causing
both Candice and Torrie to stop in their tracks as well.

Victoria points at Torrie and Candice, she smirks "If you liked what we did
to Edge...that's nothing!" Candice raises her eyebrow.

"What do you mean, Victoria?" Victoria folds her arms.

"What I I'm sick and tired of how the guys around treat of Divas!"
Victoria says as she circles Candice and Torrie.

"Aren't you two tired of every little...ass grab.." Victoria asks as she
pinches Torrie's right asscheek.

Torrie jumps a little bit and smiles slightly, "Oh... I'm tired of almost
everyone grabbing my ass... but you can do that any time..." Torrie licks her
lips slightly, "But you're right... it's really annoying that the guys treat
us... like Lita, we're deserve better than that...."

Candice nods her head as she places her hand against Torrie's smooth left arm
"Torrie.. you are so right...we're better...then anyone of the Divas...we got
the looks..." Candice then turns her head Victoria "And...the power..."

Victoria smirks "That's it Devils! And that's why Edge was only the first of
many! It's time we show these boys...who's the real boss around here!"

Torrie grins, "We'll have them all kissing out feet..." Torrie laughs as they
continue to walk down the corridor.

Victoria leads the way down the hallway, dressed in black pants and a black
halter-top. Candice and Torrie are also dressed in black, however the two
other Divas are dressed in matching black skirts, Candice also have her
mighty 'magic wand' in hand. Victoria stops suddenly after coming to the end
of the hallway and she smirks wicked. She glances back Torrie and Candice
"Devils, I think we found our next victim..."

Both Torrie and Candice look in the direction and they both smirks as they
spot the wrestler formerly known as the Hurricane, Gregory Helms, getting
himself a cup of coffee. Helms puts some cream into his coffee and stirs it
with a straw before he takes a sip. Helms makes a face and then spits it out,
"Oh Christ, this tastes like shit..." He says to himself as he throws the
rest of the coffee into the trash.

Torrie and Candice both give each other a head nod before they walk away from
Victoria and approach Gregory Helms. Candice places a hand on his back as she
stands to his left side "Hey Greg.." Candice says with a smile. Torrie stands
to Greg's right side and places a hand on Greg's forearm

"Hi Greg...looking hot today." Torrie says with a wink.

"Hey ladies..." Helms smirks as he looks at the cleavage of first Torrie than
Candice, "What's up?" He asks as he licks his lips while still not looking
either one of them in the face.

Torrie smirks and gently moves two of her fingers slowly up Greg's arm
"Well...Candice and I...we just walking by...and we couldn't help but notice,
how incredibly you are.."

Candice licks her lips and nods her head "Mmm....that's right." Candice
laughs "I think you're definitely too hot for me..." Candice says as she
catches a look of Greg's eyes and sends him a lustful look, before she
places her hand over the crotch of his jeans.

Greg laughs a bit, "Oh, so you two sluts are looking to get rocked by a
former hurricane?" Greg moves his hand behind both Candice and Torrie and
grabs a handful of both of their lovely backsides.

Greg suddenly feels a powerful force grab his shirt behind and yank him away
from Candice and Torrie. Before Greg knows it, he's slammed up against a
nearby wall staring right into the face of Victoria "What did you call
them!?" Victoria yells.

"I called them sluts... what the fuck your problem..." Greg yells as he
pushes Victoria away from him, but he's a bit surprised with Victoria keeps
her position. "I don't need this shit... you three can go fuck off..." Greg
adds as he moves to get away from them.

Victoria grabs a hold of Greg's short hair and yanks him down to his knees.
Victoria glares him "Listen up! Gregory its time that you pay
the fucking price!" Victoria glances at Candice, then at Torrie "Devils,
time to get to work!" Victoria then shoves Greg onto the cement. Greg lands
flat on his back as Victoria sits down on top of Greg's chest, digging her
knees into his shoulders, pinning him down to the floor.

Greg instantly starts struggling to get out from Victoria, "Hey... get your
fat... skanky ass off of me!" Greg yells as he manages to get his hands on
Victoria's thighs, but with her sitting on his chest and pinning his
shoulders to the cold floor, he can get no leverage to push the strongest
diva on the WWE roster off of his chest.

Victoria grabs a hold of his arms and pins his arms down with her hands as
she also pins down his shoulders. Victoria locks eyes with Greg and glares
at him "Listen! I were going to pay, and you're gonna pay dearly!"
Victoria yells and then glances over her shoulder, she smirks as she sees
Candice and Torrie unbuckling Greg's belt. Candice slides his belt off as
Torrie unzips his jeans. Both Candice and Torrie grab a hold of the sides of
Greg's jeans and begin to pull them down.

