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Too Hot To Handle Part 2: All About The Benjamin
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Out in the hallway just in front of Shelton Benjamin's locker room, the
beautiful Torrie Wilson and the seductive Candice Michelle are peeking into
the locker room as they watch Shelton Benjamin strip out of his street

Torrie licks her lips, "Mmmmm... Beautiful... he has such a great body..."

Candice nods her head "I'd say...he just as of a great body as you do,

Torrie looks at Candice, "Oh honey, he has a body that's just as hot as
yours..." Torrie looks back into the locker room and slowly gets a big smile
on her lovely face when she sees Shelton's exposed crotch. "Candi... have
you ever been with a black man..."

Candice shakes her head "No...but I hear what the say about that..." Candice
laughs a bit. "Have you ever, Torr?"

Torrie licks her lips, "Oh... I've had my fair share of dark chocolate..."
Torrie smiles at Candice, "You don't know what you’re missing..."

Candice laughs "Well what are we waiting for then..." Candice asks as she
playfully twirls her 'magic wand' in the air.

Torrie smiles, "Let see... if he can handle us..." Torrie reaches forward to
grab the doorknob and she closes the door slightly so she can knock on it.

The two sexy Raw Divas wait patiently as Shelton calls out, "Just a
moment..." Shelton opens the door completely as he holds a green towel up
that's wrapped around his waist. He gets a wide smile on his face but also
raises an eyebrow as he sees Torrie and Candice, "Hey Torrie... hey

Candice enters the lockerroom first, followed by Torrie. Candice smiles "Hey
Shelton..." Torrie's eyes travel down Shelton's body instantly to the green

"How's my favorite hottie doing?" Torrie asks with a wink.

"I'm doing alright," Shelton replies, "What can I do for you two?" He
tightens his grip on his towel, inadvertently causing it to pull tightly
against his crotch.

Candice walks around behind Shelton and places her hands delicately onto
his shoulders. Candice runs her 'magic wand' down Shelton's left arm as she
softly breaths into his ear. Torrie smirks slightly as she looks at Shelton
"We just wanted to see how the hottest...and probably the biggest Superstar
is doing."

Candice raises her eyebrow "Biggest?"

Torrie nods "Yeah know what they say men, don't

Shelton thinks he sees what Torrie has in mind and he looks over his shoulder
at Candice, "If you do know... I promise it's very true... specially in my

Candice laughs a little "Oh...really?" Candice asks as she walks out from
behind Shelton and walks back to Torrie. Candice takes Torrie's hand as she
tosses her 'magic wand' to Shelton " know what they say about
Torrie and I, right?"

Shelton catches the wand with the hand he was using to hold his towel up. The
towel slips down his legs slowly, as he raises his eyebrow, "What do they say
about you two?" He asks, not realizing he's now exposed to them from the
waist down.

Torrie licks her lips as she catches the first sight of Shelton's black cock
"That we're..." Candice smiles and softly kisses Torrie on the cheek, she
then looks at Shelton with a seductive smirk "….to handle..."
Candice then licks her lips.

Shelton smiles as twirls the 'magic wand' around with his fingers, "Well I
heard you two were too hot for Smackdown... but I think I can handle you
two." Shelton gets a confident look on his handsome face as he eyes up both
Candice and Torrie's bodies.

Candice and Torrie both take a step towards Shelton and Torrie smiles
"Well...why don't you lose that towel, and we can see about that.." Torrie
says locking eyes with Shelton.

Shelton nods, "All right..."he says as he takes hold of the towel to pull it
off from around his waist. He flings it over toward hit travel bags, which
are sitting near the table. Shelton points the 'magic wand' at Candice, "You
want me to hold this for you?"

Candice smiles "If you would babe..." Candice winks at Shelton before she
gets down onto her knees and crawls over to Shelton. Candice reaches Shelton
and sits up onto her knees flipping her hair. Candice takes Shelton's cock
into her smooth hands and begins to move her gentle hands up and down against
Shelton's black shaft. While Candice is stroking Shelton's cock, Torrie
begins to remove her own black skirt and top.

Shelton moans softly in response to Candice's soft hands moving on his cock
as it comes to life. "Ohhhh yea..." Shelton whispers as his dick becomes an
unbending rod of hot black man meat under the careful handling of Candice.

Candice licks her lips "Mmmm… it looks so good..." Candice bites down on her
bottom lip as a completely nude Torrie Wilson gets down on her knees next to
Candice. Torrie cups Shelton's ballsack with her left hand and begins to
massage his ballsack as Candice leans forward and twirls her tongue against
the head of Shelton's cock.

