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Too Hot To Handle Part 3: A Lesson Learned
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

One the set of Striker's Classroom, Matt Striker is setting up his props to
practice his monologue. He stands between the chalkboard and a student's desk
and says to himself, "I'm Matt Striker... and I'm your teacher..." He smiles,
then frowns, "That's terrible... I can do better than that." He says as he
looks on the desk for his notes of the subject he's going to talk about.
"Hmmmm... going to be talking about prostitution tonight... maybe I should go
ask one of the divas about this since that's what they do when they aren't
here..." Striker laughs a bit to himself.

After the attack on Gregory Helms, the leader of Vince's Devils, the tough
and sexy Victoria walks past the set of Striker's Classroom, when she hears
the comment. Victoria pauses and grits her teeth, she cocks her head in the
direction of Matt Striker. She then turns her body completely to him and
folds her arms "Excuse me!?"

"Oh, what good fortune," Striker smiles as he claps his hands together. "I
have a tough question for you, but I'm positive you can give me the answers
I require so I'll have a very educated discussion with my students."

Victoria cracks her neck as she glares at Striker. "What is it!?" She asks
with a yell as she steps closes to Striker.

Striker ignores the angry look in Victoria's eyes, "What's it like to be
prostitute? Oh I'm sorry... I mean, what's it like to be a streetwalker
soliciting sexual favors for money?"

Victoria locks eyes Striker as she grits her teeth "It's people like you...
who piss me off!" Victoria then grabs Striker by shirt collared shirt and
slams him up hard against his chalkboard "Listen up! Mr. Striker, it's time
you pay, bitch!"

Striker's head bangs against the chalkboard and he instantly grabs the back
of it. Striker looks at Victoria upset look on his face as he dismisses
part of what she just said to him. "That was not appropriate behavior young
lady... I am your teacher and a man... you have no right to lay your hands
on me in a physical manor such as that... and your language is less than
appropriate as well, I'm going to report you to Mr. McMahon."

Victoria laughs, "You think Vince will care?" Victoria asks as she turns
Striker and pushes him up against the desk on his set. Victoria smirks
" case you haven't heard...I'm one of Vince's Devils..." Victoria
then opens Striker's belt with a quick snap and removes the belt from the
loops on his khaki pants.

Striker turns his head to look back at her, "My dear Victoria having sex
with the head of the company is such a horrible way for you to spend your
time... you should be spending your time being a role model for the youth
of America..." Striker then looks down and finally realizes Victoria has
removed his belt, "And what are you doing? Stop that, if Mr. Bischoff was
still the General Manager, this behavior of yours will not be tolerated
at all."

"Shut up!" Victoria yells as she takes both of Striker's hands and moves
them behind his back, she takes his belt and ties his hands together behind
his back. Victoria smirks and drops down to her knees in front of Striker.
Victoria laughs psychotically as she begins to unzip his khaki pants
"Prostitute? Hah! I'll show you prostitute!" Victoria says as she begins to
pull down Striker's khakis.

Striker tries to free his hands, but Victoria made sure to tie the belt
around them so tightly that he ends up hurting himself. "Stop that! That is
not what a proper young lady like yourself should be!"

Victoria looks up at Striker with a smirk "I know...that's why...I'm a
Devil.." Victoria's smirk turns into a glare as she pulls down Striker's
khakis completely and then pulls down his white boxer-briefs.

Striker frowns, as he's still in his full 'teacher' mindset, "Victoria listen
to me... I'm sure you did... crazy things when you were younger... but just
because you were smoking the pot... doesn't mean you still can't be a good
woman... now stop this foolishness..." Victoria tightly grips Striker's cock
with her hand and looks up at Striker with a smirk as she begins slowly move
her hand along Striker's cock. "Ahhhh fu..." Striker stops himself before he
curses as a result of the pain he's feeling at the moment, "Victoria... stop
it... there's still time... release me... and we can forget about this..."

Victoria shakes her head "Maybe you should think about calling us Divas
prostitutes again..." Victoria says before she lowers her head to Striker's
stiffened cock and takes his cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips
tightly around his cock and begins to slowly bob her head on his shaft.

"Ohhhhh geez..." Striker tilts his head back a bit and lets out a moan.
"Victoria... stop it... you don't have... to show off the skills you have...
developed..." Victoria looses the grip of her lips as she starts sucking at
a more relaxed pace, twirling her tongue around his cock as she bobs her
head, taking more of his cock into her warm, moist mouth. Striker bites his
lower lip as he thrusts his hips forward out of instinct. "Victoria... I
order you to stop this... I am your teacher... listen to me."