Greg looks up at Victoria's eyes and swallows hard seeing the look she has.
"What... are you three... bitches going to do to me?" Greg asks as he feels
the cold air of the arena on his exposed legs. He tries to free his arms,
but after seeing the look in Victoria's eyes, he's slightly tentative to try
anything just yet.

"You better think again about calling us bitches, again!" Victoria says as
she lifts a hand up from Greg's arm and smacks him across the face. Once
Greg's jeans are completely off Candice sits on Greg's legs and slowly pulls
down his boxers, letting his soft cock flop out into the free air. Torrie
comes to Greg's side and gets on her knees bending over. Torrie grips his
cock with her right hand, and Candice gently pinches the head of his cock.

"Owww.... fuck..." Greg grunts his teeth in a bit of pain as a result of
Candice pinching the head of his cock. "What... do you three..." Greg pauses,
"What do you three fucking want?" Greg asks as he moves his legs to try and
push himself free, but with the added weight of Candice on him all he does is
waste his own energy.

Victoria smirks "I already told're going to pay for what you called
my two Devils..." Victoria says as she reaches up and pulls her black top off
of her body exposing her large, nicely round chest. Candice leans her head
down and flicks her tongue against the head of Greg's cock as Torrie moves
her hand against Greg's shaft, hardening his shaft up instantly.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Greg moans as he moves his hips out of reflex to push his
cock up against Candice's mouth. Greg bites his lip as his eyes lock onto
Victoria's chest. His eyes don't move at all as he just stares at Victoria.
"So... how... am I... going to pay..." Greg moans as he asks her the
redundant question.

Victoria laughs "Simple...My fellow Devils and I are going to fuck you"
Victoria says as she viciously rips Greg's t-shirt down the middle exposing
the upper parts of his hairless chest. Candice circles her tongue around
Greg's cock, before she open her warm, delicate mouth. She wraps her lips
tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head on Greg's cock as Torrie
moves her smooth hand against the lower half of Greg's shaft.

"Ohhh shit..." Greg groans in a bit of pleasure, "This... probably... won't
be so bad..." He closes his eyes as he gets into enjoying the pleasure he's
feeling from the tag team of Candice's lovely mouth and Torrie's hand, not
realizing he could be making a big mistake taking his eyes off of Victoria.
Victoria smirks and removes her black pants, followed by her panties.
Victoria then sits on top of Greg's face and begins to grind her pussy
against his face. Candice begins to bob her head quicker on Greg's cock as
Torrie leans her head in and places her tongue against the part of Greg's
cock that is not in Candice's mouth.

"Holy shit..." Greg groans as he opens his mouth a bit to taste Victoria's
pussy. He sticks his tongue out a bit and when Victoria moves back to the
right spot, it slips into her with ease. Greg relaxes his body showing he's
given up trying to fight them.

Victoria bites down on her bottom lip "'re being a good boy..."
Victoria groans as Candice lifts her head up from Greg's cock and begins to
lick down his shaft until her tongue meets Torrie's sweet tongue. Candice
and Torrie both smile at each other before they kiss.

Candice breaks the kiss and smiles at Torrie "You are too hot for me..."

Torrie laughs "'re too hot for me.." Torrie smirks before
she lifts her head up and takes Greg's cock into her mouth and begins to bob
her head. While Torrie bobs her head on Greg's cock, Candice removes her own
clothing and then begins to remove Torrie's clothing. Greg moans as he begins
moving his head to drag his tongue back and forth against Victoria's pussy.
He moves his hands and places them on Victoria's powerful thighs to feel them
as he pushes his cock upward into Torrie's mouth.

Victoria leans her hands back and places them on Greg's stomach as Torrie
swirls her tongue against Greg's cock, bobbing her head quicker on his cock.
Torrie laps her wet tongue around Greg's cock. Candice licks her lips as she
watches her two fellow Divas work over the young, hot Superstar. Candice
smirks and crawls around, getting between Greg's legs. Candice leans her head
low to the floor and flicks her tongue against the end of Greg's asscrack,
just below his ballsack.

"Ohhhh yes..." Greg manages to say as he continues to lap his tongue against
Victoria's pussy. Greg spreads his legs as wide as he can, giving Candice
plenty of room to work her magic.

Candice is able to work her tongue into the opening of Greg's asscrack as
Torrie begins to tighten her grip around Greg's cock, sucking harder while
taking more of his cock into her mouth. Victoria stops grinding her pussy
against Greg face and looks down at him with a smirk "'d you like
to be fucked?"

