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Too Hot To Handle Part 5: Breaking Hearts And Throbbing Cocks
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In a hallway in the backstage catacombs of the arena where Raw is
broadcasting from, the sensational beauty known as Candice Michelle and the
lovely blond bombshell Torrie Wilson, who is carrying the adorable Chloe,
are chatting about their most recent male conquests. Candice holds her 'magic
wand' against her chest as she licks her lips, "He was so upset Torrie... it
was pathetic... I thought Conway was going to cry..." Candice laughs and
flips her hair back.

Torrie laughs as she adjusts Chloe in her arms "Ohh that's
should hear what Victoria did that loser Matt Striker." Torrie rolls her
eyes "Men...won't they ever learn that we're not like...eye candy?" Torrie
huffs as she continues to walk down the hallway with Candice. Torrie looks
down at her dog Chloe in her arm "Boys are bad, aren't they Chloe?" Torrie
asks her adorable pet dog.

Chloe barks once, which makes Candice laugh a bit, "Oh I think that's a
yes..." Candice smirks, "I swear... these boys are nothing but toys for us
to play with... because we're just... ohhhh... too hot for them..."

Torrie licks her lips "We're definitely too hot for them..." Torrie takes a
quick glance on Candice's body "Especially you...Candi..."

Candice turns her head and takes a long look at Torrie's body, "Mmmm...
no... you're... so... incredibly hot... Tor..." Candice slides the tip of
her 'magic wand' up and down Torrie's arm as they pass Antonio and Romeo,
collectively known as the Heart Throbs. Both men are dressed in red leather
pants, sunglasses and they have feather boas draped over their shoulders.

Antonio licks his lips when he sees the two divas pass, "Whoa, whoa, whoa...
I bet we can make them go, oh, oh, oh!"

Romeo nods his head, "Oh yea, Daddy-O, those two little kittens wouldn't know
how to handle a heart throbbing, pulse pounding, ride on our hot rods."

Candice looks over her shoulder at the Heart Throbs and smirks a little,
"Tor... I think... those two have something to say to us."

Torrie rolls her eyes and turns placing her hand on her hip as she holds
Chloe "I'm sorry did you...say something?" Torrie asks in a somewhat snotty

Antonio and Romeo start to approach Torrie and Candice, "Hey foxy ladies...
you too want to boogie down with two hot, fly guys?" Antonio asks as he moves
his head in a Roxbury guy like motion.

Romeo licks his lips, "We can show you both the time of you're lives..."

Torrie looks not amused and turns back to Candice. Torrie smirks wickedly as
she hands Chloe over to Candice "I'll handle these two losers." Torrie winks
at Candice "I'll catch up with you later..."

"Okay... have fun with the two little boys..." Candice licks her lips before
walks away. Antonio and Romeo stand on either side of Torrie and they both
put their arms around her.

"She's going to regret not being part of the party," Romeo smirks as he
squeezes Torrie's ass.

Torrie smirks "Her loss..." Torrie then laughs as she gently runs her hand
against Antonio's feathered boa "Why do you boys say in...going somewhere a
bit...more, oh I don't...private?" Torrie asks with a seductive smile.

Antonio thinks, "We can go use the shower in the men's locker room, all the
junior leaguers are already done getting ready for the show."

"Oh yeah, that's using your head cool cat," Romeo laughs.

Torrie licks her lips as she twirls a strand of her blonde hair with her
finger "Mmmm...that sounds like a perfect idea..." Torrie says flashes her
seductive eyes at Romeo and Antonio.

Antonio and Romeo give each other a high five, "Oh yeah, that's what I'm
talking about... let's go do the bad thing on the good foot," Antonio laughs
as he leads Romeo and Torrie towards the men's locker room. Romeo keeps his
hand on Torrie's ass and he squeezes it after every other step.

Torrie rolls her eyes at the constant comments made by Romeo and Antonio.
Torrie groans a bit "Are we there yet?" She asks impatiently.

"We're here..." Antonio grins as he pushes a door open that leads to the
men's locker room. Romeo walks in before Torrie.

"Oh yeah, this is going to be hotter than us showing Lillian those new throat
techniques..." Romeo says as he pulls off his feather boa.

Torrie walks into the lockerroom and smirks to herself as she sees the place
completely vacant. Torrie turns back to Romeo and Antonio, she places her
left hand on Romeo's stomach and her right hand on Antonio's stomach. She
licks her lips as she feels their muscular abs "Why don't I go warm up the
shower...while you two hot studs get all...nice and ready for me." Torrie
says with a wink.

"I'm all for that, hot stuff," Antonio takes off his sunglasses and his boa.

"Yeah, but you won't be waiting in there long... and then you won't be able
to get enough of the stuff we're going to do to you," Romeo smiles as he
takes off his sunglasses.

Torrie turns away and begins to walk towards the showering unit. Torrie sighs
and rolls her eyes "" She says sarcastically as she enters the unit
now unable to been seen by the two Heart Throbs. Out in the lockerroom, Romeo
and Antonio, hear the shower being turned on and the spraying against the
tiles in the showering unit.