Shelton closes his eyes slightly and licks his lips, "You're going to love
it..." He gently taps the top of Candice's head with the 'magic wand' while
his shaft jumps slightly with Candice's tongue brushes against the underside
of the tip. Torrie leans in as well and begins to flick her tongue against
Shelton's ballsack as Candice moves her warm, wet tongue down Shelton's long,
hard, black shaft.

"Ohhh yea..." Shelton licks his lips as he places his free hand on Torrie's
head to play with her golden blond hair. "This is like a dream..." Shelton
moans and moves his hips slightly to slide his cock against both of their
soft wet tongues. Torrie moves her tongue away from Shelton's ballsack and
begins to glide her tongue up Shelton's black shaft, as Candice guides her
tongue down his shaft. The two hot Devils' tongues brush against each other
as their tongues work over Shelton's cock.

"Damn... you two sure are a great tongue tag team..." Shelton's breathing
quickens slightly, but he keeps his cool while he slides Candice's 'magic
wand' through her long black hair. Torrie reaches the top of Shelton's cock
and opens her luscious, warm mouth and takes the head of Shelton big black
cock into her mouth. She wraps her smooth lips against his shaft and begins
to slowly bob her blonde head on his cock as Candice laps her tongue around
Shelton's ballsack Shelton gasps a bit as he feels Torrie's lips press
around his shaft. He slowly resumes moving his hips, matching the pace
Torrie is using to bob her head on his shaft. Shelton switches the wand to
his other hand so he can slide it through Torrie's hair.

Torrie lifts her head up from Shelton's cock and rubs her warm saliva all
over his cock with her hand. Candice brings her head up from Shelton's
ballsack. Torrie takes Shelton's cock into her hands and hands his cock
over to Candice "For you baby..." Candice smiles and presses her tongue
against the head of his cock, before opens her mouth and takes his cock
into her mouth.

"Shit yea..." Shelton closes his eyes as he feels Candice begin to work his
hard cock with her beautiful mouth. He almost drops the wand but does manage
to keep hold of it. Candice begins to quickly bob her head on Shelton's cock,
lapping her warm tongue around his cock as she sucks. Torrie gets behind
Candice and slides the straps of Candice's top down her slender shoulder.
Torrie then slides her fingers to Candice's dark hair and begins to bob
Candice's head on Shelton's cock quicker as she pushes and pulls.

"Mmmmm yeah... that's it..." Shelton again moves his hips to push his cock
past Candice's lips. The dark skinned superstar start to sweat a little as he
tilts his head back and lets out another moan.

Torrie lets go of Candice's hair and slides down Candice's skirt revealing
her smooth, round ass. Torrie licks her lips "Mmmmm..." She then gently
smacks her hand against Candice's left asscheek. Candice moves forward a bit
as she takes more of Shelton's black cock into her warm mouth. Candice bobs
her head along his long shaft, as she takes inch after inch into her mouth.

"Ahhhh shit yea... take it all..." Shelton moans as he assists Candice a bit
by continuing to push his shaft into her mouth until she has swallowed up all
of his cock. "Damn your hot... hell you're both hot..."

Torrie smiles "If you think I'm really'd be fucking me..." Torrie
says with a laugh.

"You want some of my black dick in your white pussy?" Shelton smirks as he
withdraws his saliva-covered dick from Candice's mouth. Shelton moves a bit
to his white, "Turn around Torrie... I'm going to fuck you good..."

Torrie smirks and turns around getting on her hands and knees in a doggy
style position. Candice crawls over in front of Torrie and kisses her lips;
she then looks at Shelton "Isn't Torrie so hot?"

Shelton nods as he kneels down behind Torrie, "Yeah, she's a top model
babe..." He grips his cock with his right hand as he places his left hand
on Torrie's ass. Shelton guides his cock toward Torrie's pussy and once it
presses against her lip, he shove it in with a quick thrust, making Torrie
surge forward a bit before be starts thrusting into her. Torrie licks her
lips as she feels Shelton's thrusts increase with not only speed, but force
as well. Torrie begins to gently push back against Shelton's cock as Candice
lays down in front of Torrie and spreads her legs apart. Torrie smiles at
Candice, and Candice smiles. Torrie then lowers her head and inserts her
tongue into Candice's warm, wet pussy.

"Ohhhh shit... that's fucking hot..." Shelton pushes into Torrie sharply,
making her press her face a bit more against Candice's pussy. "Yeah...
Torrie... lick her pussy...." Shelton moans as stretches his neck a bit to
look over Torrie to watch what she's doing.