"Ohhh... I'd... love to be fucked by you...." Greg replies with a big smile
on his sweating face.

Victoria laughs and shakes her head "No...not by me...I make that call."
Victoria smirks and looks over her shoulder at Candice and Torrie "Which one
of my two you want?"

Greg lifts his head and looks at both Torrie and Candice as if he's a kid in
a toy store, "Umm, shit..." Greg frowns and thinks about it for a long moment
before he smiles, "I want... Candice..." Greg licks his lips.

Victoria nods "Alright...and while you have Candice, you're gonna eat out
Torrie. Got it!?"

"I got it..." Greg answers as he nods his head. He looks at Torrie's pussy
with a hungry look in his eyes as if he's going to a buffet.

Candice licks her lips as she positions herself over Greg's cock and mounts
him, coming down on his cock, gently at first getting used to his cock
"Mmmm..." Candice moans as she begins to gently rock back on his cock and
then forward. Torrie moves up to Greg's head and lays down on the floor next
to him, with her pussy at Greg's head level.

Greg places one of his hands on Candice's hips so he can feel every movement
she makes as he turns his head towards Torrie's pussy. "Hmmm... going to need
to hold you up..." Greg says as he lifts Torrie's top leg up enough so he can
press his face against her pussy. He starts out by nibbling on the pussy lips
while flicking his tongue against them in between every few bites.

Torrie licks her lips as she feels Greg nibbling away at her warm pussy
"Mmmm...Greg...thatís it...treat me good..." Torrie moans as Candice to
bounce quicker on Greg's cock adding some thrusts each time she rock
forward, riding his cock at a more rough pace then what she starts at.
Victoria smirks and bends over picking up Candice's 'magic wand', she
sits down on a nearby chair, twirling around the 'magic wand' in the air
as she watches Torrie and Candice double team Gregory Helms. Greg moans
softly as he presses his tongue against Torrie's pussy. He moves his hand
down to Torrie's calf to pull her pussy closer so he can slide his tongue
deep inside of her. Greg moves his head back and forth to move his tongue
in and out of Torrie's wet pussy at a quick rate as he bucks his hips to
thrust up into Candice's tight pussy.

Candice grits her teeth as she slams down on Greg's cock with intense force
"Mmmm....fuck.." Candice groans as she starts to roughly grind her pussy
against his cock as she bounces quicker and quicker each time. Candice begins
sweat as Torrie slides her hand through Greg's hair and ruffles his hair up.

Victoria folds arms and smirks as she presses the tip of Candice's 'magic
wand' against her lips "Good work Devils...make him beg for more!"

Greg moves his head away from Torrie's pussy, "Ohhh shit Torrie... your pussy
tastes so fucking good..." Greg goes back to eating Torrie's pussy, lapping
his tongue against her sweetness for a few moments then he stops when he
feels Candice drop down sharply on his dick, "Ohhh Candice... you're so
fucking tight..." Victoria stands up from the chair and walks over to Greg,
Torrie and Candice. Victoria kneels down and taps Greg's on the top of his
head with Candice's 'magic wand' to get his attention.

Greg looks up at Victoria and smiles, "Yes?" Greg blinks his eyes to keep his
own sweat from dripping into them.

Victoria smirks "You know...I bet Torrie would love a good fucking..."

Greg smirks and licks his lips, "I bet she would too... I know I would..."

"Well...Torrie loves it doggy style...can you do that?" Victoria asks as
Torrie sits up and bends over getting onto her hands and knees.

"Yeah... I can..." Greg licks his lips as he pushes Candice up and off his
cock. He rolls to his left and gets on his knees behind Torrie. Gripping his
cock by the base, he slams his cock into Torrie's inviting pussy. Torrie
looks her shoulder with a smirk as Greg begins to pushes his cock deeper
into her warm cunt. Victoria picks up Torrie's skirt, that was laying on the
floor. Victoria gets behind Greg and takes his hands; she ties Greg's hands
behind his back with the use of Torrie's black skirt. "Hey... what... are you
doing?" Greg gets a confused look on his face as he looks back at Victoria.
He starts to back up out of Torrie, but doesn't get far with how she's
pushing back against him.