"I hope that's not cold water I'm hearing," Antonio laughs as he and Romeo
take off their leather pants at about the same time.

"So what if it is, cause once we're in there it's going to get real hot, real

"Got that right," Antonio and Romeo give each other a high five after the
remove their red wrestling tights and wrestling boots. They make their way
to the shower unit with smirks on their faces.

"Ohhhh Torrie... ready to go Oh, Oh, Oh?" Romeo asks.

Torrie laughs a little "Oh...I'm already boys.." Torrie says as Romeo and
Antonio walks into the showering unit. Romeo and Antonio open their mouths
widely upon seeing the sight of the completely nude Torrie Wilson standing
in the showering unit. Warm beads of water run down Torrie's tanned and
soft skinned body.

"Holy Smologins.... that's one hot fucking body..." Antonio licks his lips
hungrily as he scans every inch of Torrie's body with his eyes.

Romeo rubs his two hands together, "You're smoking!"

Torrie licks her lips as she motions for Romeo and Antonio to approach her
"You two get your hot asses over here..." Torrie licks her lips "I have a
special treat for you two."

"And we got something for you too..." Romeo licks his lips as they both walk
towards Torrie. Both of their dicks start to rise a bit as they get closer to
the beautiful blond goddess. Torrie slowly twirls her a strand of her mildly
soaked blonde hair as she gets down on her knees in the showering unit, while
Romeo and Antonio approach the beautiful Diva.

"This is going to be hot..." Antonio licks his lips as he wraps his left
around his cock to stroke his shaft to its full hardness.

Romeo also grips his shaft but he waves it close to Torrie's mouth, "Here's
your treat Torrie..." Torrie laughs a little as she reaches up and grips
Romeo's cock with her right hand, she brings her head forward and flicks her
warm tongue against the head of Romeo's cock as warm streams of water flow
down Torrie's slender body. Torrie twirls her tongue against Romeo's cock as
she grips Antonio's cock with her left hand and begins to stroke his cock.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Romeo moans as enjoys the warm water hitting his cock combine
with Torrie's tongue.

"Ohhh yeah that what I'm talking about..." Antonio smirks at his tag team
partner as he himself enjoys Torrie's wet hand on his own dick. Torrie
lashes her tongue a few times on Romeo's cock, before she turns her head
to Antonio's cock. Torrie opens her warm, wet mouth and right away takes
Antonio into her mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock as she
slowly bobs her head on his meaty cock. As Torrie bobs her head on
Antonio's cock, she cups Romeo's ballsack with her free hand and begins
to massage his balls.

Antonio closes his eyes to further to enjoy Torrie's mouth move back and
forth across it. "Ahhh yeah, suck that hot rod..." He moans while moving
a hand through Torrie's damp hair. Romeo frees his ballsack from Torrie's
hand and moves behind her, inadvertently blocking her body from the warm
water streaming down on them. He pulls Torrie up a bit before he kneels
down and pushes his cock into her pussy. Torrie leans forward with a grown
as she takes more of Antonio's cock into her warm mouth. As Torrie bobs
her head quicker on Antonio's cock, she begins to twirl and twist her
tongue against his cock, while she slowly pushes her body back on Romeo's
cock deeply penetrated in her warm and tight pussy.

"Ohhh fuck yea... this is one tight ass fuckin cunt you got Torrie..." Romeo
grunts as he places his hands on her wet hips to pull her back against him as
he slams his dick harder into her.

"Don't bang her too hard... just warm her up," Antonio groans while moving
his hips to pump his shaft into Torrie's mouth. Torrie opens her mouth
wider as she manages to take more of Antonio's thick cock inside her mouth,
practically deep throating his cock. Torrie moves her smooth tongue along
his shaft as she starts to push back harder against Romeo's stiff cock.

Romeo suddenly pulls out of Torrie's pussy, "Christ Ant... you got to try her

Antonio licks his lips, "I intend to Rome-ster..." Antonio steps back to
extract his cock from Torrie's mouth before helping her stand up. He turns
her around and has her face a wall as Romeo sits down on the floor of the
shower unit between Torrie and the wall. Romeo spreads Torrie's legs apart
and flicks his tongue against the edges of her pussy as Antonio wraps an
arm around her waist to hold her still as he guides his cock into her pussy.

Torrie grits her teeth as she feels Romeo's tongue flick against her pussy
at the same time as Antonio's cock entering her warm pussy from behind "Ohhh
fuck" Torrie groans as she places a hand on top of Romeo's head to keep her

"Ohhhh yeah Romeo... you weren't lying... she's tight as a vice... and that's
cool like ice..." Antonio pumps his dick faster and harder in and out of
Torrie's pussy. Romeo doesn't reply, verbally, but he does raise his hand up
to give Antonio a thumbs up. Romeo drags his tongue around the edges of her
pussy while he raises his other hand to slide it over Torrie's wet chest.

