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Too Hot To Handle Part 4: The Candice Way
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Near the makeup station in the backstage area of the arena where the Raw
Brand is holding a live event, the trio known as Vince's Devils, consisting
of Victoria, Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson are standing a short a
distance away from the long make up table. In Torrie's arms, the former
Playboy covergirl is holding a small cute as a button puppy. Torrie pets
the dog lovingly as she smiles as Victoria and Candice, "Isn't Chloe just
the cutest little thing you've ever seen?"

Candice smiles and nods her head as she gently pats Chloe on the head with
her 'magic wand' "Ohh...Torr...she is definitely hot!"

Victoria folds her arms and just looks at Chloe. Victoria then turns her
attention to Torrie and Candice "Enough of this Devils! It's time...we get
serious!" Victoria smirks "So far...we've dominated Edge...Gregory Helms...
Shelton Benjamin...and Matt Striker." Victoria then shakes her head "But
no...we're not done yet! We've only just begun!" Victoria says as she
exchanges glances from Torrie to Candice.

"Mmmm yeah... there are so many more men that needs to know to respect us..."
Torrie licks her lips as she shifts Chloe around in her arms. "But who should
we go after next, there's so many... delicious choices..."

Candice licks her lips "Like...The Champ...John Cena.." Candice says with a

Victoria laughs "Devils...don't get excited, we all three know we'd get him
to burst in a matter of seconds." Victoria replies as Candice looks away from
the group and spots the very self-confident, Rob Conway nearby as he looks in
one of the make-up mirrors, fixing his hair. Candice licks her lips


"What's yummy?" Torrie asks as she turns her head to see who Candice is
looking at. When she sees Conway, Torrie licks her lips, "Ohhh just look at

At the mirror, Conway it using a small comb to fix his hair to get it to fall
just in the right place,. "Oh just look at me... I'm such a sight to see..."
Conway sings to himself, "The whole damn world wants to... look at a me..."
Conway smirks and then he looks at himself, "Mmmmm mmmm... damn I look good."

Candice smirks as she looks at Victoria and Torrie "Mmmm...I call dibs on

Victoria smiles and puts her hand on Candice's left shoulder and pats her ass
"Go get him babe..."

Torrie also pats Candice's ass as Chloe barks a bit, "Good luck baby... I
want all the details later..." Torrie and Victoria both start to leave, so
Candice can sic her claws into The Con Man.

Candice licks her lips as she turns around and walks over to Rob Conway as he
continues to look at himself in the mirror. Candice smirks as she steps into
the view of the mirror " there's a sight to see.."

Conway smirks at Candice by looking in the mirror, "You got that right...
I'm the hottest thing on Raw... no one is hotter than me... hell... even you
would love to be me." Conway turns around to look at Candice as he puts his
sunglasses on.

Candice rolls her eyes a bit, but then smiles "That may be about we
take a little walk.." Candice winks at Conway "'re up for that?"

Conway licks his top lip slightly as he checks Candice's body out for a few
moments before he replies, "Baby... The Con Man... is up for anything."

Candice laughs as she starts to walk away from Conway "I hope you're ready
for anything..." Candice licks as she begins to walk down the hallway; Conway
eventually catches up with the Girl. Candice flashes her eyes at
Conway as they approach a vacant lockerroom "Tell me...Robbie...have you ever
been with anyone me?" Candice asks as she gently slides the tip
of her 'magic wand' down the open area of cleavage, that's showing from her
black top.

Conway grins as he pates her on the ass, "Candi, I've been with all types of
girls... some almost as hot as you... but you should answer this... have you
ever been with any man as jacked as the Con Man?" Conway points at himself
with the thumb of his left hand.

Candice looks at Conway with a smirk, she then looks away and rolls her eyes
as she begins to get annoyed with the over-confident, Rob Conway. Candice
stops in front of one of the locker rooms and licks her lips, looking back at
Conway. Candice laughs as she pushes the locker room door open "Ohhh...I
think I'm ready for the Con Man.." Candice says as she enters the locker

"I bet you are... you can't keep your eyes off of me... but then, just look
at a me..." Conway smirks as he steps into the locker room behind her and
closes the door.

Candice rolls her eyes again as her back to turned to Conway, she then turns
around with a smile and points at Conway with her 'magic wand' "Why don't
you...take those tights off...Robbie?"

Conway chuckles slightly at the way Candice is pointing at him with her wand,
"You're wish... is about to become a reality..." Conway once again smirks as
he slowly starts to lower his tights. He flings them towards a folding chair
and stands up, instantly showing off his decent sized limp cock hanging
between his muscular legs. Conway cocks his head to the side as he points at
his dick with fingers of both hands, "Oh just look at me... there ain't a guy
bigger than me..."