Victoria smirks "You play by our rules..." Victoria laughs and smacks her
hand hard against Greg's left asscheek causing him to thrust into Torrie's

"What the fuck are you getting at..." Greg asks as feels Torrie pushes back
as hard as she can back against him. Greg feels himself losing his balance,
but he's able to keep himself upright as he starts to glare at Victoria.
Victoria smirks and hands the 'magic wand' over to Candice, who is now
kneeled behind Greg. Victoria licks her lips as she looks at Candice and
then nods her head. Candice raises her 'magic wand' up to her lips and
flicks her tongue against the tip of the 'magic wand' before she swings it
down and smacks the 'magic wand' hard against Greg's ass. "Holy shit!" Greg
screams out in pain as the result of the strike. "What are you, fucking
crazy?!" Greg yells as he stops thrusting into Torrie's pussy.

Candice laughs as Torrie slams herself back against Greg's cock with great
force. Victoria smirks as she folds her arms "Do it again!" She commands.

Candice smiles "I bet this is too hot for Greg.." Candice before she wipes
Greg's ass again with her 'magic wand'.

"Stop it! You fucking psycho!" Greg yells as he feels that he's going to cum
soon. Not wanting to give them the satisfaction of him cumming under these
conditions, Greg holds himself back from releasing his spunk inside of

Candice laughs "I'm not a psycho...I'm just too hot for"
Candice says before she smacks Greg's ass once again with her 'magic wand'
leaving a red mark on his left ass cheek. Victoria smirks and kneels down
next to Candice.

"Allow me..." Victoria takes Candice's 'magic wand' and raises the 'magic
wand' a bit up to his lower back. Victoria then whips the 'magic wand'
against the lower portion of Greg's back.

"Ahhhhh stop it!" Greg screams as the stinging pain shoots up his back. He
clenches his eyes shut and grits his teeth as he tries to block out the pain
in addition to keeping himself from climaxing. "Oh fuck..." Greg whimpers as
he feels himself start to cum a little bit inside of Torrie's pussy. Torrie
slows down and crawls away Greg as some of his cum drips onto the cement
floor. Victoria stands up, behind him with a smirk.

Greg whimpers a bit more as his cock throbs violently since he's on the edge
of blowing a good size load, "You three... can... go fuck yourselves...

Victoria laughs "Ohh...we'll be fucking later" Victoria says with a smirk
as she looks at Candice and Torrie "...but's my turn to fuck you!"
Victoria pushes Greg hard onto the cement floor and mounts herself on his
weakened cock. Victoria looks over at Candice and Torrie "Devils...go ahead
without me...I got him to myself."

"Ohhh shit..." Greg groans in a mix of pain and pleasure as he feels
Victoria's pussy tighten around his cock like a vice. Victoria places her
hands onto Greg's chest as she starts to violently rock back and forth on
his cock. Candice and Torrie gather their belongings and exit down the
hallway, following Victoria's orders.

"Get... get... get the fuck off me..." Greg's eyes tear up as he starts to
cum inside of Victoria's pussy. With how hard Victoria is riding him, Greg
feels a lot of pain in his pelvis. "Stop... it... get... off... me..."

Victoria smirks "I thought are a little whiny bitch!"

"Get.... off... you're... fucking going... to put me... on the disable
list... you bitch!" Greg cries as the pain he's feeling becomes more intense.

Victoria slows down and gets off of Greg. She stands over him with a smirk
"I think you paid the price...just remember the next you call me or one of
my Devils a bitch again. It's going to be alot worse! Got it!?"

Greg nods his head quietly as he gets a relived look on his face now that the
vicious vixen is no longer on his dick. "I... I... got it..."

Meanwhile...Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson are walking down the hallway
on their way back to the Women's Lockerroom to wait for Victoria. Candice
smiles "So...Torrie...what do you think Vicki's doing to Greg?"

Torrie smiles, "Oh... I bet she teaching him how to respect us... so she's
probably whipping him."

Candice bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh...I know I'd love to whip you..."
Candice says gently patting Torrie's ass with her 'magic wand'.

"Oooo..." Torrie licks her lips seductively, "You can whip me any time..."
The two divas pass by an open door that leads into the male locker room.
Torrie looks inside and smiles, "Candice... come look in here..."

Candice smiles and steps toward the lockerroom that Torrie is looking into
"What is it Torr?"

Torrie points inside, "Look at him..." Torrie licks her lips as they both see
Shelton Benjamin changing out of his street clothes and into his wrestling

Candice licks her lips as well "Mmmm...he's hot...Shelton is definitely a you think we can handle him, without Victoria?" Candice asks
turning towards Torrie.

Torrie laughs before she smirks at Candice, "Oh Candi... I know we can handle

Candice laughs "Oh yeah...because...we're simply...Too...Hot...To Handle..."
Candice before she softly kisses Torrie's lips.


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