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Too Hot To Handle Part 6: Too Hot For Val
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of Raw, two thirds of Vince's Devils, the volatile
delight for the eyes known as Victoria and the elegant darling known as
Candice Michelle are walking around, checking out any potential male
victims for their little campaign of sexual dominance. Victoria, dressed
in a black leather pants and a tight white sleeveless top looks out of
the corner of her eye at Candice and smirks slightly, "Mmmm, you're
looking extremely hot Candice..."

Candice smiles and licks her lips as she stops walking. Candice gently places
her 'magic wand' on Victoria's shoulder "'re way too hot for
me." Candice says she gently places both of her soft hands against Victoria's
arms. Candice, dressed in shinny silver skirt and matching top, leans into
Victoria and kisses her lips delicately.

Victoria returns the kiss extremely gently before Candice breaks it. Victoria
licks her own lips slowly, "No... You're too hot...." Victoria places her
hand on Candice's arm and proceeds to trace a fingernail against Candice's
soft skin. "I love that outfit of yours... it looks easy to remove..."
Victoria smiles a bit devilishly before they both start walking again.

Candice begins to twirl her 'magic wand' around with her left hand as her and
Victoria walk extremely close together down the hallway "Ohhh...I wonder how
Torrie's doing with those pathetic Heart Throbs..."

Victoria smirks slightly, "Oh I'll bet she's making them beg for mercy by
now... I can picture... they are begging for her not to hurt their little
dicks..." Victoria laughs as both she and Candice past by Val Venis without
noticing him.

Val, dressed in his olive green wrestling tights, does notice them. He flicks
his thumb against his tongue twice as he looks at their asses move when they
walk, "Heh.. heh... heh...... Hellooooo Ladies..." Val says in his most
seducing tone of voice.

Victoria and Candice both stop walking and slowly turn around. Victoria folds
her arms locking her eyes on Val and Candice gives Val a seductive smile.
Candice slides her hand through her silky black hair "Hey Val..." Candice
says as she starts step away from Victoria and approach Val. Victoria remains
where she's at as she glares at the Big Valbowski.

Val licks his lips as he places his hands on his waist as he takes long looks
at both Devils as if sizing them up for something, "Mmmmm mmmm... you two are
looking oh so... Triple-X-Tacular..."

Candice blushes a bit as she places the tip of her 'magic wand' against Val's
muscular chest and begins to gently slides her wan down Val's chest to his
stomach "Have you heard...that I'm going to be on cover of Playboy?" Candice
asks as she seductively flashes her eyes. Victoria grits her teeth as she
sees the smile come across Val's face as Candice's brushes her 'magic wand'
against the crotch of Val.

"Of course I heard.... The Big Valbowski has known since his last trip to the
Playboy mansion... where I left those playmates all satisfied customers..."
Val brags with his usual bravado as he looks down at Candice's chest, not at
all noticing the glare Victoria is sending his way that could burn a whole
through a concrete wall.

Candice licks her lips "You know Val...they say...I'm too hot to handle.."
Candice says as she raises her arm up and twirls her body around as she does
her world famous GoDaddy dance.

When Candice has her back towards him, Val places both of his hands on
Candice's waists, "Baby... no one... is too hot... for the Big Valbowski...
I'm like a fire truck... when a girl says she's hot... I... heh heh heh...
take out my fire hose... and cool them down."

Victoria continues to glare down Val Venis as she turns her head slightly
to the left, cracking her neck from side to side. Victoria balls her fists
before she begins walking towards Val Venis, however to because Val is too
focused on the beautiful Candice Michelle he doesn't see the fuming Victoria
approaching him. Victoria steps between Val and Candice slightly, she reaches
forward with her left hand and tightly clenches the crotch of Val's wrestling
tights. Victoria steps into Val's line of sight and glares at him "Hey Val...
remember me!?"

"Hey..." Val's voice for a moment goes an octave higher, but he coughs
and it returns to normal slightly, "How can I forget you..." Val smirks
slightly, "And I see you remember me... very well..." Val licks his lips
as he remembers only part of what he should be remembering about Victoria.

Victoria's eyes narrow more as she tightens her grip of Val's crotch "How was
Trishy? I'm sure you remember the night you...invited me to the hotel room...
but then when I got were there...with Trish!" Victoria says
gritting her teeth as her body shakes out of anger "I've been waiting a long
time for pay back and now it's pay back time!" Victoria says as she removes
her hand from Val's crotch and pulls down his wrestling tights.

Val's rather large dick is unleashed from his tights when Victoria yanks down
his tights. Val laughs slightly, "Oh... you wanted to see the Big Valbowski
up close and personal... and Trish... was..." Val licks his lips, "Well...
she delivered... what she guaranteed... and then some."

Victoria glares at Val as she grabs Candice by the back of her hair and
forces Candice down to her knees in front of Candice. Candice laughs a little
as she looks up at Victoria "Vicki...what are you..." Victoria looks down and
Candice with a stare.