Candice sighs and rolls her eyes, she then smiles and licks her lips "Mmm...
that may just be true..." Candice as she slowly approaches Conway, keeping
eye contact with him while she twirls her 'magic wand' with her left hand.

"Glad you like what you see... but there was never any doubt that you
wouldn't once you looked at me..." Conway grins, "Now... how about, you let
me see that body of yours...."

Candice laughs as she tosses her 'magic wand' to Conway and he catches it
"You're my command..." Candice says in a seductive voice as she
licks her lips, eyeing up Conway's cock. Candice places her hands against
the midsection of her top. Candice closes her seductive eyes as she slowly
lifts the top off of her slender and tanned body.

Conway holds the wand between his fingers as he tilts his head to check out
Candice's lovely body. "Mmmm... now that's certainly a sight to see... boy
am I glad to be me right now."

Once Candice removes her top completely, her large chest falls out from
confinement. Candice sighs as hears Conway's comments but then smirks as
she looks down at her short black skirt. Candice licks her lips "In case
you didn't know...I don't wear...panties.."

"That's certainly a time saver..." Conway licks his lips. He twirls the wand
around with his fingers for a moment and then smirks, "Leave the skirt on..."
Conway walks over to Candice then slides her wand over her chest as he bends
down a bit to move one of his hands underneath her skirt to rub her pussy
with his fingers.

Candice licks her lips " know the right spot.." Candice says with
a slight laugh, followed by a moan as Conway gently rubs his two fingers
against Candice's smoothly shaven pussy.

"I got stick fingers..." Conway smirks as he traces the wand around Candice's
chest while he pushes his two fingers into Candice's pussy. He works his
fingers in and out of Candice's pussy slowly in order to tease her. "I hope
this isn't too hot for you..." Conway says as he puts Candice's wand in her
right hand before he get gets down on his knees while raising up her skirt a
bit. Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she slides her left hand through
her silky, black hair. Conway pushes her skit up higher as he slides his
fingers out of her pussy. He uses his two fingers to spread her pussy open
slightly. Conway brings his head closer to pussy and flicks his tongue
against her sweet spot before he inserts it into Candice's pussy.

Candice places the tip of her 'magic wand' on top of Conway's head as she
tilts her head back slightly, moaning "Ohhhhh...ohhh yeah..." Conway reaches
around to place a hand on Candice's ass as he starts to slide his tongue
repeatedly in and out of her pussy. He presses his handsome face against her
pussy, getting some of her juices to coat his sunglasses which he hasn't
taken off since he's put them on earlier. Candice begins to gently grind her
pussy against Conway's face as he flicks his tongue in and out of Candice's
warm and wet pussy "Awww...yess...ohhh..." Candice moans.

Conway pulls his head away from Candice's pussy and then he looks up at her
as he licks his lips. "That was a delicious piece of pie... tasted just like
candy..." Conway lowers down her skit before he starts to stand up. As he
gets to his feet, Conway drags his tongue along Candice's skin from her belly
up all the way up to her chest.

Candice smirks as places her hands on Conway's muscular chest "Robbie...allow
me..." Candice says before she softly kisses Conway's lips and lowers herself
down onto her knees in front of Conway.

"You're allowed to do anything..." Conway places his hand on his hips while
he looks down at Candice. Candice licks her luscious lips as she takes
Conway's cock into her soft hands, while looking up at him, she gently begins
to move her hands up and down against Conway's large shaft. Once his cock
reaches full hardness. Candice opens her mouth and takes his cock into her
warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock as Candice begins
bobbing her head, starting off slow and gentle. "Mmmmmm baby..." Conway
moans. He licks his lips slowly, still tasting some of Candice's juice on
them. Conway moves his hips slightly in response to Candice's gentle sucking.
Candice slides her hand through her hair, moving her hair out of her pretty
face as she starts to gradually bob her head quicker on her shaft while she
laps her playful tongue around Conway's shaft.

"That's it... you know how suck dick..." Conway moans as he slides a hand
through Candice's silky black hair. Candice opens her mouth wider as she
allows more of Conway's cock to pass through her soft lips. She rocks her
head along his shaft as she sucks faster, twirling and batting her tongue
against his long, rock-solid cock. "Ohhh shit... yeah... give me that
slutty blowjob..." Conway groans in pleasure before he pushes his cock
completely into her mouth while he rakes his fingers through her hair.
Candice coughs against his cock as he thrusts his cock deeper and deeper
into her warm throat, forcing Candice to deep throat a good portion of
Conway's cock.