"Ohhhh...awwww...fuck...yeah..." Torrie tilts her head back moaning as she
gently pushes back against Antonio's cock, while raking her fingers through
Romeo's once gelled hair.

"I think she loves double throbbing cock action..." Antonio thrusts sharply
into Torrie. Romeo moves his head away from Torrie's pussy and smirks, "Every
chick loves that... cause it really makes them go, Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh!" Romeo
gets to his feet as Antonio switches his cock out from Torrie’s pussy and
shoves it into her asshole without warning.

Torrie eyes widen instantly "Ohhhh..." Torrie moans as Antonio lifts her up
off the ground with his cock in her ass and has her straddle Romeo. Torrie
wraps her legs around Romeo's waist as she comes down on his cock in her
warm pussy.

"This is... fucking great...." Romeo grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out
of her pussy and licks water off of Torrie's body.

"Yeah... she's fucking loving it..." Antonio adjusts how he's holding Torrie
so he can bounce her on his dick rapidly as the water continues to soak up
all three of them.

Torrie leans back against Antonio's muscular chest as she allows Romeo and
Antonio to both drill their massive cocks into her ass and pussy "Mmmm...
ohhhh fuck me..." Torrie groans as she wickedly bounces on huge cocks.

"She wants... oh shit... to get fucked.... you know what that means..." Romeo
smirks as he slams his cock up into Torrie's tight pussy.

"Yup, time... to really... make her heart throb..." Antonio pulls out of
Torrie's ass and gives it a smack before he forces his cock back inside of
her pussy along side Romeo's. Both men thrust into her at almost the same
pace, making it seem as if both of their dicks are really just one thick
monster cock.

Torrie tilts her head back and moans loudly "Awww fuck...that's it!" Torrie
moans as she starts to rock back and forth on both Romeo and Antonio's cocks
as they rip apart her warm, tight pussy. Torrie's breathing becomes heavy as
she starts to sweat.

Antonio and Romeo both start breathing heavily as they fuck her. Antonio
wraps his arms around her body as he pushes into her sharply, "Ohhh fuck,
I'm going fucking blow my load inside of her..."

"Ahhh yeah... I hear that... I'll bust my nut in her too... make her feel all
warm on the inside," Romeo grunts.

Torrie licks her lips, " I want to taste it.."

Romeo and Antonio both get wide grins on their faces, "Oh hell yea..."
Antonio rips his cock out of Torrie's pussy and then helps her get off of
Romeo so he can get up. Both men grab their pulsating dicks.

Romeo smirks, "Open up Torrie..." Torrie slides her hand through her damp
her hair as bends over taking a hold of Romeo's cock. Torrie opens her warm,
accepting mouth and takes Romeo's cock in. She wraps her lips around his
cock and slowly bobs her head on Romeo's cock as she gently pats her tongue
against his shaft.

"Ohhhhh yeah... Torrie... here it comes..." Romeo moans as he starts to cum
inside of her warm mouth. His body jerks a bit after each spurt of his load,
but when he's done cumming, he has the most content look on his face. Torrie
holds Romeo's warm cum into her mouth as she stands up and smiles a bit at
Antonio. Torrie leans in kissing Antonio's lips as she pushes her tongue into
his mouth along with Romeo's warm cum. Torrie holds the kiss until Antonio
forcefully swallows his tag team partner's cum. Torrie laughs a little as
she bends back down and takes Antonio's cock now into her mouth, bobbing her
head at quicker pace then she was sucking Romeo's cock.

"Ewwww... God damn it..." Antonio gags violently as the taste of Romeo's cum
stays in his mouth. As he tries to get the taste out of his mouth he suddenly
blows his load in Torrie's mouth. Romeo is not at all paying attention as for
he's in his own little blissful world after his own climax just moments ago.
Much like with Romeo, Torrie holds Antonio's warm and sticky cum in her
mouth. Torrie stands up and steps towards Romeo. Torrie stands in front of
him and winks, puckering her lips.

Romeo grins, "Always loves to kiss the ladies..." Romeo kisses Torrie deeply
and without hesitation. Torrie pushes her tongue instantly into Romeo's mouth
as she spits Antonio's cum into Romeo's mouth. Romeo tastes the cum a split
second before he swallows some of it. Romeo pushes her away and spits out the
rest and gags, "What fuck...ohhh Christ..." Romeo looks as if he's about to
throw up. Torrie laughs as she twirls a strand of her damp hair with her
finger, licking her lips clean of Romeo and Antonio's cum.

Both men glare at Torrie, Antonio spits a few times on the floor of the
shower unit before he yells, "What the fuck was that!" He coughs a bit, just
like Romeo, to get the taste of semen out of their mouths.

Torrie folds her arms and shrugs with a smirk "Face it're not man
enough to be with someone like me..." Torrie says proudly, she then looks at
Romeo and Antonio with disgust "You two...are only man enough to be with
each other.." Torrie laughs "And you guys thought you were actually good...
please...I get off quicker by masturbating.." Torrie rolls her eyes "Men..."
She sighs and turns away as walks out of the showering unit, after gathering
her clothes up.


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