Victoria lifts her head up from Striker's cock with a smirk "And you're
my bitch!" Victoria says gritting her teeth as she unclips her black top,
exposing her round, perky tits. Victoria flips her black hair back as she
lowers her head and circles her tongue on Striker's cock. Victoria works
her tongue into his piss-slit before she smacks her wet tongue against
the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh goodness... Victoria... stop... trying to be like... like Lita..."
Striker moans as he feels Victoria's tongue attack his cock while it's in
her mouth. He closes his eyes and rocks back and forth on his feet as he
slightly begins to push his cock in and out of her mouth. Victoria pulls
her head away from Striker's cock and stands up. Victoria grabs a hold of
Striker's tie and yanks it off from around his neck. She slides her hands
down his buttoned shirt and rips his shirt open, popping the buttons off.

Striker opens his eyes and he gets a bit angry, "That was a $50 shirt!
Victoria, you are going to far."

Victoria smirks and pushes him back onto the desk, before she removes her
black pants. Victoria climbs onto the desk and mounts herself on top of
Striker, she comes down onto his cock, surprisingly gently "Ready...Mr.

Striker lets out a small moan as he feels Victoria's pussy around his cock.
"Victoria... stop this... have some self control... I am your teacher..."
Striker rakes his teeth against lower lip as he turns his head to the right
so he's not looking at her.

Victoria smacks her hand against his face "Listen up! You're not my teacher,
you're my bitch!" Victoria says before she starts to powerfully bounce on
Striker's cock, coming down harder upon each impact. "Ohhhh...ughhhhh fuck!"
Victoria groans as she rides his cock.

"Ahhhh damn it..." Striker cries out when Victoria drops down hard so hard
he thinks he feels a bone in his pelvis breaking. "You... need a teacher...
to know how... to have sexual... relations properly..." Striker tries not to
thrust up at all into her pussy, but he can't help himself.

Victoria places her hands on Striker's muscular chest as she rocks back and
forth of his stiff cock "Ohhhhh ahhhh yesss..." Victoria moans tilting her
head back as she moans.

"Ohhhhh sweet Jesus... stop this Victoria..." Striker licks his lips as he
steadily pushes his dick up into her tight pussy with some well-timed sharp
thrusts. He closes his eyes tightly as he feels her nails graze against his

Victoria slows down and gets off of Striker's cock she gets down from the
desk, she then leans against the desk and glares at Striker "Get off the desk
and fuck me from behind!" She commands.

Striker sits up a bit, "The proper way to say it is to say please make love
to me from behind..." Striker then moves his arms, "And I cannot exactly
perform that task with my arms restrained like this..."

Victoria looks over her shoulder and grits her teeth "Just shove your little
dick in!" Victoria yells.

Striker frowns, "It's called a penis... and mine is more than sufficient in
magnitude." He rolls off the desk, and almost falls on the floor. He kneels
behind Victoria and tries to shove his cock into her pussy, but ends up
shoving it into her asshole by mistake after a few tries.

Victoria grits her teeth as she looks over her shoulder. Victoria then
delivers a powerful thrust back against Striker's cock "
that too hot for you!?" Victoria yells as she continues to push back
against Striker's cock inside of her tight asshole.

"Ahhh shit... Victoria... you... are not... that bright.... my penis is not
in your vagina... it is in your rectum..." Striker grunts as he tries not to
thrust into her, and only does so when his body reacts on its own.

"Do you think...I fucking care!?" Victoria as she pushes back roughly on his
cock once again, almost making him lose his balance.

Striker forces himself to remain up-right behind her, "You... should... if
you're... giving orders.... for wanting something..." Striker replies, but
as he's giving his response to Victoria's question, he starts to blow his
load inside of her asshole with out realizing it.

Victoria feels his warm cum surge inside of her asshole and looks over her
shoulder at Striker with a smirk "You're pathetic..."

Striker's cock starts to soften within her asshole. "I am not pathetic... I
am trying to teach you a lesson about proper behavior... how can you feel
good about yourself after this?"

Victoria smirks as Striker pulls out of her asshole and falls onto the chair
behind his desk. Victoria turns around and picks up Striker's long sleeved
shirt "Like I said..." Victoria begins to say as she wraps his shirt around
him and begins to tie the shirt behind him in the chair, restraining him
"I'm...a Devil.." Victoria laughs.

"You're... not a devil... you are a human being..." Striker struggles to get
free, but in his exhausted condition, all he does is move the chair a little.

Victoria picks up her top and puts it back over her chest, she then pulls up
her pants and smirks at Striker. Victoria grabs Striker's tie that was laying
on the desk and rolls it into a ball. Victoria lean downs a bit looking into
Striker's eyes "Now Matt...I hope you've learned your lesson about
disrespecting me..."

Striker opens his mouth to reply, "You should be the one..." Victoria
suddenly cuts off Striker.

Victoria takes the rolled up ball of his tie and then stuffs the tie into
Striker's mouth. Victoria laughs "Excuse me Mr. Striker...but I have to catch
up with fellow Devils...who I know are definitely way too hot for you..."
Victoria gently smacks her hand against Striker's left cheek "Class was fun
today..." Victoria gives Striker a cold glare before she walks of the set of
Striker's Classroom, leaving the poor Matt Striker tied to the chair with his
mouth gagged by the use of his own tie.


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