Conway moans loudly, "I'd bet you want to get fuck with that big cock of
mine." He takes a half step back to pull his cock out of her mouth, which
is followed by a glob of Candice's saliva that drips off of the tip of his

Candice coughs again as she secretly glares at Conway for forcing her to deep
throat his cock. Candice then smirks widely "I' to be fucked by you."

"Thought so..." Conway smirks yet again wraps a hand around his cock to
stroke it slightly to keep it hard and ready, "Turn around... I bet a hot
piece of ass like you loves it doggy style..."

Candice licks lips and turns around on her knees, bending over onto her
hands. Candice looks over shoulder with a smirk as Conway kneels down behind
her. Conway places a hand on Candice's gorgeous ass as he pushes his saliva
coated dick into her warm, wet & tight pussy. Once his cock is inside of her,
Conway starts thrusting in and out slowly, but he soon starts picking up

Candice closes her eyes "Ohhhh...mmmm...fuck..." Candice groans as she begins
to gently push back against Conway's cock, hitting her round ass back against
Conway's waist.

"Yeah.... you fucking like that... you love getting fucked by the Con Man..."
Conway starts to sweat slightly as he places his hands on her hips to pull
her back against him with some extra force. Her ass cheeks slap constantly
against his waist as he rams his cock nonstop into her pussy.

Candice flips her hair back as she grits her teeth "Mmm.... yeah...give me
what I like...ram that cock..." Candice moans as she begins to thrust back
against Conway's cock with more speed and force as well.

"You got it... if you can handle it..." Conway smirks as he slams his cock
into her pussy with as much force as he can gather. He leans forward so he
can wrap his arms around her body as he tilts to the left so they are laying
on their sides. Conway lifts her right leg up so he's able to pull her
downward with every thrust.

Candice begins to grind her warm against Conway's cock as he pulls her down,
while he thrusts quicker and harder into her tight cunt "!"
Candice moans as she begins to sweat.

Conway presses his sweaty body against Candice's as he continues to fuck her.
"Ohhhh shit.... you got such a fucking great cunt..." Conway grunts as he
sharply drives his dick into her.

Candice looks back at Conway with a smirk " can.... yesss!"

"Ohhhh.... fuck.... yes I can..." Conway moans as he rolls onto his back with
Candice now on top of him. Before Candice can adjust he turns her around so
she's facing him. Conway places his hands on her waist and starts lifting her
up and down on his cock. Candice places her hands down on Conway's chest as
she quickly bounces on his throbbing cock. Candice rocks her sweaty body
forward and then backward.

"Ahhhh fuck yes... ride that dick Candice... ohhh baby..." Conway moans as he
starts to thrust upward into her pussy. He raises his hands and places them
on Candice's sweaty chest and tries to get a firm hold, but his hands keep

Candice slams down on his cock with great intensity "Ohhhh...Robbie...tell
when you're gonna cum...I wanna taste!"

Conway grits his teeth as he arches back a bit to get more leverage for when
he pushes up into Candice's pussy. "Ohhhhh fuck... Candice... you... don't...
have to wait... long... I'm gonna fucking... blow... soon..." Conway groans.
Candice licks her lips as she slows down on Conway's cock, she eventually
gets off of Conway's cock and sits on her knees, gazing at Conway as she
waits for him to get up from the floor. Conway gets to his feet as quickly as
possible. He grips his cock and holds it near Candice's mouth, "Here you...
go Candice... get ready... to taste the Con Man...."

Candice licks her lips with a seductive smile as she inches forward on her
knees. Candice closes her eyes as she opens her sweet mouth. Candice then
opens her eyes and looks up with at Conway, holding her mouth open. Conway
strokes his cock as fast as he can, "Ohhh shit Candice... here it comes
baby... ohh yea...,"Conway clenches his teeth as he's mere moments away
from cumming. Candice's look of seduction, soon turns into a hard glare.
Candice closes her mouth and smirks as she stands up from her knees. She
slides her hand through her sweaty hair before she pushes her skirt down
from about her above. Candice lets out a sigh as she walks over and picks
up her top, putting her top back over her large chest.

"Hey! What the fuck..." Conway releases his cock from his tight grip. His
dick is throbbing violently as the slightest touch now could make him cum.

Candice bends over picking her 'magic wand' from off the floor. She turns
around facing him with an innocent smile "What?"

"I'm about to fucking cum... you said you wanted to tasted it... why the fuck
are you getting dressed?" Conway asks as he the physical discomforting state
of his dick is noticeably bothering him.

Candice smirks "Ohhhh..." She then laughs "I'm sorry... Rob, but...I'm
just...Too Hot To Handle" Candice laughs again "Especially for you.." Candice
walks past Conway as she approaches the door. Candice turns around and blows
Conway a kiss, before she raises her hand into the air and swings her sexy
body around, doing her dance. Candice stops and smiles "Bye


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