"Suck him off!" Victoria commands. Candice smirks up at Victoria as she
nods her head before turning her attention to Val. Candice takes Val's
impressively large cock into her hand and instantly guide his somewhat
limp cock into her warm, moist mouth. She wraps her lips around Val's
cock and begins to bob her head up and down on his shaft, She gradually
feels Val's cock harden inside her mouth as she laps her tongue around
Val's cock. Victoria stands to the side of Candice and Val with her arms
folded as she watches on with an intense glare concentrated on Val.

"Heh heh heh... looks like... a new Venis film will be in production... The
Big Valbowski... in Candi Land..." Val moans slightly while licking his lips
as he watches Candice suck on his rigid staff of man meat while at the same
time dismissing Victoria's nearby presence from his mind.

Candice looks up with soft, but yet seductive eyes at Val as she opens
her warm mouth wider, taking in another inch of Val's cock into her mouth.
Candice works her tongue over Val's shaft as she bobs her head quicker on
his impressive cock. Victoria smirks "That's my him over good."
Victoria says as she walks behind Candice and places her hand on top of
Candice's head. Victoria then pushes down hard on Candice's head forcing
Candice to take all of Val's cock into her warm mouth. Candice gags slightly
as Val's cock hits the back of her throat. Victoria looks up at Val and
smirks " like that Val, don't you!?" Victoria yells as she holds
Candice's head down.

Val looks at Victoria and smirks, "Mmmmm.... you know it... this little lady
has a long... hard... and bright future ahead of her...." Val licks his teeth
and he places his hand on the side of Candice's head to rake his fingers
through her hair.

Victoria removes her hand from Candice's head as Candice quickly lifts her
head up from Val's cock as she gasps her air. Candice places her hand against
her own chest as she tries breathing. Victoria steps out from behind Candice
and begins to approach Val "I bet you liked that...I bet you liked a hot
slut...gagging on your pathetic dick!" Victoria yells.

Val laughs slightly as he strokes his chin, "There's nothing better than a
gal that goes all the way down..." Val doesn't look at Victoria's face but at
her body, making mental notes at how she moves as she steps towards him.

"Oh really!?" Victoria says walks behind Val, Victoria stands up on her toes
to whisper in Val's ear, she blows into Val's ear as she speaks "Well Val...
you see Candice isn't a's my devil..." Victoria then kicks
the back of Val's left knee forcing him down onto his knees. Victoria smirks
looks up at Candice "Candice, baby...make Val blow!" Candice smiles as she
blows a kiss to Victoria. Candice turns around and gets down on her hands
and knees into a doggy style position. Candice hikes her skirt up over her
round, perfect bare tanned ass. Candice looks over her shoulder as she backs
up towards Val until she feels his large cock inside her warm pussy.

Val moans as he feels Candice's pussy tighten around his cock, "Mmmm... I
don't care what she is... she has a hot tight pussy... that's wall that
matters..." Val moans as he starts pushing in and out of Candice's pussy
with hard methodical thrusts.

Candice looks over shoulders as she gently pushes back against Val's large
cock "Mmm...ohhh...this is too hot.." Candice moans as she flips her black
silky hair back. Victoria places her hands on top of Val's strong shoulders
as she feels him rock back and then forward each he thrusts in and out of
Candice's tight, warm pussy.

Val lays both of his hands on Candice's ass as he slams his cock harder and
faster into her pussy. "Mmmmm bet you want to change places with Candice..."
Val grunts, directly his statement towards Victoria as his face becomes red
and his breathing becomes more rapid.

Victoria laughs as she tilts her head back, digging her red painted nails
into Val's shoulders "'re not man enough for me...the only ones good
enough to be with me are my two devils, Candice and Torrie..." Victoria says
as she digs her nails deeper into the flesh of Val's shoulders. Candice
suddenly rams herself back against Val's cock extremely hard as she feels the
flow of his warm cum inside her wet pussy.

"Ahhhhh shit..." Val screams out as his sudden climax shoots over him like a
tone of bricks. His body is dripping with sweat just from the short amount
of time he spent fucking Candice, and his arms droops downward as if he's

Candice looks over her shoulder and laughs "What the hell was that?!"

Victoria smirks and laughs as well "Looks like you erupting the Big Valbowski
a little early..."

Victoria steps away from Val and helps Candice off the floor as Candice
pushes her skirt down. Candice looks at Val "Talk about pathetic..."

Val places his hands on his legs as he tries to catch his breath, "I...
wasn't ready... I like to warm up first..." Val says, trying to convince
them his performance was due to something other than his age or premature

Victoria grits her teeth as she glares at Val "I hope you weren't like this
with Trish..." Victoria then glances Candice's stunning body up and down,
licking her lips " about you take someone who can handle

Candice puts her arms around Victoria "Ohh....we're just too hot for any
man.." Candice says as her and Victoria walking away from Val.

Behind them, Val falls over and passes out on the floor. Victoria hears the
thud his body makes and a smirk creeps onto her face. She then turns her
attention back to Candice, "That's right... but we're not to hot... for each
other... are we?"