Torrie twirls her tongue around inside Candice's pussy as Candice closes
her eyes and moans "Ohhhh Torr...I love your tongue!"

"Fuck you got a pussy built for taking black dicks!" Shelton grunts as he
pulls out of Torrie's pussy half way before he rams it back into her with a
lot of force. He wraps his arms around her gorgeous waist to pull Torrie back
against him.

Torrie lifts her head up from Candice pussy and licks her lips, she looks
back at Shelton with a smirk "You know...Shelton...Candice...has never...
been with...a black…man before..." Torrie moans as she pushes back harder
against cock.

"She... hasn't... and you're... being greedy?" Shelton laughs as he slowly
pulls his cock out of Torrie's pussy. Shelton looks over at Candice and
smirks, "Ready for your first black Candice?"

Candice nods her head with a smile " bet I am.." Candice says as she
positions herself next to Torrie on her hands and knees as well.

Shelton licks his lips, "Can't wait to fuck you..." Shelton places his hands
on Candice's hips and slams his cock into Candice's tight pussy. Before she
can react to his sudden entry, Shelton starts fucking her as hard as he can.

Candice grits her teeth "Mmmm...fuck..." Candice moans as Shelton rams his
big black cock into her warm cunt.

Shelton pulls Candice back towards him, "Yeah... you fucking like that
don't you... you love my big black cock in you tight white pussy..." Shelton
sharply drills her pussy as he begins to start to really sweat.

Candice starts to gently push back against Shelton's cock as she rotates
her hips around his cock "Mmmm...ohhh...yes Shelton." Candice moans as Torrie
smiles and picks up Candice's 'magic wand'.

"You really like it Candice...don't you?"

Candice nods her head as she begins to sweat "Ohhhh...I love it black..."

Shelton slaps Candice's right asscheek, "She's a fucking slut for black cock
now..." Shelton says excitedly as he pulls out slightly and pushes back into
her to change up his pace.

Torrie looks up from looking down at Candice and stares at Shelton "What did
you call her?"

"Huh?" Shelton asks as Torrie's question breaks his focus. "I... said.. she's
a slut for black cock now..." Shelton smirks as he sharply thrusts into.

Torrie shakes her head "Wrong move...buddy.." Torrie says locking eyes with
Shelton as she roughly yanks Shelton's cock out of Candice's pussy. She grips
his cock tightly with her right hand as she hands the 'magic wand' back to

"Owww bitch! What the hell is your fucking problem?" Shelton yells angrily
and with a bit of pain.

Torrie glares at Shelton "You don't call my baby a slut..." She then pushes
Shelton back onto the floor and mounts herself roughly onto his black cock.
She slams down hard onto his cock and begins to right away bounce quickly on
his cock, while yanking back as she rocks.

"Ahhh god damn it! Take it easy!" Shelton yells as the way Torrie is coming
down on him makes him think his cock is going to break in half. Shelton
starts to raise his hands to pushes Torrie off of him but when the former
Playboy covergirl comes down as hard as she can, she sends a wave of pain
through him that makes him scream out.

Torrie places her hands onto his chest as she comes down harder on Shelton's
cock. She looks into his eyes "Tell she a slut now!?"

"Ahhhh no.... ahhhh fuck...." Shelton's eyes starts to water up from the
horrible pain he's feeling. He manages to get his hands on Torrie's waist,
but he can't get the strength he needs to push her off.

Torrie smirks and nods her head "Ok...ok..." She then slows down and gently
gets off of Shelton's cock. She smiles "Do you want some more fun...Shelton?"

Shelton holds his cock in pain and he shakes his head, "No... no... I
don't..." Shelton whimpers.

Torrie frowns "Ohhh...why not...are we too hot...for you?" She then smirks
as Candice gets behind Shelton with her 'magic wand' in her hand. She turns
the wand around with the end towards Shelton. Candice then pushes the end of
her 'magic wand' into Shelton's asshole.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Shelton screams as the he feels the thin handle of the
wand enter his ass. "Stop it!" Shelton cries out as Candice uses the want to
work some real magic on him. Just as he reaches back to take the wand out of
his ass, his cock suddenly erupts as he cums.

Torrie laughs "Ohhhh...look Candice...I guess he wasn't hot enough for us."

Candice laughs as well "Ohhh...Torrie no one is hotter then us!"

Shelton's face burns with embarrassment after what just happened to him. "You
two... can go... fuck yourselves..." He whimpers a bit as he grabs the wand
and pulls it out of his asshole.

Candice smiles and looks at Torrie "Ohhh.. Victoria would be so proud of us!"


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