Candice smiles as she licks her lips, slowly running her left hand down
Victoria's smooth arm "'re definitely too hot for me..."

Victoria licks her lips as she suddenly stops walking. She looks around her
and then grabs Candice's arms with a bit of force, but surprisingly gentle.
"I want you Candice... right here... you're so hot..."

Candice looks around seeing a few of the WWE technicians nearby working on
setting up the RAW set. Candice raises her eyebrow "Right here?"

Victoria looks over her shoulder to see what has made Candice say what she
did. When she sees the technicians, Victoria's scowls a bit, "No... not
here... we're not giving them a show... come on..." Victoria grabs Candice's
hand and somewhat pulls her behind her as she searches for someplace more

Candice licks her lips as she follows Victoria "Mmm...I can't wait...until
we get to have our fun..."

Victoria furiously kicks open the door to a locker room and looks inside to
see if it's empty, When she sees that it is, Victoria licks her lips in
approval, "Perfect..." Victoria pulls Candice into the locker room and slams
the door shut before she locks it. Candice stands with her back to Victoria
as she slowly lifts her shinny silver top off of her smooth skinned body.
Candice let's her top drop to the floor of the locker room as she slides her
matching skirt down her smooth, sexy legs.

Victoria lifts her white sleeveless top up rather quickly, so that she can
keep her desire filled eyes locked on Candice's body, "Ohhhh god Candi...
you're sooooo hot..." Victoria starts to lower her leather pants as she
leans back against the door to support herself as she removes them, to show
off her well toned body that's not too muscular nor too glamorous for the
attitude and persona she prefers to portray at all times.

Candice turns around facing Victoria and licks her lips as she now stands
completely nude "Mmmm...Victoria....." Victoria looks up and down Candice's
body as she slowly approaches her. She slides a hand through Candice's hair
and kisses her softly as she pushes her backward and towards a leather couch.
Candice slips her tongue into Victoria's mouth, she presses her tongue
against Victoria's tongue as she deepens the kiss. Victoria taps her tongue
against Candice's while she wraps her arms around Candice's body to lift her
up high enough so she can lay her on the couch. Victoria lays on top of her
to keep the kiss they are sharing going for a little while more before she
finally breaks it as she locks eyes with Candice. Candice licks her lips, as
she looks deeply into Victoria's eyes "Ohhh you're too hot"

"No... You're too hot... but... not to hot... for me to handle..." Victoria
slowly kisses Candice's chest as she inches herself downward. Placing her
hands on Candice's firm stomach, Victoria flicks her tongue against Candice's
belly button as she keeps her eyes locked with Candice's. Victoria slides her
hands down to Candice's lovely legs and pushes them apart slowly as she drags
her tongue painfully slow down from Candice's belly button towards the edges
of her perfectly shaved pussy.

Candice closes her eyes as she leans her head back "Awwww...Vic...,toria..."
Candice moans as she threads her fingers through her silky black hair.

Victoria smiles for a moment before she begins tracing her tongue around the
lips of Candice's moist pussy. After moving a hand back up towards Candice's
face slide a finger against her soft lips, Victoria slowly slides her tongue
up and down the slit of Candice's pussy. She stops for a moment and smiles,
"Ohhh Candice... you taste so good baby..." Victoria says before she resumes
flicking and dabbing her tongue against her devil's hot spot.

Candice licks her lips with her eyes closed as she pinches her perky nipples
with her fingers "Mmmm...awwww...Victoria...." Candice moans as she starts
grinding her pussy against Victoria's sensual tongue. Victoria has to place
a hand firmly on Candice's waist to keep her from grinding her pussy all
over her face. Victoria brings her right hand to Candice's pussy and uses
two fingers to spread it open slightly so she can slide her tongue inside
slightly. The vicious vixen takes careful care in sliding her sensational
tongue in and out of Candice's pussy while at the same time lapping it around
it all directions when it's completely inside of her to stimulate Candice's
pleasure even more. Candice starts breathing heavily as she climaxes hard
"'re too hot."

Victoria takes a moment to slurp up Candice's cum before lifting her head
up from Candice's pussy. Her mouth has a bit of a glimmer to with some of
Candice's juices still on her lips, which she shares with Candice herself
by kissing her softly for a moment, "I hope... that... was hot enough for
you..." Victoria smiles

Candice smiles and licks her own juices off of her soft lips " was
definitely hot...but you know what would be hotter?"

"No..." Victoria smiles and licks her lips, "Tell me... what would be even
hotter than me... giving you the best climax you've ever experienced..."

Candice smiles cutely " me...go meet up with Torrie and...we
have a totally orgasmic time!" Candice says with a moan.

Victoria licks her lips, almost hungrily, "Yes... that would be hot... let's
go... now..."

Candice smirks and places her hand on Victoria's arm, looking into her eyes
"We hot!"

"Yes... we... are..." Victoria smirks, "No one... can handle us..."


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